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Hi Amar and Sri,

Sincere thanks 🙏 for all your hard work in making this happen. We cannot express how happy we are. We are very happy in choosing you both in our home finding process. Looking forward for the next steps.
Regards, Rohan

Hi Amar and Team,

This has been an achievement for us beyond our imagination. I cannot thank you all enough. Please accept our gratitude from the bottom of our hearts. I am eager to work with the team on the next steps.

Thank you, Sagar

Good to hear Amar!

I just looked up the property, but it was your negotiating skills and effort which got me the property. I really appreciate your efforts and commitment. Thanks to Sri who helped with the property search and provided mental strength to play the game.  You are a great team, not enough words to describe.

Thank you, Amar, for getting us this great deal; this would not have been possible without your and Sri’s help!!

We will remember this forever and keep coming back to you for future opportunities 🙂

Thanks, Rakesh

Thank you for the wonderful gifts with a beautiful package!

It’s perfect for the home and also gives a good feeling with the presence.


Finally Signed all docs, including contingency Removal…..

Thank You so much, Amar, for getting us the house we dreamed about…I know in this multiple bid to get the house we wanted was not possible without your magical touch we always heard about…..

Hamett, It was a pleasant journey so far with you … we will miss seeing open houses with you and cracking jokes around…

Eunice, Thank you for your wonderful support in all legal documents and for being so patient with us even though we always have many questions..

During this process, please forgive and forget if you felt unpleasant because of us.

BIG Thanks once again!!! And KUDOS to this wonderful AMAR Realtor team!!!

Best, Ankit & Rinkle

Dear Amar,

Thank YOU for doing all this for us. I use the word “Thank” because there are no bigger words than that. Thanks to you, our mind is calm and relaxed at this point. A couple of great things started coming together at the same time in a matter of days (My new Job, associating with you, dream home, etc..), and we were choking and couldn’t believe that all this was happening this fast. So we panicked a bit, but thanks to you and your amazing dogged persistence and effort, you continued to calm our minds. So thanks again for all that you are doing for us; we mean it.

Only our best, Dharam


As much as the morning work craziness, with sincere appreciation, it’s indeed an exciting and fantastic execution on your part. Chittu and I, and our Kids express our humble gratitude. The way you took time to come down and meet both of us to share the news brings such joy and is very emotional as well 🙂

Please pardon that we shouldn’t spend enough time sharing the appreciation. The price point is the real kicker, and I am WOW ed. Moni, you also yourself a great agent 🙂

I was looking forward to your help in closing this. Amar, as always, said you did this as yours, and we continue as friends even beyond this.

Best, Priya


Thank you so much for the assurance! We have total confidence in you and will rely on you. I was very worried about the counter offer and thanks to your execution, we didn’t have to face that situation. I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting us the house, and I appreciate your help and guidance in the process.

Sincerely, Nagesh

Hi Amar,

Thank you so much for your diligence, and I appreciate all your hard work in making this happen. You have guided us along each step and treated it as your offer. Again, thanks so much. I will talk to you tomorrow Big thanks to Yogesh for handling the prequel process.

Thanks, Asok

Good to hear Amar!

I just looked up the property, but it was your negotiating skills and effort which got me the property. I really appreciate your efforts and commitment. Thanks to Sri who helped with the property search and provided the mental strength to play the game. You are a great team, not enough words to describe it.

Once again, Thanks a lot, Anush

Amar, We are also thankful to you, Sri, and your team for all the help and support throughout this process. We appreciate your patience, diligence, and going beyond to help us throughout the process. 

Regards, Naga 

Thank you so much, Amar & Sri, you guys executed the magic in 2 days!! Navnidhi and I would like to wholeheartedly thank all the team members here, without which this deal would not have been possible. 

Amar – We will definitely introduce you both to all our friends.. you guys are amazing!!!!

Thanks, Navnidhi

Amar & Sri,

Still in disbelief!!

