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Aravindh Baktha | Principal Architect at NVIDIA January 5, 2014, Aravindh was Amar’s client -- Jan 2014

I was relocating to Bay Area from Oregon and employed the services of Amar to buy a house in the Bay Area. I had about a month time to relocate to the Bay Area and didn’t have high expectations of buying a home in this short period of time. I worked with Amar remotely to short list homes we were interested in and then visited the Bay Area over a weekend to tour homes. Amar did a great job coordinating the tour and showing us houses in all the neighborhoods of interest. Amar sought to understand our needs and made sure we only saw houses that met our constraints. He gave us his assessment of the homes we saw but never pressured us in to making an offer. When we were ready to make an offer he made sure we truly satisfied before he wrote up the offer. During this process Amar was more like a friend to us than a real estate agent. Amar has a unconventional yet effective negotiating style. He his determined to get his client the best deal in all aspects on the home buying transaction. From negotiating the purchase price to getting the best deal in lending and closing costs and in working with the seller to complete issues identified during inspection, Amar’s commitment was unquestionable. Amar was engaged is all aspects of the buying process and ensured and that everything went smoothly through closing and beyond. Amar would follow up well after we’d moved in to our house to make sure things were going well. Again, Amar was more like a friend than a real estate agent. Amar efficient handling of all aspects of the home buying process made it possible for me to buy a house in the Bay Area in less than a month. This was way beyond my expectation. I’d strongly recommend Amar’s services to anyone looking to buying a home in the Bay Area.

Raju Chamarthi | Sr. Director, Network Engineering at Equinix June 6, 2013, Raju was Amar’s client -- Jun 2013

Amar, Thank you very much for all your help with my home purchases. It is wonderful experience working with you. It was awesome to get these properties at the list prices, even in this hot sellers’ market and crazy bidding. You have been very prompt and process oriented. You have proven time and again, clients best interest all the time in actions and results. This helped me in staying on top of things from my side, especially with all my time constraints. Your help with the loan, insurance, current tenants’ agreements, and escrow process made my job very easy. I really appreciate your help in going extra mile in saving me big $$$ in closing costs by negotiating with the lender and the seller agent. With your team, securing the loan and closing the escrow in 3 weeks was great. Truly, you have gone above and beyond with exceptional service to make entire process very easy and pleasant. Overall, I am very happy and super satisfied with your “complete package” help in realizing my real estate dreams. Thanks, Raju.

PUNITA DAVE | President – Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) at ApexOrion April 24, 2018, Punita was a client of Amar -- Apr 2018

Hi Amar, We had a wonderful experience working with you. When we sold our first home with you in August 2017, we were not sure how things will turn out. But you did such an excellent job that in February 2018 we decided to list our primary residence with you as well. We left our home in your hands with peace of mind that you will take care of anything and everything, and moved to another state. You lived above and beyond our trust and took care of selling our home with highest price in the community ever, with flawless execution. You worked with us every step of the way, dealing with every single thing that needed to be sorted out. No other Realtor® would have executed it so well! You have an awesome marketing strategy and sold our home in no time! We know a couple of homes in our community that were not sold for a long time after they were listed. But with you, we knew you will do such awesome Marketing that our house will be sold right away. Wonderful job!!!!! Here are a few other highlights of our experience: 1. 255K over listed price 2. It was the best deal we could have gotten 3. It’s a record highest ever sold price in the community because of your unparalleled negotiation skills, extensive online Marketing, and round the clock work 4. Selling Home with right strategy 5. Personal involvement, co-ordination and engagement in ALL areas including but not limited to Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, and Closing 6. Collaboration and informed decision making 7. Staying on TOP of EVERY TASK in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible. We would recommend you to any of our contacts in a heart-beat!!!! Great job!!!! Regards, Rekha and Punita.

SUJATHA KASHYAP | 17 years of turning big ideas into reality March 11, 2018, Sujatha was a client of Amar -- Mar 2018

Amar was my seller’s agent for my Mountain View condo. I currently live in Texas, so this was a remote sale. Amar is an incredibly talented and motivated professional – by leagues the best agent I have ever worked with. Thanks to his exceptional marketing, zeal and talent, he sold my condo for the record high price in my neighborhood, 181K over list price during the off-season! From the moment I called him till the successful closing, he took care of every detail with the highest degree of excellence. He was personally involved in every aspect of the sale, from staging to marketing to appraisal to escrow process – everything was executed flawlessly and on-time. Especially as a remote seller, I greatly appreciated how worry-free the whole experience was for me. I know my home sale was in the best hands possible, and Amar exceeded every expectation I could have ever had in selling my home.


