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Satheesha C.H Gowda | AWS Certified Solutions Architect, November 27, 2020, Satheesha was a client of Amar -- Nov 2020

When I enquired in my network for a Realtor®, whom I can count upon for buying a dream home, few names came up; among all, Amar and Sri stood out on the list. Soon after, I met Amar in person and was amazed by his background as a techie, in-depth knowledge of the local market, genuine care for their clients, willingness to go the extra mile to help first-time buyers like us. Amar and Sri have been very instrumental in looking at the property from various angles (value proposition, neighborhood, school district, and what not) and steering us towards winning our dream home through the right strategy, best negotiation by all possible means, flawless execution, and personally involved in every step of the process(Escrow, Mortgage, Home Insurance/Warranty, Closing, Referrals for remodeling contractors/Re-Keying and the list goes on and on) from scheduling the tour of the property to scheduling the house warming ceremony. It was a one-stop solution for all Real Estate needs, and I am glad I was in the right hands. Honestly, I couldn’t thank Amar and Sri enough for going the extra mile to make this entire process so pleasant and seamless. One of the best decisions I made to work with you. You exceeded all our expectations. I firmly believe this collaboration will last long. We would highly recommend Amar, Sri & his entire team searching for the right home per your need, collaboration in making an informed decision, proper deal negotiation, flawless execution, and seamless experience throughout. Thank you, Amar and Sri! You are the BEST in the valley!

Amit Sangani | CTO & Co-Founder, MightyText March 23, 2013, Amit was Amar’s client -- Mar 2013

Hands down, Amar is one of the best real estate agents in Bay Area! We were looking for a home in Los Altos/Palo Alto in crazy market where each home was receiving 5+ offers at minimum. Amar was able to find a beautiful home for us and at extremely good value. Amazingly, he won the deal for $40K less than the highest offer. How did he do it? He put extremely enticing offer to seller almost equivalent to cash offer, but not really a cash offer! Seller accepted our offer over the highest offer. Very few agents are skilled enough to execute the way Amar does. Amar’s amazing execution, negotiation skills, and offer strategy, bar none. He negotiated close to $15K towards the closing costs – saving us almost $55K in addition to finding extremely valuable property which we both agree can be sold for $200K above what we bought for in this market. He negotiated to make it a win-win situation for us and the seller. He also project managed the entire process super efficiently (for e.g. working with loan agent, keeping seller agent warm, Home warranty, Escrow, Funding, Recording, etc). Our file was complex, but Amar & Yogesh (loan agent) totally nailed it. Here are some of Amar’s pros for buyers out there. Amar – – Understands bay area market really well. – Evaluates each home as if he was looking for his own family – Does not waste time bidding on properties which do not provide value for his buyers – Negotiates and puts an extremely compelling offer which is sure to save buyer’s hard-earned dollars – Guides through the entire process which is really priceless – Is a nice person by heart! If you are looking to buy a property without Amar, you are truly missing out an opportunity!

RAJASEKAR DHANASEKARAN | New Employee at Google December 5, 2015, Rajasekar was a client of Amar -- Dec 2015

Simply put, Amar is amazing. I am a first time homebuyer and contacted Amar via zillow. He got in touchnwith me and explained to me about the pre-requisites for home buying process. He also connected me to a lender to help me with the pre-approval. I met with Amar after getting my pre-approval and set expectations for the home. After attending a few open houses I came across a home I liked on mlslistings. The open house for the house was over already and offers were starting to come in. Sri and Amar through exceptional effort arranged for a seeing of the home on the same day evening. After a brief deliberation with Amar and Sri,I decided to make an offer for this home. I had heard many horror stories about home buying in Bay Area. I wasn’t really sure if my offer would go through as there were other competing offers with higher bids. Amar followed up diligently on the offer over and over again, explaining the merits of my offer over other offers and convinced the sellers to accept the offer. I couldn’t believe it when he said my offer was accepted. It was one of the happiest days of my life. As soon as the offer was accepted, Amar listed out clearly what needs to happen next to complete the home purchase. He also kept all the stakeholders in sync and followed up to avoid any delays. The whole experience was unbelievably easy. Through diligence of Amar and Team, we were able to complete all requirements even before the escrow closing date. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that I am homeowner now because of Amar. Thanks Amar! you will be go-to person for even my future home buying needs.

