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KETAN KOTAK | Conceiving and Realizing a vision for Software Solutions! April 1, 2016, Ketan was a client of Amar -- Apr 2016

Amar, Thanks for your professionalism. Here is summary of our buying experience. * Amar is very thorough in all aspects of home buying – making offer, to involving lender, insurance agents, provides contact for utility services and even for us reference to Pujaris for Housewarming Pujan. * Amar’s lenders work very professionally and extremely collaboratively to make the close of escrow so quick beating market norms. This gives upper edge to buyer’s offer. * Amar prepared offer for our home on very late Sunday night after we came back from visiting an open house. * Amar has written unique offer terms with right strategy to WIN our offer at very attractive price before other offer IN. * Amar adopted negotiation technique that suites our buying situation. His acumen in adapting negotiation skills are commendable.

ASIF ISLAM | Software Engineer at Google September 26, 2015, Asif was a client of Amar -- Sep 2015

We’re first time home buyer, and Amar & Sri made the whole process very smooth for us. I’ve heard from my friends that they had to bid many times before wining their dream house. When we first visited the house, we were not very sure whether we’ll be able to get it as it was our first time bidding. To our surprise, we won the bid and not only that, he made the best deal and saved us around 20K from the highest offer. With his proven strategies, negotiation skills, and high reputation, he made it possible to win the deal in less than the higher offer in multiple offers situation. As a first time home buyer, we didn’t know a lot of the details, and were a bit nervous about buying a property in this market. He helped us making an informed decision. Amar provided guidance and collaboration throughout the entire home buying process. He was involved in all areas: appraisal, loan, escrow and closing. The whole process went very smoothly and now we’re the proud owner of a house in 3 weeks. Amar & Sri, we’re grateful to have you as our Realtors®. Without your help, we can’t imagine buying the house in this tough market at such a great price.

PRANAV MISTRY | IT Operations – WAN at Hewlett-Packard November 14, 2011, Pranav was Amar’s client -- Nov 2011

Our Journey with Amar… We recently bought our first home. Which we never thought we could have btw, if it was not for Amar. Hearing others experiences, it sounded like buying a home can be very nerve wrecking and stressful. However, when we started off with Amar, he provided us with a wealth of information about the location/area that had tremedous potential and value proposition. After meeting and understanding Amar’s thought processes/professionalism, we knew we made the right choice and were in good hands. He was very pleasant to work with and patiently answered all my questions/concerns and even dumb questions :). Nerve wreck and stress thrown out of the window :)…thanks to Amar !! There are Realtors® who get their clients “good deals” and there are Realtors® like Amar (who understands the clients objectives and goals) whose motive is not only to get their clients a good deal, but get a place that you can call HOME !!..and the constant support through-out the whole process until you get your keys is mind bogling. Realtors® don’t do that, but Amar DOES !! If one understands what trust and faith means, then that is what we had for Amar. Right from the beginning, Amar’s involvement in the whole process was more then just commendable. . He constantly guides their clients from start to finish. With his great negotiating skills, he got us a home below the asking price (arond $54k less) from the builder. Then came the lender, even with some minor hiccups (new lender), he managed to workout a solution which was in the client’s favor/benefit. He got us additional credits from the lender that we never expected. We not only landed up getting free upgraded appliances, but we hardly paid anything for closing. Then comes to recording/closing, how many people have recorded/closed/get funding before the “closing date”?? We did and Amar managed to get that done. 11.11.11 was a remarkable day/date for us (got our keys), because Amar made sure everything was on track. Everyone has a dream home, but surreal is not the right word for our home, because it’s beyond our dreams. Amar took care of almost all the work. Every little details were taken care. Now that we are closed, we not only have good a house, but I think we have a new family member.. Amar !! Relationship for life.. – Pranav and Deval Mistry

AKSHAY GANDHI | DevOps Production Engineer September 8, 2017, Akshay was a client of Amar -- Sep 2017

Negotiation skills, strategy and excellent support team is what differentiates Amar and team. Finding home is 50-50% work between buyers and an agent. When you work with Amar, he provides the value in getting the deal done smoothly and effectively. Though Sri and Amar can help and guide about finding the right house, deciding the area, researching the local market etc… it is more of buyers choice. We liked one house and told Amar and Sri that we were interested. Amar did an excellent job advising us on home condition, value, local housing market, and overall area. Sri and Amar also pointed us in the right direction to find other relative information. Once we finalized that we want to put an offer for the house, he took over the process. Sri kept us in loop through out the process, during this time I witnessed how right strategy, negotiation skills and process works the wonder. Amar was clear and calm during the process and ultimately finalized the house for us. From the time we liked the house and told Amar and Sri about it, it baraly took a day to put an offer and within 2 days offer was accepted. Amar and team’s support continued to be there even after loan process was over. Whole loan process was smooth and fast. Here is where I saw how much difference it makes to have an excellent support team. When you work with Amar, you actually work with experianced team of professionals, where each member has a specific role and they execute on it without any flaws. We got the house in very first offer. Ours was not the highest offer. During negotiation phase, at one point, I was willing to increase offer by 20k but Amar advised against it and followed his strategy to win the house for us. It is rare to get house in first offer in current market. Individual experience will be different but I can tell that when you work with Amar, at right time, with right strategy, sooner or later he will get you in the house of your liking. Amar is a sincere, professional and trustworthy Realtor®. He is in this occupation because that is what he likes to do. He takes pride in the deals he makes and does the transactions as his own.

