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RAM GUPTA | Senior Staff Engineer Manager at Qualcomm November 23, 2015, Ram was a client of Amar -- Nov 2015

Hello Amar, Thanks a lot for helping us to get out first home! You made our first home buying experience very smooth by spending significant time in background and getting involved in each and every step of process. I appreciate your aggressive negotiation skills, thorough knowledge and effort in preparing attractive offer. I would like to thank you for all the tips after our offer was accepted. It just took 25 days to complete whole process starting from preparing offer to get the keys to my new home. Thanks, Ram

Ram Elango | Manager, Data Engineering at Talend (IT) September 8, 2020, Ram was a client of Amar -- Sep 2020

I wanted to buy a property in Fremont. Amar explained to me regarding the home buying process and all of our roles and responsibilities. I started to shortlist the homes I liked, and Sri helped set up the in-house visit timing with the seller’s broker. In a couple of weeks, I was able to finalize a home and updated Amar and Sri. Amar then worked very hard during the contract process by placing me at the right spot, which allowed me to get the home. At this stage, the one crucial point is that even as I was willing to pay more for the house, Amar got me the home at a lesser price, which is incredible. It clearly shows his confidence in the field he is in, which is excellent. I went with a bank which gave me pre-approval. However, due to the COVID situation, they could not approve my loan. At this point, I thought that I would lose this new home. However, Amar got me extra days from the seller’s end, and at this point, I went with a different bank for the loan. Amar did not lose hope, and he was under tremendous pressure for all sides. However, irrespective of being under pressure, he tried to handle everyone with compassion and calm nature. A few times, he even pushes people hard to make things happen on time. Finally, I got my new home only because Amar and I and my family are always grateful for Amar Sri. Whoever is in the market now for home buying, I would strongly recommend Amar and team. He is a one-stop-shop and will go to heaven and earth to make it happen. The service Amar is doing is incredible, and I wish him all the best and no way why no one can beat him, and he is the top Realtor® in our bay area.

TUSHAR MAHALE | Staff Engineer at ThoughtSpot March 30, 2016, Tushar was a client of Amar -- Mar 2016

et me start by saying this – there cannot be a better Realtor® than Amar. Period. When we decided to buy our first home, we started looking for a Realtor® who could guide us in the right direction and help us make our dream a reality. Amar had very good and a lot of positive reviews, so we decided to contact him. And that sure was the best decision we took. Sri is a gem of a person. She was very proactive and always informed us about any good listings whenever they came up. She’d always try to understand our changing requirements focusing even on finer details, to ensure that she’s able to find the perfect fit for us. We could ask any question to her and she’d always answer all our questions patiently and in detail, no matter how small/silly they seem. Being a first time home buyer, this helped us a lot in narrowing down our exact requirements and take into accounts aspects that we had never thought of. I think this is very critical especially for a first time home buyer. One of the best qualities of Amar and Sri is they are not pushy. I still remember the discussion I had when I informed them that we wanted to back out of a contract. They were amazingly supportive and never ever tried to convince us to continue with the contract or to reconsider our decision. That is I think one of the most important quality every Realtor® should have and I am very glad I was working with people who are masters at such things. They patiently understood our concerns. The call was over in a few minutes and we were out of contract smoothly. Even after losing the deal and the time they had spent on the contract, there was not a single ounce of drop in the enthusiasm Amar and Sri showed showing/suggesting next properties. That is how professional they are. And then there was the home that we had been waiting for all these months. We hadn’t even bothered to go to the open house because it was way above our budget. But one fine evening we got a call from Sri and informed that Amar wanted us to have a look at the house. We got ready in half an hour and were on our way to the house. When we first saw the house, we couldn’t believe we could afford it and were even thinking that this could be a waste of time. But Amar suggested us to make an offer and we decided to give it a try. And it was not in vain. Out of his amazing arsenal of Realtor® skills, Amar unleashed his all mighty negotiation powers and brokered a deal that I still sometimes have to ask myself if is indeed a reality or not. We purchased the house at 63K less than the listing price in the hot market of Milpitas with good schools. Amar and Sri were involved in every step of the process, kept all the parties involved on the same page. Amar has teamed up with professionals who are BEST in their business and they guided us smoothly throughout the entire process which otherwise could be overwhelming for the first time buyers.

