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Our proven strategy had acquired many of our Home Buyers into their dream homes, even when we were competing against higher offers or all CASH offers.

We have a track record of WINNING Homes for our Buyers at less than the higher offer price in multiple offer situations.

Here are the reasons why the listing agents accepted our offers despite its not being the highest price.

Loann Tran | REALTOR
Judy Wang Realtors Inc.

Dear Sri and Amar,

Congratulations on getting your offer accepted. THANK YOU for working so hard on this offer. We received a total of 7 offers, with an 8th one that was going to come in, but I refused them. My seller was very impressed with how you presented your client's offer. They were touched by the letter the buyer wrote to them and were impressed by how genuine and serious they were about this purchase.

As I mentioned to you previously, we were ready to make a decision tonight! My seller is retired and scheduled to move back to Taiwan next week. They are pretty much 90% moved out. Although the cash offer was a strong contender, my seller wanted to choose the right buyer who was serious about making the closing successful. After reading your buyer's letter, getting a phone call from the loan agent, and reviewing your offer, we knew you guys had the experience to ensure that we would close escrow successfully and in a timely manner.

The right buyer and the right agent helped my seller to make their decision. So, congratulations again! Your buyers are very lucky to get this home. For 20 years, it was a very good & happy home for Chi & Sandra Yin, and we hope your buyers will enjoy it for another 20 years.

Thanks again, Loann Tran.

THE AGENCY(A Global Marketing and Sales Organization)

Hi Amar/Sri,

Congratulations on your client's accepted offer. As you know, in this market it is very competitive and difficult for our clients to win. I want to say that your communication, along with your story about your client's family and nearby relatives, really hit home for the sellers, as they are the original family who purchased this home when it was first built and wanted it to go to someone who they felt would appreciate the home and neighborhood. We had five very strong offers, all close to the offer price, and two with very large down payments, 40 and 50%, respectively.

Even though they were higher in down payment and all non-contingent, you wrote a very clean offer for the right amount. I believe your buyer's story, in conjunction with your well-written offer and the fact that you communicated extremely well, is what put your buyer's offer over the top! Please see the attached executed offer and confirm receipt of this email.

We will look out for the receipt for the deposit tomorrow morning, and my team and I look forward to working with you toward a successful closing! Once again, congratulations, and please let your clients know they are working with a fantastic team.

Best regards, Mark

Jessie  Li | REALTOR
Jessie Li Real Estate Team

Hi, Amar,

Thank you for your hard work. Congratulations, your offer at 1,58M has been accepted!

And thank you for updating your offer. Otherwise, your buyer wouldn't make it. Although your offer was not the highest, since your offer was so professionally written, plus your strong sales record and experience, instead of multiple counters, I asked the seller to give your buyer a chance to come up with the price.

Thank you for your hard work, and looking forward to a smooth transaction.

Terry Jarrouche | REALTOR
Success Realty

Hi Amar

Congratulations, sellers accepted your offer; please see attached.

We received 14 offers, and your offer ranked within the top 5 but due to your professionalism, well-written offer, and continued communications, they decided to accept yours even though it was not the highest offer!

I am looking forward to working with you.

Tran, Rullamas and Associates

Hi Amar and Sri,

Congratulations on getting your clients into a contract! I want you to know that the seller did not accept the highest possible price contract and that I cherish your professionalism in our industry which I passed on to the seller to nudge to accept your contract. I look forward to working with you to a quick and smooth closing.

Regards, Tuan

David Lewis | REALTOR®


Grace Pai | REALTOR®

Hi Amar,

Congrats! The sellers finally decide to go with your buyers!

We got 4 offers. 2 of them are very close, including yours. Your offer was prepared very professionally. Most important, You were trying so hard for your buyers! Finally, sellers decide not to counter and accept your offer. I will say your professionalism should be respected and your hard work should be paid off. Ratified contract and signed SA AVID are attached. Looking forward to a smooth close with you.

Grace Pai

Sunny Kim | Listing Agent/Attorney
Alain Pinel Realtors

Dear Amar/Sri:

Thank you for working so hard to present your client’s offer.  I’ve never seen any other agents working so hard to get the house for their buyers.  I was truly impressed with your persistence, diligence, and professionalism.

