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Deepak Karkala | Member Of Technical Staff, Engineer at PayPal September 6, 2020, Deepak was a client of Amar -- Oct 2020

We got in touch with Amar through Zillow, and that was the turning point in the house hunt that we were in for some time leading up to it. Amar and the team were very proactive from the get-go. They enthusiastically walked us through the milestones and the expectations for the entire home buying process. Amar did not let the ongoing pandemic situation come in the way of the process. He set up frequent video calls to keep us up on the proceedings and was available for text/call/email at any time of the day. I always felt that the whole team was still on top of things and understood our requirements and preferences. They provided invaluable tips and suggestions regarding the red flags while visiting a house. Their intricate knowledge of the neighborhoods and localities assisted us immensely. Amar and the team have been in this business for quite a long time, and it shows in the network of contacts they have in the Realty business. Once we liked a house, both Amar and Sri would get into action and dig deep into the disclosures and lay out the details in layman’s terms in front of us. They were making it very easy for us to budget for the move-in expenses if any. We ended up buying a house with the first bid that we created with Amar and the team. The house had more than 10 bids, and ours was not the highest bid for the house. But Amar and the team negotiated relentlessly and used their connections with the selling agent to pull it off for us. They ensured that we stayed in the loop throughout the negotiation process and let us make an informed decision. We are pretty sure we would not have won the bid if not for Amar and the team. Later, Amar was personally involved in connecting us with the lender, escrow, home insurance agent, and others at every stage through the closing process. He would follow up with each of the parties individually to ensure that we were on track for the closing date. He would frequently send us the updated tracker of the milestones throughout the process. It was a delight to have an agent who always had our back, which took much load off us. He made the entire home buying experience a walk in the park. Even after we moved into the house, he has been in touch with us, calling us frequently to check if everything was right. Post-move-in, he provided contact with his contractors for some home upgrades we wanted to do. Every communication that Amar has provided us has turned out to be extremely professional. That shows the dedication and hard work that the entire team has put in through the years to build a strong network. We highly recommend Amar and the team to anyone looking to buy a property, be it a first-time buyer or not. It has been a privilege working with Amar and the team. We look forward to our continued relationship in the future. Thanks, Amar, and team. You are the best.

Ipsita Kar | UAT Analyst (Oracle Finance Division) August 22, 2013, Ipsi was Amar’s client -- Aug 2013

After my Home buying experience with Amar last month, I just can say, Amar is THE BEST Realtor® in the Bay area. Amar, as a Realtor® always go above and beyond to provide the exceptional service and great value for his clients . In this current market, it is really tough to deal with the seller’s agent as they are getting multiple offers. However, we are able to find our dream home last month because of Amar’s hard work and amazing execution. I would like to share my home buying experience with Amar. Amar provided us the best service anyone ever expect from a Realtor®.

· Amar showed us a really nice Home in our preferred zip code.
Once we all on-board and offered our comfortable amount for that house, he immediately started working on it.
Amar almost gave all his valuable time in negotiating the deal with the seller’s agent. In that process, he established a good rapport with the seller agent and understood the seller motivations and situations for selling home.
Amar put together offer package and worked closely with listing agent to WIN the deal before offer deadline without competition and price bidding war. As results, we got very good deal. He is extremely good at analysing the situation, winning the deal with right strategy, and perfect execution.
Amar personally involved in all the areas of our home buying process(Appraisal, Loan, Inspections, Escrow, Insurance, and closing). He has great team of people to make home buying process absolutely stress free.
Amar co-ordinated with the WF lender who did our pre-approval and loan closing providing us a really good interest rate.On the top of everything, Amar helped us to recover $9,857 towards closing.

The entire home buying process starting from the beginning to end went so smooth with peace of mind because of Amar’s hard work, dedication and capability. We are 2nd time Home buyers and lot of real estate knowledge, Amar and team makes a BIG diffidence in journey of Home buying process. Thank you so much Amar for all your contributions in our Home buying process.

ASHEESH ASTHANA | Senior Product Manager November 4, 2015, Asheesh was a client of Amar -- Nov 2015

We were a “first-home-buyers”– not very aware of the “good value” home areas.
Home Search : Your approach was very meticulous and time efficient. You first wanted to know our choices. This was done by showing few “different” configurations one evening ( 5 different houses). This was the first very important steps to align what we wanted and what to expect within our budgets.

