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SRINIVASAN KANDALAM | at Yahoo! August 3, 2011, Srinivasan was Amar’s client -- Aug 2011

Buying an investment property with partnership is not an easy decision. It requires sound thinking on the location, price and prospect of the property. Amar helped me to take this decision, supported from the beginning. Made good deal with the builder using his strategy, knowledge amd closed within a short period. His persistence follow-up with builder and between the partners is very admirable from bottom of my heart. Amar made dream come true.

Amit Kotwal | Senior Software Engineer at Google April 8, 2015, Amit was Amar’s client -- Apr 2015

Amar is an outstanding agent with a truly professional, efficient and, above all, caring team. I think Amar’s approach is unique because he brings an entire package and team to the task, including mortgage and insurance. Amar was involved in every stage, from negotiating with the seller’s agent, working with the lender, to closing the deal. He got us a great price, a good discount from the lender, and brought us to close of escrow in just 19 days. With our short escrow, we were panicking whenever we had any hiccups in the process. Amar calmly guided us through the process and soothed our panic. He also patiently answered all our many questions and continuously ensured that we had all the information we needed. We would definitely recommend Amar to anyone looking to buy a home in the Bay Area.

GAJENDRA SINGH | Software Engineer at Google December 16, 2016, Gajendra was a client of Amar -- Dec 2016

We are few of those fortunate people who get their first offer accepted and that too at listed price, this wouldn’t have been possible without our Real estate agent Amar who imparted the knowledge to under difference between owning a house cost and rent. Throughout the home buying process both Amar and Sri patiently responded our queries and made us comfortable. Amar and his team was very efficient in closing the deal and providing all the documents required for title company and lender.

SUMITH NARAYANAN | Software Engineer August 1, 2016, Sumith was a client of Amar -- Aug 2016

It was wonderful meeting Amar and Sri and discuss our need for a home on a Friday, the very next day we were heading to few open houses in one of the locations that we desired. Remember, it was the first open house that we visited and we had no clue about the processes, even though we were browsing quietly over few listings in Zillow and Redfin. We liked one of the houses and called up Sri to discuss on how to express our interest to the sellers. Two days later we again visited the same house, this time with Amar and Sri and went through the details of the house once more. We made sure that it will be good for us a family and then the very next day put up an offer. Amar and Sri called us late in the night to break the good news. So, to pre-approval to offer acceptance, it was just over 2 weeks altogether. We did not have to run around a submit offers and then get dejected multiple times, as is the case in bay area where there are always multiple offers for good homes. Amar Relator has a team of finance, insurance and warranty guys who took us through all the process and we got benefitted because of the team work. If you really want to stress free home buying experience in bay area, Amar is the go to person. Also Amar negotiates rates for you at every process, let it be the bidding Or the closing charges Or better financing. I feel Amar can get you what you want, for the best price, really top-notch !! Thank you Amar and Sri. Renuka and Sumith.

Ketaki Haldipurkar | Sr UX Designer October 7, 2020, Ketaki was a client of Amar -- Oct 2020

We were recommended to Amar by a co-worker. My co-worker’s actual words were, “If you are looking for a home, Amar is the guy! He will make sure you will get the best home”. That feedback held true. We brought our first home with the help of Amar and the team. It took us literally one weekend of shows, and two days later, we had won our first bid ever. Amar is extraordinarily detail-oriented. He has a step-by-step process charted out, which he will explain+share with you after the first time you meet. It was beneficial for us as we were first time home buyers. It helped us understand the different milestones in the process we were going to cover. He also helped us finalize our zip code. We had five other towns we were interested in, and they all were in different counties. Amar’s real estate investor experience is precious here. He gave great insights, which led us into nailing down to only two towns. Before meeting Amar, this same elimination process was callous, confusing, and even bad choices, I feel, from an investment perspective. From there, Sri guides with the pan out view of how great these homes you narrowed are, and which ones you should place bets on, also which ones you should let go. Sri is in constant touch during this process. For us, we were lucky. We spoke to Amar Thursday, Friday we sent a list of our top 5 homes. Sat/Sunday, we viewed 3 of our top 5, and Wednesday, we bid and won the bid. If you reside in the Bay Area, you must know how challenging the home buying process is. It’s expensive and very competitive bidding wars. We did not have the most substantial bid. But by Amar’s magic, we won the bid. Amar and Sri are a great team – very aggressive, dedicated, focused, and passionate real estate agents. He gives his best and gets the home you love. You can rely on Sri and Amar. Amar also lines up the Escrow and other technical details like home loan and insurance after winning the bid. They are the best deal you will get. We learned that doing the homework of scouting it for ourselves and realized the best value is what Amar had lined up. Lastly, we brought our home during the lockdown. Sri informed us of all the protocols to follow to make it safe. All in all, it was a smooth home buying sailing process.

