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Saurabh Deulgaonkar | Manufacturing Mechanical Engineer at Fitbit September 7, 2019, Saurabh was a client of Amar -- Sep 2019

A big and sincere thank you to Amar, Sri and team! We met Amar in his office back in May and he gave us a very detailed overview of the entire process. His knowledge about the market is extremely good and accurate! Since we were first time home buyers, we had very little knowledge how an offer is made but Amar with his exceptional negotiation, put in the right strategy to win us our home. Since it was our first experience, we had many questions. Sri answered all the questions properly with patience. Amar and his team are very professional and created a project plan during the execution phase. His team for other processes like Loan, Insurance, Home warranty etc. is excellent and professionals and helped close the deal in three weeks! Kudos to his entire team! From creating a strategy to end of closing, Amar and Sri were personally involved in each and every step from answering our questions to following up on the stake holders in home buying process. Their guidance was really helpful as not once we were skeptical about any decision that we took. They were always available any time of the day, whether after office hours or during weekends. The most important thing about buying a home, is that you have to be comfortable in making a decision and thanks to Amar and Sri, we were very comfortable in going ahead with our decision. This is exactly what a first-time home buyer looks for and Amar and his team are the best in making sure that the buyer is comfortable. Thank you, Amar, Sri and Team, for helping us secure our dream home! I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to buy a home. -Tanvi and Saurabh

Dani Abel Rayan | Co-Founder & CTO at CrowdChat March 17, 2014, Dani was Amar’s client -- Mar 2014

Amar is one of THE BEST Realtor® we have worked with. His execution is fast and at same time flawless. He correctly executed a strategy and put a winning bid. This was our first ever bid in Bay area and we won it!. The outstanding results itself speaks volumes about his execution and strategy winning the deal in crazy multiple offers situation in Bay area. Amar’s service goes beyond just winning the bid, he co-ordinated every step and engaged different stakeholders in timely manner to close the deal in the most efficient way. He has a great team of people who goes out of the way to provide exceptional service and guidance. He also managed get us a great savings in closing costs and very good interest rate without PMI. I’d gladly recommend Amar to any of my friends/colleagues/relatives and will definitely engage him for any future Home Buying/Selling.

Kishan Singh | Director, & October 30, 2013, Kishan was Amar’s client -- Oct 2013

We can describe our experience with Amar in single word “Superb!” This was our first home-buying experience and we have been looking for a good home for almost 6 months before we met Amar. The earlier agent could not close the deal even after putting multiple offers above the asking price and it was becoming a frustrating experience for us. Since day one, Amar was very engaged in every step of the process. He quickly understood our requirements around good school district, location of the home, price point, and big one was to be with vastu compliant for certain aspects. He engaged our whole family including our kids to understand everyone’s requirements and individual’s expectations from new home. One think we like about Amar is that he always puts himself in buyer’s shoes and evaluates like he is buying his own home. We found our dream home within a short span of time and that too within our price point. His patented style of putting winning offer, meticulous negotiation skills, and pro-active approach helped us closing the deal in this crazy seller’s market. He didn’t only help us getting the home but was personally involved in ALL areas including Appraisal, Inspection, Load processing, Escrow, and Closing processes. He uses his project management skills to develop a very well thought strategy and execution plan. He always stayed on top of everything, sometime a step ahead, to make sure that we move to our new home on time (before school opens). He took care of many items while we were away in India. We never bothered about anything other than signing the papers as we knew that Amar will take care of everything  He also took extra time to follow up with us to make sure that we have settled well in new home. Amar’s key strengths are developing relationships with seller’s agents, negotiation skills, and his extensive knowledge about market are priceless. Getting a home at the best possible price was quite tough in this competitive market and Amar has exceeded our expectations doing that for us. Amar’s logo E = MC² is a true representation of his service and he delivers 110% to justify it! We are very happy with our decision to choose Amar to represent us in our home buying process and we would certainly recommend him to anyone and everyone. A Very Big Thanks Amar…..

Deepak Karkala | Member Of Technical Staff, Engineer at PayPal September 6, 2020, Deepak was a client of Amar -- Oct 2020

We got in touch with Amar through Zillow, and that was the turning point in the house hunt that we were in for some time leading up to it. Amar and the team were very proactive from the get-go. They enthusiastically walked us through the milestones and the expectations for the entire home buying process. Amar did not let the ongoing pandemic situation come in the way of the process. He set up frequent video calls to keep us up on the proceedings and was available for text/call/email at any time of the day. I always felt that the whole team was still on top of things and understood our requirements and preferences. They provided invaluable tips and suggestions regarding the red flags while visiting a house. Their intricate knowledge of the neighborhoods and localities assisted us immensely. Amar and the team have been in this business for quite a long time, and it shows in the network of contacts they have in the Realty business. Once we liked a house, both Amar and Sri would get into action and dig deep into the disclosures and lay out the details in layman’s terms in front of us. They were making it very easy for us to budget for the move-in expenses if any. We ended up buying a house with the first bid that we created with Amar and the team. The house had more than 10 bids, and ours was not the highest bid for the house. But Amar and the team negotiated relentlessly and used their connections with the selling agent to pull it off for us. They ensured that we stayed in the loop throughout the negotiation process and let us make an informed decision. We are pretty sure we would not have won the bid if not for Amar and the team. Later, Amar was personally involved in connecting us with the lender, escrow, home insurance agent, and others at every stage through the closing process. He would follow up with each of the parties individually to ensure that we were on track for the closing date. He would frequently send us the updated tracker of the milestones throughout the process. It was a delight to have an agent who always had our back, which took much load off us. He made the entire home buying experience a walk in the park. Even after we moved into the house, he has been in touch with us, calling us frequently to check if everything was right. Post-move-in, he provided contact with his contractors for some home upgrades we wanted to do. Every communication that Amar has provided us has turned out to be extremely professional. That shows the dedication and hard work that the entire team has put in through the years to build a strong network. We highly recommend Amar and the team to anyone looking to buy a property, be it a first-time buyer or not. It has been a privilege working with Amar and the team. We look forward to our continued relationship in the future. Thanks, Amar, and team. You are the best.

