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KUNAL SAHU | Software Engineering Manager July 5, 2018, Kunal was a client of Amar -- Jul 2018

“”Stressful”, “frustrating”, “tough” – these are some of the words that usually come to one’s mind when one thinks about buying one’s first home. We have been hunting our first home for the past 6 months, but with no luck. Multiple offers submitted, few got counters and nothing accepted. We were also waiting for our first kid to arrive this summer. Life was chaotic at best until we bumped into Amar (through one of our friends at LinkedIn). From our very first conversation with Amar, we could feel the difference between him and other agents we have been working with. Amar came across somebody who has in-depth knowledge of the Bay Area real-estate market and knows how to win in pressure situations. He was very very cooperative in understanding our requirements and guiding us through various areas. With multiple set-backs, we had very little hope about buying it in this aggressive market. Amar assured us that he would try his level best and there is nothing to be worried about. He has a calming presence which soothes the buyers and gives them this peace of mind. Couple of days after submitting our offer, to our surprise Amar came back to us with our offer accepted!!! We are the winners of fierce competition (10 offers) and our offer is not the highest offer. Finally, we settled in a nice corner unit in the heart of Sunnyvale. That was the first one we were working with Amar. We loved the home, its lay out and its neighbourhood. Amar worked really hard behind the scenes and added that personal touch in negotiating the deal for us. Besides, he was at the fore front of each and every stage of the home buying and saved lot of money in the process. Staying at top of things, he also made us understand the various aspects of being a home owner. He worked with the loan officer, escrow officer, selling agent, appraisal officer, insurance agent and a whole bunch of people to close the deal in less than 15 days. The speed at which Amar works is truly unbelievable. With him around, one does not need to worry about a thing. Sometimes, I feel that one has 24 hours in a day, but Amar has 30 hours in a day. The amount of stuff he manages to get done is remarkable. One has to meet and work with him to truly understand and experience it. Basically, Amar is a really nice person and lovely to work. He has his heart in this profession and brings the human aspect in the things he does. I can’t recommend enough about Amar’s contribution in fulfilling our dream of being a home owner. He is a ROCKSTAR! Update 2017 — we have bought a second home with Amar and our experience has not changed even one bit, if not better. If you are a serious home buyer looking for your home in today’s competitive market, get in touch with Amar. He is great to work with and keeps a personal connect.

RAJAN PATIL | SSD Firmware Development Engineer October 1, 2016, Rajan was a client of Amar -- Oct 2016

Our HOME Buying experience with Amar and Sri was great! This is our FIRST HOME and needless to say, market in the Bay area is very competitive. With Amar and team, we were confident that we would make the right purchase which would serve our starter HOME needs and also be a good investment in long run. As the Single Family Houses that we were looking for within our budget were small older houses, having Amar and Sri’s vote of confidence and experience really helped us make the right choice. Sri was very helpful in giving her opinion and insight on many houses that we saw which eventually got us a HOME in the neighborhood we wanted. We think Amar contacts and relationships with listing agents also helps the Home Buying and offer process. Sri was very prompt in answering our phone calls during both the offers that we made and keeping us in the loop; we think that was great!. In a fast moving market like Bay area, where time is of essence, the long hours that Amar and team put in to ensures that we can close the deal on time. We would also like to thank you that our contract had few items to be paid by sellers (home warranty, some other fees etc). We were also impressed by Sri and Amar knowledge of Milpitas neighborhoods. We appreciate all the help and would highly recommend you to our friends. – Rajan and Anipra.

Amith Kumar MC | Director Of Engineering February 7, 2019, Amith Kumar was a client of Amar -- Feb 2019

I am very happy and thrilled on my new home purchase in Milpitas, CA. We got introduced to Amar through a common friend and instantly he was able to connect with us and understand our needs. We were primarily looking for new communities and he was able to guide us on asking the right questions to the builder. He would provide various details on different new communities coming up and discuss the pro & cons of it. This helped us narrow down on the right ones. Once we secured our home and paid the advanced for the booking, he followed up continuously until the delivery and helped clarify on various processes involved until we got the delivery. It was a great experience working with Amar and looking forwarded to get his help in future as well. I have recommended Amar to many of my friends and have got the same feedback. Thanks for all the help.

Kishore Aenugu | Systems Administrator at Exwire Inc. May 17, 2012, Kishore was Amar’s client -- May 2012

Amar was introduced to us through a colleague at work. We were first-time home buyers. From day one, he has been a very helpful and patiently explained us all the things involved and guided us throughout the process step by step. Amar’s excellent negotiation skills have seen us save more than $25k in various stages of the home buying process (offer price, loan credits or closing costs). He has also taken care of the rent back process to the seller, even though he was not required to do so. This above and beyond nature of Amar has helped us immensely in saving loads of money throughout the process. We are greatly indebted to Amar for getting us the home we wanted for a reasonable price and helping us in every possible manner in getting it done with the minimum cost to us. Every time, we felt that we were missing out because of some issues, Amar has pulled off seemingly impossible things through his proven strategies, sure-fire negotiations, and contacts. Words cannot express our gratitude to Amar in helping us buy this home. Thanks a lot, Amar, for making us feel important and standing by us in every aspect in the process.