Richa S | Carrier Certification Engineer at Apple February 19, 2019, Richa was a client of Amar -- Feb 2019

We went to Amar with a house in mind which was listed well below market rate. Although the house was fixer upper, we asked Amar to evaluate it potential and if there are any risks. Amar and Sri did a detailed evaluation of the house and provided us a report and walked us through it. Next we decided to bid for the house, Amar help us won the bid among many potential house bids. Also we were not the highest cash offer but still he was able to get us the house. There were some delays on our loan process but Amar was able to convince the seller agent to keep patience and continue through the process. Amar managed to get our house for us in peak housing market in a good area. We would strongly recommend Amar for buying/selling needs..

Mani Bharathi Pandian | Staff Engineer at Qualcomm September 21, 2019, Mani Bharathi was a client of Amar -- Sep 2019

It was a pleasure working with Amar and Sri for our first home purchase. They made the entire home buying experience a smooth and memorable one for us. In our first meeting, Amar stressed on team work which includes us, the buyers as well. At the end, it was the complete team work that won us the home. Amar’s team is a “one stop” shop for home buying. Everyone in the team (Amar/Sri – Realtors®, Narayan – admin, Nicole and team – home loan and Millie – Escrow) played their role to perfection and their professionalism is of the highest quality. Each member is highly experienced, collaborative, resourceful, and always alert. Whenever a challenging situation presented itself, they knew the corrective course of action and quickly implemented it. They all went above and beyond call of duty to take us to the finish line on-time. We highly recommend Amar/Sri and their team to anyone who like us are serious about winning competitive bids and close the sale on-time. Amar’s excellent negotiation skill and Sri’s straight to-the-point advises deserve a special mention. Sri was in constant touch throughout the home search process. Sri educated us on what the target list price should be, which localities we should aim for and made sure we were putting our time and effort on property where our chances of winning was realistic. Sri and Amar reached out to us at key junctures, patiently explained the pros and cons, and readily shared their point of view: all of which greatly helped us with the decision making. Amar won us a very competitive bid without multiple counter offers and successfully negotiated to have the seller pay a major portion of the closing cost – a perfect deal for us. Few days later the bank appraisal came in and the home was valued above the sale price – a true testament to Amar’s extraordinary negotiation skills. Post the offer acceptance, the team worked very hard to close the sale on time. Personally, we felt it was a huge advantage to work with a close-knit team as they collaborated among themselves to get majority of the work done. This allowed us to give all our time and attention to our son who at the time of purchase was barely a month old. A big thanks to Amar, Sri and team for all their help and care. We will be Amar/Sri’s client for lifetime! Oviya and Mani

Umesh Chandwani | Technical Solutions Manager October 30, 2013, Umesh was Amar’s client -- Oct 2014

Our home buying experience with Amar was excellent and here is why, Initial Meeting Within a few days of us contacting him, Amar came by our house to discuss what we were looking for with respect to buying a house. He spent a lot of time with us to understand what we were looking for in a house (budget, location, size, etc.). He also gave us a professional perspective on various different aspects such as financial requirements and the importance of a good school district. These helped us narrow down our search and save us time. House Hunting – Visiting Non-Open Houses Amar was very proactive in showing us properties that were on the market but not open for viewing. Once Amar even came down to Sunnyvale between 8 and 9 pm to show us a property that only had Realtor® access. Home Buying Strategy Since we are first time buyers and new to the real estate market we relied quite heavily on Amar on how we should proceed. We bid on a property which is not on the market but there were issues such as extended renter occupancy period because of which the deals did not go through. There were some other properties we were interested that had below average schools but Amar encouraged us to stay focused on good schools and location (within budget). In hindsight, we are glad we did that. There was a property we were very keen on but were not sure it would fit our budget given that there was so much over bidding going on. We talked to Amar about it and he moved quite swiftly. Amar setup a lunch appointment with the listing agent and developed a good relationship before even making offer. He was able to get valuable information and helped make our bid the winning bid with the right strategy. In the process, Amar also ensured that the sellers paid their fair share of the fees (home warranty, title insurance, other fees..etc.). He rebuffed any attempt on their part to get some rent-back and ensured that appliances were included as a part of the sale. Amar extremely good at negotiations and execution of tasks by staying on top of every task in the home buying process. Escrow and Beyond Amar was there with us throughout the escrow process (even during signing), coordinating between the Escrow Company, seller’s agent and our lending institution. He ensured that everything moved along at an even clip. Summary Amar is completely committed to his clients goals and goes above and beyond call of duty to make things happen, thank you Amar for everything.