We are extremely grateful for your diligence and hard work in finding us our dream home when we had little to no hopes at all of finding one here in California and are almost ready to move back to Seattle. You made it happen, and we are excited beyond words!! The joy has not sunk in yet.

I’ve left a little heartfelt testimonial on Google and would be sure to recommend my friends and family so they can have an incredible home-buying experience just as we did with you!

What incredible news! 

Warm regards, Tiya

Thank you very much, Amar and Sri garu 🙏😀 Had a smooth journey throughout the process. You both have taken care of everything at every step in a well-ordered manner.

Grateful to you for guiding us in the right direction. Hope to meet you both soon in person.

Best regards, Swetha

Woohoo!!! Amazing news.

Thank you, Amar, Sri, and your entire team for winning this. It’s a testament to your intelligence in putting together a winning offer. We are absolutely delighted.

Many thanks, Rohit

Thanks Amar, Sri and Catherine! 

Jaya and I are excited for our new home and thanks is definitely due to you guys for your constant help and support. This is still a “pinch me” moment, we are excited and yet very anxious as this is way more than what we were prepared for initially. Thanks to Sri and Amar for installing confidence to go ahead with this. Thanks to Catherine for the loan and rate assurance that kept my confidence stable.

Thank you, Vivek

All thanks to you, Sri and team for making it happen. We are very grateful to you for getting the house sold for record price. 

Thanks again, Naveen & Swetha

Hello Amar,

Great to hear the news !! Seriously, We still can’t believe it happened. It’s been a really wild ride for the past 7 months, but we are very happy that it ended this way. We are certain that we wouldn’t be in this state if it were not for Sri and your effort. Really grateful for your continued support throughout this process, especially your efforts in educating us about the value of the properties and your due diligence toward getting us the best offer for us. Words can justify our gratitude!

Regards, Ajith

Thank you very much, Amar and Sri; deeply thankful 🙏🙏 Your commitment levels are an inspiration to Vidya and me.

Hi Amar & Sri,

We both really want to Thank you for helping us win this one; even though we had such strong competition, your persistent efforts helped us fulfill our dreams.

We really appreciate your hard work and Sri’s guidance throughout this process.

Thanks & Regards, Ameya & Arundhati

Hello Amar and Sri,

Thanks a lot for your help and support throughout this process. This would not have been possible without your skills and knowledge. We definitely understand the hyper-competitive market and you made us stand apart and win this offer. Sriram and I are truly thankful for finding you, which has been the best decision in our home-buying process. Special thanks to Catherine for her prompt support throughout!

Special thanks to Sri for answering our questions all through the process!! She has always been extremely prompt and helpful!

Best, Lakshmi

Hello Sri & Amar,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us buy our first home. This wouldn’t be possible without your constant guidance and relentless efforts. We wanted to buy a house from past 4 months but you made it possible only in a week’s time of getting in touch with you.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us get our dream home that too in such a prime location.

Thank you again, Aayushi & Piyush

Hi Amar & Sri,

Ashneet & I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was an utmost pleasure working with you. Home buying experience cannot be better than this; we are in awe of your professionalism & meticulous execution. From the start ( reviewing inspection reports ), to loan process, negotiation, setting expectations with the seller, home insurance/warranty title company… every piece of the puzzle was spot-on/seamless! More power to both of you! 🙂

Looking forward to meeting you both in person soon and please give us an opportunity to host you for dinner/lunch at our place.

Regards, Karan & Ashneet

Thank you Amar and Sri for your support, We could not have done without you!

Balaji & Shilpa

Hi Amar,

Thank you for such wonderful news. You and Sri have been a fantastic team. We had no prior experience with home purchase and your team has been absolutely amazing in providing us the best guidance, support and experience. Thanks again!

Thanks, Mayoor R.

Wonderful news!! 

Thanks a lot Amar and Sri. This would not have been possible without you. Really grateful to you for working with us and bringing us the opportunity and guiding us through the entire process to buy our first home. And of course, it goes without saying, We will definitely recommend you guys to all our friends. They will surely benefit from your guidance.

