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Smitha Idikuda | Software Engineer at VYOMI Solutions August 3, 2012, smitha was Amar’s client -- Aug 2012

We connected with Amar through a friend and some of our other church friends had provided very positive feedback. The commonality in all the feedback was that Amar was best at what he does, very reliable, and trustworthy. Our first meeting with Amar was mere exploratory but it turned out to be very valuable. Amar was knowledgeable about the real estate market and presented several data points that helped us with our decision making. We were relocating to East coast and decided to rent out our home after a short stint of putting the house for sale. We were convinced after first meeting that Amar was exceptional and would do the best. We requested him to takeover and initiate the process. Within two days, he setup open house, collected applications, analyzed the profiles and in a short order (less than a week) picked the best tenants. During this time, he provided a detailed plan on the next steps, kept us in loop on all the activities and made us his top priority. He is extremely good in filtering the right applicants. In summary, Amar is the best with creative thinking. Since then, Amar was always available for any questions and has been thoroughly professional. He has been in constant touch with the tenants to ensure a smooth and pleasant stay. We are very happy with Amar’s exceptional real estate service and would highly recommend Amar to anyone else that is looking for an excellent real estate agent. We bet that Amar would exceed all expectations. -Prashanth & Smitha

MANOJ DEVPURA | Sr. Systems Reliability Engineer at Nutanix December 30, 2016, Manoj was a client of Amar -- Dec 2016

We hired Amar as our Agent as buyer after referral from our friend. It was great working with Amar and team. Amar is knowledgeable, understanding, honest and extremely thorough. This was our first time buying a home, and Amar’s expertise and advice was invaluable. He was very patient and helpful, and maintained great communication throughout the entire process. We were about loose the house because of counter offers and Amar made all his effort and made sure we get this house. We really appreciate his patience to answer our queries. I am happy to recommend Amar, especially to first-time home buyers in need of some extra hand-holding.

NITIN GAONKAR | Senior Data Engineer October 29, 2018, Nitin was a client of Amar -- Oct 2018

We were looking for a good Realtor® for a while on Realtor® sites and that’s where we bummed into Amar on Zillow, I read the reviews which were really impressive, so I decided to shoot an email to Amar, following day I received an email with the meeting invite from Amar. We met Amar the following day and after the meeting we were really impressed with the amount of information and understanding Amar had about the home buying process and Bay Area home market. Amar had clearly defined steps for us to follow in the home buying process, he has a great team who work day in and day out until you they find a right home for you, His partner Sri has great understanding of South Bay home market and she is really good in communicating and explaining complex home buying processes in a simple way. Amar and his team really helped us through the entire process of home buying, right through negotiating, placing the offer, loan process, dealing with title companies, home insurance. Overall, we had a great home buying experience with Amar and his team, If you are buying your first home or if you need a great Realtor® I think Amar would be your best bet.I would highly recommend Amar for your Realtor® needs.

Kishan Singh | Director, & October 30, 2013, Kishan was Amar’s client -- Oct 2013

We can describe our experience with Amar in single word “Superb!” This was our first home-buying experience and we have been looking for a good home for almost 6 months before we met Amar. The earlier agent could not close the deal even after putting multiple offers above the asking price and it was becoming a frustrating experience for us. Since day one, Amar was very engaged in every step of the process. He quickly understood our requirements around good school district, location of the home, price point, and big one was to be with vastu compliant for certain aspects. He engaged our whole family including our kids to understand everyone’s requirements and individual’s expectations from new home. One think we like about Amar is that he always puts himself in buyer’s shoes and evaluates like he is buying his own home. We found our dream home within a short span of time and that too within our price point. His patented style of putting winning offer, meticulous negotiation skills, and pro-active approach helped us closing the deal in this crazy seller’s market. He didn’t only help us getting the home but was personally involved in ALL areas including Appraisal, Inspection, Load processing, Escrow, and Closing processes. He uses his project management skills to develop a very well thought strategy and execution plan. He always stayed on top of everything, sometime a step ahead, to make sure that we move to our new home on time (before school opens). He took care of many items while we were away in India. We never bothered about anything other than signing the papers as we knew that Amar will take care of everything  He also took extra time to follow up with us to make sure that we have settled well in new home. Amar’s key strengths are developing relationships with seller’s agents, negotiation skills, and his extensive knowledge about market are priceless. Getting a home at the best possible price was quite tough in this competitive market and Amar has exceeded our expectations doing that for us. Amar’s logo E = MC² is a true representation of his service and he delivers 110% to justify it! We are very happy with our decision to choose Amar to represent us in our home buying process and we would certainly recommend him to anyone and everyone. A Very Big Thanks Amar…..

