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Carl White | Carl White is the Founder of The Marketing Animals January 16, 2012, Carl was Amar’s client -- Jan 2012

Amar comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to “give first”. You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Amar as I have. Respectfully Submitted, Carl WhitePrint this entry

Satheesha C.H Gowda | AWS Certified Solutions Architect, November 27, 2020, Satheesha was a client of Amar -- Nov 2020

When I enquired in my network for a Realtor®, whom I can count upon for buying a dream home, few names came up; among all, Amar and Sri stood out on the list. Soon after, I met Amar in person and was amazed by his background as a techie, in-depth knowledge of the local market, genuine care for their clients, willingness to go the extra mile to help first-time buyers like us. Amar and Sri have been very instrumental in looking at the property from various angles (value proposition, neighborhood, school district, and what not) and steering us towards winning our dream home through the right strategy, best negotiation by all possible means, flawless execution, and personally involved in every step of the process(Escrow, Mortgage, Home Insurance/Warranty, Closing, Referrals for remodeling contractors/Re-Keying and the list goes on and on) from scheduling the tour of the property to scheduling the house warming ceremony. It was a one-stop solution for all Real Estate needs, and I am glad I was in the right hands. Honestly, I couldn’t thank Amar and Sri enough for going the extra mile to make this entire process so pleasant and seamless. One of the best decisions I made to work with you. You exceeded all our expectations. I firmly believe this collaboration will last long. We would highly recommend Amar, Sri & his entire team searching for the right home per your need, collaboration in making an informed decision, proper deal negotiation, flawless execution, and seamless experience throughout. Thank you, Amar and Sri! You are the BEST in the valley! Print this entry

DEEPIKA TETALI | Sr. Software Analyst at Oracle May 23, 2017, Deepika was a client of Amar -- May 2017

We are very happy to know you and to work with you. You were very personable and knowledgeable in answering our questions and helping us to make right decisions in the process of buying our first new home. We appreciate your quick response in setting up the appointments to view the houses, even with a short notice. We were extremely impressive by your level of commitment; you continued to work with us to meet our needs and answered our questions right up to settlement date. As a first time buyer, it would have been really hard to go through process of buying a house. But with your help it went like a walk in the park. We thank you for your hard work. And defiantly recommend you to the other buyers. Sincerely , Deepika Print this entry

Yerram Swathi | Assistant Professor at SVIT August 6, 2014, yerram was Amar’s client -- Aug 2014

Amar Amarnath is an excellent agent and has immense knowledge and experience in the real estate. He is one of the top 5 agents of Keller Williams Realty (Over 100,000 agents) which speaks volumes about the service you can expect from him. Amar understands what it takes in getting the client their dream home by working according to clients requirements, tastes and preferences. He is not just a great agent but a good human being with strong ethical values. Amar has a special knack of presenting the offer in the best possible way and goes an extra mile to get the offer picked up through various methods using his PR skills which I don’t think any other agent does. This I say is the most important factor which makes things happen for you even in the Sellers’ market. He is very prompt in responding to the calls/emails and is accessible even during the off hours if need be. We personally have talked to him many times after 9 PM as there was a need to discuss some important things before presenting the offer. Amar does a comprehensive study of the houses in the neighborhood sold in the past 3 months and does a thorough comparisons to evaluate the offer price for the home and thus does ‘not overprice the home than it is valuation. He emails you the reports and the comparative study of the homes sold so that we also know prevailing market rates which helps you to decide the actual market value of the home and the price to offer. My recommendation to all the home buyers out there is that you will be lucky if Amar agrees to represent you. Trust him completely, relax and enjoy the ride that will be a GREAT home buying experience.Most importantly, the way Amar handled the whole buying process by going above and beyond is one of the greatest memory forever.He was always honest and gave great advice,We got our dream home within a short span of time with the help of AMAR. We can describe our experience with Amar in single word “Superb!” Amar’s logo E = MC² is a true representation of his service. Right House+Right Price+Right Time= AMAR. Print this entry

Ruchir Shah | Sr MTS at eBay September 9, 2020, Ruchir was a client of Amar -- Sep 2020