Thanks, Srikanth & Pallavi

Hi Amar, Sri,

Thank you very much for helping us get our first house! We are very happy with the house and hope that it appreciates well.

We had a great experience working with you all along, right from giving us an overview of the home buying process, helping us get good loan pre-approval, preparing the offer for the winning price after convincing us to go over our comfort zone and making sure closure happens in time. It would’ve been extremely difficult for us to get that kind of house without your support! 

We’ll certainly refer you to our friends who are looking to buy homes.

Thanks and Regards, Chaitanya & Saroja

Wow! Thank you so much, Amar & Sri 🙂  

You both have guided us, and helped us in every way possible. We are very grateful and thankful for your extraordinary efforts, and invaluable support & guidance.

Thanks and Regards, Shreyas

Hi Amar and Sri,

Thanks a lot for all your efforts and hard work. It wouldn’t have been possible without you to get it in our budget. We are really lucky to have you as our Realtor.

Thanks, Sumath

Thank you Cipi, Thanks for everyone who worked as part of Amar’s team. 

Couldn’t agree more – we feel fortunate to have found Amar and work with him on this home buying process. He made it possible to find the right home in this competitive market

Thanks, Satya

Congratulations Sathya /Suresh!!!  We are super excited for you and your family.

I must say you are fortunate to be working with Amar, his reputation in the Industry and his methodical way of tirelessly working for his clients is truly impeccable. No one works harder for his clients and is our invaluable partner. We will give you our very best every step of the way and are excited to be working with you.

Amazing job Amar!!! I am always mesmerized by how you take care of your clients.

Sincerely, Cipi

Thank you for all the hard work and patience in working with us. It is appreciated. 

It is fantastic that we were to complete the process within two weeks of starting the process. People take months and years to get the house. It is unique that we operated as a high-performing silicon valley startup and delivered the results without significant hiccups.

I will refer you and Sri to my friends looking for a house like the way Sindhu recommended you to us.

Best, Ankit

Hi Amar,

Thank you so much for helping us in achieving this big dream. It would not have been possible without you and Sri’s continuous guidance and support.

While we will connect soon with Sri on next steps, It would also help us if you can let us know when the “Final closing statement” from ESCROW would be sent to us.

Thanks and Regards, Nishchith

Hi Amar and Sri,

Getting this offer accepted wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance and help. All of you have worked tirelessly to help us land this offer. Pooja and I have bugged every single one of you with numerous questions and you guys have been so patient and sweet to us.
We hope that everything from here on goes smoothly too. Fingers Crossed!

We haven’t had a chance to interact with the rest of the team directly but we are sure this wouldn’t have been possible without their support.

Thanks and Best Regards, Animesh

Thank you Amar and Sri for your diligent work on making this transaction happen. You were quick to act, and provided us with all the right guidance throughout the process. Also, thanking your entire team that made this happen.


Hi Amar, Sri and Narayan,

Thank you for all your help with the purchase of our home.

Sri, thank you for vetting our interested houses and evaluating the neighborhoods and walking us through everything during each step of the process. Amar, thank you for helping us with the offer process and being the center point of the operation. Thank you for the deep dive into the disclosures, offer process and closing elements. Narayan, thank you for keeping us updated and moving things in the right direction.

We really appreciate all your help in making our dream come true.

Thanks, Manu 

I agree, Catherine. First, I was skeptical when Amar said they work with Best of the Best, but my experience has been nothing less than fabulous. 

Within two weeks of starting the house-hunting process, the first offer for the house we put in was accepted. Results speak for themselves. Thanks to you also, Catherine, for working with us even on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The turnaround time was fantastic, which helped us win the bid for the house. As the next step, we hope to celebrate Diwali and plan to move in by the 2nd of November. Based on this, I would need your help to kick off the appraisal process ASAP, and I will call you tomorrow to discuss the next steps. 

Thank you, and good night to all!

