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DINESH K MOHAN | Silicon Architecture Engineer at Intel Corporation June 13, 2018, Dinesh K was a client of Amar -- Jun 2018

Amar, Sri and their staff were top notch and a pleasure to work with in purchasing our first home. Strategic, professional, and accommodating. We are glad that our offer was accepted in a competitive market. Amar’s sharp skill set helped us navigate through negotiations to influence seller to choose our offer. Amar and Sri has been on top of things and helped us in every step of home buying experience. I also found them to be very knowledgeable of the area and able to bring back good advice and information about the properties. Their extensive experience really helped ease our stress during the hunt. Starting from first meeting till date both were proactive and responded to all queries promptly. Amar introduced us to reliable mortgage broker who helped us secure our loan in efficient manner. Amar helped us through the whole process and after purchase formalities. We are impressed with results. Thank you Amar, Sri and team for guiding us in the right direction. If you are looking for a Realtor® that has the knowledge base and ability to get the house you like in a smooth manner then Amar’s team is the way to go!

Vinod Gomathi Nayagam | Sr. Software Engineer January 30, 2015, Vinod was Amar’s client -- Jan 2015

We first met Amar on Sep 11th based on reviews. As first time home buyers we were not clear about the entire home buying process. Amar explained us about all the steps and initiated our pre-approval. No one believed we put our first offer within a month (Oct 10th) of our home search. Amar and his assistant Maria efficiently assisted us on getting through this offer though there were multiple competing offers. He with his excellent contacts expedite all the process which involved loan process, inspection, appraisal, and insurance. We closed escrow and got our dream home key exactly within 2 months (Nov 10th) of meeting Amar. Its all still like a dream…. Overall Amar has a very talented team and he makes you feel comfortable in the entire home buying process.

NACHIKETH GUTTI | SMB Marketing June 15, 2016, Nachiketh was a client of Amar -- Jun 2016

I wanted to take this time to personally thank Amar and his team in helping us get the house we were looking for. Sri took the time to get away from her activities to show us the houses we wanted to see at the time that was convenient for us. Amar and team had all the knowledge required to keep us in check while going through the buying experience. They made sure that all the properties we shortlisted were in the right neighbourhood with good schools and away from major freeways. They took care of compiling the offer with all the clauses, explaining each and every step. Amar went above and beyond expectation by negotiating with the seller agent over phone at 11pm to make sure we get a good deal. Bottom line Amar and Team helped us from start to finish from Loan Pre-Approval to closing the loan and helped save over 10K on our house. I was referred to Amar by a few of my friends who brought their house through him. They all had a pleasant experience and so did I and my family. I definitely recommend Amar and his team for your home buying needs.

RAJ BEHERA | Sr. Program Manager – HCM SuccessFactors Suite August 6, 2015, Raj was a client of Amar -- Aug 2015

Amar is one of very good Realtor® in a sense of the current competitive market in bay area. I start with the word that “I recommend Amar to all my friends, colleagues and also new comers”. Let me write few words about him as what I gained from choosing him as my Agent to buy a home. Amar has many valued personal traits such as the “Art of Negotiations” and “Flawless Execution”. That impresses me a lot!! The unique quality of negotiations in Amar brings us high level of confidence & integrity in his ability. He is very competent!! The strength in Amar lies in understanding your requirement in full without neglecting any minor open end questions, Secondly he offers himself throughout the life cycle of home buying exercises such as selection of the right home, selection of the right neighborhood, and selection of other personal criteria such as directions of home and geo central locations. Amar considers as if he is buying for himself and going to stay in the home, he is very thorough in his work and puts forward his experiences insight into the selection procedures. He is always accessible and offers high grade of professional services, displays a pleasant, cheerful disposition. Amar possesses the quality of knowing what has to be done, makes practical suggestions, and effectively writes the contract, offering agreement, and openness for sharing views during the home buying process. Amar has a great network of friends in the Bank, Sellers Agents, Market Analysts, Home improvement service contractors and other affiliated organizations. We are very impressed with his quality service & execution and I truly trust in his words & deeds. I encourage all to take the advantage of Amar’s expertise and be a proud Home owner…Good luck!!

