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SUBRAMANIAN M P | Manager – Supply Chain Apps at Apple January 3, 2018, Subramanian was a client of Amar -- Jan 2018

Hi Amar, Thank you so much for getting the nice home for us ! You were so amazing in business to make this deal work! Its truly showcases that you are a top notch relator in the area. Being a first time home buyer, working with you was the best decision we made in the house hunt. Within 2 weeks after meeting you, we had our offer won, AND within a month we had the House keys! that looks like a miracle in the competitive Bay Area market! The entire process right from the day I met you to the deal closure went extremely smooth. your guidance through the process helped us make critical decision. And more importantly our peace of mind! You and your team had definitely gone above and beyond in making this deal work and to summarize as follows: · The Best Deal Negotiation by all possible means · Perfect Execution of the process · Winning the Home with right strategy · You guys were personally involved in all areas (Escrow process, Loan, and closing) · Co-ordination with Escrow to ensure closing · Collaboration in informed decision making · Entire Process guidance throughout Home Buying Process · Staying on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible. I strongly recommend Amar ,Sri & Team for buying home and definitely the buyers will have peace of mind. I am sure we will look forward to work with Amar and team in the future. Thanks a lot once again! Subramanian

Deenababu Kondubhatla, PMP, ITIL | Lead Application Systems Analyst October 14, 2012, Deena babu was Amar’s client -- Oct 2012

It gives me great pleasure to share my dream home buying experience through Amar Amarnath as my Realtor®. It just took 70 days from the time I decided to buy a home to the close of escrow.Amar helped me in taking the right decisions in each and every step of the home buying process.Amar look at the value proposition of the property before making the recommendation to his clients. The great quality I saw in Amar was in providing unbiased feedback when I had to decide on something. Being the president of a non profit international telugu organization ‘SiliconAndhra’, I have come across many Realtors® in the market but I am very lucky that I have choosen Amar as my Realtor®. His integrity, client-first approach, community expertise, dynamism, in-depth market knowledge and great negotiating skills helped me not only in buying my dream home but also saved more than $31368 dollars overall. His strengths described above helped me to close the deal even before the house was out on the open house for sale besides convincing the seller to accept the offer for $14k less than the list price in high demanding sellers market.

Satish Morampudi | Software Engineering Manager October 8, 2019, Satish was a client of Amar -- Oct 2019

When we are not completely sure if we are going to purchase a home soon, we had met Amar for an initial conversation. Amar had completely changed our perception and walked us through the entire process. His attention to details is remarkable. We were convinced to start looking around for the interested homes and visiting open houses. However one day we came across this house in South San Jose, which we really liked it. We had let Amar know about the interest, the first question he had asked us is to go to the house to check the surroundings the next day and also think about the neighborhood thoroughly. Only when we had confirmed that we really liked the neighborhood, that’s when he started the ground work on his end. Within few hours on a Monday morning, he sent us all the documents relating to the house, with thorough summary to make sure there are no surprises. Amar, Sri and their team worked above and beyond to get all the information to make sure it is eligible to make an offer. Amar is really strategic to make an offer and really worked wonders until it was accepted by the seller! Amar and Sri were communicative for every information they had received during the process, it seemed like the notifications were through an automated bot but it was Amar :). They consider every client as their first client and personally get involved in every step pre, during and post closing of the purchase. They are thoroughly involved and helping for taking the right actions. Now we have a trusted Realtor® team in the bay area and I’m really confident for my next purchase with Amar, Sri and their team! Thank you!

Vinayak Namjoshi | Senior Software Application Engineer July 1, 2020, Vinayak was a client of Amar -- Jul 2020

Amar has been very clear in the process of home buying. In our first meeting itself, he explained every step in detail. We loved his work ethic, where we established that Sri, Amar, and we all need to agree to go ahead with the offer. Amar and Sri were always available to have a word and answer any questions that we have. They made sure we completely understand and are satisfied with the answers. We were impressed by Sri’s knowledge of the neighborhoods and the investment perspective she gave us. She poured her heart to make sure we were buying the right home for the best price. It gave us so much confidence in our decision to buy home. We were stunned by Amar’s negotiation skills, and because of it, we were able to beat the cash offer and win our dream home. Amar has an excellent team. Everyone stayed on top of their responsibility in closing this deal on time. I will recommend Amar and Sri to all my friends interested in buying a house as they will be in safe hands. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts in winning the best deal and home for us. Thank you so much, Amar and Sri.

