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NACHIKETH GUTTI | SMB Marketing June 15, 2016, Nachiketh was a client of Amar -- Jun 2016

I wanted to take this time to personally thank Amar and his team in helping us get the house we were looking for. Sri took the time to get away from her activities to show us the houses we wanted to see at the time that was convenient for us. Amar and team had all the knowledge required to keep us in check while going through the buying experience. They made sure that all the properties we shortlisted were in the right neighbourhood with good schools and away from major freeways. They took care of compiling the offer with all the clauses, explaining each and every step. Amar went above and beyond expectation by negotiating with the seller agent over phone at 11pm to make sure we get a good deal. Bottom line Amar and Team helped us from start to finish from Loan Pre-Approval to closing the loan and helped save over 10K on our house. I was referred to Amar by a few of my friends who brought their house through him. They all had a pleasant experience and so did I and my family. I definitely recommend Amar and his team for your home buying needs.

DON BROWN | Manager at ProForma Industries, LLC March 27, 2017, Don was a client of Amar -- Mar 2017

Having been in Rotary for the past 34+ years, I know most of the Real Estate Agents and Brokers in Fremont including top agent. However in reviewing Amar Amarnath performance and execution of selling homes in my neighborhood I chose to use Amar as our agent for selling our property. Amar knows the right strategy to extensively market the home to sell at a higher price. I could have gone with some of those I have known for years. However I am not certain they could have accomplished what Amar was able to achieve. Example: The sale of another Home 3 doors from us that was listed for $859K and sold for $910K by Amar Amarnath. The home in my opinion should have sold for $810K as they had done nothing in upgrades to the property including kitchen and bathrooms. The carpet was from the time it was originally built in 1988 and they had not done any painting or refinishing of the cabinets. I have mentioned to Amar that I would have discounted it by $50,000 as it needed a lot of work. The entire home selling process from the beginning to the end was perfectly executed by Amar and team flawlessly. Amar personally involves himself and deliver absolutely the best results for his clients. Amar doesn’t not represent both buyer and seller for the same transaction. This clearly shows his level of standards and ethics in Real Estate business. His constant guidance in whole process is priceless. I certainly recommend him for you to work with. Hopefully this is beneficial for you.

SUMIT SINGHAL | Staff Design Verification Engineer at Broadcom September 21, 2017, Sumit was a client of Amar -- Sep 2017

This was my first home buying experience and Amar and his team made it a pretty great one. The best thing I liked was working with the whole team and not just with one person. Amar was the initiator as he explained to me how this whole process works and what his strategy is. But, then his Wife “Sri” took the charge on answering all my queries and suggesting which open houses are worth going for. Once I had liked the place, they left no stone unturned to win the offer. Amar is flawless in his execution and he enjoys the buying process, evident from the fact that he represents more buyers than sellers, giving him an extra edge in the buying process. I would recommend Amar any day.

SRIRAMA UPPALAPATI | Senior Technical Program December 1, 2016, Srirama was a client of Amar -- Dec 2016

Amar / Sri, It was pleasure working with you, I tried with other Realtor® before coming to you . We are just at the edge of loosing hope . Just thought of trying with other Realtor®, by chance we met you. In our first meeting itself you gave us confidence & we believed in you. You just made the deal success with ease in the very first bid. Your strategy & your team’s close follow-up’s, hard work was the key to the successful closure of this deal . We were very happy when you were able to convince seller in coming down the price which saved us 15K. I definitely rate you on 5/5 with no second though. I already referred you to almost every one whom I know who is in market looking for a home. A Big THANK YOU to E=MC2.

Sandeep Naidu Balaga | Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs February 6, 2021, Sandeep was a client of Amar -- Feb 2021

We got to know about Amar from one of our friends when we lost hopes in our house search. As first-time home buyers, we had several questions about the process, location, price, and many questions. I feel like we do not know the crucial things to look for in a house rather than the appearance. Amar and Sri answered all the questions we had, put up a clear plan on how we tackle the home buying process and executed it very well. They provided their honest opinion on every property that we selected. It helped us a lot in making an informed decision to write an offer. Amar goes out of his way to get us the best possible deal, and our case is a sheer example. Even though our offer was not accepted initially, Amar was very diligent in following up with Listing Agent. Amar acted quickly and accepted our offer as the first contract dissolved even though we were not the highest bidders. Amar and Sri had been extremely nice, responsive, and handheld us throughout the home buying process. We are pleased to make the right choice to work with them.