I was really impressed by the fact that it was not just a discussion on a phone – but actually visiting house much before the scheduled OpenHouse. Your experience about what to look in a house was also very critical – tells us how passionate you are about homes, well you understand this industry and your keen eye on details.

Within a week we liked a place and called you – from that point on-wards you were on the top of it. You has your own ways to do an independent evaluation of the home that we like.

Putting an offer : This is one area where no one can beat you – you are the best, leaving no stone un-turned. All throughout the process we got a feeling that “You are our man”. You very diligent, calculative and realistic about how to go about making an offer that would secure us the deal. Always kept us informed. Most importantly, as a first time buyers, we were very anxious – but all this time you were very confident that we will get it –You had created a complete offer.

Winning the offer: It was unbelievable to us that we won the offer. You were always confident that we will make it as we had a very nice complete offer. We were able to get the offer, despite the fact there where many better offers.. Facts speak for themselves, if we look at the amount we put in the offer and the Appraiser’s report – we have just paid One Dollar extra.

Closing the offer: Amar, you are not yet another agent – You are a leader of a fantastic Team. Your execution is flawless. You can move things fast, you can make things happen. We were on the edge , but you were the soothing figure – always confident that we will meet all the terms and conditions of the offer. Your Loan Officers, your insurance agents, your back office people – all were phenomenal. They have worked long late hour on weekday and weekdays – that tells how much dedicated this team is to work for their customers. Hats Off to this team –an example I would love to quote at my work place.

Final Move : The final move has been smooth as ever. We got access to the home 24 hours in advance. This was very helpful in our move. You are always accessible if we need any help.

Overall, I would call Amar and his team – Great understanding of the real estate market and industry. Very Intelligent Sale pitch – the seller cannot deny his offer. Awesome execution – a very professional & hardworking team.

SANKET DAVE | Media Engineer at Apple May 7, 2018, Sanket was a client of Amar -- May 2018

If you are here reading this review, it is how we started our search for a Realtor® to represent us. Strong recommendations here as well as a personal recommendation from a friend and we decided to meet Amar to purchase our home.

Just like many of the other recommendations on here have already talked about the well established process Amar & his team follow, we started with meeting Amar at his office, followed by discussing our needs with Sri. Her inputs and ideas on how we could get the best value for our money and improve an existing home were very helpful. She is very approachable through the entire process. We decided to not place an offer on a property we had initially liked at the last minute, Sri was extremely supportive of our decision, regardless of the amount of work the team had already put in. The emphasis is on team work and it shows very well all through the process.

When we finally decided to move ahead on an offer, Amar ensured that our overall offer package was the strongest. Sri kept us up to date on the discussions with the Seller throughout the day. We had little hope we would win the offer as there were multiple offers and the seller could easily counter any of them. But thanks to Amar & Sri, we won the offer on a home we liked without any counters.

Once the offer deal was done, Amar introduced us to a team​ of experts for our loan and insurance needs. The loan was approved in 8 straight days and we closed quickly. We highly recommend Amar, Sri & team and look forward to working with them again in the future for any of our real estate needs.

Saurabh Deulgaonkar | Manufacturing Mechanical Engineer at Fitbit September 7, 2019, Saurabh was a client of Amar -- Sep 2019

A big and sincere thank you to Amar, Sri and team! We met Amar in his office back in May and he gave us a very detailed overview of the entire process. His knowledge about the market is extremely good and accurate! Since we were first time home buyers, we had very little knowledge how an offer is made but Amar with his exceptional negotiation, put in the right strategy to win us our home.

Since it was our first experience, we had many questions. Sri answered all the questions properly with patience. Amar and his team are very professional and created a project plan during the execution phase. His team for other processes like Loan, Insurance, Home warranty etc. is excellent and professionals and helped close the deal in three weeks! Kudos to his entire team! From creating a strategy to end of closing, Amar and Sri were personally involved in each and every step from answering our questions to following up on the stake holders in home buying process. Their guidance was really helpful as not once we were skeptical about any decision that we took. They were always available any time of the day, whether after office hours or during weekends.

