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Sayali Mane | Software Engineer at Cisco Systems April 7, 2014, Sayali was Amar’s client -- Apr 2014

When buying a house there are so many things you have to think of…. good community, close to work, good school rating and above all GOOD PRICE!! When we decided to buy a house, we kind of knew our requirements but we wanted an EXPERT who can walk us through the whole process. The moment we met Amar, we realized that he is the one with whom we can discuss it thoroughly. We always liked new Home constructions and we ended up buying one. Amar played his role perfectly as our Realtor®. Amar negotiated so well with builder’s agent and got us very good deal. During his surfire negotiation process, Amar saved us over 30K to the bottom line. Amar has THE BEST TEAM which helped us in easing the Home buying process. To Summarize, I would say, it was pleasure to have Amar as our Realtor®.”

PRIYA KHISTI | Frontend Engineer at Castlight Health January 20, 2016, Priya was a client of Amar -- Jan 2016

Today we closed on our home in bay area and I have to say that it would have been impossible without Amar and Sri. We literally put an offer on a house in just two weeks and then closed within a month. People take years to find and buy a house in bay area.

In our case Amar was able to put an offer on the house even before it came on market and that helped us skip the bidding war. He was also able to get the price down by 15K which is unheard of in bay area. All credit goes to his negation skills and offer strategy.

Both Amar and Sri understood our needs and budget in just one meeting. They are on top of everything and we never ever had to send any kind of follow-up emails. He also helped us with mortgage lenders and pre-approval process.

So if anyone want to buy a house in bay area then Amar is the best Realtor® you can ever get!

Kishan Singh | Director, & October 30, 2013, Kishan was Amar’s client -- Oct 2013

We can describe our experience with Amar in single word “Superb!” This was our first home-buying experience and we have been looking for a good home for almost 6 months before we met Amar. The earlier agent could not close the deal even after putting multiple offers above the asking price and it was becoming a frustrating experience for us.
Since day one, Amar was very engaged in every step of the process. He quickly understood our requirements around good school district, location of the home, price point, and big one was to be with vastu compliant for certain aspects. He engaged our whole family including our kids to understand everyone’s requirements and individual’s expectations from new home. One think we like about Amar is that he always puts himself in buyer’s shoes and evaluates like he is buying his own home.
We found our dream home within a short span of time and that too within our price point. His patented style of putting winning offer, meticulous negotiation skills, and pro-active approach helped us closing the deal in this crazy seller’s market. He didn’t only help us getting the home but was personally involved in ALL areas including Appraisal, Inspection, Load processing, Escrow, and Closing processes. He uses his project management skills to develop a very well thought strategy and execution plan. He always stayed on top of everything, sometime a step ahead, to make sure that we move to our new home on time (before school opens). He took care of many items while we were away in India. We never bothered about anything other than signing the papers as we knew that Amar will take care of everything  He also took extra time to follow up with us to make sure that we have settled well in new home.
Amar’s key strengths are developing relationships with seller’s agents, negotiation skills, and his extensive knowledge about market are priceless. Getting a home at the best possible price was quite tough in this competitive market and Amar has exceeded our expectations doing that for us. Amar’s logo E = MC² is a true representation of his service and he delivers 110% to justify it! We are very happy with our decision to choose Amar to represent us in our home buying process and we would certainly recommend him to anyone and everyone.
A Very Big Thanks Amar…..

Sarang Dharmapurikar | MTS at Insieme Networks September 11, 2012, Sarang was Amar’s client -- Sep 2012

“Amar is very friendly Realtor® and has been a great help throughout the home buying process. We looked at many homes in several areas in the bay area. Amar was always available to see every house, many times at very short notices. He provided his honest opinion on each home. His eyes noticed minute details that we have missed/not noticed and guided all the important things buyers should be aware in the home buying process. Amar diligently documented out feedback on every house to find the pattern of likes and dislikes which helped us narrow down our home search.

Amar is a great negotiator. With his commendable negotiation skills, Amar able to get the home (Cupertino) 10K below in multiple offers situation and saved us over 16K in the home buying process. With his help we ended up buying a beautiful home with everything that we wanted in it and at a reasonable price. Thanks Amar. I highly recommend Amar anyone for Real Estate needs!”

KARTHIKEYAN SUBRAMANIAN | Programmer analyst April 6, 2016, Karthikeyan was a client of Amar -- Apr 2016

Being first time home buyers with very little clue about the
dynamics of the market and the various steps involved, it was imperative that we work with a knowledgeable real estate professional who could provide an honest and objective view of the market and also guide us in a professional manner through the various stages.We found all this and much more with Amar and his team. Right from day one, he took time to understand what we were looking for and listened patiently to everything we had to say.