Please do let your buyers know that they are NOT the highest offer.  We had 19 offers, including yours and an all-cash offer. That’s why I asked you guys to step outside for a bit.  Sellers turned down that all-cash offer to work with your lovely buyers because they felt a personal connection with them, and we saw how they waited all day at our office to make this happen. After you guys left, I got a call from an agent asking us to cancel the contract with you guys. It’s pretty crazy.  It’s a good thing we closed it on the spot.  Also, it’s good that you guys returned to get the ratified contract from me.

Anyways, all the craziness is done.  I’m calling all the other 18 agents to tell them the bad news individually.  As I mentioned, I’ll change the MLS status to “pending” after the deposit money receipt is confirmed.  Also, I’ll remove the supra box once the money gets delivered.

Please go home and celebrate. You sure deserve it!!

We look forward to a smooth transaction.

Sincerely, Sunny

Debbie Rossetto | Listing Agent
LEGACY Real Estate & Associates

Dear Bob, Thanks so much for your email. You know I love Amar and his dedication and work ethic. One in a million. Very successful and has so many more good years ahead. I appreciate your support on his behalf. I will be in touch after I review the offers on this one. Oh my goodness…it’s still crazy out there!

Have a beautiful day!

Bob Stelzer | Managing Broker
Keller Williams Palo Alto-Menlo Park

Dear Debbie, I see that Amar has suggested in an email you with his offer that you call me for any questions.

You might have about him or his offer on your listing. I appreciate that you have more to do taking offers on your listing than contacting an agent's Managing Broker, so I thought I’d send along a brief note regarding Amar.

Amar has developed a very successful real estate business representing primarily buyers. Amar has taken his business from being Rookie of The Year for all of Keller Williams International to being in the Top four of all 110,000 plus Keller Williams agents internationally. Amar’s success is grounded in his understanding of what it takes to complete a transaction smoothly and professionally. Amar is so well prepared to bring a transaction to a close that Listing Agents love working with him. No drama, and write an offer and get it closed. A win-win for everyone.

I wish you the best of luck on your listing, and please keep Amar and his client in mind. You and your client will appreciate and greatly benefit from working with Amar and his client.

Kathleen Manning | Listing Agent

Hi Amar, I wanted to write and let you know how wonderful it was working with you on 111 W. Rincon. I have to say. You were instrumental in the seller's decision to go with your Buyer's offer. As you know, there were 8 offers, ranging in price from $619,000 for the lowest, and 3 were in the $650,000 range ALL CASH. When I met you and your client at the front door of the home at the very first open house, I was very impressed with your sincere efforts to win the property for your Buyer. I told my seller about your client several times before reviewing the offers. Your continued enthusiasm, calls, and emails regarding your client's need for the home were winning to my Seller. One of the other agents verbally offered to raise his offer another $10,000 up to ALL 660,000 CASH. Still, because you wrote such an amazing, noncontingent offer right out the gate, it was accepted without a counteroffer. My seller was very happy your client ended up with the home and felt he'd made a good decision. Your client is very fortunate to have you as his agent!

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

All the Best, Kathleen

Vahe Baronian | Listing Agent
Intero Real Estate

Amar, Congratulations to you and your clients!

We had 13 offers, and I turned away at least 5 other offers. All offers were over-asking offers, with 3 of them being all cash. Like yours, most offers had no contingencies and were very clean.

I had to work hard to have my sellers accept your client's offer over an all-cash offer, but I think they made the right decision. I talked to Miri Bialik in my office and was informed that you work diligently to have a smooth transaction, which was the main differentiating point.

Please congratulate your clients on my behalf and let them know they are purchasing a fantastic home in an outstanding neighborhood and school district.

Thank you, Vahe Baronian

Victor | Listing Agent
INTERO Real Estate Services

Hi Sri and Amar,

I just wanted to congratulate you and your clients on accepting your clients' offer on Santa Clara Home. Even though my seller had another offer with a higher offered price, he decided to accept your clients' offer. He did that for a couple of reasons, one because the package you put together was very clean, complete, and detailed, and another because of the letter your clients wrote to the seller.

