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NAVEEN BACHKETHI | Manager Engineering at VMware June 29, 2018, Naveen was a client of Amar -- Jun 2018

“I started my home search around 9 months ago and today after a long struggle and putting around 10 offers finally I own a house. This journey could have been much smoother and fun if I would have met “Amarrath” at the starting of it. Nine months ago when I started the house search with my first agent (Not Amar), it looked like driving an uphill without any driving experience. Experience with my first agent was a nightmare, there was a very little information that my first agent would have about the properties that I would like to see, no grip or very little grip on the market, no team, just standalone. I put continuously 9 unsuccessful offers with him but never got any of them and things went beyond the limit when in a house we put 700K and the house was finally sold in 685K but we did not the house and the comments about my old agent from the listing agent was “where did you got this agent”, That point I understood the importance of real estate agent. It’s not the highest bid you put in market, it’s not highest credit score, but it is the strong real estate agent that gets you the deal, and with my experience I can tell that Amar is THE ONE, who can get you anything you like. My journey started with Amar after getting introduced through one of my friend and he told lot of good things about Amar, but with my experience with my previous agent was not that comfortable, so did not wanted to jump so did a lot of study on looking at Amar’s LinkedIn profile which was having lot of +ve reviews, so decided to go with him, today sitting in my new house, I feel very fortunate that I met Amar. The 1st offer that was put through AMAR was readily accepted and within 2 weeks AMAR closed the deal, it gave me an extreme piece of mind and a respect and a tremendous confidence for the man (AMAR) and his team. I referred one of my friends to AMAR and there also Amar proved that he is the best, there also his first offer was accepted. Amar has connections, respect in market and a team which will get you the house with best price. He has a team starting from loan officer to the closing escrow connections which makes your transaction flawless. I can say a lot about Amar’s capabilities but here is a list which tells how he helped me: 1. The Best deal negotiation by ALL possible means 2. Perfect execution of the process. 3. Winning property in hot market with right strategy. 4. Personally involved in ALL areas (Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, and closing) 5. Co-ordination and engagement with WFC and Escrow to ensure loan closing 6. Collaboration in informed decision making 7. Entire process guidance throughout Home BUYING PROCESS. 8. Staying on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.Print this entry

Mukesh Jyothi | Technical Lead at Blackhawk Network September 21, 2014, Mukesh was Amar’s client -- Sep 2014

It was indeed a great pleasure to work with such a smart and talented Realtor® that was Amar. Right from the first moment I talked to him I was convinced that I was dealing with someone who was highly confident and knew in and out of the real estate business. I was a first time homebuyer with absolutely no idea about where to start. Amar guided me through the basics of how to go about buying a home. He wanted to make sure that my expectations were realistic and did not end up making a mistake. Amar introduced me to a lending agent who sat down with me in person to work out my financials. I am very thankful to Amar. Once the financials were in place and I was ready to look for a home, Amar played a role which was very helpful yet not very invasive. Once the property that I liked, I would inform him and he and his team would then do the groundwork and make sure that the home will satisfy my expectations. Amar then prepares a very strategic plan on putting forth an offer that gave me the highest chances of winning the home. Each step of the way from identifying the home, putting the offer, contract process and the financial aspect, Amar and his team were extremely professional and helpful. Amar personally was even able to arrange a discount for me with the lender. In several key areas where I needed advice Amar was quick to point me in the right direction. I don’t have any hesitation in recommending Amar to anyone who is thinking of buying a home in the bay area. Amar and his dedicated team of professionals will leave no stone unturned until you are settled in the home of your dreams. Print this entry

DON BROWN | Manager at ProForma Industries, LLC March 27, 2017, Don was a client of Amar -- Mar 2017

Having been in Rotary for the past 34+ years, I know most of the Real Estate Agents and Brokers in Fremont including top agent. However in reviewing Amar Amarnath performance and execution of selling homes in my neighborhood I chose to use Amar as our agent for selling our property. Amar knows the right strategy to extensively market the home to sell at a higher price. I could have gone with some of those I have known for years. However I am not certain they could have accomplished what Amar was able to achieve. Example: The sale of another Home 3 doors from us that was listed for $859K and sold for $910K by Amar Amarnath. The home in my opinion should have sold for $810K as they had done nothing in upgrades to the property including kitchen and bathrooms. The carpet was from the time it was originally built in 1988 and they had not done any painting or refinishing of the cabinets. I have mentioned to Amar that I would have discounted it by $50,000 as it needed a lot of work. The entire home selling process from the beginning to the end was perfectly executed by Amar and team flawlessly. Amar personally involves himself and deliver absolutely the best results for his clients. Amar doesn’t not represent both buyer and seller for the same transaction. This clearly shows his level of standards and ethics in Real Estate business. His constant guidance in whole process is priceless. I certainly recommend him for you to work with. Hopefully this is beneficial for you. Print this entry

Pavankumar Adiraju | Hardware Engineer at Barco March 16, 2021, Pavankumar was a client of Amar -- Mar 2021

Wow!!! Amar and Sri are the best realtors. I am a first-time home buyer in the bay area with minimal knowledge about the real estate market. I started off very vaguely with the budget being the priority. First virtual meeting with Amar itself was very comfortable, he explained each step in detail, listened to what I needed, gave me pointers to what and how to decide about a property. Within a week we were able to get an awesome property in a good area, good neighborhood, good schools, and all this within our budget. Amar and Sri were very active in closing every step on time and with absolute transparency. Amar and Sri are a great team who are honest and true professionals with a personal touch. They have good knowledge about the bay area and are experienced. I would highly recommend Amar to everyone who is thinking of buying a home. If you want a peaceful, transparent, honest, and happy home buying experience Amar is the guy. Thank you, Amar and Sri you made our own home dream come true. Print this entry

