October 22, 2022, Jaya was Amar’s client

It is pleasure working with Amar and team. Home buying process is very stressful and it turned out to be interesting and smooth because of highly professional team of Amar. Amar, Sri and rest of the team work cohesively and communicate on- time and as needed.

Amar and his team are very responsive and explains even minute details and go over whole process of home buying, pros and cons and risks involved, depending on client’s situation. His team is proactive in identifying issues, if any and help in resolving them. Amar is very honest, straightforward and understands client needs. He actually works for the best interest of the client.I highly recommend Amar’s team’s services for real estate needs.

October 3, 2022, Shruti was Amar’s client

Amar Realtor team has a step-by-step process where Amar provides guidance over the inspection reports and detailed walkthroughs of the disclosures. Sri helps you with the hidden aspects of the house, like the neighborhood, future value for the house, and schools. They were upfront about the buying process and greatly understood what it took to get into a home in the Bay Area market. What I found most helpful was their ability to dig in to get resolved answers and answer questions as they arose while we were searching. They have an excellent understanding of the current market, and their estimates are spot on.

The fact that we ended up buying our house in less than a month since we began our search is a testimony to how effective they are. Amar and Sri were never pushy when we didn't want to make an offer and shared effective strategies for placing the right bids on the listings we wanted to offer, which landed our current home. What blows my mind is how they could secure the house for us when there were better offers on the table.

Amar and Sri are also extremely resourceful and will go way above their duties to resolve any issues or problems that might arise during the home transaction and provide quick solutions to such matters. We found some broken glasses on the day of closing, which were not there before we had seen the house. They convinced the listing agent to get it fixed from the seller's end.

The duo is extremely accommodating and professional. They have a great rating for a reason. We will work with them again in the future. 10/10 would recommend.

Shimul Bhowmik | Seasoned techie with interest in distributed systems

June 26, 2022, Shimul was a client of AmarBefore diving into my experience working with Amar, let me share my brief experience working with other agents. This was Apr 2022, and the bidding war was starting to cool down. However, most sellers weren’t ready to accept this.

I met with multiple agents and finally started working with one. We would visit open houses over the weekend, research, and work on the offer with our agent. There were multiple offers we sent out where we were the single candidate, yet we couldn’t close the deal. Many of them were sold at a lower value later. Frustrated and confused, we started exploring for other agents.

Amar was referred (very highly) by my colleague. A quick pointer to anyone reading it: Amar expects you to do your homework, so make sure you take it as seriously as they will. After our initial meet-and-greet, Amar explained all the steps of house buying
and who would be responsible for what aspect of it.

We resumed our open houses over the weekend. However, this time it was a bit different. We would visit the homes, do our due diligence, and send the list of “interested” houses to Amar and his wife, Sri. Sri would then call us within a few hrs and walk us through the different aspects of the locality/neighborhood. We got a lot of insights, and instead of searching multiple cities, we quickly narrowed our search to a few neighborhoods (based on our preferences). Amar would then help us with further due
diligence, and we all would come up with the offer price.

Next is the offer and negotiations. I think this is where Amar excels the most. Sri and I figured out “what we feel is a good value for the property” (this was ~3% above the list price). The seller said they expected 11-12% above the list price and had a previous offer that was 9% above the list price. Sri called us to discuss the maximum we could offer, and we stood at our original offer with some minor tweaks. Sri never pressured us to increase our bid but wanted to see how much flexibility Amar had in
negotiation (that we were soon about to learn).

We gave up on getting that house and set our minds to move forward. A few hrs later, Sri called to tell us that Amar had successfully negotiated the deal. That was almost 80-100k below the seller’s expectation and 60k below the previous offer they got. Mic drop!!!

Amar got us this deal within two weeks of working with us. Once we went into contract, he shared all the key milestones and DRIs. After that, the complete process went smoothly.

We were a first-time homebuyer with only 5% down. The biggest lesson we learned in our experience is an excellent real estate agent is worth more than you think. Many agents have low fees, but in the end, they turn out more expensive for you.

Rodolfo Estrada | Premier Banker at Wells Fargo
June 19, 2022, Rodolfo was a client of Amar

Here is my story: We had heard crazy things, people waiting months, sometimes over a year or two years, to find a house where their bid was accepted. We decided not to get out hopes up. We knew it was a long stressful process, so we decided to go to some open houses and see what kind of houses my husband and I would like. We told our friends, who had recently purchased their home. Both of them immediately recommended Amar Realtor to us. We have explained how they helped them navigate such crazy markets.
After hearing such great things, we decided to meet Amar. We had a quick zoom call where he explained In detail what the home purchase process would be if we chose to use them as our realtors. So after our zoom call and with new tools at our disposal, we started planning to see houses.