I am very optimistic we will close this transaction smoothly within the next 18 days and make your clients the proud owner of this Santa Clara home!

Thanks, Victor

Timothy Blood | Listing Agent
Family Real Estate Services

Hello Amar,

Thanks for the extremely well-written offer. As you know, Warm Springs is highly competitive, and there was a lot of interest in this home. We chose your offer partly because of how detailed your offer was written and also because I have worked with you before. I had a great experience working with you, and I also appreciate your communication and diligence.

I look forward to working together.

Timothy | Listing Agent
Timothy Crofton Real Estate

Good morning, Amar,

I very much appreciate the referral.  It means a lot to me. I do not represent buyers, however.  This is your expertise.  You are the best buyer's agent that I know. Please feel free to cruise my listings and come soon.

I trust you and love working with you, so if one of my listings works for your buyer, please feel free to offer.

Thank you for considering me, Timothy

Marcie Soderquist | Listing Agent
Coldwell Banker Los Altos

Hi Amar,

I appreciate your hard work. You wrote a great offer, but a couple of offers were higher. Your buyers sound like great people who seem like they will really like this place a lot- especially for the kids. I appreciate you working on this into the night. I would rather work with you than the other higher offers agents. Your contract was more complete, and you are much more responsive.

Thank you, Marcie

Melissa Pederson | Listing Agent
Venture | Sotheby's International Realty


Thank you so much for your offer! I am excited to work with you!  Your dedication to your client’s best interest was evident by meeting me in my office to discuss your clients, their offer, and their true desire to purchase Murphy.

It set you apart from all the other agents I shared with my clients. The sellers know how important it is to have a buyer's agent who is professional, dedicated, and detailed. I look forward to working with you!

Thanks again!

Best Regards, Melissa

Debbie Rossetto | Listing Agent
LEGACY Real Estate & Associates (formerly RE/MAX)

Dear Amar,

Well, I guess we get to work together once again. CONGRATULATIONS! Your offer has been accepted. Thank you very much for your hard work.

In addition…I want to commend you on your excellent offer package.  You followed every single solitary direction perfectly and sent a complete package.  I never need to chase you down for paperwork, and your closing ratio with me is 100%.  These are the qualities I weigh heavily when selecting offers that are in competition with each other.  The buyer is a reflection of the agent.  Therefore I know the buyer must be as stellar and attentive to detail as his representation.

Congratulations, and I am very glad I met this family.  I am not always lucky enough to meet with the purchasers of the homes I list and sell. I am looking forward to another successful transaction with you and your clients.  Have a beautiful day!

Susan Sullinger | Listing Agent
Coldwell Banker Saratoga

Hi Bob,

Thank you for this nice reference letter regarding Amar.  I met him this morning, and I was impressed with how he put together the contract and his professional way of presenting an offer.  Not only did he present a complete offer, but he has you contacting me directly.

Regards, Susan Sullinger

Douglas Williams | Listing Agent
Intero Real Estate Services

Hi Amar,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and present your very well-written offer. Based on your effort and your Buyer's beautiful personalized letter, strong approval from Stacey and your Brokers personal email to me. My Seller and I would like to allow your Buyer's first choice to respond.

Your Buyer is very fortunate to have purchased this property for 10K less than others were willing to pay. Your offer includes a one-year home warranty at the Seller’s expense and the existing washer/dryer and refrigerator. You did very well!

Thank you! Douglas Williams

Kelsey Lane | Listing Agent
Coldwell Banker Residential

Hi Amar and Sri,

Well, we finally have an answer on Barrett Avenue! Our sellers are very pleased to have chosen your buyers’ offer.

You two have been so professional and were working so hard for your buyers. I appreciated your regular updates so that we knew your buyers were motivated and interested in the home.

We had 17 offers, and 3 of them were all cash. When we did the multiple counters offers this time, everybody really stepped up to the plate, and the offers returned strong. I had my sellers read back through all the cover and buyers’ letters, which ended up being the deciding factor for them choosing your buyers’ offer. My client's wife, a VP at Symantec, said that the letter made her feel just like when she bought the home. She had similar feelings back then – so she felt a connection. Good job on a great package!

