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KAPIL DHOLAKIYA(LION) | Staff Design Verification Engineer July 7, 2017, Kapil was a client of Amar -- Jul 2017

Our Home buying experience was excellent with Amar and Sri Team. Amar and Sri have thorough knowledge about the area. They guided us in making the right decision based on their years of experience in real estate. Amar has very strong negotiation skills that saved us money on the house. In addition, the house has already gained some equity on it before we moving in. Their strong connection in the field, the entire process was seamless. We were informed in every step of the process by his team and constant call with Sri although the process was running in the background. Amar is fast, reliable and responsible. He is very efficient and stays on top of everything. Answers all questions promptly and provides great professional support. I would recommend him to anyone buying/selling their homes. Sri stays on the look out for new listings and never stopped searching for us It was stressful, but Sri was so understanding and more than accommodating. I don’t know how we would have got through it without their team efforts! I would like to highly recommend them ,whoever is looking to buy/sell home.

Jasvinder Singh | Sr. Technical Consultant April 28, 2014, Jasvinder was Amar’s client -- Apr 2014

In today’s crazy market where all houses are going above listing price, it is really tough to get a home of your choice. In such a tough market, it is crucial to have right agent with good contacts. Amar is super-agent. He knows and understands his buyers and their needs very well. We were first time home buyers and were looking for a house in Fremont for over a year and then we met Amar. We had a wonderful experience working with Amar. He put together a very nice well written offer that seller was not able to overlook and our offer was selected without any counter offer, even though our offer was not the highest one. Once our offer was accepted, Amar made sure that he was involved in all processes i.e. appraisal, Loan, Escrow process and made sure that we had all necessary documents in place for closing. Amar worked very closely with the loan officers to make sure that the whole loan process is smooth and easy. He even suggested us with various Loan options. He had very professional and efficient team and always stayed on top of all things. More importantly, he was very proactive and responded back to every email and phone message. He worked really hard and was able to recover few thousand from seller and lender towards our closing cost. He was very instrumental in convincing seller to leave refrigerator, washer and dryer (worth 4k) as a departing gift. We really liked his strategy towards the whole process, he never left anything to chance and he always had solution to all our issues. Amar’s professional and efficient handling of all aspects of the home buying process made it possible for us to buy a house in the Bay Area. I’d definitely recommend Amar’s services to anyone looking to buying a home in the Bay Area. I hope you will be able to help lot many other first time home buyers in future with your kind and helpful attitude. Thanks and Regards, Jasvinder Singh

Uma Maheswara Rao Gangumalla | Principal Software Engineer at Cloudera April 1, 2021, Uma Maheswara Rao was a client of Amar -- Jun 2021

Dear Amar and Sri Amar, We are incredibly thankful to you both for your extraordinary efforts in winning our house in a very tough competition. We realized that to win an offer needs deep knowledge in the market, connections, the right strategy, negotiation skills, and you are at the top in all of those aspects. Within two months, we could win the house, and that’s just my second offer. We should highlight that Sri Amar helps explain and clarify all our doubts in the process. Right from winning the offer, you executed the plan quickly, and we never felt stressed anywhere in the process. Our strong recommendation to any of our friends is that, if you are serious about buying a house, don’t waste time. Just go to Amar. He will win your dream home for you.

Devaraj Kavali | Principal Member Of Technical Staff May 30, 2021, Devaraj was a client of Amar -- May 2021

I want to thank Amar and Sri for their efforts in helping us get the perfect home in a pleasant and right neighborhood with great schools. I want to share my wonderful experience working with Amar, Sri, and Amar’s team. We are first-time buyers. Amar helped us to win the first offer with the best deal. It was pleasant talking to Amar when we met the first time. He explained the process very clearly and the steps involved, and Amar and Team executed the perfect execution. Amar is a great negotiator. He went above and beyond negotiating with all stakeholders to get the best deal for us. He has developed the best strategy dynamically based on the situation on the offer day and made our dreams come true. Amar has come up with different stages and timelines in the entire process. He flawlessly executed all the steps way before the timelines we have put upfront. Amar is involved in all the stages starting from loan pre-approval and underwriting, escrow, insurance, warranty, and closing. Sri has always been there, guiding us throughout the entire process, explaining all the aspects, and suggesting what is best for us. Amar connected to the team to get the loan approval, who promptly responded and provided the best interest rate in the market and excellent additional benefits with Amar’s influence. Amar helped to get the best insurance quotes and made us close the deal with less closing costs. Amar and Sri are always available to guide us throughout the process and make the home buying process very smooth. I would highly recommend contacting Amar for a great home buying experience with the best deal.

SRINIVASAN KANDALAM | at Yahoo! August 3, 2011, Srinivasan was Amar’s client -- Aug 2011

Buying an investment property with partnership is not an easy decision. It requires sound thinking on the location, price and prospect of the property. Amar helped me to take this decision, supported from the beginning. Made good deal with the builder using his strategy, knowledge amd closed within a short period. His persistence follow-up with builder and between the partners is very admirable from bottom of my heart. Amar made dream come true.

Sakthivel Srinivasan | Principal Member Of Technical Staff October 1, 2020, Sakthivel was a client of Amar -- Oct 2020

I have heard excellent reviews for Amar and Sri over the years from some of my close friends. I finally got the opportunity to work with Amar and Sri when I was in the market to buy an investment property in the bay area. They had been very supportive and available throughout the process. Sri patiently explained the pros and cons to us for each neighborhood that we were interested in, and she helped us zero in on the location. They are very knowledgeable in the current market in the bay area, and their comp research is the spot. Their expertise helped us get the property that we were interested in, a highly competitive Milpitas neighborhood. Both Amar and Sri are very detail-oriented and have always gone above and beyond, explaining every bit of information that a home buyer should know. They were very flexible and still available for any questions or concerns we had throughout the process. We highly recommend Amar and Sri as a great Realtor® who can work to your needs and find you a great home in the bay area.

Daniel Roddy-Grier | Operations Lead at Google December 14, 2014, Daniel Roddy-Grier was Amar’s client -- Dec 2014

Amar was a superb agent, providing us with tremendous service through his expertise and support in successfully buying our dream home. We were in a hot area and the house had a lot of interest, so we weren’t sure whether we would be able to get it. Amar helped define a winning strategy, then executed against it while still making sure that all of the details were covered. He provided the best possible negotiation, saving on closing costs and including lots of personal property. His personal investment in our success was obvious, as he went out of his way to connect with the seller and the seller’s agent, communicated with us after hours many times, and supported us throughout the closing process with his time and coordination with his network of experts getting us through the loan approval, closing, and escrow details. His personal touch was a huge relief and made the process as stress-free as possible. We were able to get a tremendous amount of things done quickly and he had perfect execution during the whirlwind of activities.


I had an investment property that I needed to get on the market and sell quickly. The property was a difficult property to handle because it had much deferred maintenance and had been neglected for many years. Amar took on this property, creating a far-reaching marketing campaign, presentation, and showing schedule that worked exceptionally well to drive buyer traffic to the property. I needed a cash buyer, and Amar delivered, with multiple cash buyers offering funds, significantly above the ask price. I’ve bought and sold many properties over the years, but I can honestly say, that I have never worked with an agent who was more attentive, professional, technically versed, and market-wise in his development of strategy and execution. Amar was present, and accessible at all times for all that I needed, from the simple, to the complex questions, and he demonstrated the ultimate respect, know-how, and professionalism that one would want in their real estate agent. I am grateful to Amar, for taking on my project and I would hope that if you need an agent to make a difference for you in your next project, either in selling or purchasing, you’d consider Amar. He’s my five star agent of choice!