We recently bought our first single family home in bay area and it wouldn't have been possible without Sri and Amar's help and guidance. Amar has a very thorough step by step process with clear expectations and goals defined. We really liked their systematic approach for each and every step.

Our responsibility was to judge the houses on living aspect and whether everything inside were checking all the boxes in our wishlist. From there Sri and Amar made sure all the other aspects were covered. Sri worked on making sure of making us aware about the area and getting us value for money. Amar then goes through all the inspection reports and make sures that all the technical aspects of the house are covered. Buying a house with Sri and Amar is a one stop process. Other than making sure about your liking for the home, you have got pretty much everything covered from mortgage to home insurance to home warranty and Escrow closing. Being totally new to the housing market, we couldn't believe that we got the house in our first offer itself.

Another great thing about Sri and Amar is their quick responses. Buying a house in bay area means you are going to spend a lot and after putting that much money on the table, it's possible to get nervous about lot of things. In our case, it was too many times to count and every single time we felt that way, we either called Sri or mailed Amar and not once did they mind our queries. Both of them always very patiently explained things and made sure that we as buyers were always protected.

Overall it was an A+ experience with Sri and Amar.

Sai Sandeep Biyyapu | Software Engineer at EMC Datadomain
September 20, 2021, Sai was a client of Amar

We reached out to Amar (from a friend's referral) after unsuccessful attempts to get home due to outbidding while working with another agent. After reaching Amar, he played out a plan of execution and perfect strategy. He is a one-stop solution for the house buying process. Once we selected the home, which meets our preferences and priorities, Amar helped us understand the home's value, finalizing the price to bid.

Amar's negotiation skills and agent networking helped get the home for us. Amar's team helped us smoothly and quickly processed things to reach the closing milestone in time. It doesn't end there. Amar and the team will help you with the things post buying the home too.

I would recommend Amar and his team if you want to close the deal quickly in this hot market.

Vikash Raja Samuel | Individual Contributor at Atlassian
September 1, 2021,  Vikash was a client of Amar

It was a wonderful experience buying a home after choosing Amar & his team as our Realtors. The thing that sets them apart is that they have a clear notion of who is responsible for each step in the home buying and closing process. Amar & Sri have a wealth of information about the locality that saves you time and effort by eliminating shortlisted homes. Under normal circumstances, the whole process behaves like a well-oiled assembly line. At each station, the personnel responsible for that station take good care of the requirements. Because they have a wealth of experience, they can also dissect the inspection reports, fair value of the house, etc., and choose a suitable location/home. Bonus points for negotiating with the Seller's agent and getting the job done in a highly competitive environment which had multiple competitive offers. We highly recommend Amar & the team for your Real Estate needs.

Shivkumar Venkat | SCloud services professional
August 21, 2021, Shivkumar was a client of Amar

Amar, thank you so much for helping me sell our home. I am incredibly grateful that we chose you to list our home. Before we decided to sell the home, Amar spent time with us to understand our circumstances, financial ability, and requirements. The initial assessment was an in-depth session during which it was clear that Amar was an expert in his area and is one of the best in his business. We walked away with clear next steps and referrals to financial experts who could help us decide based on educated facts. I was blown away by your knowledge and talent for negotiation, and we couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out.

Strategy planning & execution: Getting the home on the market once we decided to sell the home, Amar was "on the job." He walked through the house again and developed a plan with clear timelines on the right strategy to attract potential buyers. He listed out the pros & cons of the house and drafted a plan to get max dollars. He gave us a list of work/upgrades on the home to increase its market value. He also went out of his way to recommend service experts.

Generating the best offer: Amar used his extensive network of realtors and extensive marketing to market this home. He ensured that there was a lot of traffic both online & in-person viewing the home. As a result, it generated much interest in the house with potential buyers in record time!

Home Selling Experience Conclusion: Amar is the epitome of success for the real estate in the bay area. His execution strategy for sale was impeccable, with astute moves that made it seem like a dream come true with the best price negotiated from the buyer. Attention to detail and flawless execution combined with the rest of your incredible team made it look perfect end to end. I would highly recommend Amar Realtor Services to everyone thinking of buying/selling a home and would love to work with you again in the future for my real estate needs.