PADMA ARUMILLI | Tech Lead Development at WellsFargo September 1, 2017, Padma was a client of Amar -- Sep 2017

We are happy to choose Amar and team in our Home selling process. After having an informative talk with Amar we just followed his advice and suggestions with complete trust. The transaction was smooth and transparent. Amar provided right guidance to get the best price that met our expectations without any hassle of open house or staging. The price is the best considering the history of the property already in market last year and delisted by another agent. We whole heartedly refer Amar to our friends or anyone looking to Buy or Sell the houses. Amar is always the first person we consult for our Real estate needs.

Melissa Daoud | Associate Marriage & Family Therapist July 19, 2019, Melissa was a client of Amar -- Jul 2019

Hi Amar and Sri, Thanks a lot for your exceptional support. The home buying experience was pleasant for us. Everything happened fast. I still remember how you walk through all the reports/disclosures around mid-night and explained things in short notice, when we asked you to prepare an offer for the house. Also, your team and your coordination with home loan, home insurance, home warranty and escrow people are exceptional. That makes our life easy as first-time home buyer. You are updating the Key Milestones progress regularly and your availability on the phone if we have any questions/clarifications. Thank you for your support throughout this process. Your support still continues after closing the deal, in terms of guiding us on registering for all utilities, ADT security and even priest for house warming. I’m already start recommending you to our friends. I’m sure they will have the same pleasant experience with you. Without you, we may not get this house and be a homeowner today. Thanks a lot!!!

Ajay Khandelwal | Manager, Discovery & Personalization Analytics June 23, 2014, Ajay was Amar’s client -- Jun 2014

From the day we chose Amar as our Realtor® it was smooth sailing. I have heard so many horror stories about home buying process, and was very concerned about it. The day we decided to choose Amar and started the journey, all those worries were alleviated. We were a first time Homebuyer and were looking for a house in Fremont for some time and then we met Amar. We had a wonderful experience working with Amar. He put together a very nice well-documented offer that seller was not able to overlook. Our offer was selected, even though our offer was not the highest one. He has great knowledge about the market and individual areas. He made sure that we don’t overpay anything than what we need to get the house. He also negotiated with seller’s agent on lots of finer points to get the best deal for us in every aspect. After the offer was accepted, his experienced closing team took over. Every detail got taken care of. He was involved behind the scenes working with the loan officer as well as escrow smoothing everything over and making sure it was all on schedule. He worked with the financial organization to get us some rebate and save us money during the loan and closing process. Amar has an excellent team (finance, home warranty, insurance etc.). Everyone on his team is a superstar. All of them are so approachable and patient. I am sure, I have asked same questions multiple times (sign of a first time home buyer), and every time Amar and his team has explained it to me in same detail with same enthusiasm. There was never a sign of frustration. Amar himself has those qualities in abundance and the same is true for his team. Thank you so much Amar for all your hard work and dedication throughout the process and we are extremely happy with your service. I’d gladly recommend Amar to any of my friends, colleagues, and relatives and will definitely engage him for any future Home Buying/Selling.

Vinayak Namjoshi | Senior Software Application Engineer July 1, 2020, Vinayak was a client of Amar -- Jul 2020

Amar has been very clear in the process of home buying. In our first meeting itself, he explained every step in detail. We loved his work ethic, where we established that Sri, Amar, and we all need to agree to go ahead with the offer. Amar and Sri were always available to have a word and answer any questions that we have. They made sure we completely understand and are satisfied with the answers. We were impressed by Sri’s knowledge of the neighborhoods and the investment perspective she gave us. She poured her heart to make sure we were buying the right home for the best price. It gave us so much confidence in our decision to buy home. We were stunned by Amar’s negotiation skills, and because of it, we were able to beat the cash offer and win our dream home. Amar has an excellent team. Everyone stayed on top of their responsibility in closing this deal on time. I will recommend Amar and Sri to all my friends interested in buying a house as they will be in safe hands. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts in winning the best deal and home for us. Thank you so much, Amar and Sri.