We look forward to working on this escrow with you. Congratulations to your buyers and to all of us! Please let me know if you read this message and can open the attachment.

Michael Johnston | Listing Agent
Alain Pinel Realtors

Hi Amar,

Here is the signed contract. Congratulations. The other agents and buyers will not be happy, but your tenacity and professionalism have paid off for your clients. I hope they realize how lucky they are to be represented by you. Mainly it was you who got them this deal.

Take care, Michael

Ashley Rabello | Listing Agent

Dear Amar,

Thank you for much for your work on your client’s offer! As you know, we received over 20 offers, up to $985k, with no contingencies. My sellers selected your client’s offer based on your diligent work and communication. They are thrilled your clients are excited to call Petersburg their home.

I look forward to working with you!

Best, Ashley Rabello

Chris | Listing Agent
Coldwell Banker

Dear Amar,

Congratulations on writing the winning offer for Cimarron Drive in a very competitive situation. Your efforts on behalf of your buyers and your whole team far exceeded expectations and made you the winner.  I really appreciated the email of support from your broker detailing your great track record and closing rate, as well as the call from your lender, Sarah, who is also very proactive and a stand-out in her field. I spoke confidently about closing this loan/escrow in a very short 18 days, which was a key point for the seller. Your taking the time to come and meet me and present the offer in person was great and built my confidence in you and your clients, which I conveyed to the seller. Also, the seller got to meet the buyers with Sri and know that they had thoroughly viewed the home and then received their lovely handwritten note--it really made the seller connect with them and understand their motivation to own his home. I cannot believe how quickly, cleanly, and persuasively you put together this offer, including a thorough review of disclosures with the buyer and two visits to the home, enabling them to write a non-contingent offer--which was also a key to the seller accepting your offer.

I am confident this will be a swift and smooth transaction, and I look forward to working together to make two families very happy!

Sincerely, Chris

Michael D. Holmboe | Listing Agent
Intero Real Estate

Hello Amar,

I just wanted to congratulate you and your clients on their new home purchase.  It’s a wonderful home, and they’ll enjoy it for many years.  As you know, it came down to you and another buyer, where they were at $2.35 million.  The offers were somewhat similar, but some outstanding factors set your clients’ offers apart and allowed them to get the home for less money.

First, it was the letter you sent with the offer.  My client appreciated it very much, and it solidified his desire to sell the home to someone who would appreciate it.

Secondly, it was your professional approach to the process. I can tell this will be a good partnership.  And finally, it was how clean and strong the offer’s terms were.

You did a great job on it; I couldn’t have written a stronger offer if I had to myself.

Again, congrats, and please wish your clients well.

Regards, Michael

Cynthia Cheung | Listing Agent
Keller Williams Realty 

Hi Amar,

Congratulation to Sri & your buyers. My seller accepted your client's offer. It wasn't an easy choice as the other buyers were financially strong. However, your client's letter moved their heart, and they would like someone who loves the house and will enjoy it.

I look forward to having a smooth transaction.

Thanks, Cynthia Cheung

Gail Boal | Listing Agent
Keller Williams Realty

Dear Amar,

Thank you for your wonderful, awesome offer!! The sellers, Ron and Jody, and I were impressed with your attention to detail and quick follow-up with everything.

When the sellers came to my office today, they asked for a copy of the buyer's letter. They love the letter and the photo of the family. They wanted a family to be able to purchase the home, not just an investor. They had lived in the home for 25 years and raised their daughter there. This was a huge plus in your favor!!

The email from your managing broker and the buyer's lender is very impressive. I can see why you are one of the top Keller Williams agents!! Everything you supplied gave us confidence that your buyer was the one we wanted for this home.

The sellers felt most comfortable with your buyers and you than the cash buyers.

Regards, Gail Boal

Coco | Listing Agent
Keller Williams 

Dear Amar,

Congratulations, we are in contract!  Attached, please find a copy of the fully executed contract.  Thank you very much for your hard work.  It is not an easy decision for my seller, especially with many competitive offers.  You are a great agent, which is an important factor in choosing your offer, not the highest one.  Thank you for your clean offer.

Thank you, and I look forward to a smooth transaction with you.

