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SANKET DAVE | Media Engineer at Apple May 7, 2018, Sanket was a client of Amar -- May 2018

If you are here reading this review, it is how we started our search for a Realtor® to represent us. Strong recommendations here as well as a personal recommendation from a friend and we decided to meet Amar to purchase our home. Just like many of the other recommendations on here have already talked about the well established process Amar & his team follow, we started with meeting Amar at his office, followed by discussing our needs with Sri. Her inputs and ideas on how we could get the best value for our money and improve an existing home were very helpful. She is very approachable through the entire process. We decided to not place an offer on a property we had initially liked at the last minute, Sri was extremely supportive of our decision, regardless of the amount of work the team had already put in. The emphasis is on team work and it shows very well all through the process. When we finally decided to move ahead on an offer, Amar ensured that our overall offer package was the strongest. Sri kept us up to date on the discussions with the Seller throughout the day. We had little hope we would win the offer as there were multiple offers and the seller could easily counter any of them. But thanks to Amar & Sri, we won the offer on a home we liked without any counters. Once the offer deal was done, Amar introduced us to a team​ of experts for our loan and insurance needs. The loan was approved in 8 straight days and we closed quickly. We highly recommend Amar, Sri & team and look forward to working with them again in the future for any of our real estate needs.

SHIVA VAIDYA, PMP, CISA | IT Transformation Management February 28, 2018, Shiva was a client of Amar -- Feb 2018

Amar and his wife Sri make a formidable team. During the initial days of visiting open houses and narrowing down the right areas with good school district, Sri was an excellent guide having in-depth conversation about investing in the right locations and advising us on each home thoroughly. Since my husband and I both have hectic work schedules, Sri was able to accommodate calls after hours for any questions/concerns. Her knowledge of the market, areas and insights based on our needs was critical. On one home which we really liked and seemed good at face value, Sri was able to advise us on this not being a good investment in the long term since it might lack appreciation value, this was valuable advice since most Realtors® hesitate to tell the truth and might not stop you from making wrong home buying decisions. The first meeting with Amar convinced us that he is a professional and has the right expertise to guide us through the home buying process in this intensely competitive Bay Area market. We were proven correct when within 2 months of home search. When we moved to the next phase of making an offer on a home of interest, Amar stepped in with his expertise to guide us on the right offer prices while ensuring appreciation and appraisal gaps are well accounted for. Amar and Sri’s guidance helped us be the second highest offer on the table. Amar excellent negotiation skills was able to win us the offer despite the highest offer being 40K more than ours. Amar/Sri collaborated with us on every aspect of the process/strategy and kept us informed throughout on the progress. During the escrow/appraisal process, we were concerned on potential appraisal gaps. Amar and Sri went above and beyond to personally met with the appraiser to ensure the appraiser understands the local market and right value of the home. Our family can highly recommend Amar/Sri based on our experience. We will be happy to work with Amar/Sri if we chose to buy another home !


After six months of fruitless home search and many unaccepted offers with another agent, we came across Amar. Amar noted our requirements and gave us a clear picture of the market. He shared home buying process and encouraged us to stick to the process. Amar clarified our doubts about property selection and busted some of the myths. We were looking in Milpitas and we found ourselves in a very aggressive market in the first quarter of the calendar year 2020. But Amar and Sri know the market very well. They have a great network in Milpitas area. Amar helped us win the deal amongst many offers. A few were even higher than ours. Amar used his top negotiation skills to make sure we get the deal. After offer acceptance, Amar and Sri guided us through the closing process. They have a strong network of connections ranging from lenders to insurance providers to contractors. Amar led the whole process and drove his team to complete the closing, keeping us closely involved throughout. Amar made sure he stayed on top of the process. After closing, Amar and Sri continue to help us with their contacts so that the house move-in goes smoothly. The contacts they suggest offer very competitive prices. We are very happy with the deal we got. We strongly recommend Amar and Sri for people’s real estate needs.

Subbarao Arumili | Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems October 31, 2011, Subbarao was Amar’s client -- Oct 2011

Buying a home can be a long painful process or it can be a pleasant experience. It all depends on who your real estate agent is. We had a great home buying experience and we attribute that to Amar. We hired Amar as our agent in August 2011 and he never failed us. He collected our input and showed houses that suited our requirements. Amar gathered complete information on each house he showed and provided his honest input whether to go with or not. He never forced us to give a quick offer and always asked us to think twice, thrice before presenting an offer. Once we found the house that we like, Amar used his keen negotiation skills and got us the house at a lower price than many competing offers. During the entire closing process he is on his heels and been in constant contact with the sellers agent, loan agent and pushed all of them to get to the closing quickly and smoothly. Amar also have extensive contacts with loan agents, contractors and insurance agents and he used them effectively at every stage of our home buying process. With his negotiation tactics Amar saved quite a bit of time and money on various repair works we have done to our new house. I have never seen an agent who does so much extra service to make their clients home buying experience happy and comfortable. I am very happy to use his services again and recommend him highly to anyone. subbarao arumilli

