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Suresh Koti | Principal Systems Engineer/Lead July 12, 2012, Suresh was Amar’s client -- Jul 2012

It’s truly amazing and could not believe that we own a house now. We would say without Amar this could have happen at all. As a first time home buyer, we have zero knowledge in terms of house purchase. Amar made it so easy for us. Before we know what the next step and process is, the keys are in my hand. It is with his encouragement and moral support that we have decided to buy a house. The help Amar extended was more of the brotherhood rather than the professional help. The way Amar ensured and negotiated this whole deal right from submitting the offer to get the offer accepted, we have no words to express. To win a deal and compete against multiple higher offers is not easy, especially with 7K lower counter offer price. But persistent negotiation and great communication prevailed. This is true professional skills of Amar. Amar is great subject matter expert in Real Estate. The way Amar took the efforts to go and meet the lender making sure the loan is approved and funds released in time not only that making sure we get the maximum credit is awesome. Amar saved us over $18K in home buying process in competitive market. Amar’s guidance and support is priceless. I could definitely say not everyone will be going above and beyond exceptional service PLUS saving LOT of money for the home buyer. I really understand how much Amar fought for this home and time he spent on this (more than his personal property). The stress Amar took and asking us not to take any stress is something only a person with good heart can say it. I am really happy that I could able to meet a person like him in my life.

Leena Singh | Principal Engineer at Cadence Design Systems May 18, 2012, Leena was Amar’s client -- May 2012

We really appreciate Amar’s extra efforts in closing the deal for our house. His dedication, commitment and expertise on Real estate as well as his empathy in dealing with rest of the folks resulted in acceptance of our offer.

Also, we are thankful to him for arranging for follow ups and for providing contacts for upgrades to the house to be done in timely manner.
Our good wishes are always with him!

LAKSHMANA CHARI VAITIYAM GUNASEKARAN | Sr.Integration Engineer July 11, 2017, Lakshmana Chari was a client of Amar -- Jul 2017

Our HOME Buying experience was excellent and stress free with Amar, Sri and Team. It is not easy in the current market to get a single family home in Bay Area. I was very skeptical and almost lost hope, and early 2017 I put myself out of market. There came along my new to be home in market, both me and my wife liked the layout and we called Amar and Sri to proceed on it.

Amar and team wrote an excellent offer though quoted less than competition, the offer terms were lucrative. All credit goes to “Amar”.
Amar has strong negotiation skills and persuaded listing agent to accept our offer less than the competition offers. On decision day, Amar called me and congratulated me, “Our offer got accepted”.
Amar has excellent field connections, he introduced me to a lender who offered a competitive rate for 10% down, and the entire process was seamless. Being a new home Buyer, I was little panicking but Amar and team total made it seamless by doing all the heavy weight lifting for me. I was kept appraised on all the process. Amar is very efficient, and he stays top of the core process, and really makes the right move at right time.

I strongly recommend Amar and Team, if you are looking to Buy or Sell HOME.

Mani Bharathi Pandian | Staff Engineer at Qualcomm September 21, 2019, Mani Bharathi was a client of Amar -- Sep 2019

It was a pleasure working with Amar and Sri for our first home purchase. They made the entire home buying experience a smooth and memorable one for us. In our first meeting, Amar stressed on team work which includes us, the buyers as well. At the end, it was the complete team work that won us the home. Amar’s team is a “one stop” shop for home buying. Everyone in the team (Amar/Sri – Realtors®, Narayan – admin, Nicole and team – home loan and Millie – Escrow) played their role to perfection and their professionalism is of the highest quality.

Each member is highly experienced, collaborative, resourceful, and always alert. Whenever a challenging situation presented itself, they knew the corrective course of action and quickly implemented it. They all went above and beyond call of duty to take us to the finish line on-time.

We highly recommend Amar/Sri and their team to anyone who like us are serious about winning competitive bids and close the sale on-time. Amar’s excellent negotiation skill and Sri’s straight to-the-point advises deserve a special mention. Sri was in constant touch throughout the home search process. Sri educated us on what the target list price should be, which localities we should aim for and made sure we were putting our time and effort on property where our chances of winning was realistic. Sri and Amar reached out to us at key junctures, patiently explained the pros and cons, and readily shared their point of view: all of which greatly helped us with the decision making.