Best, Ankit

Thank you, Amar And Sri! Wouldn’t be possible without you both! I tried calling Sri, but I didn’t leave a message.

Thanks again, Aarthi

Yay! That is really great news!

Special Thanks to everyone involved: Sri Amar/Amar, Narayan, Cipi, Andrea, and Gail.

Please keep us posted on the next steps.

Regards, Abhishek

Hi Amar,

Thank you very much! Appreciate all the efforts by you and Sri to talk to the seller and seller agent in making this happen. We are happy. Wanted to call and thank you, but just too busy with back-to-back calls for next steps. 

Regards, Manojh

Thank you Amar & Sri for helping us get our dream home. When we first contacted Amar in May, we were clueless about the home buying process. Without his help and guidelines, we could not have reached this milestone.

Regards, Aathira

Thank you Sri/Amar and team. We really appreciate everyone’s help and support to get through this important milestone. Looking forward to working with you all to get this closed soon.

Thanks, Vipin

Hi Amar & Sri Garu,

Thank you very much for the help & support, without your both effort it would not have been possible. Much appreciated!

Regards, Manohar

Amar and Sri did a wonderful job explaining the initial disclosure and eventually helping us put together a good offer. He did a fantastic job negotiating with the seller thereby keeping everyone happy. They were personally involved in all areas viz. Escrow process, Loan, and closing. It was sheer teamwork and their experience that helped us to finish the entire process from finding the right home until close within 22-23days.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sri and Amar and we would highly recommend them.

Regards, Samarpita

Thank You, Amar, Sri, Earlynne for jumping on to calls all day today and helping us guide through this entire process.

It took a while for the news to sink in for us 🙂 

Regards, Ankan

Wow! That’s amazing!

Thanks, Sri, Amar, and the entire team for making this happen.

Regards, Amita

Thanks, Amar and Sri for your Support and Guidance in this journey that we have started along. Do continue to bestow your Warm wishes to us

Regards, Rahul

Hi Everyone,

This is amazing news, can’t describe the happiness in words. Thank you everyone for working hard towards this. 😊

Thanks, Vinayak

Thank you so much Everyone for making it happen. 

Special thanks to Amar, Sri and JD for patiently dealing with us through the whole process. Please do convey our thank you  to the seller and seller agent for considering us.

Regards, Nithin

Hi Amar & Sri,

That’s great news. Thank you very much for making all your support and guidance throughout this process and ensuring all the processes were completed on time.

Thanks, Maharshi

Hi Amar and Sri, 

I echo what Maharshi just said. We can’t express how happy we are to work with you in achieving this milestone in our life and we wouldn’t have done it without your support and guidance. 

Thanks a lot for being with us in this journey. 

Thanks, Maitri

Hi Amar and Sri,

Thank you for your awesome support in every step of the home buying process. It was great working with you!!

Regards, Swapna

Thank you & congratulations to the entire team (Amar,Sri, Narayan, Cipi and all other team members) for their collective efforts on this. 

We appreciate your time, inputs, guidance and prompt action. 

Best, Rekha

Thank you Amar and Sri for all your efforts and for making this deal come through. 

We are super thrilled!! Thank you!! 🙏 

Best, Asha

Thanks a lot, Amar that’s awesome news and I am really thankful and happy working with an awesome team who made our dream come true.

Regards, Ram

Thanks a ton, Amar…

Highly appreciate all your support on this Journey and without your support, I am sure our dream of getting the house in Bayarea would have been a dream only. You have really helped in mortgage issues where you have connected with different people who have helped and patiently heard by challenges.

I am really happy working with you and Sri who are very meticulous towards this journey.

Regards, Ramakanth

Hi Amar, 

Thanks a lot for sharing the wonderful news!!

Thank you and Sri for guiding us all the way along and making all efforts to make sure the process goes on smoothly. You guys are very strong professionals in this field.

Regards, Alok

Thanks Sri and Amar for all the help.

Without your incredible efforts this would have been impossible particularly at this time.

Regards, Ranga

Thanks a lot Sri & Amar for all your continued support and guidance throughout the process. 

