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NACHIKETH GUTTI | SMB Marketing June 15, 2016, Nachiketh was a client of Amar -- Jun 2016

I wanted to take this time to personally thank Amar and his team in helping us get the house we were looking for. Sri took the time to get away from her activities to show us the houses we wanted to see at the time that was convenient for us. Amar and team had all the knowledge required to keep us in check while going through the buying experience. They made sure that all the properties we shortlisted were in the right neighbourhood with good schools and away from major freeways. They took care of compiling the offer with all the clauses, explaining each and every step. Amar went above and beyond expectation by negotiating with the seller agent over phone at 11pm to make sure we get a good deal. Bottom line Amar and Team helped us from start to finish from Loan Pre-Approval to closing the loan and helped save over 10K on our house. I was referred to Amar by a few of my friends who brought their house through him. They all had a pleasant experience and so did I and my family. I definitely recommend Amar and his team for your home buying needs.

Rao Tallapragada | President, Infovogi LLC July 8, 2014, Rao was Amar’s client -- Jul 2014

“I have dealt with Amar for my home buying. He is very friendly, and helpful in the transaction. He helped in negotiating and getting us the best price. I would be glad to recommend him to others”.

Ankit December 15, 2014, Ankit & Rinkle was Amar’s client -- Dec 2014

Awesome Amar !!! You are the BEST…. Me and Rinkle, we both are feeling so light now to have you guys around taking care of things… Thanks! Ankit

Radhika Radhakrishnan | Modem Hardware Engineer April 30, 2019, Radhika was a client of Amar -- Apr 2019

We were looking for our house in a very short time frame since we had to move out of our rented house unexpectedly. My sister gave Amar’s contact details and he gave us an appointment immediately. We met at his office at Palo Alto. He was very friendly and explained to us the whole home buying process in Bay Area. He immediately gave us the access to the tool which allows us to filter the listings as per our requirement. He also introduced us to his wife, Sri Amar, who was very diligent in evaluating the value of the property. She also gave us the idea of whether the properties we are looking at is in good neighborhood and of good value. She took out time and came to show us a property which we really liked and put offer. Amar did a fantastic job in finding the best deal by his awesome negotiating skills. The offer price was strategically decided and Amar and his team worked late night in putting together the bid for the property. He introduced us to his loan officer. We had a very short closing time of 21 days and Amar orchestrated with various teams, Escrow officer, Loan officer and helped us in getting it closed within the given time frame. Sri and Amar was personally involved in all areas and stayed on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure that we got the perfect home in time!

Sunil Gutlapalli | A10 Networks December 21, 2012, Sunil was Amar’s client -- Dec 2012

We were looking for home in bay area for about a year and we almost gave up and finally we were introduced to Amar through our friends. When we first met Amar, he first listened to all our requirements and provided inputs/suggestions which put us on right track. Amar came with us to see multiple houses and answered all our questions. He always discussed about pros and cons of each house, tried to understand what we wanted and provided honest feedback. Amar wrote offer for our current home, he presented our offer in such a way that our offer was accepted even though there is a higher offer. When we found some termite issues in home inspection, Amar gave us honest opinion to cancel the offer. Surprisingly after a week seller contacted Amar and wanted to renegotiate the offer and fix the termite issue. When I talked to seller he said “You are getting the offer because of Amar, he is the Best Real Estate Agent I have ever seen” (Seller himself is a Real Estate Agent). I was little nervous initially and Amar said relax, I will take care of everything. Amar did take care of everything in the whole process. Amar negotiated with seller and added additional items and saved us lot of money. He made our home buying experience memorable. Amar helped us in each and every stage from pre-approval to Escrow closing. He helped us with last minute appraisal glitch and made his team to rush to close escrow as per plan. Amar even suggested us best option for us in holding of the title, where agents generally don’t care. With Amar, you will have peace of mind and he makes best memorable home buying experience for you.

GOPIKRISHNA SARIPURI | Senior Software Engineer at ePlus inc. January 3, 2019, GopiKrishna was a client of Amar -- Jan 2019

This recommendation is about our experience working with Amar on purchasing a property. We’ve been to few open-houses and everyone starts asking If we are working with an agent. When I said no, they try to offer the service. But we were not sure whom to trust. We did our research about the local Realtors® and reached out to a few of them. Few of them reached out to us and offered their services. But we were not satisfied with their responses. My wife was researching and she sent a message to Amar. We immediately received calls from Amar. He basically enquired about us and has set up an appointment to meet on the coming weekend. We met Amar on the following weekend. He listened to us very patiently and started explaining about the entire process. We were really impressed with the details shared with us. We’ve shared the property details that we liked. He shared the plan of execution that is very detailed. This includes all the different stages and responsible parties in each state. He was very quick in reaching out to the listing agent and reviewed all the disclosures. Also shared the summary of the details with us. Then he explained to us the strategy to win the offer. He prepared the very competitive offer. Amar came up with perfect execution and involved loan officer also to provide confidence to the seller/agent. Once the owner accepted the offer, he personally involved in the escrow process, closing loan, title company. Every day he started sharing the status updates via email/phone calls. Without his extraordinary efforts, we wouldn’t have been able to close the deal in two weeks. We’ve never imagined we’d be able to close the deal in this very short duration. Thank you, Amar, for the outstanding efforts. I’d definitely recommend him for my friends and colleagues.

PRATEEK GUPTA | Server Power and Performance Validation Engineer September 22, 2018, Prateek was a client of Amar -- Sep 2018

Prompt response and an intelligent “decision-maker”Very diligent in follow upGives honest adviceVery experienced

Kishan Singh | Director, & October 30, 2013, Kishan was Amar’s client -- Oct 2013

We can describe our experience with Amar in single word “Superb!” This was our first home-buying experience and we have been looking for a good home for almost 6 months before we met Amar. The earlier agent could not close the deal even after putting multiple offers above the asking price and it was becoming a frustrating experience for us. Since day one, Amar was very engaged in every step of the process. He quickly understood our requirements around good school district, location of the home, price point, and big one was to be with vastu compliant for certain aspects. He engaged our whole family including our kids to understand everyone’s requirements and individual’s expectations from new home. One think we like about Amar is that he always puts himself in buyer’s shoes and evaluates like he is buying his own home. We found our dream home within a short span of time and that too within our price point. His patented style of putting winning offer, meticulous negotiation skills, and pro-active approach helped us closing the deal in this crazy seller’s market. He didn’t only help us getting the home but was personally involved in ALL areas including Appraisal, Inspection, Load processing, Escrow, and Closing processes. He uses his project management skills to develop a very well thought strategy and execution plan. He always stayed on top of everything, sometime a step ahead, to make sure that we move to our new home on time (before school opens). He took care of many items while we were away in India. We never bothered about anything other than signing the papers as we knew that Amar will take care of everything  He also took extra time to follow up with us to make sure that we have settled well in new home. Amar’s key strengths are developing relationships with seller’s agents, negotiation skills, and his extensive knowledge about market are priceless. Getting a home at the best possible price was quite tough in this competitive market and Amar has exceeded our expectations doing that for us. Amar’s logo E = MC² is a true representation of his service and he delivers 110% to justify it! We are very happy with our decision to choose Amar to represent us in our home buying process and we would certainly recommend him to anyone and everyone. A Very Big Thanks Amar…..