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SHIVA VAIDYA, PMP, CISA | IT Transformation Management February 28, 2018, Shiva was a client of Amar -- Feb 2018

Amar and his wife Sri make a formidable team. During the initial days of visiting open houses and narrowing down the right areas with good school district, Sri was an excellent guide having in-depth conversation about investing in the right locations and advising us on each home thoroughly. Since my husband and I both have hectic work schedules, Sri was able to accommodate calls after hours for any questions/concerns. Her knowledge of the market, areas and insights based on our needs was critical. On one home which we really liked and seemed good at face value, Sri was able to advise us on this not being a good investment in the long term since it might lack appreciation value, this was valuable advice since most Realtors® hesitate to tell the truth and might not stop you from making wrong home buying decisions. The first meeting with Amar convinced us that he is a professional and has the right expertise to guide us through the home buying process in this intensely competitive Bay Area market. We were proven correct when within 2 months of home search. When we moved to the next phase of making an offer on a home of interest, Amar stepped in with his expertise to guide us on the right offer prices while ensuring appreciation and appraisal gaps are well accounted for. Amar and Sri’s guidance helped us be the second highest offer on the table. Amar excellent negotiation skills was able to win us the offer despite the highest offer being 40K more than ours. Amar/Sri collaborated with us on every aspect of the process/strategy and kept us informed throughout on the progress. During the escrow/appraisal process, we were concerned on potential appraisal gaps. Amar and Sri went above and beyond to personally met with the appraiser to ensure the appraiser understands the local market and right value of the home. Our family can highly recommend Amar/Sri based on our experience. We will be happy to work with Amar/Sri if we chose to buy another home !

Aathira Prabhakar | Senior Software Engineer August 2, 2020, Aathira was a client of Amar -- Aug 2020

Thank you, Amar & Sri, for helping us get our dream home. When we first contacted Amar in May, we were clueless about the home buying process. Without his help and guidelines, we could not have reached this milestone. We were doubtful if it was the right decision to buy a house amidst the pandemic and Shelter-in-place. After talking to Amar about our concerns and expectations, he gave us a clear picture of the process. He explained all the steps and how he and Sri will be involved in each step. He connected us to a lender who could close the sale in 21 days. We realized this is important for sellers to close the house in as little time as possible. Sri helped us find our perfect home. She guided us to find a home that fit our current need and will also be a good investment for the future. We realized that there is much more to a home than newly remodeled cabinets and kitchen. It is all about LOCATION! There were many evenings when we talked for hours about different properties. She gave us clear insight into why some properties are not right for us. Finally, we found a property with everything that we looked for, and Sri gave us the green flag. Amar explained the disclosures of the house very well to us. He presented a clean offer to the seller and negotiated a good deal for us by working around the clock. We got the house with new furniture all at list price, which was 30K less than what the seller expected. Even after moving into the house, Amar and Sri continued to help us to sort out everything. We are grateful to have known them, and we appreciate all their efforts in helping us land in a beautiful home.

Richa S | Carrier Certification Engineer at Apple February 19, 2019, Richa was a client of Amar -- Feb 2019

We went to Amar with a house in mind which was listed well below market rate. Although the house was fixer upper, we asked Amar to evaluate it potential and if there are any risks. Amar and Sri did a detailed evaluation of the house and provided us a report and walked us through it. Next we decided to bid for the house, Amar help us won the bid among many potential house bids. Also we were not the highest cash offer but still he was able to get us the house. There were some delays on our loan process but Amar was able to convince the seller agent to keep patience and continue through the process. Amar managed to get our house for us in peak housing market in a good area. We would strongly recommend Amar for buying/selling needs..

YASEEN KADLEMAKKI | Solutions Architect | Product Owner December 26, 2017, Yaseen was a client of Amar -- Dec 2017

Our home selling experience with Amar was as easy as it can get. Process started with him visiting the house and recommending minor decor changes that were required, he did a phenomenal job right from the beginning with photo shoot, pre-list marketing, aggressive open house showing and showed great negotiation skills from offer to close. He went above and beyond his duty to make sure all aspects were taken care. I would recommend Amar as a selling or a buying agent any day.