SEAN LIE | Hardware Engineer at SeaMicro December 23, 2011, Sean was Amar’s client -- Dec 2011

Amar, We want to truly thank you for helping us buy our first home. From the moment we first met, you listened and understood our wants and needs. You searched for homes that fit our criteria and steered us away from homes that were not good investments. After we found our home, your connections with other professionals (bankers, inspectors, fumagators, etc.) allowed us to receive quality service and deals at a momments notice. We especially appreciate your determination in helping us save a significant amount of money throughout the home buying process. Your hard work, dedication, organization and aggressive negotiation skills contributed to making this a pleasant experience. Your deligence and efficiency allowed us to close escrow in record time and move into our home much sooner than we thought possible. Thank you for taking this journey with us and for being very professional and going above and beyond. We really appreciate the personal attention you gave us. As first time home buyers, we were a little nervous and anxious. However, you gave us continued support and guidance every step of the way. You answered all of our questions and we learned a lot from you about the home buying process along the way. You truly are the best Realtor® out there and we will be sure to tell others about our exceptional expereince. It has been a great pleasure working with you! Sincerely, Sean and Jen

Vinod Gomathi Nayagam | Sr Software Engineer February 22, 2021, Vinod was a client of Amar -- Feb 2021

Our home buying experience with Amar and his team was extraordinary, not just once but twice. When we bought our first home six years back, Amar was able to get our first offer accepted in a highly competitive market with 15 other offers for the house. Amar and his team are very experienced, professional and perfect in closing the deals. We moved into our home precisely in 1.5 months after meeting Amar. With the same confidence level, we talked to Amar two months back to search for our new home. As expected, he and his team did fantastic work, and we were able to close the deal on our new house last week before the home being on the market. It’s our first offer second time buying a home. Time and again, Amar proved his Agent networking and master deal making skills. We believe it’s an impossible task for any other Realtor® in the Bay area but not for Amar and the team. Sri was regularly following up on updates and giving us first-hand information on all the properties we were looking for, thus saving us lot of our time and effort Though it’s not new for us, we were surprised by all of their pro-active measures. With Amar and his team’s help, we could get the house of our dream in a highly competitive market without any stress. We highly recommend Amar, Sri, and his team for our friends and others looking to buy their dream home.

RAHUL VARGHESE | Senior UX/UI Designer at ServiceNow July 24, 2016, Rahul was a client of Amar -- Jul 2016

“Wow! Don’t know how else to put it. Sri & Amar just nailed it. Myself & my wife were getting ready for a 1+ year house hunt process but Sri & Amar nailed it in less that a week – Wow. This is my first home and I knew its going to be difficult from day one as you’re not sure which is the right one for us espcecially with the kind of budget that you’ve. Believe me, Sri & Amar are just great with any type of budget. The best part of it is they become part of your family than just Realtors®. Coz what I’ve heard is most of the Realtors® just work like Realtors® but these guys work along with you as if they’re hunting for a house. Seriously not boasting off here coz my intention was to get a condo with whatever budget I’ve, but Sri & Amar wont just let you settle for that. Like I told you they consider you as their family and think about our furture as well and make sure WE INVEST PROPERLY. They got me a single family home appraised at 750K got us for 685K with the budget I had. They wanted to make sure that I buy a home than just a condo for which the appreciation is much less. That’s when I realized these guys are not like any other Realtors® out there who are running around to make some extra bucks. I would seriously recommed Sri & Amar to everyone out there. Here are some of the key highlights which made this a seamless experience for a first time home buyer – 1. THE BEST DEAL by ALL possible means – paid much lesser than the listing price – yup! you read that correctly. I paid much lesser than the listing price as these guys know whats the right price for a particluar home. They wont let you fall into that crazy bidding process. 2. PERFECT EXECUTION of the process 3. Winning HOME with RIGHT STRATEGY 4. PERSONALLY involved in ALL areas ( Escrow process, closing & more) 5. CO-ORDINATION with Escrow to ensure closing 6. COLLABORATION in informed decision making 7. Entire PROCESS GUIDANCE throughout Home BUYING PROCESS 8. Staying on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible. So in less than a month I’m moving into my dream home tomorrow. I still cant believe this is happening. Once again thanks a lot Sri & Amar – Jean, Rahul & Ethan.

