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Evolving from its history in the gold rush, San Jose is now a hub for technology and innovation. Over time, the city has gone from sprawling farmland during the gold rush era, to a large city with continuing development. San Jose has its own airport, and access to all of Silicon Valley and the Bay Area via the BART or a network of highways in the area. It has many of the perks of a big city, like diversity, a variety of education options, nightlife, a local university, and great restaurants and shopping.

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A classic landmark in San Jose is the Winchester Mystery House, built by Sarah Winchester of the Winchester gun fortune. Visitors can explore the mysterious house with its strange floor-plan and creepy history. For a fun and educational day out, check out The Tech Interactive, formerly known as The Tech Museum of Innovation. It’s only fitting in this hub of technology that there would be an interactive, hands-on museum to explore the innovation and evolution of technology. Exhibits highlight energy, genetics, and more, with both permanent and traveling attractions. For breathtaking views and a hike that will take you from mountains to ocean views in one day, you have to visit Half Moon Bay. It’s hard to overstate its beauty. Santana Row in San Jose offers the best in shopping and dining. San Jose is also home to a large amusement park called California’s Great America, an Egyptian Museum, a Japanese Friendship Garden, and the San Jose Sharks hockey team. There is no shortage of fun, natural beauty, and education to be found in San Jose.

Why People Love It

San Jose is known for its affluent lifestyle and a thriving job market. People love living within such close proximity to great jobs, entertainment, natural beauty, historical landmarks, excellent dining, and good schools. The climate is also desirable for many compared to other areas in the country, with both mild winters and sunny summers that rarely get too hot.


San Jose has over 600 schools, counting public, private, and charter options. With this in mind, there is bound to be something for everyone. If you prefer a religious school, you’ll find a variety of private religious schools. Preparatory and STEM focused academies are also easy to find in San Jose. Public schools and rated above average for the state and nation, scoring an average of 8/10.

Housing Market

San Jose’s already higher than average housing costs have risen significantly in the last year, and are projected to continue in this pattern. Buying a home in San Jose is an excellent investment, with high demand in the case of resale and the likelihood of quickly growing equity. The median house price in San Jose is $1,300,000, and a large lot or luxury home will be considerably higher. Even with highly priced homes, the demand remains high, making San Jose a highly competitive market.

If you think San Jose might be the right location for your next property, you’ll need the right professional on your side to navigate the fast paced and high pressure market. Reach out today with questions and ideas so you can begin your journey toward a home in San Jose.

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