We will surely remember this experience and working together with you both was our pleasure. 😊

Regards, Pramod

Thanks a lot Sri and Amar for all the work you have done throughout this process.

We really appreciate all the support you have given us and  always ready to answer all our questions. It has been wonderful working with you both and you made the whole process very smooth.

And thanks to your entire team for making this process less stressful.

Thanks again, Priya

Thank you so much Amar and Siri!! It could never be possible without you both!!

We started our home search process and relationship with you both as a “REALTOR and CLIENT” but in no time we feel a v “SPECIAL BOND” with you both. You guys hold a v special place in our hearts. We look forward for a lifelong friendship.

Looking forward to meet you both and your lovely daughters Maha Lakshmi and Lakshmi Durga.

Regards, Nidhi

Great News! We are very very thankful to Amar, Sri, Risha, Tabassum, Narayan and your entire team.

Thank you for helping us in one of the biggest milestone in our lives. I realize that you have worked 24 hours day and night to make this happen. We really really appreciate all your hard work.

Thank you, Aniket

Thank you so much Amar & Sri. This is a huge milestone in our lives. It was not possible without your and your teams help.

Thanks a lot

Warm Regards, Akanksha

Thank you, Amar and Sri for your hard work in getting us this dream home. We are really excited to make this our next destination. 

We are very happy that we got the home at New Year to celebrate 2020 in style!

Wish you and your family a wonderful 2020. 

Best wishes, Arun

Thanks, Amar & Sri. Without your wonderful and diligent work, it would not have been possible.

We would like to wholeheartedly thank you for your guidance and support in finding such a good home.

Thanks, Vijay

Thanks a lot Amar & Sri for helping us. It was really a smooth transaction with no hassles—good experience for us.

Regards, Gopa

Thank you so much, Amar, Sri, Narayan, and Risha! 😀

I am so sorry, I have been busy with work so I couldn’t be very responsive at times to your phone calls and emails.  I am so glad I found this team for my first house hunt in the US! 🙂 Looking forward to continued support and guidance 🙂

Thanks, Shinoy

Hello Amar, Sri,

Thank you very much for your kind words. We would like to thank you both for working with us to help us find a home. I understand I may have had unrealistic demands and stupid questions but in the end we are happy with the outcome.

You are most welcome to visit us anytime at our new home! 

Best Regards, Rohit

Thanks a lot Amar and Sri for helping us throughout the process!

Special thanks to both of you from Himaja as well!

We truly appreciate your inputs throughout. We would like to meet both of you personally sometime! 🙂 

Thanks, Satish

Thanks to you and Sri. You guys did a great job.

It is an amazing feeling that we are the homeowner now 🙂

Regards, Nitesh

Thank you very much and Thank you to all who have made this possible! 

Me and Tanvi could not have asked for a better first home buying experience! This is truly unbelievable for us. 

Thank you so much!, Tanvi

WOWWWW! What a great news! Thank you so much to each one of you, really appreciate all the guidance! me and Vidisha are super happy! #firsthome

Regards, Hrishikesh

Thank you Amar, Sri and team for all the support and guidance throughout the process.

Thank you, Renuka

Happy to hear the news!.
Thank you everyone for the help and support. I really appreciate the combined effort put to make the deal happen.

Thanks, Ajin

Hi Amar,

Thanks a lot for all your help. Appreciate that. We got one key and remotes today. Noticed a couple of issues at home when I went there and informed to Sri.

Thanks, Akhil

The big day indeed..!! Thanks for your continued support in making our dreams turn into reality. Appreciate it!!

Thank you!!

Regards, Archana

Awesome! Thank you so much, Amar and Sri for your amazing guidance and support all the way! Look forward to the next steps.

Regards, Bala & Ramya

Thank you, Amar and Sri for your extraordinary efforts and we are very glad to get our first house in the US.

Thank You, Balaji

Wow! This is unbelievable. Thank you so much, Amar and Sri for making this magic happen for us!!

