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Umesh Chandwani | Technical Solutions Manager October 30, 2013, Umesh was Amar’s client -- Oct 2014

Our home buying experience with Amar was excellent and here is why, Initial Meeting Within a few days of us contacting him, Amar came by our house to discuss what we were looking for with respect to buying a house. He spent a lot of time with us to understand what we were looking for in a house (budget, location, size, etc.). He also gave us a professional perspective on various different aspects such as financial requirements and the importance of a good school district. These helped us narrow down our search and save us time. House Hunting – Visiting Non-Open Houses Amar was very proactive in showing us properties that were on the market but not open for viewing. Once Amar even came down to Sunnyvale between 8 and 9 pm to show us a property that only had Realtor® access. Home Buying Strategy Since we are first time buyers and new to the real estate market we relied quite heavily on Amar on how we should proceed. We bid on a property which is not on the market but there were issues such as extended renter occupancy period because of which the deals did not go through. There were some other properties we were interested that had below average schools but Amar encouraged us to stay focused on good schools and location (within budget). In hindsight, we are glad we did that. There was a property we were very keen on but were not sure it would fit our budget given that there was so much over bidding going on. We talked to Amar about it and he moved quite swiftly. Amar setup a lunch appointment with the listing agent and developed a good relationship before even making offer. He was able to get valuable information and helped make our bid the winning bid with the right strategy. In the process, Amar also ensured that the sellers paid their fair share of the fees (home warranty, title insurance, other fees..etc.). He rebuffed any attempt on their part to get some rent-back and ensured that appliances were included as a part of the sale. Amar extremely good at negotiations and execution of tasks by staying on top of every task in the home buying process. Escrow and Beyond Amar was there with us throughout the escrow process (even during signing), coordinating between the Escrow Company, seller’s agent and our lending institution. He ensured that everything moved along at an even clip. Summary Amar is completely committed to his clients goals and goes above and beyond call of duty to make things happen, thank you Amar for everything.

Kalyan Chanda | Sr. Software Engineer in Test at Omnicell Inc October 17, 2013, Kalyan was Amar’s client -- Oct 2013

We are first time home buyers and have been looking for a home for a while. As with most home buyers, our selection criteria was good community, school district, proximity to work and price point. Given the competitive housing market, we wanted a great agent who could understand our requirement, area we were looking in and also navigate us through the home buying process. That is when we found Amar. When we met him the first time, we knew he clearly understood our requirement and the housing market. A unique characteristic of Amar is that he envisions himself as the buyer and treats the transaction as if it were his own home. Once we found a house that matched our criteria, Amar wasted absolutely no time in formulating and presenting a winning offer before any bidding wars erupted. Overall, Amar strategy and spellbound negotiation skills got us the house and also saved us money on the closing costs. He also guided us through the closing process to make sure it went as smoothly as possible. Getting a home at the best possible price is quite tough in this competitive market and Amar has exceeded our expectations doing that for us. We are very happy with our decision to choose Amar to represent us in our home buying process and we certainly recommend him without reservations.

KETAN KOTAK | Conceiving and Realizing a vision for Software Solutions! April 1, 2016, Ketan was a client of Amar -- Apr 2016

Amar, Thanks for your professionalism. Here is summary of our buying experience. * Amar is very thorough in all aspects of home buying – making offer, to involving lender, insurance agents, provides contact for utility services and even for us reference to Pujaris for Housewarming Pujan. * Amar’s lenders work very professionally and extremely collaboratively to make the close of escrow so quick beating market norms. This gives upper edge to buyer’s offer. * Amar prepared offer for our home on very late Sunday night after we came back from visiting an open house. * Amar has written unique offer terms with right strategy to WIN our offer at very attractive price before other offer IN. * Amar adopted negotiation technique that suites our buying situation. His acumen in adapting negotiation skills are commendable.

