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PRAVEENKUMAR KADABGERE | Senior Engineer at Apple September 21, 2020, PRAVEENKUMAR was a client of Amar -- Sep 2020

We want others to know the beautiful experience we had buying our home with Amar and his amazing team. They helped us buy our house on our terms. We were shopping around, not very serious when we started but we never felt pressured to buy or bid at a specific price. We also got good advice on the price point we should bid to get home. The house was a fallout of escrow at $1080000 and the appraisal at $1080000. The same house Amar negotiated for $1040000 when the listing of the house was $1048000. Amar managed to get the property below listing price. However, they had multiple offers and craziness happening in the current real estate market. Sri, on the other hand, helped us understand the Bay Area market, neighborhoods, things to consider before looking into the property. She is very knowledgeable about all the areas in the bay. Any listing we were interested in, she immediately knew the property along with its pros and cons. She was very accurate with each property that came to the market and knew exactly what we were looking for. She was there in every step, and calmly explained every question we had related to the property. Amar is a retired engineer. He had everything documented in an excel sheet with things to take care of when buying a property. It had to do what, like the lender’s responsibilities, insurance details, our responsibility, and things Amar and Sri had to do after the offer was accepted. Including selecting the best home insurance and other things. Buying a new home is a daunting process, and they made us feel comfortable, made the whole process seamless. Amar and Sri are very responsive and prompt. We would highly recommend them as a Realtor®.Print this entry

Melissa Daoud | Associate Marriage & Family Therapist July 19, 2019, Melissa was a client of Amar -- Jul 2019

Hi Amar and Sri, Thanks a lot for your exceptional support. The home buying experience was pleasant for us. Everything happened fast. I still remember how you walk through all the reports/disclosures around mid-night and explained things in short notice, when we asked you to prepare an offer for the house. Also, your team and your coordination with home loan, home insurance, home warranty and escrow people are exceptional. That makes our life easy as first-time home buyer. You are updating the Key Milestones progress regularly and your availability on the phone if we have any questions/clarifications. Thank you for your support throughout this process. Your support still continues after closing the deal, in terms of guiding us on registering for all utilities, ADT security and even priest for house warming. I’m already start recommending you to our friends. I’m sure they will have the same pleasant experience with you. Without you, we may not get this house and be a homeowner today. Thanks a lot!!! Print this entry

SRINIVAS MIKKILINENI February 3, 2016, Srinivas was a client of Amar -- Feb 2016

INITIAL MEETING-PRE APPROVAL: I am very excited and happy to share my home buying experience with Amar and his team who saved us $38K and helped us get our home in 23 days from start to finish. We came to know about Amar in a casual conversion at a park from a friend who recently closed his home through Amar. I gave a call to Amar around Noon on a bright sunny Wednesday, he promptly answered the call and obliged to meet the same evening on a short notice. The first meeting lasted for 30 minutes, and I explained him my requirement and he graciously listened my needs. In the first meeting itself I could sense there is something special in this man and got a feeling that I can completely trust Amar. He started work immediately and referred me to Loan Officer (LO) in order to get the Pre-Approval. My financial situation was little tricky and the first LO could not offer me with any loan program. Without wasting time Amar immediately referred me to a second LO and we could secure the pre-approval. FINDING HOME: We started receiving the listings from Amar as we knew approximately how much we qualify. On our first weekend looking for home with Amar, I have visited 5 homes and liked one home which is close to my child’s school. The seller agent put the offer deadline as Wednesday which is quite normal and as expected. Amar started putting together the offer right away and started his MAGIC “Negotiations” with the seller agent. Since I had completely TRUSTED Amar I did not even discuss with Amar about the final offer price and to everybody’s surprise he was able to get our offer accepted by TUESDAY night 8:00 PM (one day before the offer deadline) and 30K less than the list price. Like the icing on the cake to top it off he negotiated with seller to pay 8K towards the closing cost, in all Amar could save me 38K. LOAN PROCESS: Amar’s did not stop there and he started following up with the LO for the next 2 weeks. As I mentioned earlier that Amar has a very capable team, which I was able to experience by the services offered by the LO. The LO is a very nice lady, she went out of way to work two weekends back to back to meet the offer close date of 16 days. OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I am very much honored and blessed to meet and work with Able, Efficient, Sincere and Hardworking team of Amar & Sri to secure my home. I didn’t even take a single day of time off from work during this process; every step in the buying process was meticulously planned by Amar and his associates. I was getting full attention and prompt responses and his team were guiding and pre-empting me of any challenges at every step. Amar’s believes in “Your Servant with Gratitude” and “Clients for Life” is proved one more time. It was a seamless and stress less process because of Amar’s experience and I got a feeling of “BIG BROTHER” holding and guiding me. Print this entry

Deenababu Kondubhatla, PMP, ITIL | Lead Application Systems Analyst October 14, 2012, Deena babu was Amar’s client -- Oct 2012