Best Regards, Coco

Susanna Wong | Listing Agent
Realty OneGroup - World Properties 

Hi Amar, Please tell your buyers that they are so lucky that their offer is being selected. We did have a total of 20 offers & an additional 2 more were just sent to me about half an hour ago. Everyone's offer was so strong. I did say many good things to the owners about you because I had worked with you before. You owe me this time!

Connie Vierra | Listing Agent
Better Homes & Gardens Ventura Barnett Properties

Hi Amarnath,

My clients so loved your buyer's letter.  If they had any qualms about accepting a preemptive offer, they don't anymore.  The letter made them feel good about the work they did, and also, they will leave knowing your clients will truly love their home.  They put a lot of love and energy into remodeling because they weren't planning to sell right away.

Also, after talking with you for the first time, I felt you and I could work together well. I think we can all work together.

Best Regards, Connie Vierra

Susan Castaneda | Listing Agent
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


We had a good talk with our client and reviewed the 5 offers received. Several factors made him decide to move forward with your client’s offer. I know how professional my conversations were with everyone involved and that I felt the lender was the right person for this transaction.

Thank you, everyone, for working so hard to make this a reality for your buyer. Your buyers are fortunate to be represented by your team. They appear to be in excellent hands. Shawn and I look forward to working with you.

Joy Mamaril | Listing Agent

Hi Amar, Congratulations attached is the ratified contract. Please inform the buyer that this property went on multiple offers, and it's difficult for the seller to decide. Still, because of the letter they attached and after meeting you at the property, they see that the buyer is very well represented by their agent they decided to accept your offer over an all-cash offer.

Thank you again, and I am looking forward to a smooth escrow. Please wire the deposit today I want to put this on pending on my MLS.

Joy Mamaril

Sara Bovorn | Listing Agent

Hi Amar, Thank you for your patience. Please see the attached files for signed acceptance from my sellers.

Thank you and your team for putting together a great offer. We received a total of 10 offers this afternoon. My sellers were back and forth between your offer and other agents. I mentioned to my client that your lender and broker contacted me to vouch for you and your buyers. They were very impressed by that. Thank you for having your buyers write the letter. The sellers were very happy to know that your buyers fell in love with their home after seeing so many houses before theirs.

Thank you, and I look forward to a successful transaction with you.

Have a great day!

Kind regards, Sara Bovorn

Harold Meacham | Listing Agent
Renovation Realty

Amar and Sri~

Thank you so much for all the extra hard work hours last night putting the Berryessa offer together. You made several calls and emails to me last evening to complete your offer. You both are very professional agents, and I can see that you go the extra mile to take care of your clients.

I look forward to working with you both.

Thank you again, Amar, for your phone call and honesty.

Kind regards,

Kristina Lum | Listing Agent
Intero real estate services


Thank you for writing such a clean and professional offer to my client. As you know, my client received another offer, so both offers were presented and reviewed. Although your client's offer was not netting my client more than the other offer, they felt more comfortable with your written offer because of the complete package.

My client had a hard time choosing between an over greater net vs. your client's offer, and what made her decision easier was the letter that your client had written. Mostly she wanted to have a good family move into the home. The cute boys finalized her decision.

Amar, you are one of the few professional agents out there, and I look forward to working with you on this transaction. Once again, thanks for writing such a clean and professional offer.

Attached is the confirmation of acceptance for your file.

Best, Kristina Lum

Marcus Salomon | Listing Agent
Century 21 Alpha

Hello Amar,

Thank you for coming to my office to present the offer for your clients. I appreciate your attention to detail and the time to meet with me. My sellers were happy with the offer, but they were most excited that it was going to a couple that would be good stewards of the home, and I must tell you that they were very touched by your client’s letter. I believe that could have been why they accepted the offer.

I look forward to working with you, and please let Rajesh & Ramya know that I am glad they got the house. My sellers mentioned that they would be most grateful if, after they finish remodeling, they could get some photos to see how they made the home into one their family will enjoy for years to come.

Please keep me posted on your progress, and I will speak with you soon. I am sending the contract to escrow now, and I will CC you so you can get the wire instructions.

