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Kunal Sahu | Software Engineer April 24, 2013, Kunal was Amar’s client -- Apr 2013

“Stressful”, “frustrating”, “tough” – these are some of the words that usually come to one’s mind when one thinks about buying one’s first home. We have been hunting our first home for the past 6 months, but with no luck. Multiple offers submitted, few got counters and nothing accepted. We were also waiting for our first kid to arrive this summer. Life was chaotic at best until we bumped into Amar (through one of our friends at LinkedIn). From our very first conversation with Amar, we could feel the difference between him and other agents we have been working with. Amar came across somebody who has in-depth knowledge of the Bay Area real-estate market and knows how to win in pressure situations. He was very very cooperative in understanding our requirements and guiding us through various areas. With multiple set-backs, we had very little hope about buying it in this aggressive market. Amar assured us that he would try his level best and there is nothing to be worried about. He has a calming presence which soothes the buyers and gives them this peace of mind. Couple of days after submitting our offer, to our surprise Amar came back to us with our offer accepted!!! We are the winners of fierce competition (10 offers) and our offer is not the highest offer. Finally, we settled in a nice corner unit in the heart of Sunnyvale. That was the first one we were working with Amar. We loved the home, its lay out and its neighbourhood. Amar worked really hard behind the scenes and added that personal touch in negotiating the deal for us. Besides, he was at the fore front of each and every stage of the home buying and saved lot of money in the process. Staying at top of things, he also made us understand the various aspects of being a home owner. He worked with the loan officer, escrow officer, selling agent, appraisal officer, insurance agent and a whole bunch of people to close the deal in less than 15 days. The speed at which Amar works is truly unbelievable. With him around, one does not need to worry about a thing. Sometimes, I feel that one has 24 hours in a day, but Amar has 30 hours in a day. The amount of stuff he manages to get done is remarkable. One has to meet and work with him to truly understand and experience it. Basically, Amar is a really nice person and lovely to work. He has his heart in this profession and brings the human aspect in the things he does. I can’t recommend enough about Amar’s contribution in fulfilling our dream of being a home owner. He is a ROCKSTAR!

SUNDAR PADMANABHAN | Technology Executive October 16, 2015, Sundar was a client of Amar -- Oct 2015

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Amar and his team for partnering with me on a recent property acquisition initiative. When I brought this proposal to Amar, his initial response was “I am ON it “. He truly lived up to this in terms of providing guidance at all aspects whether it is on price negotiations or dealing with lending partners and ensuring progress at all phases. The exemplary partnership he brought into this engagement , underlined by his attitude of not hesitating to go the extra mile was a key component in the successful outcome of this initiative . He was truly a trusted partner and I am glad I had Amar and his team on my side.

Umesh Chandwani | Technical Solutions Manager October 30, 2013, Umesh was Amar’s client -- Oct 2014

Our home buying experience with Amar was excellent and here is why, Initial Meeting Within a few days of us contacting him, Amar came by our house to discuss what we were looking for with respect to buying a house. He spent a lot of time with us to understand what we were looking for in a house (budget, location, size, etc.). He also gave us a professional perspective on various different aspects such as financial requirements and the importance of a good school district. These helped us narrow down our search and save us time. House Hunting – Visiting Non-Open Houses Amar was very proactive in showing us properties that were on the market but not open for viewing. Once Amar even came down to Sunnyvale between 8 and 9 pm to show us a property that only had Realtor® access. Home Buying Strategy Since we are first time buyers and new to the real estate market we relied quite heavily on Amar on how we should proceed. We bid on a property which is not on the market but there were issues such as extended renter occupancy period because of which the deals did not go through. There were some other properties we were interested that had below average schools but Amar encouraged us to stay focused on good schools and location (within budget). In hindsight, we are glad we did that. There was a property we were very keen on but were not sure it would fit our budget given that there was so much over bidding going on. We talked to Amar about it and he moved quite swiftly. Amar setup a lunch appointment with the listing agent and developed a good relationship before even making offer. He was able to get valuable information and helped make our bid the winning bid with the right strategy. In the process, Amar also ensured that the sellers paid their fair share of the fees (home warranty, title insurance, other fees..etc.). He rebuffed any attempt on their part to get some rent-back and ensured that appliances were included as a part of the sale. Amar extremely good at negotiations and execution of tasks by staying on top of every task in the home buying process. Escrow and Beyond Amar was there with us throughout the escrow process (even during signing), coordinating between the Escrow Company, seller’s agent and our lending institution. He ensured that everything moved along at an even clip. Summary Amar is completely committed to his clients goals and goes above and beyond call of duty to make things happen, thank you Amar for everything.

SRINIVASAN KANDALAM | at Yahoo! August 3, 2011, Srinivasan was Amar’s client -- Aug 2011

Buying an investment property with partnership is not an easy decision. It requires sound thinking on the location, price and prospect of the property. Amar helped me to take this decision, supported from the beginning. Made good deal with the builder using his strategy, knowledge amd closed within a short period. His persistence follow-up with builder and between the partners is very admirable from bottom of my heart. Amar made dream come true.