One weekend, we mapped out 22 homes to visit during open houses. We began by checking times and map locations so we could most effectively see as many places in one day. We made sure to give ourselves enough time at each house and time for
a lunch break. (Not a bad idea to also pack snacks for those who might consider doing something similar )
After that, we returned and spoke with Sri; we had shortlisted from the 22 houses 5 houses. Out of those houses, Sri helped us gain clarity and insight as to which property made more financial sense. From those 5 houses, Sri, my husband, and I both agreed on one property. We then decided to talk with Amar again. Who went into the specifics about the house. Then came the time to make the decision, and many questions came to mind, Did we want to make an offer? Where are we ready? Could we afford it? After a quick discussion between my husband and me, we decided to proceed and make an offer. Sri and Amar could help us navigate the offer and make sure we offered the right amount so we could get the house, but not so high to where we would overpay.

Amar stayed up with us very late, reviewing disclosures and reports, ensuring everything was in order, and submitting our offer. It did not even feel real. Later that day, we got the call! It turns out our offer was accepted. It's because of the working relationship with the listing agent. Now we were on track to being homeowners.

Sri was always available to take a call and help ease our Minds, and Amar would go very far to do what needed to be done and make sure we felt good about our purchase. So to all home buyers out there, you've worked with other people and not gotten results. Whatever the case, I assure you that you will be in great hands and care with Amar Realtors Team.

Dear Amar and Sri, this would not have been possible without you guys. Thank you for all the help; you truly helped us make a home out of a house.

To all you dear readers; If you are so far here and would like to connect with Amar, please check out https://www.amarrealtor.com/
I would trust none other than the Amar Realtor team with my properties.

Charan Teja Pullareddygari | Sap Data Analyst at Exelixis
August 20, 2021, Charan was a client of Amar

My name is Charan Theja, and I am a client of Amar.

When we say the name Amar he is not just a Realtor, he is someone who guides us in the whole home buying process as a friend and as a well-wisher.

As a first-time homebuyer, I was so clueless about where to start and how to start. Amar guided me in this whole process, just like a teacher to a kindergarten kid. He explains all the steps in the process in a straightforward way which makes you feel you are an expert in the home buying process.

I met Amar over a Zoom call, and the way he explains things is phenomenal. My wife and I had so many questions that Amar answered one by one with so much patience.

When I went to see my home, Amar reached the place 30 minutes early, and he had inspected the home in and out and the neighborhood. Amar explained what the home has gone through over the years and what we might have to do as an add-on later. Amar also shared how much will be re-modeling costs in detail, giving us a clear view of our future expenses and a clear idea of where to start and where to end in the bidding process.

One thing I like most about Amar is “Team Work.”

Amar and his wife Sri make sure that we have the right expectations regarding the property and neighborhood. They help you decide whether the home is suitable for your needs or not. They stop us from making the wrong decisions. I am a live example of experience. Amar and Sri have stopped me from overbidding for a home. I have to mention this here. Even though I was ready to bid more for the home, Amar stopped me from over-bidding.

The Great news is I got the same house for the number I bid with Amar’s expertise.

Amar’s team goes very far to get you your dream home. I recommend Amar to my friends for any real estate needs.

Manjushree Shetty | Java Developer | Master Of Science in Computer Science
June 8, 2021, Manjushree was a client of Amar

Dear Amar and Sri,

First of all, we would like to thank you for making our home dream come true now. As we move on to live this dream, we just wanted to share our experience to help other home seekers.

As first time home buyers, we had a zillion questions about the home buying process, the right location, the financials, etc.,
Amar patiently answered all our questions in our first introduction call, and it has been quite an exciting journey ever since.

Sri compliments Amar’s technical experience by bringing her knowledge about the location, neighborhood, value to money, home ROI, and the list goes on. There is no sugar coating of the truth, but just hard facts and real statistics are what you get from Amar and Sri. The actual data is what makes them stand apart from the rest of the realtors.

When we initially expressed our interest in the home to Amar and Sri, they did their best to do a background check on the property, investigate any misgivings, and give us the green light. Then, together, we pursued the home one step at a time. Considering how strenuous and stressful the process is, talking to Amar and Sri was more like a therapy session that put our minds at ease during the entire process and made the whole experience as seamless as possible.

Lastly, we cannot be thankful enough to this entire fantastic team who helped us every step of the way and made our dream a reality. We hope to stay connected with you both and work together again in the future.

Gayathri Thirugnanasambandam | Senior Threat Researcher
June 7, 2021, Gayathri was a client of Amar

We chose Amar and Sri to buy an investment property as they had previously helped us with the purchase of our primary home. We expressed our interest in purchasing a property, and within 3 weeks we signed a deal. Sri led the way by going through the things we should look for in an investment property as well as the zip codes. Sri’s insights were extremely valuable as we were unfamiliar with the area . She provided feedback on whether a property was worth pursuing, as well as pros and cons, for each one that I sent her way. She also made sure that we stayed within our budget. It was overwhelming at first because we didn’t have any clear requirements on what we wanted, and the market was crazy post vaccine. Sri’s valuable inputs helped us in pinning the house quickly. Amar’s extensive knowledge, negotiation skill, and realtor network helped us secure a good deal. We got the keys in 25 days, just like the last time. We are very happy with our purchase. Having a great realtor is the key to buying a house in the hot sellers’ market. I highly recommend Amar and Sri!