All the Best, Marcus

René A. Men | Listing Agent
CENTURY 21 Marquis

Dear Sri & Amar,

Just a quick note to thank you and your buyers for your offer on my listing in Fremont. I know that you and your clients have invested time and energy to go through the process, and you have been rewarded with my client's acceptance of your offer.

We received 6 offers altogether, and instead of doing multiple counters offers, my clients decided to go with your client's offer because it was well written. We see that you have composed a successful team with your managing broker Bob and Yogesh Rane of Wells Fargo Bank, which gives us confidence that we will have a successful transaction. It was also nice to have your clients write a pleasant letter to the sellers, who are happy to know that a nice family will be their homeowner and live in Mission San Jose in a great neighborhood with an excellent school district. The buyers who didn't get the house are disappointed that they weren't selected.

It was a pleasure meeting your clients at the open house. Please express our thanks for all their hard work in putting together all the documentation to help my clients choose them for the house.

Congratulations again, and I look forward to working with you for a successful closing. Please call me if you have any questions.

Best regards, René A. Mendieta

Laxmi P | Listing Agent

Good morning, Amar,

Congratulations, Sellers decided to accept your client's offer. We ended up with multiple offers. Sellers were unhappy with the offer price, but your profile helped buyers get this home. Your clients are lucky to have you. They were looking forward to working with a professional like you.

Thanks & regards, Laxmi

Jing (Bill) Qin | Listing Agent
BQ Group Inc

Hi Amar,

Congratulations! The sellers accepted your offer. We received multiple offers; there was one very strong offer. However, sellers were touched by your client’s letter.  They raised their kids in the house and hoped the new owner would take care of their house and grow their family in the same house. The other reason they accepted your offer is because of your hard work and professionalism.  Keep following up and clear communication. I highly recommend to sellers that they will have peace of mind to work with you as the buyer agent.

Thank you, Jing Qin

Helen Ha Nguyen | Listing Agent
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Hi Amar

Congratulations, Amar, your clients are officially in the contract! We are super excited to work with you. We received a total of 3 offers, all of which were good. My seller decided to work with you since you seem serious and well-motivated.

Best Regards, Helen Ha Nguyen

Lu Kim Lien | Listing Agent
Coldwell Banker Realty

Hi Amar,

I just wanted to say Congrats to your clients! I am so thrilled that I could give them a Nice Birthday present. As you know, I had another strong buyer (and others) interested in this house. So many of them expect to make their offers this Tuesday. I was so overwhelmed by Sri's kindness and work ethic that I felt compelled to give her a chance above the other Realtors.  This home is also sentimental, with over 30 years of memories. I am so glad it's going to a nice family that will love it as we do.

Warmest regards, Shirley

Lu Kim Lien | Listing Agent
Century 21 R/E Alliance

Hi Amar,

The attached files are ratified contracts. Congratulation!

We are impressed with your offer presentation and your buyers at my office. Being a top agent, you took the time to walk through the offer in detail with confidence to close escrow. Your offer is a complete package. We felt comfortable working with you in multiple offers situations. Instead of giving multiple counters offers, we decided to go ahead with your offer. You have a great team to support you around the clock. Your managing Broker (Mr. Robert M. Stelzer) & the loan agent (Ms. Nicole Santizo) communicate with me late at night. My sellers are happy to work with you even though the price is less than their expectations, knowing you and your team can close escrow smoothly. You know very well your buyers got a great deal! Please confirm receipt.

Thank you, Lu Kim Lien

Moti | Listing Agent

Hi Amar,

I want to thank you for all your efforts! Without your tenacity, your offer would have been second best. You, buyers, are very lucky to have you on their side.

Best, Moti

Mei Ling | Listing Agent
FOUNDER / Listing Agent

Hi Amar,

Congratulations! The seller has accepted your offer. We received three strong offers, but the seller decided to accept your client's offer because he loves your buyer's letter and mainly because I told him that you are an awesome agent and have worked with you on multiple smooth transactions.

I am looking forward to another smooth transaction with you.

