Charan Teja Pullareddygari | Sap Data Analyst at Exelixis
August 20, 2021, Charan was a client of Amar

My name is Charan Theja, and I am a client of Amar.

When we say the name Amar he is not just a Realtor, he is someone who guides us in the whole home buying process as a friend and as a well-wisher.

As a first-time homebuyer, I was so clueless about where to start and how to start. Amar guided me in this whole process, just like a teacher to a kindergarten kid. He explains all the steps in the process in a straightforward way which makes you feel you are an expert in the home buying process.

I met Amar over a Zoom call, and the way he explains things is phenomenal. My wife and I had so many questions that Amar answered one by one with so much patience.

When I went to see my home, Amar reached the place 30 minutes early, and he had inspected the home in and out and the neighborhood. Amar explained what the home has gone through over the years and what we might have to do as an add-on later. Amar also shared how much will be re-modeling costs in detail, giving us a clear view of our future expenses and a clear idea of where to start and where to end in the bidding process.

One thing I like most about Amar is “Team Work.”

Amar and his wife Sri make sure that we have the right expectations regarding the property and neighborhood. They help you decide whether the home is suitable for your needs or not. They stop us from making the wrong decisions. I am a live example of experience. Amar and Sri have stopped me from overbidding for a home. I have to mention this here. Even though I was ready to bid more for the home, Amar stopped me from over-bidding.

The Great news is I got the same house for the number I bid with Amar’s expertise.

Amar’s team goes very far to get you your dream home. I recommend Amar to my friends for any real estate needs.