PRIYANKA CHALLA | Software Quality Engineer October 26, 2015, Priyanka was a client of Amar -- Oct 2015

It is really our pleasure to write a review for Amar, As a first time home buyer, we didn’t know a lot of the details, and were a bit nervous about buying a property in this market.He helped us making an informed decision.He provided guidance and collaboration throughout the entire home buying process.Amar and Sri had patiently answered all our questions and continuously ensured that we had all the information we needed. He was involved in all areas: appraisal, loan, escrow and closing. The whole process went very smoothly and now we’re the proud owner of a house in 21 days.This was definitely the best deal negotiation by all means. Overall Amar has a very talented team and he makes you feel comfortable in the entire home buying process.Wishing you all the success in going future for you and your team. If you want home in bayarea just contact Amar he will make your dream come true.

SRIYA RAJAGOPALAN | Software Engineer November 27, 2018, Sriya was a client of Amar -- Nov 2018

My husband and I were always a little bit concerned as to how we could complete a real estate transaction without ever meeting the agent(s). However, we are now convinced that, with Amar and Sri, it is possible. 1. Selection of home: In retrospect, we really liked touring houses on our own and discovering what we truly wanted for our first home. We also appreciate Sri’s timely advice to get us first-home buyers on the right track. 2. The bidding process: We had a dry-run when we bid on a house for the first time in 2017. So, this time when we won our bid, the process was absolutely clear. We also appreciate Amar’s aggressive bidding in getting us a great deal. He truly pulled a rabbit out of the hat. 3. Lender recommendation: We were glad that Amar introduced us to Nicole from GuaranteedRate. She was great to work with and clarified all our queries regarding the loan. Thank you for helping us get our first home in this competitive Bay Area market!

SEAN LIE | Hardware Engineer at SeaMicro December 23, 2011, Sean was Amar’s client -- Dec 2011

Amar, We want to truly thank you for helping us buy our first home. From the moment we first met, you listened and understood our wants and needs. You searched for homes that fit our criteria and steered us away from homes that were not good investments. After we found our home, your connections with other professionals (bankers, inspectors, fumagators, etc.) allowed us to receive quality service and deals at a momments notice. We especially appreciate your determination in helping us save a significant amount of money throughout the home buying process. Your hard work, dedication, organization and aggressive negotiation skills contributed to making this a pleasant experience. Your deligence and efficiency allowed us to close escrow in record time and move into our home much sooner than we thought possible. Thank you for taking this journey with us and for being very professional and going above and beyond. We really appreciate the personal attention you gave us. As first time home buyers, we were a little nervous and anxious. However, you gave us continued support and guidance every step of the way. You answered all of our questions and we learned a lot from you about the home buying process along the way. You truly are the best Realtor® out there and we will be sure to tell others about our exceptional expereince. It has been a great pleasure working with you! Sincerely, Sean and Jen

Abhishek Seth | Architect at Verizon Media September 17, 2020, Abhishek was a client of Amar -- Sep 2020

One of our achievements in the process of buying our first real estate in the US was to select Amar and Sri. We decided Amar without any reference, so there was an initial hesitation to connect, but we took a leap of trust and talked to Amar. We developed trust in Amar over time by observing his ability to get our work done. We are delighted to see the results that Amar delivered to us. After the initial call with Amar, he took our problem as his problem, and that is one great thing we liked in this whole process. Amar has a predefined set of steps to follow in the home buying process, and we followed it and got the desired results. Amar himself brings in all the other players in the process like a loan officer, escrow, insurance, and warranty. I highly recommend getting the help of Amar in the home buying process. Amar remains very committed in the process and he drives it forward end to end and provides us the required results. Amar’s experience is the following: The first step of Amar is to get underwriting approval for the loan, so he connected us to a well-reputed loan officer after our initial few calls. The loan officer got the job done for us in a few weeks. Immediately after we got underwriting approval of our loan, we connected back to Amar. Amar and Sri provided their feedback on various house options that we selected on the portal provided to us by Amar. The experience of Amar and Sri helped us to reject different options and accept a few. This is where we saved a lot of time in selecting the right house for us. Within the first week of our loan approval, we, as a team, chose a home that we all liked.We visited the house on Saturday. Amar and Sri started bidding for the house on Sunday and by Sunday night, our bid was accepted. During the bidding process, Amar and Sri remained very active, since there were multiple offers present. Amar always negotiated with the seller team to make our case. In the end, we even overtook all-cash offers, thanks to constant negotiations and reassurance by Amar to the seller party. This last phase is a critical phase to get a house in a competitive market, and we could feel the expertise of Amar and Sri in this phase. It is very natural to have many questions during the whole process. This is where we found Sri extremely useful to us. Sri engaged with us over the phone many times to answer all our queries. She was very approachable during the whole process, which we appreciate a lot. House purchasing is a very big process, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Amar and Sri. We will always remain thankful for their help in getting this house for us.