We started looking to buy a new home last September, and the first step was to search for a good or rather best Realtor® in the bay area. Looking for an excellent, aggressive Realtor® as we did not have a pleasant experience with our prior Realtor® when we bought our previous home. I spoke to Amar, and we instantly connected. Amar has in-depth experience in every aspect of home buying. As soon as I started the conversation, we were able to discuss many things as he would understand buyer’s requirements very quickly. He would make strong recommendations on how we should proceed. Also, Amar was very proactive in suggesting how we should rent our previous home and was very helpful in understanding the rental market. These suggestions are unbiased in any manner. I still remember our first meeting with Amar. We discuss many things which would take several meetings with any other Realtor® ( in my opinion and experience). Once we decided on the budget and location with Amar’s inputs, the formal and professional process started from Amar’s team, which first started with Sri Amar. Sri Amar is immensely down to earth and understands every aspect of home buying, just like Amar. Sri Amar makes sure to filter the homes based on our preference. There were instances where I would ask Sri Amar if a particular home is worth visiting. Sri Amar would make sure to get into the details and see if the house is worth visiting. She said NO to many such homes before we found our home. Sri/ Amar had to make the offer to our current home very aggressively during holiday times (December). We are traveling internationally. Sri/ Amar ensured to work very closely with the sellers and us, negotiate it very aggressively, and get us a good deal. After winning the offer, the next steps executed an optimal way until we got the keys to our new home. I must say Sri and Amar are great at what they do and are very professional with a personal touch to everything they do 🙂 🙂 It was a great pleasure working with Sri and Amar. If anyone wants seamless home buying experience – now you know whom to go to 🙂 Sri and Amar Realtors®. Thank you, Sri and Amar.

Yerram Swathi | Assistant Professor at SVIT August 6, 2014, yerram was Amar’s client -- Aug 2014

Amar Amarnath is an excellent agent and has immense knowledge and experience in the real estate. He is one of the top 5 agents of Keller Williams Realty (Over 100,000 agents) which speaks volumes about the service you can expect from him. Amar understands what it takes in getting the client their dream home by working according to clients requirements, tastes and preferences. He is not just a great agent but a good human being with strong ethical values. Amar has a special knack of presenting the offer in the best possible way and goes an extra mile to get the offer picked up through various methods using his PR skills which I don’t think any other agent does. This I say is the most important factor which makes things happen for you even in the Sellers’ market. He is very prompt in responding to the calls/emails and is accessible even during the off hours if need be. We personally have talked to him many times after 9 PM as there was a need to discuss some important things before presenting the offer. Amar does a comprehensive study of the houses in the neighborhood sold in the past 3 months and does a thorough comparisons to evaluate the offer price for the home and thus does ‘not overprice the home than it is valuation. He emails you the reports and the comparative study of the homes sold so that we also know prevailing market rates which helps you to decide the actual market value of the home and the price to offer. My recommendation to all the home buyers out there is that you will be lucky if Amar agrees to represent you. Trust him completely, relax and enjoy the ride that will be a GREAT home buying experience.Most importantly, the way Amar handled the whole buying process by going above and beyond is one of the greatest memory forever.He was always honest and gave great advice,We got our dream home within a short span of time with the help of AMAR. We can describe our experience with Amar in single word “Superb!” Amar’s logo E = MC² is a true representation of his service. Right House+Right Price+Right Time= AMAR.

SATHISH KUMAR | Lead Test Engineer at Aruba July 29, 2015, Satish was a client of Amar -- Jul 2015

This was our First Home Buying Experience. Initially, We are not sure where/How to start. We came to know about Amar through the Zillow and were looking and reading about his reviews on his website and decided go with Amar (This was our First Realtor® too). Later, We mailed him about for enquiring about a property/pre-approval process. He responded back the next day morning and clearly explained about the home buying process. After getting our pre-approval process done, Amar came to our house for explaining/clarifying our doubts/questions/house requirements we had in mind. In the process of searching our houses, Amar and Team had helped us on whenever needed day/night to view the property at our own convenience. Once we liked the property, Amar started the signed procedures as promptly and followed up the Seller’s Realtor® on negotiating the deals and offer. He is very good in following up with the lenders about the Buyer’s Loaning info/other information. After signing the offer, and our offer got selected inspite of other High Bid Offers. Amars Team Followed up daily with the lender in getting the Loan Approval/status of the loan at every step on time without any delays. He was working with the Escrow Officer in getting documents signed to close the purchase agreement on time. Overall it was very Excellent experience for us working with Amar and his Team for their Dedication on Home Buying Experience Completlng the Entire Process Smoothly with the Winning Strategy. Our Home Purchase agreement Process was done completed within a month. Definitely We would recommend Amar’s Team for a Smooth and Dedicated Home Buying experience.

ANIL KOMMA | Senior Business Solutions Analyst May 24, 2016, Anil was a client of Amar -- May 2016

Hi Amar & Sri Thank you very much for your help through our first home buying process. You helped making our first home buying experience so much pleasant and easy. I have heard many stressful stories form many of my friends during the home buying process and somehow we feel its been relatively very stress free and an easy experience for us and this was possible with your excellent guidance and care during this entire process. I would gladly refer you to my friends and family and thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get our first home. Thank you, Anil & Sabitha