Charan Teja Pullareddygari | Sap Data Analyst at Exelixis
August 20, 2021, Charan was a client of Amar

My name is Charan Theja, and I am a client of Amar.

When we say the name Amar he is not just a Realtor, he is someone who guides us in the whole home buying process as a friend and as a well-wisher.

As a first-time homebuyer, I was so clueless about where to start and how to start. Amar guided me in this whole process, just like a teacher to a kindergarten kid. He explains all the steps in the process in a straightforward way which makes you feel you are an expert in the home buying process.

I met Amar over a Zoom call, and the way he explains things is phenomenal. My wife and I had so many questions that Amar answered one by one with so much patience.

When I went to see my home, Amar reached the place 30 minutes early, and he had inspected the home in and out and the neighborhood. Amar explained what the home has gone through over the years and what we might have to do as an add-on later. Amar also shared how much will be re-modeling costs in detail, giving us a clear view of our future expenses and a clear idea of where to start and where to end in the bidding process.

One thing I like most about Amar is “Team Work.”

Amar and his wife Sri make sure that we have the right expectations regarding the property and neighborhood. They help you decide whether the home is suitable for your needs or not. They stop us from making the wrong decisions. I am a live example of experience. Amar and Sri have stopped me from overbidding for a home. I have to mention this here. Even though I was ready to bid more for the home, Amar stopped me from over-bidding.

The Great news is I got the same house for the number I bid with Amar’s expertise.

Amar’s team goes very far to get you your dream home. I recommend Amar to my friends for any real estate needs.

Gaurav Gupta | Senior Technical Lead at Cisco
July 9, 2021, Gaurav was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri helped us with our first home buying process. We started about a month ago and were pretty naive in the process. Amar and Sri guided us in a clear step by step manner. They helped define clear, achievable goals based on our priorities for the house, with which we were able to narrow down on an area. Sri provided us invaluable insights about neighborhoods and community. We searched homes online and went for open houses only for the properties which Sri recommended. We did not waste time and effort in looking at homes that did not fit our criteria.
After selecting the property, Amar helped us with the offer by working together with us. In a hot seller's market, he helped us in getting the best possible deal. Post offer acceptance, he gets involved in all areas like loan closing, insurance, warranty, escrow - to ensure that everything goes smoothly and on time. Amar's and Sri's help doesn't stop there. They provide guidance and help post-closing as well - something crucial for first-time homebuyers like us. We are immensely thankful to Amar and Sri for their support. They made the process simple and less stressful. Having a good realtor like Amar and his team really makes a difference.

Srikanth Annangi | Lead Engineer
July 2, 2021, Srikanth was a client of Amar

It was a great experience working with Amar as he is the best and helps you get what you want. We started with a couple of zoom calls rolling on. Amar executed the Listing tasks at super speed, guidance with remodeling, staging, working with Vendors, and transparency in the whole process.

Amar is taking care of everything, like selling his own home. If you want your dream home as a buyer or the best price when selling, Amar is the go-to person. Be transparent with Amar on what you want; he will deliver it to you. Kudos to you and your team, Special thanks for making this happen and getting our home sold for the highest price ever in the community. At the same time, Amar is making sure all needed things are in place for buyers to make it their Dream Home!

Saravanan Balasubramaniyan | Software Engineer, SPG at Apple
June 23, 2021, Saravanan was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri are indeed a top-notch realtor team. They helped me get a new property in the 95130 zip code. They brought me an excellent opportunity to buy a home in the 95130 zip code. Unfortunately, I did not have enough money for the down payment to buy a new property.

However, Sri and Amar gave me an idea of how I could still buy the property. Amar connected me to a loan agent who worked with me to get cash out refi of one of my existing properties, which I used to buy this new property. The new property was a probate sale, and hence it was a lot more bureaucratic. Amar handled it seamlessly. At the same time, he pushed the loan agent to complete my loans, the cash-out refi, and the loan to buy the new property and get me the property in record time, given that it is a probate sale.