Rahul Srivastava | Scientist, Staff II – Systems Design October 27, 2012, Rahul was Amar’s client -- Oct 2012

It gives me great pleasure to write about our home buying experience with Amar. Amar is one of the most hard-working and detail oriented professionals that I have seen. His preparation in listing comparisons and pros and cons of each property was extremely thorough and helpful. This enabled us to make decisions regarding a property in a timely manner with confidence. In addition to hard work, he works very efficiently to close a deal. Amar’s negotiation skills are par excellence and he was able to save us a bunch of money during the property purchase as well as in closing costs. In fact, we have authorised Amar to make an offer at the market value to get our ideal home, Amar was able to close our property deal before the final offer deadline that too 40K below house market value based on the recent sold comparables in that neighbourhood in multiple offers situation. YES. Amar made it possible with his right offer strategy and great interpersonal skills. Amar setup friendly meeting with seller, listing agent, and us to develop relationship/trust and then presented the offer package with right keys and communications. With Amar, you have total peace of mind as he does his job with total thoroughness and integrity. As first time buyers, we were unsure of a lot of things but Amar was able to guide us through the whole process without any hitches or difficulties. Another quality of Amar is that he is very patient and not pushy like some other Realtors®. He never nudged us into purchasing something that we were not sure about. In fact, when we were willing to lower our standards, Amar dissuaded us from considering houses that were not meeting our criteria. In addition to Amar’s considerable professional accomplishments, Amar is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. It is a real delight to interact with him on a personal level. Choosing Amar was our best decision in the house hunting process. In today’s market, when value proposition is everything, Amar is the man to close out deals with great value proposition and quality of the transaction.”

Sarabjeet Singh | Director of Engg at Cashedge February 22, 2012, Sarabjeet was Amar’s client -- Feb 2012

Amar is an excellent buyer’s agent who treats the whole process as if he is buying the house for himself. He gives sincere advice and listens to the buyer’s concerns and addresses them. He has great network of professional who he engages in the process at the right time – mortgage agent, inspectors, builder, etc. Amar and his team of professionals work hard to meet the deadlines and to execute to the agreed upon plan. Amar did some amazing work for us in the offer presentation and review process. There were multiple buyers bidding for the house and our offer was the lowest. Seller’s agent was putting lot of pressure on Amar to increase our offer to get a bidding war started. Amar read the seller’s agent’s situation correctly and did not give in to the pressure. We had almost given up hopes but Amar gave us a surprise by announcing that our offer was accepted. This could not have happened without Amar’s honed planning and negotiation skills. Once the offer was accepted, Amar took care of inspections, loan, and all the paperwork. He made it very easy for us. His negotiation skills and standing in the industry saved us lot of money in not just the house price but also in other areas as well. Many agents just disappear after the escrow is closed. Amar has been there to help us in many things even after the escrow closed. His unwavering dedication to buyer’s needs is what sets him apart from other agents. Thanks Amar!!

Raghavendran Hanumantharau | Senior Director Software Engineering May 6, 2021, Raghavendran was a client of Amar -- May 2021

Hi Amar: First of all, we’d like to thank you and Sri for your utmost professionalism and competency that helped us close our home. While we have been working with other realtors, the reason we chose you for our current property is (a) your strong recommendation by word-of-mouth from friends and family (b) your utmost rigor and structured way in executing the deal (c) your timely updates and (d) your expert market awareness. Your due diligence in sharing the disclosures, painstakingly going through the disclosure documents page-by-page with us, walkthrough of every aspect of the property, representing our interests to the client in a timely manner, following all procedures and generating correct documentation despite the speed of execution etc. all helped us close the deal. Thanks again for all your professionalism and support!  

Bhuplesh Gupta | Technical Consultant at Apple (Exilant) May 11, 2015, Bhuplesh was Amar’s client -- May 2015

Dear Amar, Sri, I am writing this letter to thank you for your hard work you both have put together in getting our first home. Buying a home is not like buying a car, where you go to showroom, select the model, negotiate the rate and drive home. Home buying is much more complicated and laborous, however, you made it so easy that it was like buying a car. Here are some of the points, I would like to highlight: In our first converstation over email, you introduced me to loan officer. That itself was a big milestone towards home buying. Your help there was really great. Sri understood our home requirements. She asked all right questions to find best matches and she did it. All of the properties she shared with us were meeting our expectation. Within 2 weeks (unbelievable), we were able to find our dream home. I have heard people spent months and months to find the right home. Once we finalized on the property, you were really fast in preparing an offer, which sellers could not resist with your exceptional negotiation skills. The offer was accepted even before due date. You helped in getting it closed within 2 weeks smoothly, which is awesome. Because of both of you, now we are proud owners of a great property. Thanks again and wishing you best of luck. Keep doing good things and help people find their dream home. Best Regards, Bhuplesh & Shilpa