I am sure this is all due to your great negotiation! Loved the professional and genuine advice you provided to us and within a short time, we feel so close to you both! Look forward to meeting you in person.

Thank you so much

Regards, Balasubramanian

Hi Amar/Sri,

Thank you very much for making this happen. Looking forward to go through further steps in the process.

Regards, Bhaskara

Thank You very much for your service. You really brought us a great blessing by making our offer get picked. We enjoyed working with both of you. Wish you all success in your endeavors.

Thanks, Buvana

Wow. That’s amazing news, Amar. Thanks for the update.

We are eagerly waiting to get the keys in hand. 🙂

Regards, Deepak

We are glad to hear the wonderful news, Amar.

You all have done a fantastic job and made us win the first offer itself. Thank you all for your amazing work and help to us.

Regards, Devarajulu

Hi Amar/Sri,

Thank you for the bottom of our hearts!

This actual moment feels very surreal. More than us, we think that this was entirely possible only due to your efforts. We see it as a great win and we are actually at a loss for words to express how we feel!

Thank you again, Amar and Sri for making this happen!

Overjoyed, Harishankar

Hi, Amar/Sri /Team,

Sounds Great, thank you so much for helping us to buy our dream house. Without your Teamwork this might not have happened, thanks for making our dreams come true.

Thanks and Regards, Hemalatha 

Hi Amar and Sri,

Thanks much for making this a reality. This would not have been possible without your effort.

We knew that we will get the right deal if we work with you. As expected, we are happy with the purchase and the deal that we were able to get. It was a pleasure working with you. Have a nice weekend

Warm Regards, Kannan 

Hi Amar Garu,

Thanks for the update. WE HIGHLY APPRECIATE your help throughout this process. Thanks for all your patience handling a first time home seller 🙂

Cheers, Kishore

WOW, that’s great news! Thank you, Amar, Sri, Catherine, Narayan for your hard work and collaboration. You all do make home-buying dreams come true. I can’t believe the final purchase price with all the negotiations and paperwork.


Amar/Sri –

Thank you for your support and we really appreciate it.

Thanks again, Mallesh

Hi Amar,

We are absolutely ecstatic to hear this.

It would not have been possible without you and your extremely efficient team.

Thank you for guiding us through and making our dream into a reality 🙂

Sri, your timely inputs and advice helped us decide and take this big step. Thank you for steering us in the right direction and patiently answering all our questions.

Thanks, Manjushree

Hi Amar,

That’s great news. Thank you and Sri very much! We will wait to hear from Sri.

Best Regards, Manoj

This is splendid news !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Amar and Sri !!  This would not have been possible without your hard negotiation skills, network, and good Karma !!!

Look forward to closing the deal and moving into our new home.

Thank you again, Meghana

Hi Amar and Sri,

Thank you so much for this wonderful news. We can’t begin to explain how happy we are and it was not possible without your guidance, support, and relentless efforts to close this deal at the price and terms we were able to close this. Congratulations to you too for making this happen and we are really excited to move forward with the rest of the process and move into our new home.

A big thank you to Narayan and Catherine as well for all their efforts and for being engaged round the clock to make this happen.

We will look forward to the next steps. Once again, thank you, TEAM!

Best Regards, Nikita

Thank you, Amar

We are really happy things went as planned and are very excited to move into our new home soon. This would not have been possible without your help and guidance. Thank you again.

Regards, Nikita

Hi Amar,

Thank you so much for helping us in achieving this big dream.
It would not have been possible without you and Sri’s continuous guidance and support.

Thanks, Nishchith

Thank you Sri and Amar,

This could not be possible without your guidance and support all the way. Thank you so much!!!

Thanks, Pradnesh

Wow!!! I have no words to say!

Thank you, Amar, Sri, Risha, Tabassum, and Narayan. We both are really excited.

Thank You, Prashant

Thanks, Amar, Sri Amar, and THE TEAM for your excellent work and for making our dream home a reality. Hope to sail through the rest of the process like this. Thanks once again for all your support.