The most important thing about buying a home, is that you have to be comfortable in making a decision and thanks to Amar and Sri, we were very comfortable in going ahead with our decision. This is exactly what a first-time home buyer looks for and Amar and his team are the best in making sure that the buyer is comfortable. Thank you, Amar, Sri and Team, for helping us secure our dream home!

I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to buy a home. -Tanvi and Saurabh

Yerram Swathi | Assistant Professor at SVIT August 6, 2014, yerram was Amar’s client -- Aug 2014

Amar Amarnath is an excellent agent and has immense knowledge and experience in the real estate. He is one of the top 5 agents of Keller Williams Realty (Over 100,000 agents) which speaks volumes about the service you can expect from him. Amar understands what it takes in getting the client their dream home by working according to clients requirements, tastes and preferences. He is not just a great agent but a good human being with strong ethical values.

Amar has a special knack of presenting the offer in the best possible way and goes an extra mile to get the offer picked up through various methods using his PR skills which I don’t think any other agent does. This I say is the most important factor which makes things happen for you even in the Sellers’ market. He is very prompt in responding to the calls/emails and is accessible even during the off hours if need be. We personally have talked to him many times after 9 PM as there was a need to discuss some important things before presenting the offer.

Amar does a comprehensive study of the houses in the neighborhood sold in the past 3 months and does a thorough comparisons to evaluate the offer price for the home and thus does ‘not overprice the home than it is valuation. He emails you the reports and the comparative study of the homes sold so that we also know prevailing market rates which helps you to decide the actual market value of the home and the price to offer.

My recommendation to all the home buyers out there is that you will be lucky if Amar agrees to represent you. Trust him completely, relax and enjoy the ride that will be a GREAT home buying experience.Most importantly, the way Amar handled the whole buying process by going above and beyond is one of the greatest memory forever.He was always honest and gave great advice,We got our dream home within a short span of time with the help of AMAR.

We can describe our experience with Amar in single word “Superb!”

Amar’s logo E = MC² is a true representation of his service.

Right House+Right Price+Right Time= AMAR.


I had an investment property that I needed to get on the market and sell quickly. The property was a difficult property to handle because it had much deferred maintenance and had been neglected for many years. Amar took on this property, creating a far-reaching marketing campaign, presentation, and showing schedule that worked exceptionally well to drive buyer traffic to the property. I needed a cash buyer, and Amar delivered, with multiple cash buyers offering funds, significantly above the ask price.

I’ve bought and sold many properties over the years, but I can honestly say, that I have never worked with an agent who was more attentive, professional, technically versed, and market-wise in his development of strategy and execution. Amar was present, and accessible at all times for all that I needed, from the simple, to the complex questions, and he demonstrated the ultimate respect, know-how, and professionalism that one would want in their real estate agent.

I am grateful to Amar, for taking on my project and I would hope that if you need an agent to make a difference for you in your next project, either in selling or purchasing, you’d consider Amar. He’s my five star agent of choice!

Aravindh Baktha | Principal Architect at NVIDIA January 5, 2014, Aravindh was Amar’s client -- Jan 2014

I was relocating to Bay Area from Oregon and employed the services of Amar to buy a house in the Bay Area. I had about a month time to relocate to the Bay Area and didn’t have high expectations of buying a home in this short period of time.

I worked with Amar remotely to short list homes we were interested in and then visited the Bay Area over a weekend to tour homes. Amar did a great job coordinating the tour and showing us houses in all the neighborhoods of interest. Amar sought to understand our needs and made sure we only saw houses that met our constraints. He gave us his assessment of the homes we saw but never pressured us in to making an offer. When we were ready to make an offer he made sure we truly satisfied before he wrote up the offer. During this process Amar was more like a friend to us than a real estate agent.

Amar has a unconventional yet effective negotiating style. He his determined to get his client the best deal in all aspects on the home buying transaction. From negotiating the purchase price to getting the best deal in lending and closing costs and in working with the seller to complete issues identified during inspection, Amar’s commitment was unquestionable. Amar was engaged is all aspects of the buying process and ensured and that everything went smoothly through closing and beyond. Amar would follow up well after we’d moved in to our house to make sure things were going well. Again, Amar was more like a friend than a real estate agent.

Amar efficient handling of all aspects of the home buying process made it possible for me to buy a house in the Bay Area in less than a month. This was way beyond my expectation. I’d strongly recommend Amar’s services to anyone looking to buying a home in the Bay Area.