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VIKHYATH REDDY MARAPADAGA | Engineering February 24, 2016, Vikhyath Reddy was a client of Amar -- Feb 2016

It was a great pleasure working with Amar, Sri and his team on our first home and we would like to THANK YOU for all the work you have done. From giving you a call for the first time to getting keys in hand, 60 days flat which includes a 3 week christmas break. We picked a home that we liked after looking at different properties and you got us the keys to the house in less than 30 days (including pre-approval, negotiation ~ 31 competing offers, appraisal, closing etc.). We knew we picked the right set of folks to work with on our first call itself. Your follow ups with the seller, their Realtor®, banks and escrow in a 31 offer scenario is outstanding. You made that happen with flawless execution with first offer. It is very likely other 31 offers were from more experienced buyers, we being in the market for the first time *without an all cash offer* and winning the contract on a $5K less than our upper bound with seller contributing towards closing costs, speaks volumes about the hard work you and your team put in. Your network of working with banks and other related parties makes the home buying experience much more smoother than one could imagine in the hot bay area real estate market. We look forward to working with you on many more real estate needs to come.

Ranganathan Boovaraghavan | SOFTWARE TEST DIRECTOR APRIL 25, 2020, RANGANATHAN WAS A CLIENT OF AMAR -- Apr 2020

Amar and team, First, our heartfelt gratitude for helping us with the purchase of the new home. Beyond our friendship and closeness, the professionalism you and the team have shown amazes me. Knowledge of how the home-buying process works is key to avoiding many misunderstandings in the lengthy and complicated process. Your articulate walk through of the process and clear definition of roles, responsibilities, periodic updates helped us all be on track. Amar, you always put the team first and that is a great attitude of a leader. I have observed how you firmly view success is not just an individual effort but rather a concerted effort of a team to satisfy customer. The testimony of the execution was very visible even as we made our first bid. By the way, there was that only bid as we sealed it. Seeing your persistence, I was very sure the deal was ours to win and at a well negotiated market price. I have been greatly benefitted by the end-to-end support of this wonderful team. The business staff, the loan team, insurance folks all of them have gone that extra mile to make it happen. It looked daunting at first to agree to a 21-day closing and the team pulled it through seamlessly. To sum up, my home buying experience was awesome and in my opinion it couldn’t have been better. Thanks again Amar and Team for this great work. I would 100% positively recommend you to any of my friends for your total professionalism and commitment.

Subra Venkatesh | Manager – Data Management and Analytics at PayPal November 21, 2013, Subra was Amar’s client -- Nov 2013

We have been looking for an ideal home for over an year and a half now . We met Amar 3 months back through one of our family friends and we just got the keys to our new house yesterday. There are several great things which I have seen and experienced in working with Amar. – He has been very focused on sending us only listings which have been very relevant to us. – He has an excellent network with builders and other Realtors® which helped in getting information before hand. – His deep relationships and credibility with builders and lenders have helped us in getting deep discounts, free upgrades as well as very competitive rates. – He has been a ONE STOP shop for us right from house hunt to finish (Lender, Home insurance, Home warranty and others). – He has helped us not just as a Realtor® but also helped us in making the right decisions by presenting clear facts, when we were undecided at times. – He gave us ample time to make thoughtful decisions and never hurried or pressurized us into making quick decisions. – His negotiation skills, guidance, and his team bar none. – He is available ALL the time over the phone or email or personnel meetings. – He stay on top of every process to give THE BEST home buying experience. I would definitely recommend him anytime for any real estate needs. Thank You and Awesome job Amar!!!

AVINASH RENUKA | Staff II IC Design Engineer at Broadcom October 30, 2017, Avinash was a client of Amar -- Oct 2017

Hi Amar I would like to use this opportunity to thank you and Sri for helping me and my wife to find our dream home. You guided us in each step like a dependable friend and getting us in right direction in the home buying process. We were clueless on the entire home buying process in the beginning, wandering in different directions with different thoughts. You not only helped us understand what we really wanted as our home but also made us realize our potential of buying a property in the bay area.. Your good reputation in the market along with your passion and dedication for work is truly commendable. It’s really extraordinary that the way you executed the perfect plan by following up on every details to close the deal in 18 days without much friction. We appreciate your entire team who works closely and swiftly to win a deal. We are truly humbled to have you as our agent. I specially thank Sri for dedicating lot of time for us and being available all the time to answer our queries and concerns. You guys would be a perfect choice for young couples like us to win a dream house. Thank you once again.

