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Suresh Koti | Principal Systems Engineer/Lead July 12, 2012, Suresh was Amar’s client -- Jul 2012

It’s truly amazing and could not believe that we own a house now. We would say without Amar this could have happen at all. As a first time home buyer, we have zero knowledge in terms of house purchase. Amar made it so easy for us. Before we know what the next step and process is, the keys are in my hand. It is with his encouragement and moral support that we have decided to buy a house. The help Amar extended was more of the brotherhood rather than the professional help. The way Amar ensured and negotiated this whole deal right from submitting the offer to get the offer accepted, we have no words to express. To win a deal and compete against multiple higher offers is not easy, especially with 7K lower counter offer price. But persistent negotiation and great communication prevailed. This is true professional skills of Amar. Amar is great subject matter expert in Real Estate. The way Amar took the efforts to go and meet the lender making sure the loan is approved and funds released in time not only that making sure we get the maximum credit is awesome. Amar saved us over $18K in home buying process in competitive market. Amar’s guidance and support is priceless. I could definitely say not everyone will be going above and beyond exceptional service PLUS saving LOT of money for the home buyer. I really understand how much Amar fought for this home and time he spent on this (more than his personal property). The stress Amar took and asking us not to take any stress is something only a person with good heart can say it. I am really happy that I could able to meet a person like him in my life.

Thiagu S | Independent Information Technology November 19, 2014, Thiagu was Amar’s client -- Nov 2014

“WOW!!, Amar has incredible capabilities to close the deal. Saved lot of money for us. We saw the house on Sunday Open house and he finished deals in 3 days within our budget on tough competitive market. Even after closing, he got us some appliances which were not part of the disclosures.


We wanted to thank you for your professionalism and understanding our requirements. We feel that the selection of you and your real estate firm helped us buying our new house for the best price in a timely manner and it is a great compliment for us. You were most helpful and treated with the utmost professionalism.

In summation, we are very happy with the service you provided, dedicated to doing a very good job and your efforts are sincerely appreciated.”

Kishore Kumar | CEO/Entrepreneur – Scopus Consulting Group, Inc March 4, 2014, Kishore was Amar’s client -- Mar 2014

We are not sure where to begin to share our experience of home buying made so easy and smooth by Mr. Amar. AMAR is one of THE BEST Realtor® we have ever worked with. He guided us like a big brother and a good friend explaining all the aspects of home buying in this hot market in the neighborhood of Cupertino and Sunnyvale.

Amar saved us enormous amount of dollars (the amount we were willing pay above the listed price) in his collaboration process by going beyond call of duty and $8,000.00 recovery from the lender and seller. With his expert negotiations with seller and building relationship with seller agent, he made it possible for us to purchase the house below the listed price 3 days before the public open house, which we have never thought would be possible in this bidding war with multiple offers.

Amar personally involved in all areas like Appraisal, Loan, Escrow and closing process and guided us throughout Home buying process. Staying on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

Right from the beginning of our home buying, Amar gave us an impression of being more than being just a Realtor® and was always available when we needed his guidance answering all our questions and being more practical. He took personal interest and went beyond boundaries to get us loan from the bank.

Amar made it an extremely flawless experience – THE BEST we have seen in our experience. Amar did a thorough analysis and best strategy to win the offer.

Two Thumbs up and a big hug to you.
–Kishore Kumar

Venkata Duvvuri | Data Science Analytics Machine Learning April 2, 2019, Venkata was a client of Amar -- Apr 2019

We met you the first week of September for your guidance to buy a new property and sell our existing one. Your out of the box suggestions helped us when we first approached you to help us with sale of our property and a subsequent purchase of another one in San Jose. Your suggestions helped us decide to go immediately for a purchase of a San Jose property believing the market was moving towards a buyers’ market and later consider a sale or renting of our older one.

Additionally, we did see our current (new) home immediately with you in early September. Your advice on a property in Trestlewood ln. was timely. It helped us avoid pursuing a property despite its apparent appeal. This helped us understand your integrity.

Later, your first and subsequent offers over Belington st. property was convincing and correct. You understood our financial limitation as well as capacities. You did not chase the markup of the property in spite of us wanting the property. It helped us avoid a hyper bidding scenario when I believed in a real estate slow down during that timeframe. This convinced us about your negotiating capabilities and patience.

Finally, when we were about to make an offer for our current new home, your due diligence in figuring out the logistics in spite of it being a convoluted transaction due to ‘abstract judgement’ convinced that you were the person we would go with for the offer and contractual engagement for our new home.

