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SHIVA VAIDYA, PMP, CISA | IT Transformation Management February 28, 2018, Shiva was a client of Amar -- Feb 2018

Amar and his wife Sri make a formidable team. During the initial days of visiting open houses and narrowing down the right areas with good school district, Sri was an excellent guide having in-depth conversation about investing in the right locations and advising us on each home thoroughly. Since my husband and I both have hectic work schedules, Sri was able to accommodate calls after hours for any questions/concerns. Her knowledge of the market, areas and insights based on our needs was critical. On one home which we really liked and seemed good at face value, Sri was able to advise us on this not being a good investment in the long term since it might lack appreciation value, this was valuable advice since most Realtors® hesitate to tell the truth and might not stop you from making wrong home buying decisions. The first meeting with Amar convinced us that he is a professional and has the right expertise to guide us through the home buying process in this intensely competitive Bay Area market. We were proven correct when within 2 months of home search. When we moved to the next phase of making an offer on a home of interest, Amar stepped in with his expertise to guide us on the right offer prices while ensuring appreciation and appraisal gaps are well accounted for. Amar and Sri’s guidance helped us be the second highest offer on the table. Amar excellent negotiation skills was able to win us the offer despite the highest offer being 40K more than ours. Amar/Sri collaborated with us on every aspect of the process/strategy and kept us informed throughout on the progress. During the escrow/appraisal process, we were concerned on potential appraisal gaps. Amar and Sri went above and beyond to personally met with the appraiser to ensure the appraiser understands the local market and right value of the home. Our family can highly recommend Amar/Sri based on our experience. We will be happy to work with Amar/Sri if we chose to buy another home !Print this entry

Rahul Pisal | Technology Manager at Silicon Valley Bank July 18, 2020, Rahul was a client of Amar -- Jul 2020

It has been a great experience working with Sree, Amar and their team. Starting with making us comfortable by easing into the process and ensuring to adjust to work with our pace,when needed thrusting the necessary force to make things happen says a lot about their team’s experience in how to ensure the clients are treated uniquely and still deliver. A lot has been said in the recommendations about the negotiations skills that Amar brings to the table, I can conform to that but also add the thoughtful planning he goes through giving that necessary time and effort that brings out multitude of options from his playbook to ensure the best to your client. Print this entry

KISHORE MOKADA | Staff Engineer at Nimble Storage July 27, 2011, Kishore was Amar’s client -- Jul 2011

The Extra Mile: That’s how we’d sum our experience with Amar. As a first time home buyer with a demanding job, purchasing a home seemed like a daunting task. We were amazed how Amar mastered knowing our needs in detail, and immediately found options that were perfect for us, both personally and financially. Within a month, we managed to make an offer, close, and move in to our first home. We’ve been thrilled with our choice ever since. Amar started with us from ground zero that is from getting pre-approval, introducing most sought out neighborhood in Menlo Park, showing the best schools in California, detailed information about the neighborhood like safety, what the neighborhood means for the kids. Amar connected me to loan officer, Jazzy singh, in his team, who was nothing short of stellar in assisting me in the loan process starting from pre-approval to closing the loan despite big obstacles with my specific situation, Amar and Jazzy worked hand in hand to resolve all the issues on time under stressful circumstances. Starting from making an offer, Amar thought through the whole thing very carefully, in spite of the property being in most sought out neighborhood and multiple offers on property for beyond the list price, he got the property $50k less than the list price, he got us the inspection with no cost done, went through the inspection reports and educated how it can be taken care, if it is not for his education and getting 80% discount ($8000) on the termite, we might have lost the property thinking the cost of fixing is enormous. Amar went an extra mile to not only to get the $50K less on the list price under multiple offer situation, but he negotiated to pay a few thousand dollars by the seller, he saved thousands of dollars at the every step of closing the escrow. He worked with loan officer to get $7000 credit. Above that he lined up other things for me like getting the termite done with mere $2500, where the same would’ve coasted $10,500, and also getting other inspections done without me physically there. He not only saved thousands of dollars in the whole transaction but also time, that way I was able to take care of personal life and yet got the best deal of the life. Amar is enthusiastic, energetic, powerful person, with exceptional negotiating expertise, excellent knowledge about the real-estate, and he has huge network of people, which is required to get the steal of a deal, it is like buying a house from Costco or whatever is you favorite whole-seller. Amar is one stop shop for home buying and owning and I will recommend him for anyone. Thank you so much Amar Print this entry

GOPIKRISHNA SARIPURI | Senior Software Engineer at ePlus inc. January 3, 2019, GopiKrishna was a client of Amar -- Jan 2019

