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Rajavelu Balaji | Network Engineer October 31, 2011, Rajavelu was Amar’s client -- Oct 2011

I was introduced to Amar by a good friend of mine. After meeting with Amar, I understood that I was not just hiring a Realtor®. I understood that by hiring Amar, I hired a well seasoned, experienced person who commits to his clients. Amar first presented a road map for the whole process and guided me at each stage very patiently. Always he was relaxed and pleasant to deal with. In the process I have asked him several questions and he kindly answered them in detail. He treated the whole process like project and he finished tasks by the time agreed with seller, which gave great confidence about him. Amar understands his client’s need and taste and finds a house to match them. Also he responds to every email/call very quickly. At several stages, when seller or seller agent disagreed, I thought I may not get this house, but he never paused for a moment. He just workaround and finished the deal. At every stage he made sure that everyone in our family was happy about the house. Amar never pushed me on anything; he explained things and stood aside until I make decision. When seller and his agent said that they will not pay anything toward closing cost, he went and negotiated and got nearly 3K in credit from them. When shopping around for loan he introduces best loan officers who directly work in big banks and I got the best interest rate. He always stands by client side even if the situation comes to staining his business relationship with his associates. Amar also understood that I have a full time job and scheduled all the meetings as per my calendar. Also he helped to expedite and complete property inspection at short notice at no extra cost. He kept calling and checking even a month after closing the sale about any issues in the house. Looking back, I didn’t have to do much work to get the house. Amar took care of most of the work. One cannot go wrong by working with Amar. At the end, I not only got a good house, but also a good friend, Amar

Kannan Jagamoorthy | Head of Business Development October 26, 2020, Kannan was a client of Amar -- Oct 2020

Amar was recommended to us by a friend. We were already in the market looking for a house (put in offers for a couple of houses without success) before we switched to Amar/Sri. We put in an offer and got accepted all within 2 days from when we got introduced to them. We would not have got our house without the diligence and effort of Amar/Sri. Right from the start, we knew that we are dealing with consummate professionals. Amar and Sri are very methodical and have clearly well-defined roles and expectations. The whole process was a well-executed project with milestones/deadlines etc. The icing on the cake was us getting the house despite not being the highest $ bid. Fo buying a house in the hot bay area market, we needed an edge over other offers, Amar/Sri gave us that edge.

SHIVNATH BABU | Co-founder/CTO at Unravel Data Systems April 17, 2016, Shivnath was a client of Amar -- Apr 2016

Amar and his team were simply terrific during the entire home buying process. Starting from our very first meeting with Amar, it was clear to us that Amar would help us like a trusted friend while being extremely professional in dealing with the complex process of buying a house in the crazy Bay Area market. We made a bid on a house together. Well, Amar has the midas touch, and we are now proud owners of this home! This house was hotly contested for. It received no less than 22 offers. I have every reason to believe that, despite ours not being the highest bid, Amar and his team’s attention to detail swung the deal in our favour. Amar’s involvement did not stop there. Amar and his team (thanks, Sri, Stacey, and Narayan!) helped us all the way through the loan process and many other things until we had the keys in hand. I cannot emphasize this enough. Having been through the same process in the past, I can say that Amar has put together an amazing team and also established a professional network that is unparalleled. I later found out that Amar is ranked among the top 3 agents in the nation at Keller Williams Realty. Having known him professionally for over two months now, I can see why. I have had many discussions with Amar and honestly feel that Amar’s knowledge of the Bay Area market has few equals. It is hard to find someone who is more passionate about his work. If Amar agrees to help you with the home buying process, then you will have a smooth ride for sure.

JAGADEESH VAKA | SAP BI Lead at Hewlett-Packard July 17, 2016, Jagadeesh was a client of Amar -- Jul 2016

Hi Sri & Amar, I want to thank you for being my Realtor® and made my first time home buying process as smooth as possible. It was really pleasure working with you, Sri and your amazing team. In this competitive bidding war, I still can’t believe that getting offer accepted for the first home we worked together, that too around the list price. It was an amazing and incredible speed and ease with which we were taken through the process. I still remember that it just took 12 hours from the time Sri showed us the house till we write an offer which includes getting pre-qualification letter. I strongly believe that your aggressive negotiation skills, thorough knowledge and strategy in writing attractive offer helped us to get the house we want. I’m glad and thanks to my friend Krishna V who referred you. Once again thank you for being one stop shop for us and providing your valuable suggestions and guidance throughout the process. I remember one of your email and phone call you mentioned “Relax… We will guide you THE ENTIRE PROCESS “. At the end I truly feel that we have experienced this and you did what you have mentioned. Regards, Jagadeesh

MANI BHARATHI PANDIAN | Staff Engineer at Qualcomm May 29, 2018, Mani Bharathi was a client of Amar -- May 2018