Sheila Mani | Finance Manager July 30, 2014, Sheila was Amar’s client -- Jul 2014

In Feb 2014, through a reference from a Mortgage Banker at Wells Fargo (Gezal Nawabi) walked into our lives Amar Amarnath and his teammate, Alicia Sandoval.After the very first conversation we had with Amar over the phone, we sensed that we had made the right choice. To quote Amar’s first words to us “don’t worry, we will put you in your new home by June”. Time was eventually going to tell us how true his words were! Amar and Alicia came to our home on a Sunday. Their approach to the home buying process was so scientific and methodical. They took the time and patience to understand our requirements and with their vast experience, gave us valuable feedback about what we were doing wrong. Within 2 hours they streamlined our search area in the East Bay, which brought the much needed clarity to our home buying process. After several Open House visits, we finally came across a beautiful home in the Irvington school district. We made a very competitive offer. Amar and Alicia displayed their experience and negotiation skills while presenting our offer. Amar worked quickly to channelize all his resources and influence (to the extent of getting the Managing Director of the Brokerage House to send an email on our behalf to win the bid). It was heartening to watch Amar work so selflessly for us.They truly cared about getting us a home and it was not just a Business for them. We lost the home by a miniscule $$. It hurt all of us very badly. Amar and Alicia, who had now become family to us, would call and email us every day to console and give us hope again proving to us that they were more than just Real Estate Agents.They genuinely care for their clients. Amar and Alicia would always say to us “Good things happen to good people and the right home is just around the corner”. In May 2014, a beautiful home came up in the same Irvington community. Amar and Alicia worked relentlessly with so much passion to get us the advantage on this home. They stayed up till 1:00am in the early hours of the morning presenting our case favorably to the Listing agent and the Sellers. It was touching to watch them work so genuinely hard for us. Finally at 1:00am on June 3rd, 2014, we got a message saying we had won the bid after competing against 17 OFFERS which included an all Cash offer. Amar’s brilliant negotiation skills won us the home without having to overpay in a highly competitive cut throat bid war. Amar and his team continued to amaze us during the closing process when he told us “now just relax and enjoy,we will take care of everything”. His team took care of everything -Escrow, Insurance, Warranty. We closed Escrow in a record 21 days. All other paperwork and documentation was completed to perfection by this wonderful team. We are overwhelmed and filled with gratitude to Amar and his team. To every person out there looking for a home, this is THE ONLY TEAM you should work with. Samanyu, Sheila & Sathya

Abhishek Rawat | Software Engineer at Cloudera August 9, 2020, Aathira was a client of Amar -- Aug 2020

Amar and Sri helped us buy our first home. We were lucky to have their guidance and expertise. They stayed on top of every activity throughout the process, ensuring that we successfully get the house of our dreams. Amar is a great negotiator. Because of his negotiation skills, our offer was accepted even though it was not the best offer for the seller. Amar used the right strategy focusing on our strengths, and as a result, we were able to win the house. Both Amar and Sri were easily accessible, and just an email/call/text away. Being first time home buyers, we needed much help, and they always kept us informed and helped us make the right decisions. There are many complicated steps in the process: loan approval, home insurance, home warranty, escrow, and closing. They were personally involved in every step. They helped us get the best possible service. With their help, we were able to get a low-interest rate from a well-known lender. They even helped us get the best possible insurance and warranty policy. The escrow process also went super smoothly. They worked tirelessly in the background for our success, ensuring that we do not have to worry about anything. In my opinion, it was a perfect execution, and I would highly recommend Amar and Sri.

Pramitha Nagaraj | SoC Design Engineer May 10, 2021, Pramitha  was a client of Amar -- May 2021

 “Always an engineer at heart, I appreciate it when expertise and well-defined processes followed in moving forward continuously, towards achieving an end goal. Amar and Sri did exactly that in our goal of hunting down a home. Right from engagement, I knew what the whole process was and the stakeholders for each milestone. Milestones take much guesswork out of the already frustrating process of buying a home in the bay area. Our only job was to identify a place we like based on our preferences and priories as a buyer. Sri made sure that our home search was well directed by vetting suggestions and identifying potential areas to search. After the sign-off, Amar works his magic, leveraging his years of experience, all the time maintaining an excellent feedback loop. Long story short, we got our offer accepted rather quickly without too many disappointments before the offer’s due date. It’s a terrific task in the bay area housing market. I sincerely believe it was Amar & Sri’s experience that contributed to it. I can, without any doubt, recommend Amar & Sri in helping achieve anyone’s homeownership goals.”  

Ranganathan Boovaraghavan | SOFTWARE TEST DIRECTOR APRIL 25, 2020, RANGANATHAN WAS A CLIENT OF AMAR -- Apr 2020

Amar and team, First, our heartfelt gratitude for helping us with the purchase of the new home. Beyond our friendship and closeness, the professionalism you and the team have shown amazes me. Knowledge of how the home-buying process works is key to avoiding many misunderstandings in the lengthy and complicated process. Your articulate walk through of the process and clear definition of roles, responsibilities, periodic updates helped us all be on track. Amar, you always put the team first and that is a great attitude of a leader. I have observed how you firmly view success is not just an individual effort but rather a concerted effort of a team to satisfy customer. The testimony of the execution was very visible even as we made our first bid. By the way, there was that only bid as we sealed it. Seeing your persistence, I was very sure the deal was ours to win and at a well negotiated market price. I have been greatly benefitted by the end-to-end support of this wonderful team. The business staff, the loan team, insurance folks all of them have gone that extra mile to make it happen. It looked daunting at first to agree to a 21-day closing and the team pulled it through seamlessly. To sum up, my home buying experience was awesome and in my opinion it couldn’t have been better. Thanks again Amar and Team for this great work. I would 100% positively recommend you to any of my friends for your total professionalism and commitment.