Narayanan Suryanarayanan | Systems Engineering Manager June 2, 2021, Narayanan was a client of Amar -- Jun 2021

This dates back to 2015, and the bay area housing market was no different from 2021. It was crazy!! We were driving through a community in Milpitas near the foothills, and we liked it. My wife & I said to each other – the next time a house becomes available here, we should give it a shot! To our luck, a home came into the market the following week. We had read about Amar’s success stories before, and we reached out to Amar. It was one of our best decisions ever!!! We visited the house over the weekend and just loved it. The house was beautiful, and naturally, several others loved it as well. Offers were scheduled to be reviewed by mid-week, and we had to make up our minds on the price. While it was a crazy market, we didn’t want to overbid crazily. Amar & the team worked with us closely to come up with the right price. Amar had also figured that it would be a very competitive situation. He worked with one of the established banks to showcase our financial strength and negotiated for a very fast closing. Amar also suggested we write a personal letter to the sellers describing why we love the house. There were 11 offers in total ( 3 cash), and Amar helped us win the house even though we had to take a loan. There was a ton of negotiation, and Amar knew exactly how to win the home. He mastered this process and knew how to execute it flawlessly. Once all the process was over, our sellers shared with us that we won the house because 3 reasons: – Very competitive offer + backing from the bank – Very responsive Realtor (Amar). During the offer reviewing process, quick responses were required, and Amar responded in a matter of minutes every time. – Sellers were touched by our letter While our offer was accepted, there was plenty of work in the following weeks. Amar & the team were very methodical and had lined up everything. From the mortgage application to appraisal to Escrow to the final walk-through, they baby fed us the entire process, making it super easy. Fast forward 6 years, Amar still gives a ring and checks in every once in a while. He shares the latest market updates and the do’s and doesn’t. Amar has not been a realtor but a fantastic real-estate partner to us.

Punna Reddy P | Sr CloudOps/Devops Engineer at Earnin March 12, 2021, Punna was a client of Amar -- Mar 2021

Firstly I wanted to thank Amar and his team for their efforts in helping us procure the right home in the right neighborhood … Overall it’s been a fantastic experience … Amar closed us the BEST DEAL… I didn’t felt stressed out throughout the process… Amar handled everything for us… 1. Perfect execution 2. Wining the home with RIGHT & BEST Strategy ( we were able to seal the offer with a lot of competition) 3. He involved in the process personally from the beginning; once I said to him I want this home and Liked it very much 4. Overall, he lists down the steps to buy houses how much his(agent) responsibility and our (buyers) responsibility everything is methodically is organized. If any out there looking at this, I am not exaggerating … you will definitely know once you start working with Amar Thank you Amar and team for going above and beyond a mile for helping us a place that is a home for us.

Anurag Dikshit | Engineer September 27, 2014, Anurag was Amar’s client -- Sep 2014

We were new home-buyers and expected to purchase in a few months. Process had been pretty swift and we were able to close-out the deal close to two months of time. Amar had been prompt in responding and assisting. The interactive property search website was easy to browse and had better details than other websites in the internet. Request to view property were timely. e-document signing process during bidding & contracts was organized and had been a BIG time-saver. It is better that buyer does some home-work and be prompt in making various decisions. In spite of that we did some self-study, there were times we might have been getting off-track. Amar and his team were prompt to keep us on the right track based on their extensive bay-area real-estate experience and prevailing market-demands. Besides home-buying, escrow signing process, Amar’s team also recommends competitive bank loans, home insurance and home-warranty at the right time.If needed, any recommendation could also be provided for the property-repairs. Overall discussion process has been prompt, clear, direct, friendly and polite. Not only above-state reasons, Amar also offers genuine advice to buyers for building long-term real-estate portfolio. I highly recommend potential buyers to choose Amar’s team for real-estate services.

Kunal Sahu | Engineering Manager, Google August 11, 2020, Kunal was a client of Amar -- Aug 2020

From our very first conversation with Amar, we could feel the difference between him and other agents we have been working with. Amar came across somebody who has in-depth knowledge of the Bay Area real-estate market and knows how to win in pressure situations. He was very very cooperative in understanding our requirements and guiding us through various areas. With multiple set-backs, we had very little hope about buying it in this aggressive market. Amar assured us that he would try his level best and there is nothing to be worried about. He has a calming presence which soothes the buyers and gives them this peace of mind. Couple of days after submitting our offer, to our surprise Amar came back to us with our offer accepted!!! We are the winners of fierce competition (10 offers) and our offer is not the highest offer. Amar worked really hard behind the scenes and added that personal touch in negotiating the deal for us. Besides, he was at the fore front of each and every stage of the home buying and saved lot of money in the process. Staying at top of things, he also made us understand the various aspects of being a home owner. He worked with the loan officer, escrow officer, selling agent, appraisal officer, insurance agent and a whole bunch of people to close the deal in less than 15 days. The speed at which Amar works is truly unbelievable. With him around, one does not need to worry about a thing. Sometimes, I feel that one has 24 hours in a day, but Amar has 30 hours in a day. The amount of stuff he manages to get done is remarkable. One has to meet and work with him to truly understand and experience it. Basically, Amar is a really nice person and lovely to work. He has his heart in this profession and brings the human aspect in the things he does. I can’t recommend enough about Amar’s contribution in fulfilling our dream of being a home owner. He is a ROCKSTAR!