Thanks, Pratixa

Thank You, Sri Amar, Amar, Narayan & Nicole for all your help with this offer. We are so grateful to have your team working together with us. Looking forward to partner with the extended team to take this forward.

Thanks, Praveen

Thank you so much … Yes, today is our day … we all will seize it and years to come to cherish every moment of it and it will remember, none of this would have feasible without you leading the team and your team …

Special thanks to Sri Amar … Who has been exceptionally patient with us and answering all of our questions and steering us in the right direction.

Regards, Punna

Hi, Amar/Sri/Richie/Larry and team:

Many thanks to all of you for your tireless work and support in helping us close on the property. Both Mini and I are super thankful to have such a strong set of experts representing our side and for all the flawless execution towards closing the property on time.

We sincerely thank you and would heartily recommend every one of you to our friends and family. Thanks so much!

Regards, Raghav

Thanks, Amar!
Thanks to Sri and your tireless guidance and support. We really appreciate it and are super happy to close it on time.


Awesome, Thanks, Amar and Sri for guiding us and helping with the whole home buying process

Thanks, Ramkumar


We can’t thank you enough for the help extended to us throughout this process.Despite the unforeseen hiccups, you guided us appropriately and made our first home dream a reality.

Special mention and credits to Sri Amar for constantly keeping in touch with us and patiently and promptly explaining everything to us. Ever grateful for the valuable relationships we made during this process. Hope we get to work again soon for our 2nd home 🙂

All the Best!

Best Wishes, Ravi Teja

Thank you so much, Amar and Sri !!

It would not have been possible without you two. Your attention to detail, excellent cross-functional team (including Bank, home insurance, Escrow), and diligent planning on all the steps to a closure make it very easy to work with you.  Look forward to getting the keys !!

Regards, Reyansh

Thank you, Amar and Sri for making this happen. We really appreciate all the help from you and your entire team during the process.

Thank you, Sagar Rathod

Thanks, Amar and Sri. Without your hard work, dedication, and ability to maneuver difficult situations, I would not have been able to buy this property. My hearty thanks to you and Sri.

Thanks, Saravanan

Hello Amar,

I don’t have words to thank you. It would not have been possible without your hard work and effort. You made our homeownership dream a reality.

Thanks, Saikat

This is great! Everything happens for a reason!

Once again, sincere thanks for keeping us to date, call you over the weekend to discuss some of the repair work we are planning for.

Many Thanks, Satheesha

Hi Amar and Sri,

Thank you very much for all your efforts! You both are God sent angels for us. Still could not believe it happened for us. We cannot express our gratitude with just a word Thank You.

Regards, Senthil

Hi Amar and Sri,

Thank you very much for all the dedicated work you are all putting into this to make it happen.. I can sense the trend here where the negotiations, closing, and loan options/strategies are consuming a lot more time than the actual home hunting process 😊  It’s satisfying to see that we are able to pull equity from the first home you got us to enable buying the latest one you are getting us.. After all, Amar’s first words to us to think about having #homes in double digits may not just be a dream after all in a few years 😁

I know it’ll be a 2-3 month journey on this to figure out loan options, complete the purchase, rehab to a good extent, and rent it out to be on an auto-pilot. Look forward to all your guidance, references, and advice along the way.


Hi Amar and Sri,

Thank you for your support! This would not have been possible without you at all. We owe this house to you! 😀

Regards, Shilpa

Hello Amar,

Thanks a ton for your support throughout the process. We are happy Home Owners now, all thanks to you and your entire team.

Thanks & Regards, Siddharaj

Hello Amar,

THANK YOU for all your efforts. Appreciate all the efforts that were put in by you and the entire team to help make this happen. We both are grateful to all of you!

Thanks & Regards, Siddharaj 

Dear Amar and Sri

Thanks a lot for taking us through this path making it all look easy( but we know you worked really hard behind the scene!) we could not have asked for a better team than u guys !!