Once we found a property that we liked, Amar and his
team went into overdrive and put together a comprehensive offer within our specified budget. Since it was a very competitive bid with 30+ offers and we were nowhere near the higher offer prices, we normally would have been hesitant to even make the offer. But Amar’s strategy was spelt out so clearly to us that we trusted him completely and his words proved right when our offer was indeed accepted over multiple higher ones.
This happened because of Amar’s proactive interaction with sellers as
well as involvement of the rest of Amar’s extended team including the lenders. Both Amar and Sri always communicated with us about any updates and kept us in the loop throughout

Not only did Amar recover a significant amount from the seller towards closing but he also proactively negotiated a huge price drop post contract! This was without us even asking him to try it.That was the icing on the cake.

At the end of the day what worked for us was Amar and Sri’s relentless drive and energy as they moved the process along with minimal stress to us. If it weren’t for that my family would not be relaxing in our new home today.

I’d recommend Amar, Sri and team in a jiffy. Nobody knows the bay area market as well as them. Thank you team!

Laxmi Patil | VP, Data and Business Analysis August 11, 2020, Laxmi was a client of Amar -- Aug 2020

We started looking to buy a new home last September, and the first step was to search for a good or rather best Realtor® in the bay area. Looking for an excellent, aggressive Realtor® as we did not have a pleasant experience with our prior Realtor® when we bought our previous home.

I spoke to Amar, and we instantly connected. Amar has in-depth experience in every aspect of home buying. As soon as I started the conversation, we were able to discuss many things as he would understand buyer’s requirements very quickly. He would make strong recommendations on how we should proceed.

Also, Amar was very proactive in suggesting how we should rent our previous home and was very helpful in understanding the rental market. These suggestions are unbiased in any manner. I still remember our first meeting with Amar. We discuss many things which would take several meetings with any other Realtor® ( in my opinion and experience).

Once we decided on the budget and location with Amar’s inputs, the formal and professional process started from Amar’s team, which first started with Sri Amar. Sri Amar is immensely down to earth and understands every aspect of home buying, just like Amar.

Sri Amar makes sure to filter the homes based on our preference. There were instances where I would ask Sri Amar if a particular home is worth visiting. Sri Amar would make sure to get into the details and see if the house is worth visiting. She said NO to many such homes before we found our home.

Sri/ Amar had to make the offer to our current home very aggressively during holiday times (December). We are traveling internationally. Sri/ Amar ensured to work very closely with the sellers and us, negotiate it very aggressively, and get us a good deal. After winning the offer, the next steps executed an optimal way until we got the keys to our new home.

I must say Sri and Amar are great at what they do and are very professional with a personal touch to everything they do 🙂 🙂 It was a great pleasure working with Sri and Amar. If anyone wants seamless home buying experience – now you know whom to go to 🙂 Sri and Amar Realtors®. Thank you, Sri and Amar.

Vamsi Mareddy | Experienced Infrastructure/Web Engineer May 2, 2012, Vamsi was Amar’s client -- May 2012

Amar is a Realtor® whom I would highly recommend. I probably spent a total of 5 days spread over 3 months visiting houses with him and 3 of them ended us with making offers. During the first meeting, Amar takes time to understand your requirements and tells you very frankly about the market and what to expect. He then make sure that every home he recommends is something worth for you to ponder about weighing the pros and cons.

Once an offer is made, rest assured that it is followed up very closely on it and you are kept abreast of all the news. I can vouch that this alone will help you understand the market and shorten your search period.

Amar is very frank about his opinions and where he thinks a house would sell for and he has been very accurate. Once an offer is accepted, he personally makes sure through his relationships that the loan closes soon and you get the best terms possible. Case in point – I had originally agreed on a certain rate with my banker, but Amar later drove down to the banker’s office and made sure we got a further rate reduction. This does show that Amar does care about his clients, tries to get them a house that they want and for the best terms possible.

Amit Gupta | Sr. Manager Firmware Validation September 11, 2019, Amit was a client of Amar -- Sep 2019

Hi Amar and Sri, I want to take this opportunity to thank both of you and your wonderful team for making this possible for us. To say the least, it was a breeze working with you. I really appreciate you going above and beyond to make it possible for us, even to the extent of guiding selling agent, who was a newcomer in our case.

You really helped lock this deal for us. Even after we were ready to give up on this house, you kept close contact with selling agent and presented our case in a way that we won this house. Also, your team made the whole process so painless that we didn’t even feel a bit of stress while signing biggest deal of our life.

I would recommend you to anyone I come across who is in need of a buying and selling agent. Once again, thanks a lot for all your efforts, we are proud owners of our dream home now.

Thanks and Best Regards