Aravindh Baktha | Principal Architect at NVIDIA January 5, 2014, Aravindh was Amar’s client -- Jan 2014

I was relocating to Bay Area from Oregon and employed the services of Amar to buy a house in the Bay Area. I had about a month time to relocate to the Bay Area and didn’t have high expectations of buying a home in this short period of time. I worked with Amar remotely to short list homes we were interested in and then visited the Bay Area over a weekend to tour homes. Amar did a great job coordinating the tour and showing us houses in all the neighborhoods of interest. Amar sought to understand our needs and made sure we only saw houses that met our constraints. He gave us his assessment of the homes we saw but never pressured us in to making an offer. When we were ready to make an offer he made sure we truly satisfied before he wrote up the offer. During this process Amar was more like a friend to us than a real estate agent. Amar has a unconventional yet effective negotiating style. He his determined to get his client the best deal in all aspects on the home buying transaction. From negotiating the purchase price to getting the best deal in lending and closing costs and in working with the seller to complete issues identified during inspection, Amar’s commitment was unquestionable. Amar was engaged is all aspects of the buying process and ensured and that everything went smoothly through closing and beyond. Amar would follow up well after we’d moved in to our house to make sure things were going well. Again, Amar was more like a friend than a real estate agent. Amar efficient handling of all aspects of the home buying process made it possible for me to buy a house in the Bay Area in less than a month. This was way beyond my expectation. I’d strongly recommend Amar’s services to anyone looking to buying a home in the Bay Area.


This is about Amar and Team who were instrumental in making our dream come true to be the proud first time home buyer in Bay Area. In my whole review process, I want to highlight the dates as it’s highly important to look at the effectiveness, planning, process-driven, speed of execution, and the result-driven team that any buyer would like to wish for it. It was on Dec 14th, when I first found about Amar from a listing and decided to hit the button to reach out, and to my surprise, in no time he responded and we had a brief conversation about my home buying situation. It was then the Christmas Holiday week where no one works, Amar was kind enough to work late on a Saturday (Dec 22nd) late evening to meet us for the first time and explain the home buying process literally from A to Z as we knew nothing. On Sunday, Dec 23rd, without caring about the holiday or Christmas break, he drove all the way just to be with us to see a home that I sent him a message the previous night. We liked the home and decided on Sunday, Dec 22nd night to offer and informed Amar by email on Sunday, Dec 23rd late night. From here on are the most amusing part about how Amar and team made this happen and all these during the Christmas Holiday. Home Offer and Acceptance: Unlike other agents, Amar always puts himself into buyer situation and does thorough analysis/inspections before saying to yes for any offer. He formed a dedicated team and performed all necessary checks such as location analysis, comparable in the area, direction, litigation and all sorts of technical evaluations, discussed all of that with us and defined a clear plan and execution process so we got it all completed and decided to offer on Monday, Dec 24th. He worked closely with us, guided us thru the market around the area, value of the home in 6months vs 3yrs and so on and we were amazed with the level of knowledge and information he provided to us in deciding the best offer number. In this whole offer preparation process, while he has a quite different style of making then offer, he always made sure we have a plan B and plan C to act on which gave us a lot of confidence. Amar negotiation skills are phenomenal as he continued working with the seller agent after submitting the offer and negotiated the whole deal and convinced effectively to the seller side to accept the offer and he made it happen for us.