* First-time buyer * COVID pandemic * Competitive environment * When we first decided to purchase a house, we did not know what it involves to own a home. When we talked to Amar for the first time (for almost more than one hour), he explained the entire process starting from house search to having a key in our hand. He listened to every question and answered thoroughly. That was the first sign of having such a reliable and knowledgeable person as our agent. After that, we started looking for listings we were interested in the house. We always received the first-hand opinion from Sri Amar whether to even look at that property. Given the COVID situation, it was very timely help, and her suggestions helped us narrow down our search. When we decided our house and put an offer, Amar and the team excelled in all possible ways to get our offer accepted (though it was not the highest bid offer). One suggestion from Amar was to write a personal letter to the seller, and that did magic. After our offer got accepted, the entire execution of the plan by Amar and the team was phenomenal. Amar provided contact with a housing loan agent, home insurance agent, home warranty agent who all are dependable. We do not need to step out of our house to look for anything. The entire collaboration and execution were so powerful that we have a key to our house on day 20. Even after closing the deal, Amar and Sri provided valuable suggestions. As per Amar, this is just the beginning of our new relationship. We are impressed with the way Amar and his teamwork and give a personal touch. We will highly recommend him for any real estate requirement. Print this entry

Abhishek Seth | Architect at Verizon Media September 17, 2020, Abhishek was a client of Amar -- Sep 2020

One of our achievements in the process of buying our first real estate in the US was to select Amar and Sri. We decided Amar without any reference, so there was an initial hesitation to connect, but we took a leap of trust and talked to Amar. We developed trust in Amar over time by observing his ability to get our work done. We are delighted to see the results that Amar delivered to us. After the initial call with Amar, he took our problem as his problem, and that is one great thing we liked in this whole process. Amar has a predefined set of steps to follow in the home buying process, and we followed it and got the desired results. Amar himself brings in all the other players in the process like a loan officer, escrow, insurance, and warranty. I highly recommend getting the help of Amar in the home buying process. Amar remains very committed in the process and he drives it forward end to end and provides us the required results. Amar’s experience is the following: The first step of Amar is to get underwriting approval for the loan, so he connected us to a well-reputed loan officer after our initial few calls. The loan officer got the job done for us in a few weeks. Immediately after we got underwriting approval of our loan, we connected back to Amar. Amar and Sri provided their feedback on various house options that we selected on the portal provided to us by Amar. The experience of Amar and Sri helped us to reject different options and accept a few. This is where we saved a lot of time in selecting the right house for us. Within the first week of our loan approval, we, as a team, chose a home that we all liked.We visited the house on Saturday. Amar and Sri started bidding for the house on Sunday and by Sunday night, our bid was accepted. During the bidding process, Amar and Sri remained very active, since there were multiple offers present. Amar always negotiated with the seller team to make our case. In the end, we even overtook all-cash offers, thanks to constant negotiations and reassurance by Amar to the seller party. This last phase is a critical phase to get a house in a competitive market, and we could feel the expertise of Amar and Sri in this phase. It is very natural to have many questions during the whole process. This is where we found Sri extremely useful to us. Sri engaged with us over the phone many times to answer all our queries. She was very approachable during the whole process, which we appreciate a lot. House purchasing is a very big process, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Amar and Sri. We will always remain thankful for their help in getting this house for us. Print this entry

Raju Balakrishnan | Principal Data Scientist at Orkus April 30, 2019, Raju was a client of Amar -- Apr 2019

We are repeated home buyers with Amar and Sri, and working with them again is sufficient proof for how happy we are with the team. Having worked with multiple real estate agents both for investment properties and our primary home, I am always amazed my Amar and teams ability to make the deal happen. Amar and team is outstanding in their ability to move fast and put the perfect offer, follow up with excellent negotiations with the sellers agent, and get the property under contract in shortest possible time. In a fast moving real estate market like bay area, his excellent negotiation skill and impeccable execution will help you to get you the house. Print this entry

RAJENDRA PRASAD GOTTIPATI | SWQA at Google December 10, 2017, Rajendra Prasad was a client of Amar -- Dec 2017

We had started home buying process at beginning of 2017 with other agent, gave offers to few homes and lost, we won offer for the first home we had seen with Amar and baught home, we had smooth buying experience with Amar and team, they took care of every aspect of buying process right from best deal in offer to Escrow closing process etc., We even got all details about utilities contact etc.. before move. In this competitive housing market we are able to buy home we liked because of your professional execution and process, thank you very much for your help with our home buying process. We highly recommend Amar for home buying. Print this entry