Thank you, Mei Ling

Mei Ling | Listing Agent


Congratulations to you and your client!  Of over 13 offers, 3 were closed, but your loan officer's diligence paid off!  Another point that the seller liked was that you and I had successfully closed one prior.  It was hard for the seller to decide when offers are so close, but the little things make a difference!  Please acknowledge the last page and send it back then, I can change the status.  Congratulations again.  Your clients are getting a fantastic home in a superb location.  This home has only had one owner, so your clients will be number 2.

Best Regards, Sandra Zib

Vahe Baronian | Listing Agent
Intero Real Estate


Congratulations to you and your clients!

We had 13 offers, and I turned away at least 5 other offers. All offers were over-asking offers, with 3 of them being all cash. Like yours, most offers had no contingencies and were very clean.

I had to work hard to have my sellers accept your client's offer over an all-cash offer, but I think they made the right decision. I talked to Miri Bialik in my office and was informed that you work diligently to have a smooth transaction, which was the main differentiating point. Attached is the signed contract and the 2 addenda. Please have addendum #2 signed and return a copy to me. Let's work together towards a very smooth and speedy transaction.

Please congratulate your clients on my behalf and let them know they are purchasing a fantastic home in an outstanding neighborhood and school district.

Thank you, Vahe

Roxanne | Listing Agent

Hi Amar!

Congratulations! Genavieve accepted your client’s offer, and we look forward to a smooth transaction! Tell them I said, “congratulations!” They have a great agent- a nicely written, strategic contract.

Thank you!

Vahe Baronian | Listing Agent
Intero Real Estate Services

Hello Amar,

Congratulations to you and your wonderful clients!!! I have attached the accepted offer to this email and wanted to share with you how impressed I have been by your approach to getting your clients their dream homes. You and your team went above and beyond by having the loan officer and Broker reach out to me to ensure I was dealing with a professional agent and very qualified clients. The extra consideration you gave to your offer this morning and the extra touches made all the difference in selecting your offer over the other.

My TC, Wendy, will be in touch tomorrow to introduce herself and send you her contact info. She’ll be your first point of contact throughout the escrow.

Thank you, Robert

Victor | Listing Agent

Hi Sri and Amar,

I just wanted to congratulate you and your clients on accepting your client's offer at 4383 Cheeney Street, Santa Clara. Even though my seller had another offer with a higher offered price, he decided to accept your clients' offer. He did that for a couple of reasons, one because the package you put together was very clean, complete, and detailed, and another because of the letter your clients wrote to the seller. I am very optimistic we will close this transaction smoothly within the next 18 days and make your clients the proud owner of this Santa Clara home!

Thanks - Victor

Gabe Reyes | Broker Associate
Intero, Berkshire Hathaway affiliate


I look forward to working with you again. Thank You for wiring your deposit to the escrow account.

As discussed, we received a higher for the Olympic from another Keller Williams Agent. The seller relied on my positive experience working with you in the past.  In addition, I have worked with Chad Endo before, and he is a great loan agent. We are confident in your team.

Regards, Gabe

Kelly | Listing Agent

Dear Amar,

Congratulations to you and your Buyers!  The past few days have been crazy with phone calls, texts, and e-mails regarding this beautiful custom home.  Our clients built the home with much love and care from the ground up. They liked your Buyer's letter and are happy to pass it on to the family who appreciates and enjoys the home and will maintain the gardens and lovely landscape. You constantly communicate with me, and prompt actions on my requests made us comfortable going with your Buyer's offer instead of one of the other 10 offers!  Your Buyers will enjoy this beautiful custom home with Mt. Diablo views!

I am looking forward to a smooth, successful close of escrow.

Thank you so much!

Best Regards, Kelly

Tim Wang | REALTOR®
Legacy Real Estate & Associates Inc

Dear Amar,

Congrats to you and your clients on getting the offer accepted! Thank you for your professionalism and your hard work.

Daniel Donate | Bay Area Residential Realtor
Cal Bay Realty, Inc.

Hello Amar


Thank you for hanging in with us. We ended up getting 11 offers, and more wanted to write but only let you pass the deadline because we wanted to respect that you wrote a pre-emptive offer. Congratulations we look forward to working with you!

Note: We have 3 offers just a little above you that verbally approved me to counter much higher than yours if needed but already had given you verbal acceptance. Keep me posted, please.