Cheers, Sivanarayanan

Dear Amar and Sri, Thanks a lot for taking us through this path making it all look easy( but we know you worked really hard behind the scene!) we could not have asked for a better team than u guys !!

Cheers, Siva

Thanks so much, Amar and Sri.  I can’t believe this. this is awesome.

Thanks, Sony

Dear Amar, Sri, and Team,

Thank you so much for your sincere efforts and valuable time to make this happen. We have no words to express our gratitude.

Thank you for guiding us in all the processes and for choosing the best home for us. We really appreciate your advice and personal guidance in the whole process.

We are feeling happy to be a part of your team.

Warm regards, Subramanian

Thank you very much Prabhuji and Mataji for making this dream come true for us!!

More than us it’s because of your hard work and diligent efforts that have paved the way for us. Your consistent, tireless and meticulous planning and execution are remarkable. We both are extremely grateful to both of you for this wonderful milestone.

Thanks, Suchita

Dear Amar, Sri, Catherine, and the Whole Team,

First of all, thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts. We are still not able to believe that we have got the offer.

We cannot thank you all enough for putting your best efforts and experience forward in winning this home. The day we had our first talk with you, we had the sense of feeling that we are in the right hands and we can see the results in front of us.

Being new to the whole journey, having the right kind of support and help is the first step in doing anything and what touched us, is the diligence and honesty with which you have carried out the whole home search journey.

We are very indebted to you for this grand success and are very happy to be under your guidance.

Sincere Regards, Sumit

Thanks a lot Amar and Sri garu

We are really grateful for the time effort and guidance Sri garu had put in to make sure we select the right home for our preferences. Also really big thanks to Amar Garu for scheduling calls to walk us through the processes and his availability and negotiations on behalf of us.

This house is and always will be special for us and thanks to you guys for making it more memorable. Also, let me know if this was the final step or anything else has to be done?

Thanks, Supriya

Hi Sri/Amar,

Thank you so much. We appreciate your help!

Best, Tanwi

Dear Amar, Sri, and Team,

Thank you so much for your sincere efforts and valuable time to make this happen. We have no words to express our gratitude. Thank you for guiding us in all the processes and for choosing the best home for us. We really appreciate your advice and personal guidance in the whole process. We are feeling happy to be a part of your team.

Warm regards, Udhaya

Oh my god, what great news in my life. I couldn’t stop the happy tears in my eyes, Amar and SriAmar.  🙏

I am not getting words to express my gratitude. You both are awesome and extremely dedicated to helping us. When I was in a nail-biting situation, Sri Amar took her extra time and patiently explained the offer situation. You both are our god’s gift for guiding us in this process. We started to feel you both as our family members. You won this amazing deal for us in a very short time after we met. I am strongly believing that winning this kind of competition is only possible for you. Heartfelt thank you from my entire family. 🙏

A special big thank you from my father. I saw a lot of emotion in his eyes and I am extremely happy to see my father that happy. IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU BOTH.

Regards, Uma Maheswara

Thanks a lot, Amar and Sri. Just words can’t describe our happiness. As always you are our lucky charms.

Without you, both this wouldn’t have been possible.  When we were in a position to decide between two houses,  we for sure know you would get us the first house we put an offer, so we chose this one as we liked this more.   We know it’s really tough market for buyers but with both of your help, we didn’t feel any stress of this tough market situation. Thank you very much for that.

Sri, Always I loved talking to you. Your patience, knowledge of a particular house, and explaining things were extraordinary and helped us a lot in deciding on certain conditions. You both are the perfect couple in this real-estate industry too. God bless you always. 🙏

Like before we definitely will recommend it to all of our friends, as we got another reason to refer you.

Thank you, Veeramanohari

Great.  Thank you, Amar and Sri for making this happen.

Thank You, Vinod

Wow!!! What news Amar!!!!!!!!!! We really really don’t know how to thank the team for the amazing effort on our behalf. Please let us know when we can contact you to personally thank you!!!!!!!!!