It was a pleasure working with Amar and Sri for our first home purchase. They made the entire home buying experience a smooth and memorable one for us. In our first meeting, Amar stressed on team work which includes us, the buyers as well. At the end, it was the complete team work that won us the home. Amar’s team is a “one stop” shop for home buying. Everyone in the team (Amar/Sri – Realtors®, Narayan – admin, Nicole and team – home loan and Millie – Escrow) played their role to perfection and their professionalism is of the highest quality. Each member is highly experienced, collaborative, resourceful, and always alert. Whenever a challenging situation presented itself, they knew the corrective course of action and quickly implemented it. They all went above and beyond call of duty to take us to the finish line on-time. We highly recommend Amar/Sri and their team to anyone who like us are serious about winning competitive bids and close the sale on-time. Amar’s excellent negotiation skill and Sri’s straight to-the-point advises deserve a special mention. Sri was in constant touch throughout the home search process. Sri educated us on what the target list price should be, which localities we should aim for and made sure we were putting our time and effort on property where our chances of winning was realistic. Sri and Amar reached out to us at key junctures, patiently explained the pros and cons, and readily shared their point of view: all of which greatly helped us with the decision making. Amar won us a very competitive bid without multiple counter offers and successfully negotiated to have the seller pay a major portion of the closing cost – a perfect deal for us. Few days later the bank appraisal came in and the home was valued above the sale price – a true testament to Amar’s extraordinary negotiation skills. Post the offer acceptance, the team worked very hard to close the sale on time. Personally, we felt it was a huge advantage to work with a close-knit team as they collaborated among themselves to get majority of the work done. This allowed us to give all our time and attention to our son who at the time of purchase was barely a month old. A big thanks to Amar, Sri and team for all their help and care. We will be Amar/Sri’s client for lifetime! Oviya and Mani

AKSHAY GANDHI | DevOps Production Engineer September 8, 2017, Akshay was a client of Amar -- Sep 2017

Negotiation skills, strategy and excellent support team is what differentiates Amar and team. Finding home is 50-50% work between buyers and an agent. When you work with Amar, he provides the value in getting the deal done smoothly and effectively. Though Sri and Amar can help and guide about finding the right house, deciding the area, researching the local market etc… it is more of buyers choice. We liked one house and told Amar and Sri that we were interested. Amar did an excellent job advising us on home condition, value, local housing market, and overall area. Sri and Amar also pointed us in the right direction to find other relative information. Once we finalized that we want to put an offer for the house, he took over the process. Sri kept us in loop through out the process, during this time I witnessed how right strategy, negotiation skills and process works the wonder. Amar was clear and calm during the process and ultimately finalized the house for us. From the time we liked the house and told Amar and Sri about it, it baraly took a day to put an offer and within 2 days offer was accepted. Amar and team’s support continued to be there even after loan process was over. Whole loan process was smooth and fast. Here is where I saw how much difference it makes to have an excellent support team. When you work with Amar, you actually work with experianced team of professionals, where each member has a specific role and they execute on it without any flaws. We got the house in very first offer. Ours was not the highest offer. During negotiation phase, at one point, I was willing to increase offer by 20k but Amar advised against it and followed his strategy to win the house for us. It is rare to get house in first offer in current market. Individual experience will be different but I can tell that when you work with Amar, at right time, with right strategy, sooner or later he will get you in the house of your liking. Amar is a sincere, professional and trustworthy Realtor®. He is in this occupation because that is what he likes to do. He takes pride in the deals he makes and does the transactions as his own.

Balakumar Rajendran | Component Design Engineer at Intel January 27, 2015, Balakumar was Amar’s client -- Jan 2015

Amar truly is an excellent Realtor®, but more than that he is an excellent person to work with. Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to say that we are happy home owners now. Being first time home buyers and especially in a market like bay area, we were quite not sure how and where to get started. It is at that point we met Amar. Amar and his team from the beginning have been with us at each and every step. We began searching for houses and we told what we liked and what we didn’t and he was able to clearly understand our needs and show us the houses to our likes. Once we decided on the house we had to put the offer for it. This is where Amar’s expertise came into the picture. He negotiated so much with the seller agent back and forth in ways that I would have never imagined. His strategy worked brilliantly and win the offer. Amar didn’t just stop there. He went on to talk with the lender during the escrow process and he was able to get us so much credit that really helped us with paying ZERO closing costs. This was a BIG thing and once again without Amar this wouldn’t have been possible. He also talked with the seller agent and managed to get us as much credit as possible. In short, Amar is the BEST REALTOR® in Bay area. I would strongly recommend Amar and his team to anyone who is looking to find their beautiful house. I can guarantee that he and his team will work tirelessly and proactively at each and every step of the process.

John Barrington | Senior Director eCommerce Sales May 21, 2012, John was Amar’s client -- May 2012

Its Sunday May 20th, 2012 and I am sitting in my new house. What is remarkable about this is that I first set eyes on this house 21 days ago. Without Amar, there is no chance I would be sitting here watching the soup and writing this recommendation. He was simply incredible in his analysis of the value of the property, winning the house against 12 bidders, helping with the loan, insurance and simply being a great partner through every step of the process. Not only was he incredibly supportive but Amar then went that step further and saved us over 30K. 20K was during the offer stage where throught Amar’s negotiating skills, we saved 20K and had our offer accpeted even though it was not the highest and the second was in retrieving 5K from the seller and 5K from the lending bank. Above all else through, Amar is a really nice guy we actually had a lot of fun in closing the deal in 15 days. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks, JB