Amar’s execution is flawless, and his ability to manage complex and tricky situations is unmatched in the Real Estate business. In this case, Amar oversaw an estate sale, managed the attorneys, pushed two different loans simultaneously. My friends who have purchased properties through Amar will also vouch for handling such complex situations with ease.

I would heartily recommend Amar and Sri for your real estate needs.

SAGAR RATHOD | Software Engineer - SDN & Virtualization at Ciena
June 9, 2021, SAGAR was a client of Amar

I want to thank Amar and Sri for making the home purchase dream come true for us. As first-time home buyers, Amar and Sri guided us with every step of the process and made us feel informed and comfortable with all the decisions. We got in touch with Amar through a friend. In our first meeting, Amar walked us through the entire home buying process and answered all our queries.

Sri’s knowledge about the Bay area neighborhoods is unmatched. The ROI for a property and guidance on what things to look for in the house as a buyer helped us narrow down the search. Sri swiftly followed up with new information on a property we share, which is a big plus in this time-sensitive and highly competitive market. She also provided her honest opinion about the property.

Collaborating with Amar for a detailed walkthrough of house disclosures helped us make an informed decision. Winning the offer for our house was exceptional. Amar was able to negotiate a deal against all odds and win us our dream home. Even though our offer was not accepted on the first attempt, Amar’s negotiation skills and persistence in talking with the listing agent helped us reconsider our offer. It was unbelievable to know that our offer got picked even though it was not the highest. It was great to have Amar and his team on our side.

After our offer was accepted, Amar had the whole process streamlined. He was personally involved in getting us through the escrow, insurance, loan, and closing process. Amar and Sri were on top of every activity and ensured all stakeholders completed the tasks on time.

We feel fortunate and happy to have worked with Amar and Sri for our first home purchase. We strongly recommend Amar and Sri to anyone looking for a house in the Bay area.

Manjushree Shetty | Java Developer Master Of Science in Computer Science
June 8, 2021, Manjushree was a client of Amar

Dear Amar and Sri,

First of all, we would like to thank you for making our home dream come true now. As we move on to live this dream, we just wanted to share our experience to help other home seekers.

As first time home buyers, we had a zillion questions about the home buying process, the right location, the financials, etc.,
Amar patiently answered all our questions in our first introduction call, and it has been quite an exciting journey ever since.

Sri compliments Amar’s technical experience by bringing her knowledge about the location, neighborhood, value to money, home ROI, and the list goes on. There is no sugar coating of the truth, but just hard facts and real statistics are what you get from Amar and Sri. The actual data is what makes them stand apart from the rest of the realtors.

When we initially expressed our interest in the home to Amar and Sri, they did their best to do a background check on the property, investigate any misgivings, and give us the green light. Then, together, we pursued the home one step at a time. Considering how strenuous and stressful the process is, talking to Amar and Sri was more like a therapy session that put our minds at ease during the entire process and made the whole experience as seamless as possible.

Lastly, we cannot be thankful enough to this entire fantastic team who helped us every step of the way and made our dream a reality. We hope to stay connected with you both and work together again in the future.

Gayathri Thirugnanasambandam | Senior Threat Researcher 
June 7, 2021, Gayathri was a client of Amar

We chose Amar and Sri to buy an investment property as they had previously helped us with the purchase of our primary home. We expressed our interest in purchasing a property, and within 3 weeks we signed a deal. Sri led the way by going through the things we should look for in an investment property as well as the zip codes.

Sri's insights were extremely valuable as we were unfamiliar with the area . She provided feedback on whether a property was worth pursuing, as well as pros and cons, for each one that I sent her way. She also made sure that we stayed within our budget. It was overwhelming at first because we didn't have any clear requirements on what we wanted, and the market was crazy post vaccine. Sri's valuable inputs helped us in pinning the house quickly.

Amar's extensive knowledge, negotiation skill, and realtor network helped us secure a good deal. We got the keys in 25 days, just like the last time. We are very happy with our purchase.

Having a great realtor is the key to buying a house in the hot sellers' market. I highly recommend Amar and Sri!