It gives me great pleasure to share my dream home buying experience through Amar Amarnath as my Realtor®. It just took 70 days from the time I decided to buy a home to the close of escrow.Amar helped me in taking the right decisions in each and every step of the home buying process.Amar look at the value proposition of the property before making the recommendation to his clients. The great quality I saw in Amar was in providing unbiased feedback when I had to decide on something. Being the president of a non profit international telugu organization ‘SiliconAndhra’, I have come across many Realtors® in the market but I am very lucky that I have choosen Amar as my Realtor®. His integrity, client-first approach, community expertise, dynamism, in-depth market knowledge and great negotiating skills helped me not only in buying my dream home but also saved more than $31368 dollars overall. His strengths described above helped me to close the deal even before the house was out on the open house for sale besides convincing the seller to accept the offer for $14k less than the list price in high demanding sellers market. Print this entry

Saravana Soundararajan | Consultant Engineer at Emulex May 29, 2013, Saravana was Amar’s client -- May 2013

We were looking for a good investment property and Amar understood our requirements perfectly. He said he would keep that in mind and let us know when he finds the right value property. One fine day, Amar called us on May 4th and told us of the great investment property listed for $630K. We told him that we cannot pay beyond $650K. He came in person to our house on May 5th to let us know that we got the house. We were really surprised because there was no back-and-forth stressful negotiation that usually happens during home buying process. Then Amar gave us the real shock when he told us of the house price. He negotiated the home for $625K even though there were multiple offers up to $650K. I do not know how he did it in this over bidding market. Amar negotiation skills are excellent and very creative. His winning strategy was perfect and it really worked out for us. Amar was personally involved as if he is buying house for himself. He was personally involved in all the areas including appraisal, loan, property inspections, insurance, escrow and closing. The entire team – real estate agent, loan officer, insurance agent, property inspector, and escrow agent came together and we closed the escrow in record 20 days. That was another shocker in this market. We had heard of months to close the escrow. During escrow process, he saved us another $7,272. In total, Amar saved us around $32K.The entire process was so smooth, efficient and fast. We were the owners of the house in 20 days. All this happened because of: 1. Excellent deal negotiation skills in today’s hot market 2. His continuous guidance throughout the home buying experience 3. His personal involvement in all aspects of the home buying 4. His valuable contacts and network of people and team 5. Staying on top of every activity in the entire process until the escrow is closed. We had an excellent experience with Amar as our buying agent. I would highly recommend Amar for home buying and that would save lot of time, money, stress for a prospective home buyer. Print this entry

MANOJ DEVPURA | Sr. Systems Reliability Engineer at Nutanix December 30, 2016, Manoj was a client of Amar -- Dec 2016

We hired Amar as our Agent as buyer after referral from our friend. It was great working with Amar and team. Amar is knowledgeable, understanding, honest and extremely thorough. This was our first time buying a home, and Amar’s expertise and advice was invaluable. He was very patient and helpful, and maintained great communication throughout the entire process. We were about loose the house because of counter offers and Amar made all his effort and made sure we get this house. We really appreciate his patience to answer our queries. I am happy to recommend Amar, especially to first-time home buyers in need of some extra hand-holding. Print this entry

AVINASH RENUKA | Staff II IC Design Engineer at Broadcom October 30, 2017, Avinash was a client of Amar -- Oct 2017

Hi Amar I would like to use this opportunity to thank you and Sri for helping me and my wife to find our dream home. You guided us in each step like a dependable friend and getting us in right direction in the home buying process. We were clueless on the entire home buying process in the beginning, wandering in different directions with different thoughts. You not only helped us understand what we really wanted as our home but also made us realize our potential of buying a property in the bay area.. Your good reputation in the market along with your passion and dedication for work is truly commendable. It’s really extraordinary that the way you executed the perfect plan by following up on every details to close the deal in 18 days without much friction. We appreciate your entire team who works closely and swiftly to win a deal. We are truly humbled to have you as our agent. I specially thank Sri for dedicating lot of time for us and being available all the time to answer our queries and concerns. You guys would be a perfect choice for young couples like us to win a dream house. Thank you once again. Print this entry

Kishore Vinjam May 24, 2021, Kishore was a client of Amar -- May 2021

Our recent home selling experience was smooth and flawless due to Amar’s services and high-notch professionalism. Moving out of state, especially during these COVID times, Amar’s guidance and attitude to go the extra mile, starting from preparing the house to closure, was commendable. His timely and valuable suggestions on the upgrades and references to many great resources helped simplify the house preparation part. Once the house is prepared and handed over to Amar, we are entirely off hands and don’t have to deal with any unknowns. Amar’s attention to the details during staging and advanced technologies in creating 3D view photos, floor plans, and other required documentation upfront helped provide more confidence to the buyers. Most importantly, the offer was accepted and closed as planned with over $110K more than the listed price. Considering the last sale of a property in the neighborhood at a much lower value, the price we got is a giant leap forward. All this was possible only because of Amar’s extraordinary marketing efforts and networking. I highly recommend Amar for all your real estate needs. Print this entry