Surendranath Gurivireddy | Chrome OS Software Engineer August 9, 2011, Surendranath was Amar’s client -- Aug 2011

Overall it’s been a very pleasant experience with Amar in buying our first home. I appreciate the time Amar spent coming to the show the property more than one time and over phone explaining all the issues related to the real estate transaction. For a first time buyer like me, lot of things were new. Amar was very prompt in responding and kept me posted regularly about the progress of the short sale and the closing of the escrow. I am impressed the way Amar handled the situation with the seller agent when the appraisal value came short of the offer price. Amar is very optimistic, knowledgeable in the local real estate market, friendly, easily approachable, patient and work towards the best interests of his clients. Amar is willing to spend lot of time with your clients to understand the needs and the individual situation. Amar also was in regular touch with the bank agent to make sure that loan process was going smoothly and made sure that I got good deal on the loan also. Overall, I am satisfied about the buying experience with Amar as agent and I strongly recommended him to my friends. Thank you very much Amar for all your help, guidance and support through the entire process of buying our first home. August 9, 2011, Surendranath was Amar’s client

Bhuvana Athavan | Teacher May 21, 2012, John was Amar’s client -- May 2012

We had been looking for homes for the past three months in Bay Area. We met Amar a month ago, and he seemed very knowledgeable in answering our questions in the process of buying a home. We started looking for houses with Amar. In EIGHT days, We found a house we just loved. Amar worked so hard and got us this house. He saved us $8000 in this whole process.He successfully closed the deal in just 3 weeks. Amar, We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for all of your assistance,guidance and advice in purchasing our home in San Ramon. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! You made the process of finding our dream home so nice & so quick.

Satish Morampudi | Software Engineering Manager October 8, 2019, Satish was a client of Amar -- Oct 2019

When we are not completely sure if we are going to purchase a home soon, we had met Amar for an initial conversation. Amar had completely changed our perception and walked us through the entire process. His attention to details is remarkable. We were convinced to start looking around for the interested homes and visiting open houses. However one day we came across this house in South San Jose, which we really liked it. We had let Amar know about the interest, the first question he had asked us is to go to the house to check the surroundings the next day and also think about the neighborhood thoroughly. Only when we had confirmed that we really liked the neighborhood, that’s when he started the ground work on his end. Within few hours on a Monday morning, he sent us all the documents relating to the house, with thorough summary to make sure there are no surprises. Amar, Sri and their team worked above and beyond to get all the information to make sure it is eligible to make an offer. Amar is really strategic to make an offer and really worked wonders until it was accepted by the seller! Amar and Sri were communicative for every information they had received during the process, it seemed like the notifications were through an automated bot but it was Amar :). They consider every client as their first client and personally get involved in every step pre, during and post closing of the purchase. They are thoroughly involved and helping for taking the right actions. Now we have a trusted Realtor® team in the bay area and I’m really confident for my next purchase with Amar, Sri and their team! Thank you!

Abhishek Rawat | Software Engineer at Cloudera August 9, 2020, Aathira was a client of Amar -- Aug 2020

Amar and Sri helped us buy our first home. We were lucky to have their guidance and expertise. They stayed on top of every activity throughout the process, ensuring that we successfully get the house of our dreams. Amar is a great negotiator. Because of his negotiation skills, our offer was accepted even though it was not the best offer for the seller. Amar used the right strategy focusing on our strengths, and as a result, we were able to win the house. Both Amar and Sri were easily accessible, and just an email/call/text away. Being first time home buyers, we needed much help, and they always kept us informed and helped us make the right decisions. There are many complicated steps in the process: loan approval, home insurance, home warranty, escrow, and closing. They were personally involved in every step. They helped us get the best possible service. With their help, we were able to get a low-interest rate from a well-known lender. They even helped us get the best possible insurance and warranty policy. The escrow process also went super smoothly. They worked tirelessly in the background for our success, ensuring that we do not have to worry about anything. In my opinion, it was a perfect execution, and I would highly recommend Amar and Sri.