SUMITH NARAYANAN | Software Engineer August 1, 2016, Sumith was a client of Amar -- Aug 2016

It was wonderful meeting Amar and Sri and discuss our need for a home on a Friday, the very next day we were heading to few open houses in one of the locations that we desired. Remember, it was the first open house that we visited and we had no clue about the processes, even though we were browsing quietly over few listings in Zillow and Redfin. We liked one of the houses and called up Sri to discuss on how to express our interest to the sellers. Two days later we again visited the same house, this time with Amar and Sri and went through the details of the house once more. We made sure that it will be good for us a family and then the very next day put up an offer. Amar and Sri called us late in the night to break the good news. So, to pre-approval to offer acceptance, it was just over 2 weeks altogether. We did not have to run around a submit offers and then get dejected multiple times, as is the case in bay area where there are always multiple offers for good homes. Amar Relator has a team of finance, insurance and warranty guys who took us through all the process and we got benefitted because of the team work. If you really want to stress free home buying experience in bay area, Amar is the go to person. Also Amar negotiates rates for you at every process, let it be the bidding Or the closing charges Or better financing. I feel Amar can get you what you want, for the best price, really top-notch !! Thank you Amar and Sri. Renuka and Sumith.

Kul Bhushan | Service Manager at Cisco Systems March 15, 2012, Kul was Amar’s client -- Mar 2012

One of my friend referred Mr. Amar to me and I’m so glad for that. He helped us in getting our new home and we were so fortunate that he was there to guide and help us on every steps. Amar is very professional, trustworthy and a man of integrity. Throughout the complete transaction he was on the top of things and very prompt and responsive. And most importantly he saved us thousands of dollars which we’re not expecting at all. This deal was like his personal deal and he worked so hard on it to get this house for us in the best value proposition. Amar provided his excellent services as a real estate agent. Amar has great sense of ethics and duty. I’m so proud that he is a part of our family now. I would highly recommend him for any real estate needs and look forward to work with him again in future. You are the best Amar!!!

NACHIKETH GUTTI | SMB Marketing June 15, 2016, Nachiketh was a client of Amar -- Jun 2016

I wanted to take this time to personally thank Amar and his team in helping us get the house we were looking for. Sri took the time to get away from her activities to show us the houses we wanted to see at the time that was convenient for us. Amar and team had all the knowledge required to keep us in check while going through the buying experience. They made sure that all the properties we shortlisted were in the right neighbourhood with good schools and away from major freeways. They took care of compiling the offer with all the clauses, explaining each and every step. Amar went above and beyond expectation by negotiating with the seller agent over phone at 11pm to make sure we get a good deal. Bottom line Amar and Team helped us from start to finish from Loan Pre-Approval to closing the loan and helped save over 10K on our house. I was referred to Amar by a few of my friends who brought their house through him. They all had a pleasant experience and so did I and my family. I definitely recommend Amar and his team for your home buying needs.

SANDEEP CHOPADE | Principal at E*TRADE March 17, 2018, Sandeep was a client of Amar -- Mar 2018

Amar is the best Realtor® for all the home-buyers. Buying a house is a very tough process especially with this market condition in south bay. But fortunately we had Amar doing everything for us . He is a very genuine person who has excellent knowledge of the market with his excellent Negotiation skills, we are still thinking about how he managed to win the offer for us from multiple offers . Amar, you encouraged us to buy an independent house when we were compromising with a town house. We never thought that we will be able to get this house but with all your inputs and efforts we got it . Amar has lots of experience in real estate business and the properties he has sold makes him stand out. He along with his team are working very hard to get the buyers their dream homes .. Thank you so much Amar for everything, we really appreciate what you have done for us.