KARTHIKEYAN SUBRAMANIAN | Programmer analyst April 6, 2016, Karthikeyan was a client of Amar -- Apr 2016

Being first time home buyers with very little clue about the dynamics of the market and the various steps involved, it was imperative that we work with a knowledgeable real estate professional who could provide an honest and objective view of the market and also guide us in a professional manner through the various stages.We found all this and much more with Amar and his team. Right from day one, he took time to understand what we were looking for and listened patiently to everything we had to say. Once we found a property that we liked, Amar and his team went into overdrive and put together a comprehensive offer within our specified budget. Since it was a very competitive bid with 30+ offers and we were nowhere near the higher offer prices, we normally would have been hesitant to even make the offer. But Amar’s strategy was spelt out so clearly to us that we trusted him completely and his words proved right when our offer was indeed accepted over multiple higher ones. This happened because of Amar’s proactive interaction with sellers as well as involvement of the rest of Amar’s extended team including the lenders. Both Amar and Sri always communicated with us about any updates and kept us in the loop throughout Not only did Amar recover a significant amount from the seller towards closing but he also proactively negotiated a huge price drop post contract! This was without us even asking him to try it.That was the icing on the cake. At the end of the day what worked for us was Amar and Sri’s relentless drive and energy as they moved the process along with minimal stress to us. If it weren’t for that my family would not be relaxing in our new home today. I’d recommend Amar, Sri and team in a jiffy. Nobody knows the bay area market as well as them. Thank you team! Print this entry

Umesh Chandwani | Technical Solutions Manager October 30, 2013, Umesh was Amar’s client -- Oct 2014

Our home buying experience with Amar was excellent and here is why, Initial Meeting Within a few days of us contacting him, Amar came by our house to discuss what we were looking for with respect to buying a house. He spent a lot of time with us to understand what we were looking for in a house (budget, location, size, etc.). He also gave us a professional perspective on various different aspects such as financial requirements and the importance of a good school district. These helped us narrow down our search and save us time. House Hunting – Visiting Non-Open Houses Amar was very proactive in showing us properties that were on the market but not open for viewing. Once Amar even came down to Sunnyvale between 8 and 9 pm to show us a property that only had Realtor® access. Home Buying Strategy Since we are first time buyers and new to the real estate market we relied quite heavily on Amar on how we should proceed. We bid on a property which is not on the market but there were issues such as extended renter occupancy period because of which the deals did not go through. There were some other properties we were interested that had below average schools but Amar encouraged us to stay focused on good schools and location (within budget). In hindsight, we are glad we did that. There was a property we were very keen on but were not sure it would fit our budget given that there was so much over bidding going on. We talked to Amar about it and he moved quite swiftly. Amar setup a lunch appointment with the listing agent and developed a good relationship before even making offer. He was able to get valuable information and helped make our bid the winning bid with the right strategy. In the process, Amar also ensured that the sellers paid their fair share of the fees (home warranty, title insurance, other fees..etc.). He rebuffed any attempt on their part to get some rent-back and ensured that appliances were included as a part of the sale. Amar extremely good at negotiations and execution of tasks by staying on top of every task in the home buying process. Escrow and Beyond Amar was there with us throughout the escrow process (even during signing), coordinating between the Escrow Company, seller’s agent and our lending institution. He ensured that everything moved along at an even clip. Summary Amar is completely committed to his clients goals and goes above and beyond call of duty to make things happen, thank you Amar for everything. Print this entry

Aathira Prabhakar | Senior Software Engineer August 2, 2020, Aathira was a client of Amar -- Aug 2020

Thank you, Amar & Sri, for helping us get our dream home. When we first contacted Amar in May, we were clueless about the home buying process. Without his help and guidelines, we could not have reached this milestone. We were doubtful if it was the right decision to buy a house amidst the pandemic and Shelter-in-place. After talking to Amar about our concerns and expectations, he gave us a clear picture of the process. He explained all the steps and how he and Sri will be involved in each step. He connected us to a lender who could close the sale in 21 days. We realized this is important for sellers to close the house in as little time as possible. Sri helped us find our perfect home. She guided us to find a home that fit our current need and will also be a good investment for the future. We realized that there is much more to a home than newly remodeled cabinets and kitchen. It is all about LOCATION! There were many evenings when we talked for hours about different properties. She gave us clear insight into why some properties are not right for us. Finally, we found a property with everything that we looked for, and Sri gave us the green flag. Amar explained the disclosures of the house very well to us. He presented a clean offer to the seller and negotiated a good deal for us by working around the clock. We got the house with new furniture all at list price, which was 30K less than what the seller expected. Even after moving into the house, Amar and Sri continued to help us to sort out everything. We are grateful to have known them, and we appreciate all their efforts in helping us land in a beautiful home. Print this entry

ANIL GIRI | H/W Diagnostics Engineer at Infinera April 12, 2016, Anil was a client of Amar -- Apr 2016

When we started our house hunting, we enquired our friends and they recommended Amar as go to person. They had purchased their house recently with Amar’s help and they had only good things to say about him. It made my decision simple. As a first home buyer we had lots of questions and apprehensions but Amar & Sri helped us at every step guiding and helping us in choosing right homes and bidding for it. They are very professional but at the same time make it a personal experience. Every house that we bid Amar made very serious and diligent effort and it made differentiation when finally we landed at our dream home. Kudos to them in seeing the deal go through. They made our home buying experience much simpler and smooth. But it didn’t ended just there, they helped us in our loan process and successfully closing the escrow without any hiccups. I will highly recommend their services to my friends. Thanks Amar & Sri. Print this entry