Narayanan Suryanarayanan | Systems Engineering Manager
June 2, 2021, Narayanan  was a client of Amar

This dates back to 2015, and the bay area housing market was no different from 2021. It was crazy!! We were driving through a community in Milpitas near the foothills, and we liked it. My wife & I said to each other – the next time a house becomes available here, we should give it a shot! To our luck, a home came into the market the following week. We had read about Amar’s success stories before, and we reached out to Amar. It was one of our best decisions ever!!!

We visited the house over the weekend and just loved it. The house was beautiful, and naturally, several others loved it as well. Offers were scheduled to be reviewed by mid-week, and we had to make up our minds on the price.

While it was a crazy market, we didn’t want to overbid crazily. Amar & the team worked with us closely to come up with the right price. Amar had also figured that it would be a very competitive situation. He worked with one of the established banks to showcase our financial strength and negotiated for a very fast closing.

Amar also suggested we write a personal letter to the sellers describing why we love the house. There were 11 offers in total ( 3 cash), and Amar helped us win the house even though we had to take a loan. There was a ton of negotiation, and Amar knew exactly how to win the home. He mastered this process and knew how to execute it flawlessly.

Once all the process was over, our sellers shared with us that we won the house because 3 reasons: - Very competitive offer + backing from the bank - Very responsive Realtor (Amar). During the offer reviewing process, quick responses were required, and Amar responded in a matter of minutes every time. - Sellers were touched by our letter While our offer was accepted, there was plenty of work in the following weeks. Amar & the team were very methodical and had lined up everything. From the mortgage application to appraisal to Escrow to the final walk-through, they baby fed us the entire process, making it super easy.

Fast forward 6 years, Amar still gives a ring and checks in every once in a while. He shares the latest market updates and the do’s and doesn’t. Amar has not been a realtor but a fantastic real-estate partner to us.

Udhaya Rajeswari | Preschool Teacher at KinderCare Education
May 31, 2021, Udhaya was a client of Amar

Great Thanks to Amar, Sri, and the Team

We have no words to express our gratitude to Sri and Amar, who helped us find our new home. We never imagined buying a home in this competitive market. Sri helped find us our new home. She helped us in every step and made us feel very comfortable in finding the best home. She cares about what’s best for us and feels like they are part of our family.

Regarding Amar, he was the one who helped us to make the closing process go smoothly. We just gave our offer price. That’s it. Amar and his team did the whole process, and we have nothing to worry about. Within 25 days, we got the keys. We have no pressure in finding our lender, or Home Insurance, or Home Warranty. Everything was taken care of by Amar’s team.

On the whole, both of them are honest, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly people. We have an excellent experience working with them. We highly recommend them to anyone who has any idea about buying a new home. Subbu & Udhaya

Devaraj Kavali | Principal Member Of Technical Staff
May 30, 2021, Devaraj  was a client of Amar

I want to thank Amar and Sri for their efforts in helping us get the perfect home in a pleasant and right neighborhood with great schools. I want to share my wonderful experience working with Amar, Sri, and Amar's team. We are first-time buyers. Amar helped us to win the first offer with the best deal. It was pleasant talking to Amar when we met the first time. He explained the process very clearly and the steps involved, and Amar and Team executed the perfect execution. Amar is a great negotiator. He went above and beyond negotiating with all stakeholders to get the best deal for us. He has developed the best strategy dynamically based on the situation on the offer day and made our dreams come true.

Amar has come up with different stages and timelines in the entire process. He flawlessly executed all the steps way before the timelines we have put upfront. Amar is involved in all the stages starting from loan pre-approval and underwriting, escrow, insurance, warranty, and closing. Sri has always been there, guiding us throughout the entire process, explaining all the aspects, and suggesting what is best for us. Amar connected to the team to get the loan approval, who promptly responded and provided the best interest rate in the market and excellent additional benefits with Amar's influence. Amar helped to get the best insurance quotes and made us close the deal with less closing costs.

Amar and Sri are always available to guide us throughout the process and make the home buying process very smooth. I would highly recommend contacting Amar for a great home buying experience with the best deal.