Amar won us a very competitive bid without multiple counter offers and successfully negotiated to have the seller pay a major portion of the closing cost – a perfect deal for us. Few days later the bank appraisal came in and the home was valued above the sale price – a true testament to Amar’s extraordinary negotiation skills. Post the offer acceptance, the team worked very hard to close the sale on time.

Personally, we felt it was a huge advantage to work with a close-knit team as they collaborated among themselves to get majority of the work done. This allowed us to give all our time and attention to our son who at the time of purchase was barely a month old. A big thanks to Amar, Sri and team for all their help and care. We will be Amar/Sri’s client for lifetime! Oviya and Mani

SAMHITA PIDAPARTI | Salesforce Developer/Administrator December 16, 2015, Samhita was a client of Amar -- Dec 2015

Amar was our Relator for our new Home purchase and current home sale, and I can say that he did a terrific job at both. He was very instrumental in bringing down the listing price for the new home, and having the seller contribute more towards the closing costs. In regards to our Home sale, I only have two words for him – Perfection Personified. We were a contingent buyer for the new home, and had a tight window to sell our current home. Looking back in time, I do not think that anybody else could have done this better than Amar.

Amar was very prompt and efficient at all phases of the sale – laying out a workable strategy to sell the home, having a 3D photo shoot done for the home, putting up our house in the market, rigorous advertising, and deep dive negotiations on the offers.

Amar paid great attention to all the miniscule details, and that certainly paid off. We got an offer that far exceeded our expectations and calculations. We moved into our new house being content and happy. ALL thanks to Amar for making it possible for us.

Saikat Kundu | Senior Technical Lead at Yahoo May 4, 2021, Saikat was a client of Amar -- May 2021

We decided to work with Amar after looking at his great reviews on Zillow. He exceeded all our expectations. We were proud homeowners within a month of our house search. As first-time home buyers, we had a lot of questions about the process, location, and price. Amar and Sri patiently answered all our questions. In the first meeting itself, Amar came up with a clear plan on handling the entire home buying process. He helped us understand that there are many aspects of the house that we need to look at other than appearance. In this market of multiple offers, getting the offer accepted is one of the most challenging things.

Sri helped us in getting quick appointments to tour the houses that we were interested in. When we informed Sri that we liked one of the houses, Amar went through all the inspection reports and disclosures to ensure no red flags and massive repair costs after buying the house. They provided their honest opinion on every property that we selected. Now comes the most challenging part of how much to offer for the home. Sri helped us a lot to suggest a price that will improve our chances of getting the offer accepted and ensure that it’s within our budget.

With multiple offers on the house, including cash offers, the seller was planning to go for counteroffers which could have raised the price of the house even higher. At one point, we already lost hope. But Amar was able to convince the seller’s agent that our offer was one of the best, and it was accepted. I don’t have words to thank Amar for his hard work and effort. Amar and Sri had been very friendly, responsive, and handheld us throughout the home buying process. We made the right decision to work with Amar and Sri.

Jitendra Malviya | Staff Test Engineer at LinkedIN June 10, 2014, Jitendra was Amar’s client -- Jun 2014

Its truly awesome feeling, “Sitting at home and remembering my home buying experience, I feel lucky to have Amar and his team as my Realtors®.
With Amar’s expert help and guidance, I got my dream house in 2 week and closed complete home buying process in 15 days. It couldn’t be possible if its not Amar.

Amar got personally involved in all stages of this process as I am first time home buyer. He and his team explained each and every thing to make me comfortable, happy and be aware.

Right from the beginning of house search, Amar gave us an impression of being more than being just a Realtor® and was always available when I was in need for his guidance/help. Amar had right strategy and perfect execution throughout the process. Amar always on Top of things to make sure smooth transaction.

Thanks much for helping and getting this house for my family. With all your help & guidance I got peace of mind. I am so glad to recommend your work and excellent service to any one.

Sulabh Jain | Staff Software Engineer at FireEye, Inc. July 6, 2015, Sulabh was Amar’s client -- Jul 2015

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts and patience in dealing with us as first time home buyers. I could not imagine us owning the house in this kind of market without your guidance and experience.

I appreciate your feedback that you provided us from time to time while giving us space at the same time to decide on what we liked during the search process. I thought the ride was over when we got our counter offer accepted but then started a different set of things to deal with, but that didn’t worry us as you were there with us anytime.