This recommendation is about our experience working with Amar on purchasing a property. We’ve been to few open-houses and everyone starts asking If we are working with an agent. When I said no, they try to offer the service. But we were not sure whom to trust. We did our research about the local Realtors® and reached out to a few of them. Few of them reached out to us and offered their services. But we were not satisfied with their responses. My wife was researching and she sent a message to Amar. We immediately received calls from Amar. He basically enquired about us and has set up an appointment to meet on the coming weekend. We met Amar on the following weekend. He listened to us very patiently and started explaining about the entire process. We were really impressed with the details shared with us. We’ve shared the property details that we liked. He shared the plan of execution that is very detailed. This includes all the different stages and responsible parties in each state. He was very quick in reaching out to the listing agent and reviewed all the disclosures. Also shared the summary of the details with us. Then he explained to us the strategy to win the offer. He prepared the very competitive offer. Amar came up with perfect execution and involved loan officer also to provide confidence to the seller/agent. Once the owner accepted the offer, he personally involved in the escrow process, closing loan, title company. Every day he started sharing the status updates via email/phone calls. Without his extraordinary efforts, we wouldn’t have been able to close the deal in two weeks. We’ve never imagined we’d be able to close the deal in this very short duration. Thank you, Amar, for the outstanding efforts. I’d definitely recommend him for my friends and colleagues. Print this entry

Satya Chalasani | Contractor at Wellsfargo February 5, 2015, Satya was Amar’s client -- Feb 2015

Amar is an outstanding Agent. I am a first time homebuyer and he was very patient with answering all my questions. He would always put his client’s priorities on top of his priorities. Amar would travel miles even in difficult weather conditions to show a houses. He has excellent knowledge of building materials and would correctly estimate the costs for any repairs required. Most importantly is very honest in giving his feedback. Amar has a very good team and they compliment each other so well. You will get a feeling that a strong team is working for you throughout the process. They are so flexible in working around your timings.Once you like any house, they were so meticulous in doing their research and would get to the correct value of the house. Amar is excellent in gaging the competition and would also magically get to understand the seller’s mindset. He is excellent in putting out a strategy to prepare a winning offer. Amar is very methodical in negotiating and he is your best bet in winning through multiple offers in this competitive market. What makes him special is that he truly feels every transaction as his own and works so hard on it. Finally, I would say that if Amar is in your team, it’s like having the leagues MVP in your team. Print this entry

Kishore Vinjam May 24, 2021, Kishore was a client of Amar -- May 2021

Our recent home selling experience was smooth and flawless due to Amar’s services and high-notch professionalism. Moving out of state, especially during these COVID times, Amar’s guidance and attitude to go the extra mile, starting from preparing the house to closure, was commendable. His timely and valuable suggestions on the upgrades and references to many great resources helped simplify the house preparation part. Once the house is prepared and handed over to Amar, we are entirely off hands and don’t have to deal with any unknowns. Amar’s attention to the details during staging and advanced technologies in creating 3D view photos, floor plans, and other required documentation upfront helped provide more confidence to the buyers. Most importantly, the offer was accepted and closed as planned with over $110K more than the listed price. Considering the last sale of a property in the neighborhood at a much lower value, the price we got is a giant leap forward. All this was possible only because of Amar’s extraordinary marketing efforts and networking. I highly recommend Amar for all your real estate needs. Print this entry

Venkatesan Pachirisamy | Senior computer architect at NVIDIA December 28, 2012, Venkatesan was Amar’s client -- Dec 2012

I had a pleasant home buying experience with Amar as my agent. I had been looking at homes to buy for several months before I met Amar. After I met Amar, I became a home owner within a short few weeks. With real-estate websites giving all the information needed it might seem an agent is not absolutely needed. But in a challenging market it is very important to have someone like Amar as your real estate agent. Main advantages when having Amar as your agent: Amar brings in a team to take care of entire real estate transaction. You get a hassle free buying experience. Amar is extremely committed. If he thinks that a property is suitable for his client, he will try his very best to get it while staying within the client’s comfort level. Amar reputation for guaranteed results gives an extra edge when offers are close and works as a close team. Amar being very proactive and focused execution gives a huge advantage in current challenging market environment. Amar believes on establishing long term relationship with his clients. He is not someone who just vanishes after finishing the transaction. He really cares about his clients and wants to get the best deal that is suitable for them. Amar will definitely help with his treasure trove of knowledge in real estate. Print this entry

JAGADISH GUTTIKONDA | IT Solutions Management May 15, 2018, Jagadish was a client of Amar -- May 2018

Hi Amar/Sri, Following is my feedback on the home buying experience we had with you and your team. We started off on the home buying journey with you almost 1 1/2 years back. We had gone through 4-5 properties related offer presentations where couple of them we did not get selected and couple of them we got them and rejected them on contingency basis. During all this time you had been available whenever we called you and asked about any of the properties. Finally beginning of this month(May 1 st 2018) we closed with a successful one. During this long home buying journey we had with you, we observed the following: 1. You are very diligent in your home analysis with respect to the ROI, Costs, growth potential, suitability to our needs etc. Really appreciate your insight and knowledge about all things related to home buying. 2. You are very knowledgeable about the scenarios which would fit my family’s personal needs. E.g. In one scenario we had a home that was well below and within our budget (price wise). You had analysed the growth prospects for my family and gave your feedback on what are the pros and cons of choosing that property, which allowed us to make our decision in an informed way. 3. You had given us great advice on which conditions we should be wary of and which we should be able to mitigate and which we should be able to address. 4. You had good external and internal team setup which basically allowed us to close the property on time. 5. You had been on top of things that were necessary for closing the property. 6. You had given us your external business contacts for working with different aspects of owning a home and managing it. Overall it has been a great home buying experience. It was (and is) great feeling, working with you and your extended team ( especially Stacey Huang). Print this entry