SRINIVAS MIKKILINENI February 3, 2016, Srinivas was a client of Amar -- Feb 2016

INITIAL MEETING-PRE APPROVAL: I am very excited and happy to share my home buying experience with Amar and his team who saved us $38K and helped us get our home in 23 days from start to finish. We came to know about Amar in a casual conversion at a park from a friend who recently closed his home through Amar. I gave a call to Amar around Noon on a bright sunny Wednesday, he promptly answered the call and obliged to meet the same evening on a short notice. The first meeting lasted for 30 minutes, and I explained him my requirement and he graciously listened my needs. In the first meeting itself I could sense there is something special in this man and got a feeling that I can completely trust Amar. He started work immediately and referred me to Loan Officer (LO) in order to get the Pre-Approval. My financial situation was little tricky and the first LO could not offer me with any loan program. Without wasting time Amar immediately referred me to a second LO and we could secure the pre-approval. FINDING HOME: We started receiving the listings from Amar as we knew approximately how much we qualify. On our first weekend looking for home with Amar, I have visited 5 homes and liked one home which is close to my child’s school. The seller agent put the offer deadline as Wednesday which is quite normal and as expected. Amar started putting together the offer right away and started his MAGIC “Negotiations” with the seller agent. Since I had completely TRUSTED Amar I did not even discuss with Amar about the final offer price and to everybody’s surprise he was able to get our offer accepted by TUESDAY night 8:00 PM (one day before the offer deadline) and 30K less than the list price. Like the icing on the cake to top it off he negotiated with seller to pay 8K towards the closing cost, in all Amar could save me 38K. LOAN PROCESS: Amar’s did not stop there and he started following up with the LO for the next 2 weeks. As I mentioned earlier that Amar has a very capable team, which I was able to experience by the services offered by the LO. The LO is a very nice lady, she went out of way to work two weekends back to back to meet the offer close date of 16 days. OVERALL EXPERIENCE: I am very much honored and blessed to meet and work with Able, Efficient, Sincere and Hardworking team of Amar & Sri to secure my home. I didn’t even take a single day of time off from work during this process; every step in the buying process was meticulously planned by Amar and his associates. I was getting full attention and prompt responses and his team were guiding and pre-empting me of any challenges at every step. Amar’s believes in “Your Servant with Gratitude” and “Clients for Life” is proved one more time. It was a seamless and stress less process because of Amar’s experience and I got a feeling of “BIG BROTHER” holding and guiding me.

NITIN GAONKAR | Senior Data Engineer October 29, 2018, Nitin was a client of Amar -- Oct 2018

We were looking for a good Realtor® for a while on Realtor® sites and that’s where we bummed into Amar on Zillow, I read the reviews which were really impressive, so I decided to shoot an email to Amar, following day I received an email with the meeting invite from Amar. We met Amar the following day and after the meeting we were really impressed with the amount of information and understanding Amar had about the home buying process and Bay Area home market. Amar had clearly defined steps for us to follow in the home buying process, he has a great team who work day in and day out until you they find a right home for you, His partner Sri has great understanding of South Bay home market and she is really good in communicating and explaining complex home buying processes in a simple way. Amar and his team really helped us through the entire process of home buying, right through negotiating, placing the offer, loan process, dealing with title companies, home insurance. Overall, we had a great home buying experience with Amar and his team, If you are buying your first home or if you need a great Realtor® I think Amar would be your best bet.I would highly recommend Amar for your Realtor® needs.

Vinod Gomathi Nayagam | Sr Software Engineer February 22, 2021, Vinod was a client of Amar -- Feb 2021

Our home buying experience with Amar and his team was extraordinary, not just once but twice. When we bought our first home six years back, Amar was able to get our first offer accepted in a highly competitive market with 15 other offers for the house. Amar and his team are very experienced, professional and perfect in closing the deals. We moved into our home precisely in 1.5 months after meeting Amar. With the same confidence level, we talked to Amar two months back to search for our new home. As expected, he and his team did fantastic work, and we were able to close the deal on our new house last week before the home being on the market. It’s our first offer second time buying a home. Time and again, Amar proved his Agent networking and master deal making skills. We believe it’s an impossible task for any other Realtor® in the Bay area but not for Amar and the team. Sri was regularly following up on updates and giving us first-hand information on all the properties we were looking for, thus saving us lot of our time and effort Though it’s not new for us, we were surprised by all of their pro-active measures. With Amar and his team’s help, we could get the house of our dream in a highly competitive market without any stress. We highly recommend Amar, Sri, and his team for our friends and others looking to buy their dream home.