LALEETA GOLLAMUDI | Bio Process Engineer, Becton Dickinson July 7, 2015, Laleeta was a client of Amar -- Jul 2015

“Just like any couple, home buying process seems like a nightmare in Silicon Valley. Our journey to look for a house started with many apprehensions and qualms. We got introduced to Mr. Amar Amarnath at one of the events in Silicon Andhra. His utmost humility caught our attention and encouraged us to work with him. Within a duration of 3 months he streamlined several issues required for home buying process, enabling us to move progressively. Despite having the challenges of multiple bids, over bids and time pressure, he went out of the way to help us buy our dream house. He personalized this experience by interacting with residents in the neighborhood to get inputs and involving every member of the family to ensure our happiness. Finally, we landed in our dream home, cherishing every moment with our family. Our special thanks and gratitude to Mr. Amar and his entire team for making this beautiful dream come true. We would recommend Mr. Amar for his diligence, sincerity and excellent customer service……..making home buying a pleasurable experience.” Shanti & Laleeta

Srikant Voruganti, PMP | Program Manager August 28, 2013, Srikant was Amar’s client -- Aug 2013

Amar, Thank you so much for being such a great friend and the best and ultimate real estate agent for me and my family. You went out of your way to get us this Home, shows that rather than being in it for the money, you were more interested in our well being, rather than making your own profit – we are eternally grateful to you. Thanks to you, we have moved from a rented accommodation, where the rent kept going higher and higher, to our own dream Home. We absolutely love the Home you made a reality for us, in the beautiful city of Dublin, in a very good school district, with a lot of like minded neighbours, family and friends living around us! Amar negotiated from the Builder and lender over 29K [Upgrades: 10K, Price: 8K, Loan closing: 7K, Appliances: 4K] by going above and beyond and guidance throughout the Home buying process is priceless. I can only stress Amar’s passion, negotiations, and guidance to help clients is hard to match by Realtors®. Amar’s strong execution abilities, the breadth of his real estate domain expertise makes him an invaluable asset to any Buyer/Seller. Thanks so much for everything Amar! Best Regards, Srikant.

Satish Morampudi | Software Engineering Manager October 8, 2019, Satish was a client of Amar -- Oct 2019

When we are not completely sure if we are going to purchase a home soon, we had met Amar for an initial conversation. Amar had completely changed our perception and walked us through the entire process. His attention to details is remarkable. We were convinced to start looking around for the interested homes and visiting open houses. However one day we came across this house in South San Jose, which we really liked it. We had let Amar know about the interest, the first question he had asked us is to go to the house to check the surroundings the next day and also think about the neighborhood thoroughly. Only when we had confirmed that we really liked the neighborhood, that’s when he started the ground work on his end. Within few hours on a Monday morning, he sent us all the documents relating to the house, with thorough summary to make sure there are no surprises. Amar, Sri and their team worked above and beyond to get all the information to make sure it is eligible to make an offer. Amar is really strategic to make an offer and really worked wonders until it was accepted by the seller! Amar and Sri were communicative for every information they had received during the process, it seemed like the notifications were through an automated bot but it was Amar :). They consider every client as their first client and personally get involved in every step pre, during and post closing of the purchase. They are thoroughly involved and helping for taking the right actions. Now we have a trusted Realtor® team in the bay area and I’m really confident for my next purchase with Amar, Sri and their team! Thank you!

MADHAVI KATUKOGULA | Teradata Consultant at WellsFargo October 10, 2016, Madhavi was a client of Amar -- Oct 2016

1. Amar helped us in achieving THE BEST DEAL by Negotiating ALL possible means as a result we got the house for 30K less than the seller wanted price and 10K less than what we planned to place an offer for. 2. Amar is very well aware of the entire process of home buying and hence he was able to execute the entire process perfectly without any hurdle. 3. Amar’s business acumen and RIGHT STRATEGY helped us win the home. 4. Amar PERSONALLY got involved in ALL areas (Escrow process, Loan, and closing) 5. Amar helped us in evaluating, plan and prioritize certain fixes required for the property before we move into the property. 6. He is DILIGENT and have taken care in Co-ordinating with Escrow to ensure closing in-time. 7. As a novice home buyer I took Amar’s help in COLLABORATING with others in making some key decisions. 8. As a first time buyer we are very uncertain in many of the things but Amar has always been there to give use Guidance and in the Entire PROCESS and helped us throughout the Home BUYING PROCESS 9. Amar stood on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.