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Abhay Damle, CPA, CFE | Senior Manager, Technical Accounting July 7, 2014, Abhay was Amar’s client -- Jul 2014

Being first time home-buyers and bidding on the first house we were completely clueless about the entire process. Amar, personally sat down with us and took the time to explain the whole process in detail. He was always available to answer any questions. By coming up with the right strategy and following it up with perfect execution, Amar helped us get the best possible deal in today’s hot property market. Amar, even co-ordinated with the loan and escrow officers to ensure that the loan closed on time with no last minute surprises. Amar was on top of all the activities during the entire process. Thanks Amar for making our home buying experience a pleasurable one!! I will definitely recommend any of my friends to work with Amar in their home buying process..

Avinash Gill | Scientific Manager at Genentech October 9, 2014, Avinash was Amar’s client -- Oct 2014

Amar helped us with our home purchase in the Bay area. He is well versed with real estate buying/selling skills, and was helpful with sound advice and good strategies on how to move forward with successfully completing our home purchase. His team helped us to close the deal in a short period of time, and he helped out by taking care of many things in the background. Anyone who uses Amar as a real estate agent will be doing themselves a favor.

VIVEK RAJANNA | Senior VP Engineering at Y Media Labs March 19, 2018, vivek was a client of Amar -- Mar 2018

When u have to buy a house in the valley you need to have all support you can get. The house buysing expereince can be daunting for the first time house buyers. When we started to look for house we were went through failed attempts to secure our house, that is when we contacted amar. Amar bought new focus for us educating us on the market and kind of house we need to be looking out for. Within week of us working with Amar we were able to place offer that was accepted. Amar played huge role in position our offer in best possible manner and also worked through various angle to conveince the buyers agent on our bid. Once the offer got accepted he bought in his team of experts who were able to work with us on pace that was needed to close the house. I also like the fact that Amar continues to be in touch with us and updating on the market. I would recommend Amar to anyone who is looking for house in valley. Having worked other relators I can say with confidence he is the Best that I have come across.

PETER HOWARD | CEO at Realtime Robotics, Inc April 15, 2016, Peter was a client of Amar -- Apr 2016

Our experience with Amar and his wife, and their colleagues and teammates was stellar. From the first contact, Amar was there for us, and even more importantly, significantly improved the deal we got on the home, on the mortgage, on the insurance, and on the ancillary services following closing. Some people are born with a sense for negotiation, and Amar is one of them. With his close counseling, we were able to get the home we wanted for $50k less than we were willing to pay, and even more below the bank appraisal range. In addition, he negotiated closing terms that saved us and additional $8k or so in closing costs, and even got the seller to pay for major appliance insurance on top of that.. Amar has formed relationships with key contributors to the home buying process. He is willing and able to make recommendations when you ask for them, but is not pushy about the recommendations he makes. Our experience with his recommendation for mortgage lender was eye-poppingly amazing, saving us weeks in the closing process, and a full 3/8th percent better than any other offer on the 30 year rate, at one of the nation’s largest banking institutions. Plus, they subsidized closing costs! His recommendation for insurance agent, representing one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, saved us significant cost on the home policy, but also about $800/year on our auto policies. And she has been a pleasure to deal with. I have had the pleasure to work with truly excellent real estate agents on 15 different purchase and sale experiences, but Amar is the most effective of all, by a significant margin. Depending upon your cultural background, Amar may come across as a bit “salesy”, but don’t be put off: he is the real deal. Work with him. You will not regret it.

Sridhar Anupindi | Senior Systems Analyst at Verizon Wireless June 21, 2013, Sridhar was Amar’s client -- Jun 2013

I had a wonderful experience with Amar for my Home. It is a pleasure to share my experience with you all. We were looking for home for more than a year and half, nothing seems to work and then i met Amar through one of my friends and we found ours in less than a month. We are able to find a home not only with good price but also good vaastu, He is very understanding and knowledgeable, listening to our concerns and also suggesting valuable tips. We made so many trips to finalize the home and he was present ahead of us. He was there at every step of our home buying process. He did exceptionally good negotiations to get me a real good deal (in fact great deal). Here are some of the things i would love to share with you all. 1. The Best deal negotiation by all possible means. 2. Total savings over 22K. 3. Perfect execution in hot market with right strategy. 4. Entire process guidance throughout Home buying process. 5. Staying on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible. Bottom line, the flawless Execution and i am living in my dream house, thanks to Amar.