Amit Sangani | CTO & Co-Founder, MightyText March 23, 2013, Amit was Amar’s client -- Mar 2013

Hands down, Amar is one of the best real estate agents in Bay Area! We were looking for a home in Los Altos/Palo Alto in crazy market where each home was receiving 5+ offers at minimum. Amar was able to find a beautiful home for us and at extremely good value. Amazingly, he won the deal for $40K less than the highest offer. How did he do it? He put extremely enticing offer to seller almost equivalent to cash offer, but not really a cash offer! Seller accepted our offer over the highest offer. Very few agents are skilled enough to execute the way Amar does. Amar’s amazing execution, negotiation skills, and offer strategy, bar none. He negotiated close to $15K towards the closing costs – saving us almost $55K in addition to finding extremely valuable property which we both agree can be sold for $200K above what we bought for in this market.

He negotiated to make it a win-win situation for us and the seller. He also project managed the entire process super efficiently (for e.g. working with loan agent, keeping seller agent warm, Home warranty, Escrow, Funding, Recording, etc). Our file was complex, but Amar & Yogesh (loan agent) totally nailed it.

Here are some of Amar’s pros for buyers out there. Amar –
– Understands bay area market really well.
– Evaluates each home as if he was looking for his own family
– Does not waste time bidding on properties which do not provide value for his buyers
– Negotiates and puts an extremely compelling offer which is sure to save buyer’s hard-earned dollars
– Guides through the entire process which is really priceless
– Is a nice person by heart!

If you are looking to buy a property without Amar, you are truly missing out an opportunity!

Yogendra Srungaram | Product Manager Technology and Software June 1, 2015, Yogendra was Amar’s client -- Jun 2015

Amar ji helped us find our dream home which met our exact requirements.Our requirements are pretty tough

I know Amar ji for a while. I know him personally. He is a good friend. But when it comes to business he is extremely focused, professional and dedicated.He left no stone un-turned to get us the winning deal. Along with his deep technical knowledge about the housing market, the biggest asset he brings to the table are his unconventional skills.

He understands our requirements and also the seller’s requirements and bridges those gaps between both the parties. Winning and closing houses are a norm for him.Wishing him the best in helping lots of home buyers like us buy their dream homes, Thanks you once again and all the best

Rajavelu Balaji | Network Engineer October 31, 2011, Rajavelu was Amar’s client -- Oct 2011

I was introduced to Amar by a good friend of mine. After meeting with Amar, I understood that I was not just hiring a Realtor®. I understood that by hiring Amar, I hired a well seasoned, experienced person who commits to his clients.

Amar first presented a road map for the whole process and guided me at each stage very patiently. Always he was relaxed and pleasant to deal with. In the process I have asked him several questions and he kindly answered them in detail. He treated the whole process like project and he finished tasks by the time agreed with seller, which gave great confidence about him.

Amar understands his client’s need and taste and finds a house to match them. Also he responds to every email/call very quickly. At several stages, when seller or seller agent disagreed, I thought I may not get this house, but he never paused for a moment. He just workaround and finished the deal. At every stage he made sure that everyone in our family was happy about the house.

Amar never pushed me on anything; he explained things and stood aside until I make decision. When seller and his agent said that they will not pay anything toward closing cost, he went and negotiated and got nearly 3K in credit from them. When shopping around for loan he introduces best loan officers who directly work in big banks and I got the best interest rate. He always stands by client side even if the situation comes to staining his business relationship with his associates.

Amar also understood that I have a full time job and scheduled all the meetings as per my calendar. Also he helped to expedite and complete property inspection at short notice at no extra cost. He kept calling and checking even a month after closing the sale about any issues in the house.

Looking back, I didn’t have to do much work to get the house. Amar took care of most of the work. One cannot go wrong by working with Amar. At the end, I not only got a good house, but also a good friend, Amar

Karthik Ramadoss | Program Manager at Cisco January 23, 2014, Karthik was Amar’s client -- Jan 2014

Amar is definitely the best Realtor® I’ve worked with. He was very personable and has a deep knowledge of the Bay Area real estate market.

Amar established a very good relationship with the Selling Agent, which I think was the key to us getting the house.

Amar made the whole Home buying process seamless. He exceeded our expectations with his unmatched service and value proposition. I will definitely recommend Amar to my friends and colleagues for any Real estate guidance and help