GOPIKRISHNA SARIPURI | Senior Software Engineer at ePlus inc. January 3, 2019, GopiKrishna was a client of Amar -- Jan 2019

This recommendation is about our experience working with Amar on purchasing a property. We’ve been to few open-houses and everyone starts asking If we are working with an agent. When I said no, they try to offer the service. But we were not sure whom to trust. We did our research about the local Realtors® and reached out to a few of them. Few of them reached out to us and offered their services. But we were not satisfied with their responses. My wife was researching and she sent a message to Amar. We immediately received calls from Amar. He basically enquired about us and has set up an appointment to meet on the coming weekend. We met Amar on the following weekend. He listened to us very patiently and started explaining about the entire process. We were really impressed with the details shared with us. We’ve shared the property details that we liked. He shared the plan of execution that is very detailed. This includes all the different stages and responsible parties in each state. He was very quick in reaching out to the listing agent and reviewed all the disclosures. Also shared the summary of the details with us. Then he explained to us the strategy to win the offer. He prepared the very competitive offer. Amar came up with perfect execution and involved loan officer also to provide confidence to the seller/agent. Once the owner accepted the offer, he personally involved in the escrow process, closing loan, title company. Every day he started sharing the status updates via email/phone calls. Without his extraordinary efforts, we wouldn’t have been able to close the deal in two weeks. We’ve never imagined we’d be able to close the deal in this very short duration. Thank you, Amar, for the outstanding efforts. I’d definitely recommend him for my friends and colleagues.

PAWAN SINGAL | Principal Engineer at Dell February 22, 2016, Pawan was a client of Amar -- Feb 2016

One word to describe Amar is amazing. We were a first time homebuyers and contacted Amar via one of web portal at around 8:00pm on Sunday evening. To our surprise he was at our door at 8:45pm that on Sunday evening. This moved us and we decided to go with him. We made a offer in 2nd week of relationship and surprise again, we got it, competing against 19 other offers. There were few hicups with appraisal as we got it lower than the bid value. Amar was on top of all these, for him, minor blocks and made sure the deal is done in 21 days. Even though we closed our first home around a year back, he is always in touch and makes effort in his capacity to resolve any problem even after year of closing the deal. Amar is easy to work with, open for discussion and suggestions. I highly recommend him for home buying help.

Vishwanatha Bhat | Manager at GoPro October 25, 2013, Vishwanatha was Amar’s client -- Oct 2013

Amar and his team did a great job in my home buying experience. He is trustworthy and very knowledgable in the bay area real estate and has very good team of professionals to help us in all the steps if home buying.

Surendra Chakkirala | Staff Engineer at Qualcomm October 7, 2014, Surendra was Amar’s client -- Oct 2014

Amar and his team did an excellent job in getting us the home we liked. It was a multiple offer situation and Amar negotiated best deal at 5K lower than highest offer.Amar with his contacts and negotiation saved us couple more thousands during closing. Amar has a strong team that worked closely and round the clock. This helped winning the property in hot market. Amar was on top of all processes and guided us through the steps very well and kept us well informed all the time. He co-ordinated with the bank and the title company and ensured loan closing happened seamlessly. I would highly recommend Amar and his team to anyone Home buying/selling.

Narayanan Suryanarayanan | Systems Engineering Manager June 2, 2021, Narayanan was a client of Amar -- Jun 2021

This dates back to 2015, and the bay area housing market was no different from 2021. It was crazy!! We were driving through a community in Milpitas near the foothills, and we liked it. My wife & I said to each other – the next time a house becomes available here, we should give it a shot! To our luck, a home came into the market the following week. We had read about Amar’s success stories before, and we reached out to Amar. It was one of our best decisions ever!!! We visited the house over the weekend and just loved it. The house was beautiful, and naturally, several others loved it as well. Offers were scheduled to be reviewed by mid-week, and we had to make up our minds on the price. While it was a crazy market, we didn’t want to overbid crazily. Amar & the team worked with us closely to come up with the right price. Amar had also figured that it would be a very competitive situation. He worked with one of the established banks to showcase our financial strength and negotiated for a very fast closing. Amar also suggested we write a personal letter to the sellers describing why we love the house. There were 11 offers in total ( 3 cash), and Amar helped us win the house even though we had to take a loan. There was a ton of negotiation, and Amar knew exactly how to win the home. He mastered this process and knew how to execute it flawlessly. Once all the process was over, our sellers shared with us that we won the house because 3 reasons: – Very competitive offer + backing from the bank – Very responsive Realtor (Amar). During the offer reviewing process, quick responses were required, and Amar responded in a matter of minutes every time. – Sellers were touched by our letter While our offer was accepted, there was plenty of work in the following weeks. Amar & the team were very methodical and had lined up everything. From the mortgage application to appraisal to Escrow to the final walk-through, they baby fed us the entire process, making it super easy. Fast forward 6 years, Amar still gives a ring and checks in every once in a while. He shares the latest market updates and the do’s and doesn’t. Amar has not been a realtor but a fantastic real-estate partner to us.