Thirumala Reddy Mutchukota | Software Engineer at Google June 29, 2015, Thirumala Reddy was Amar’s client -- Jun 2015

I feel very lucky to got to know Amar. When I first contacted him on April 18th 2015, I had no clue about buying a house in US and had no confidence that I can buy a house in the next six months. From there, in exactly two months, i.e by June 19th 2015, the Escrow got closed and now I am a proud owner of a beautiful house in this far far foreign land. I still can’t believe that all these happened so fast and I was really able to buy a house in exactly two months. Amar played a big role in it and I will always be thankful for him for that. Here are brief list of items that made all the difference in our home buying experience … · With the very first phone call, Amar introduced me to the loan officer Yogesh. The conversation with Yogesh cleared lot of doubts about my affordability, loan eligibility, and gave me the much needed clarity on what I am entering into. · When I informed Amar that, I liked a house on May 18th morning, I had no confidence that I will be able get it as the house is little over my budget and there are already higher bids with the seller. But, Amar gave me the confidence to go for it, gathered everything together, prepared the offer the same day, submitted it the same night and even got it accepted the very next day. So, approximately, in just over 24 hours, I went from, “I like this house, but I am not sure that I would be able to get it” to “Yes, I got it” and that’s marvelous and unheard of before. · Amar execution speed and negotiation skills are extremely good and I believe those are the ones that makes him one of the most successful and well appreciated Realtor®. · Amar was able to win the bid even with 10k less than the highest bid. A very big thanks for him for seeing it through and convincing me to take the right step at the right time. · As soon as our offer is accepted, he introduced us to his whole team of people who came forward to help us in closing the deal on time. · Throughout the Escrow time, he was on top of everything and sending me regular updates and assurances that everything is going as per the plan and we closed the deal on on June 19th 2015. · Even after closing the escrow, he is still calling me regularly and giving all the guidance with taking over the house and moving in. In that I just see a very great friend and well-wisher in him. In Summery, Thanks to Amar for everything and God bless him with lot of health, wealth and lot more energy to help lot of other people like me in fulfilling their dreams.

DON BROWN | Manager at ProForma Industries, LLC March 27, 2017, Don was a client of Amar -- Mar 2017

Having been in Rotary for the past 34+ years, I know most of the Real Estate Agents and Brokers in Fremont including top agent. However in reviewing Amar Amarnath performance and execution of selling homes in my neighborhood I chose to use Amar as our agent for selling our property. Amar knows the right strategy to extensively market the home to sell at a higher price. I could have gone with some of those I have known for years. However I am not certain they could have accomplished what Amar was able to achieve. Example: The sale of another Home 3 doors from us that was listed for $859K and sold for $910K by Amar Amarnath. The home in my opinion should have sold for $810K as they had done nothing in upgrades to the property including kitchen and bathrooms. The carpet was from the time it was originally built in 1988 and they had not done any painting or refinishing of the cabinets. I have mentioned to Amar that I would have discounted it by $50,000 as it needed a lot of work. The entire home selling process from the beginning to the end was perfectly executed by Amar and team flawlessly. Amar personally involves himself and deliver absolutely the best results for his clients. Amar doesn’t not represent both buyer and seller for the same transaction. This clearly shows his level of standards and ethics in Real Estate business. His constant guidance in whole process is priceless. I certainly recommend him for you to work with. Hopefully this is beneficial for you.

TWINKLE AMIN | Client Services and Account Manager at Entisys360 December 11, 2017, Twinkle was a client of Amar -- Dec 2017

Hi Twinkle, can you write me a recommendation? As a first time home buyer I am extremely pleased by you and your team for managing the process and getting us into our much awaited new home. Your guidance was unmatched and I cannot thank you and your team enough!!! You have been fantastic and I heartily appreciate all you have done, known and unknown behind the scenes. I am sure there is a LOT you have done that I am still not aware of. I truly feel we have gotten a home with GREAT VALUE that I would not have been able to get without YOU. There are no words to express my gratitude but please know that we are grateful for your service and the commitment we have received! If I were to do it again, you would be my ultimate and ONLY choice J. THANK YOU Amar and Sri!! – Love, Twinkle, Paresh, Eshaan & games

Nithya Shivamani | SOFTWARE ENGINEER APRIL 26, 2020, NITHYA WAS A CLIENT OF AMAR -- Apr 2020

When we decided to purchase the home, we had lots of questions related to the purchase. We met Amar at the Palo Alto office. Amar guided us through the steps of the home buying process and gave us everything we needed to get started with the process. He has an excellent team that works tirelessly throughout the home buying process. As a first time homebuyer, we are always curious about the process and had a lot of questions. This is where Sri Amar comes into the picture. She patiently listened to all our concerns and advised accordingly at each stage of the home buying process. These questions ranged from how zip codes attract a premium, Sri duly answered school districts and bidding process, etc. Amar and Sri Amar would let the clients do the survey of the property independently. They never forced any opinions on the house and very patient until we are functionally like the house. Once we like, they go through all the disclosures and patiently explain everything in detail. On the offer date, Amar worked with the lender and put forward a competitive offer on the table and got the property that we call our home at a great deal. These were the times when “Shelter-in-place” was announced in CA. During “Shelter-in-place”, there were delays associated with appraisals and Amar kept the seller agent and others in the loop. We were in the housing market for less than a month and Amar helped us to get the property we would call it our home. We were more than happy about closing the deal. In the whole process, we had some great interactions with Sri Amar, who would provide valuable insights. We are extremely pleased with our home buying process and our association with Amar & Sri Amar. We would definitely recommend Amar and Sri Amar to our friends and family. Thanks for making this come true so early and we appreciate all the efforts put by this efficient team.