DON BROWN | Manager at ProForma Industries, LLC March 27, 2017, Don was a client of Amar -- Mar 2017

Having been in Rotary for the past 34+ years, I know most of the Real Estate Agents and Brokers in Fremont including top agent. However in reviewing Amar Amarnath performance and execution of selling homes in my neighborhood I chose to use Amar as our agent for selling our property. Amar knows the right strategy to extensively market the home to sell at a higher price. I could have gone with some of those I have known for years. However I am not certain they could have accomplished what Amar was able to achieve. Example: The sale of another Home 3 doors from us that was listed for $859K and sold for $910K by Amar Amarnath. The home in my opinion should have sold for $810K as they had done nothing in upgrades to the property including kitchen and bathrooms. The carpet was from the time it was originally built in 1988 and they had not done any painting or refinishing of the cabinets. I have mentioned to Amar that I would have discounted it by $50,000 as it needed a lot of work. The entire home selling process from the beginning to the end was perfectly executed by Amar and team flawlessly. Amar personally involves himself and deliver absolutely the best results for his clients. Amar doesn’t not represent both buyer and seller for the same transaction. This clearly shows his level of standards and ethics in Real Estate business. His constant guidance in whole process is priceless. I certainly recommend him for you to work with. Hopefully this is beneficial for you.

NITIN GAONKAR | Senior Data Engineer October 29, 2018, Nitin was a client of Amar -- Oct 2018

We were looking for a good Realtor® for a while on Realtor® sites and that’s where we bummed into Amar on Zillow, I read the reviews which were really impressive, so I decided to shoot an email to Amar, following day I received an email with the meeting invite from Amar. We met Amar the following day and after the meeting we were really impressed with the amount of information and understanding Amar had about the home buying process and Bay Area home market. Amar had clearly defined steps for us to follow in the home buying process, he has a great team who work day in and day out until you they find a right home for you, His partner Sri has great understanding of South Bay home market and she is really good in communicating and explaining complex home buying processes in a simple way. Amar and his team really helped us through the entire process of home buying, right through negotiating, placing the offer, loan process, dealing with title companies, home insurance. Overall, we had a great home buying experience with Amar and his team, If you are buying your first home or if you need a great Realtor® I think Amar would be your best bet.I would highly recommend Amar for your Realtor® needs.

KISHORE MOKADA | Staff Engineer at Nimble Storage July 27, 2011, Kishore was Amar’s client -- Jul 2011

The Extra Mile: That’s how we’d sum our experience with Amar. As a first time home buyer with a demanding job, purchasing a home seemed like a daunting task. We were amazed how Amar mastered knowing our needs in detail, and immediately found options that were perfect for us, both personally and financially. Within a month, we managed to make an offer, close, and move in to our first home. We’ve been thrilled with our choice ever since. Amar started with us from ground zero that is from getting pre-approval, introducing most sought out neighborhood in Menlo Park, showing the best schools in California, detailed information about the neighborhood like safety, what the neighborhood means for the kids. Amar connected me to loan officer, Jazzy singh, in his team, who was nothing short of stellar in assisting me in the loan process starting from pre-approval to closing the loan despite big obstacles with my specific situation, Amar and Jazzy worked hand in hand to resolve all the issues on time under stressful circumstances. Starting from making an offer, Amar thought through the whole thing very carefully, in spite of the property being in most sought out neighborhood and multiple offers on property for beyond the list price, he got the property $50k less than the list price, he got us the inspection with no cost done, went through the inspection reports and educated how it can be taken care, if it is not for his education and getting 80% discount ($8000) on the termite, we might have lost the property thinking the cost of fixing is enormous. Amar went an extra mile to not only to get the $50K less on the list price under multiple offer situation, but he negotiated to pay a few thousand dollars by the seller, he saved thousands of dollars at the every step of closing the escrow. He worked with loan officer to get $7000 credit. Above that he lined up other things for me like getting the termite done with mere $2500, where the same would’ve coasted $10,500, and also getting other inspections done without me physically there. He not only saved thousands of dollars in the whole transaction but also time, that way I was able to take care of personal life and yet got the best deal of the life. Amar is enthusiastic, energetic, powerful person, with exceptional negotiating expertise, excellent knowledge about the real-estate, and he has huge network of people, which is required to get the steal of a deal, it is like buying a house from Costco or whatever is you favorite whole-seller. Amar is one stop shop for home buying and owning and I will recommend him for anyone. Thank you so much Amar