UMA KUMAR RAPAKA | Leading – Cloud & Infrastructure Solutions COE September 3, 2018, Uma Kumar was a client of Amar -- Sep 2018

We had decided to sell our house in Milpitas however we had a vacation planned around the time. Amar stepped in at the right time and gave us assurance that it will all be taken care. From recommending the staging team, listing the home, hosting open house, promoting the listing to the maximum number of buyers, Amar went the extra mile and executed each step with utmost care and strategy. He negotiated well and made sure we got a great price on the home. Seamlessly we were able to come back from vacation and complete the closing formalities. We really thank Amar for all his hard work and meticulous planning and execution.

Ankit December 15, 2014, Ankit & Rinkle was Amar’s client -- Dec 2014

Awesome Amar !!! You are the BEST…. Me and Rinkle, we both are feeling so light now to have you guys around taking care of things… Thanks! Ankit

Abhay Damle, CPA, CFE | Senior Manager, Technical Accounting July 7, 2014, Abhay was Amar’s client -- Jul 2014

Being first time home-buyers and bidding on the first house we were completely clueless about the entire process. Amar, personally sat down with us and took the time to explain the whole process in detail. He was always available to answer any questions. By coming up with the right strategy and following it up with perfect execution, Amar helped us get the best possible deal in today’s hot property market. Amar, even co-ordinated with the loan and escrow officers to ensure that the loan closed on time with no last minute surprises. Amar was on top of all the activities during the entire process. Thanks Amar for making our home buying experience a pleasurable one!! I will definitely recommend any of my friends to work with Amar in their home buying process..

Smitha Idikuda | Software Engineer at VYOMI Solutions August 3, 2012, smitha was Amar’s client -- Aug 2012

We connected with Amar through a friend and some of our other church friends had provided very positive feedback. The commonality in all the feedback was that Amar was best at what he does, very reliable, and trustworthy. Our first meeting with Amar was mere exploratory but it turned out to be very valuable. Amar was knowledgeable about the real estate market and presented several data points that helped us with our decision making. We were relocating to East coast and decided to rent out our home after a short stint of putting the house for sale. We were convinced after first meeting that Amar was exceptional and would do the best. We requested him to takeover and initiate the process. Within two days, he setup open house, collected applications, analyzed the profiles and in a short order (less than a week) picked the best tenants. During this time, he provided a detailed plan on the next steps, kept us in loop on all the activities and made us his top priority. He is extremely good in filtering the right applicants. In summary, Amar is the best with creative thinking. Since then, Amar was always available for any questions and has been thoroughly professional. He has been in constant touch with the tenants to ensure a smooth and pleasant stay. We are very happy with Amar’s exceptional real estate service and would highly recommend Amar to anyone else that is looking for an excellent real estate agent. We bet that Amar would exceed all expectations. -Prashanth & Smitha

SANKET DAVE | Media Engineer at Apple May 7, 2018, Sanket was a client of Amar -- May 2018

If you are here reading this review, it is how we started our search for a Realtor® to represent us. Strong recommendations here as well as a personal recommendation from a friend and we decided to meet Amar to purchase our home. Just like many of the other recommendations on here have already talked about the well established process Amar & his team follow, we started with meeting Amar at his office, followed by discussing our needs with Sri. Her inputs and ideas on how we could get the best value for our money and improve an existing home were very helpful. She is very approachable through the entire process. We decided to not place an offer on a property we had initially liked at the last minute, Sri was extremely supportive of our decision, regardless of the amount of work the team had already put in. The emphasis is on team work and it shows very well all through the process. When we finally decided to move ahead on an offer, Amar ensured that our overall offer package was the strongest. Sri kept us up to date on the discussions with the Seller throughout the day. We had little hope we would win the offer as there were multiple offers and the seller could easily counter any of them. But thanks to Amar & Sri, we won the offer on a home we liked without any counters. Once the offer deal was done, Amar introduced us to a team​ of experts for our loan and insurance needs. The loan was approved in 8 straight days and we closed quickly. We highly recommend Amar, Sri & team and look forward to working with them again in the future for any of our real estate needs.