Shashikant Kale | Sr. PE at Intel Corporation March 9, 2012, shashikant was Amar’s client -- Mar 2012

Amar is a best asset to prospective home-buyers. Buying a house is really a complex process for first time buyer, as we are not aware of whole house buying process. But luckily we are having Amar (best in market) in our side and made this “buying a House” experience a very easy task. Amar handled the entire situation in timely manner without stressing us out. His way of working is highly excellent and remarkable. Amar has lots of experience in real estate and he has years of IT experience which made him unique for understanding our requirement and execute the plan to fulfill all the requirements beyond our expectation. Amar has unique quality to foresight all the challenges and try to find out possible work around by making right decision at right time. With his excellent Negotiation skill, He managed to win the bid 4% less than other 3 counter-offers. Amar saved me $32000 in this whole process (Price negotiation, Recovery from Seller towards closing, home inspection, termite inspection, mortgage consultant).He personally handled all areas (Appraisal, Inspections, Loan, Escrow process) and made my buying process an easy task. Amar’s time management, planning and making the right decision at right time is highly commendable. His knowledge/analysis to find pros and cons for any given house and providing true insight about the house makes him a unique Realtor®. Could not believe that it was just 3 weeks back when we started looking for a house and now we are a proud owner of one. The whole credit goes to Amar and his team. Finally, Amar has an excellent network of professionals working with him. He has Top notch loan agents, property inspectors and appraisers and as a great TEAM, they closed the deal successfully in the shortest possible time. (Less than 3 weeks) Amar,truly justify his motto E=MC2, excellence in service and meeting client goal, client for lifetime. I’d recommend Amar to represent you to guide how to save money while searching and finalizing the dream house and turn that into great future asset. Kudos to all his Effort….

Purva Jain | Team Lead at Accenture December 6, 2014, Purva Jain was Amar’s client -- Dec 2014

We were so lucky to be working with Amar Amarnath. Having worked with other Realtors® in the past, Amar not only guided us through our most recent home purchase but also provided helpful insight and industry know-how. He went above and beyond by accommodating our hectic schedules, responded in a timely manner, and overall was highly professional and attentive. He is very well-connected and has a very professional team and we had such a pleasant and positive overall experience working with Amar. He had many contacts with Insurance officers, Loan Officers who have directly worked with him in the past and are very trust worthy. This helped us in saving a lot of time in shopping around for good deals. While placing offers also, being first time home buyers we were very nervous about few terms in the offers but Amar explained us everything in a very calm and composed way. We use to call him for every small and silly question in the beginning but he handled us in a very professional manner. Amar was on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible .His follow ups during the close of escrow were so quick and accurate to get things done on time. Amar has very good communication and negotiation skills so it was easy for us to communicate with the Sellers and Seller’s Agent in a very amicably manner. We absolutely plan to work with him again and would recommend him for home buyers

SINDHU TATIMATLA | Analytics Leader October 17, 2016, Sindhu was a client of Amar -- Oct 2016

We just bought our second home with Amar and his team and we continue to be amazed by the superlative results Amar and his team produce. We were undecided about buying another home as we were in the 3rd trimester, expecting our second child. As many people in the Bay Area will tell you, it can take months, if not years, to find a home in this market. However, after discussing our situation with Amar, we decided to forge ahead, simply because of our confidence and trust in him. Amar will only recommend options that are in his client’s best interest. He treats every negotiation, every deal, as if it were his own. It is extremely rare to find a person who has so many talents. Not only is he a master negotiator and executioner but he is an extremely good person – honest, reliable and ever-ready to go out of his way to get his clients the maximum value. For the home that we just purchased in a top school area in Milpitas, Amar and his team did their magic, again. They and-held us through the entire process – from finding the right location to shielding us when our bank faced delays to closing the escrow process seamlessly. Not only did we win the offer when there were competing higher offers with more than $10K differential but our offer on a great home was accepted within 2 weeks of starting our home search. Moreover, the seller paid $5K towards our closing costs. Simply mind-blowing! A true testimony to Amar’s skills are the way he handled our need to ask for an extension on the escrow closing date due to a delay in our bank’s processing. We really don’t know how Amar managed it, but in just one day we received approval from the seller to extend the escrow closing date, by 2 weeks, without any penalties. Amar was very focussed on making sure we were completely stress-free. He wanted us to move into our new home and get settled in before our baby arrived. He went above and beyond for us, just like a family-member would. In this day and age, when many people are concerned about their own personal gains, it is truly our fortune that we have Amar on our side. We give Amar and his team our highest recommendation and wish that many more people get the fortunate experience of working with him. I am also including a quick summary of the our first home buying experience with Amar. We had an amazing experience and Amar’s strategy and execution was just superlative. My husband and I started looking for homes with Amar in July 2012, in an extremely competitive market. With low inventory, good homes were going way over the asking price. It was tough find a nice home, with a good school district within a modest budget. It was in this environment, that too in less than two months, that Amar closed on our IDEAL home. He won the property before the offer deadline at $35K below the amount we had authorized him to quote in the offer. In addition, Amar negotiated over $8K towards closing costs from the seller and the lender. Our deal was a HUGE home run!.

Karthik Ramadoss | Program Manager at Cisco January 23, 2014, Karthik was Amar’s client -- Jan 2014

Amar is definitely the best Realtor® I’ve worked with. He was very personable and has a deep knowledge of the Bay Area real estate market. Amar established a very good relationship with the Selling Agent, which I think was the key to us getting the house. Amar made the whole Home buying process seamless. He exceeded our expectations with his unmatched service and value proposition. I will definitely recommend Amar to my friends and colleagues for any Real estate guidance and help