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ANIL GIRI | H/W Diagnostics Engineer at Infinera April 12, 2016, Anil was a client of Amar -- Apr 2016

When we started our house hunting, we enquired our friends and they recommended Amar as go to person. They had purchased their house recently with Amar’s help and they had only good things to say about him. It made my decision simple. As a first home buyer we had lots of questions and apprehensions but Amar & Sri helped us at every step guiding and helping us in choosing right homes and bidding for it. They are very professional but at the same time make it a personal experience. Every house that we bid Amar made very serious and diligent effort and it made differentiation when finally we landed at our dream home. Kudos to them in seeing the deal go through. They made our home buying experience much simpler and smooth. But it didn’t ended just there, they helped us in our loan process and successfully closing the escrow without any hiccups. I will highly recommend their services to my friends. Thanks Amar & Sri.

CHANDRA SEKHAR DURISETY, PH.D | Vice President Manufacturing & Operations July 30, 2016, Chandra Sekhar was a client of Amar -- Jul 2016

Dear Amar and Sri, It has been a fantastic experience from the day we met you. I would say the key learning during my home buying experience was trust: Trust in your knowledge, providing proper guidance and keeping the promise. At the end, we are just ecstatic with the results. We have been quite skeptical from our past experiences over 8 months with other Realtors®. Once we understood Amar’s capabilities, and the support from the financial institution, we had tremendous confidence that we will be making our HOME run. We are the proof that we did reach our goal in our 2nd offer within a month. The fact that there was no counter offer, clearly shows the strategy planning and deal negotiation capabilities with Seller’s agent, combined with balancing the expectations of the buyer (my wife and I). The biggest surprise was the appraisal. In current time (mid-2016), the bids are usually substantially higher. I was pleasantly surprised to know that my appraisal was considerably higher than my bid, which shows the diligent hard-work and excellent deal negotiation capabilities from Amar and his team. I understand the true challenge lies after winning the bid, which is co-ordinating all the players (Loan officer, home warranty, insurance, Escrow officer and buyer of course) and bringing them to sync, for a timely and smooth closure. There are a slew of unknown parameters that could go against the smooth flow, but thinking through the process, proper planning could help make this journey as pleasant as it can be for everyone. I would say it has been an awesome experience from start to finish. For everyone, please note that this is an extremely team effort.

Kishore Aenugu | Systems Administrator at Exwire Inc. May 17, 2012, Kishore was Amar’s client -- May 2012

Amar was introduced to us through a colleague at work. We were first-time home buyers. From day one, he has been a very helpful and patiently explained us all the things involved and guided us throughout the process step by step. Amar’s excellent negotiation skills have seen us save more than $25k in various stages of the home buying process (offer price, loan credits or closing costs). He has also taken care of the rent back process to the seller, even though he was not required to do so. This above and beyond nature of Amar has helped us immensely in saving loads of money throughout the process. We are greatly indebted to Amar for getting us the home we wanted for a reasonable price and helping us in every possible manner in getting it done with the minimum cost to us. Every time, we felt that we were missing out because of some issues, Amar has pulled off seemingly impossible things through his proven strategies, sure-fire negotiations, and contacts. Words cannot express our gratitude to Amar in helping us buy this home. Thanks a lot, Amar, for making us feel important and standing by us in every aspect in the process.

Sridhar Narasimham | Engineering Manager at Maximum Integrated May 20, 2015, Sridhar was Amar’s client -- May 2015

I contacted Amar based on the positive reviews that I read online. In a competitive seller¹s market, it is very important to have an efficient Realtor® who can represent you well & can get the job done. Amar & team got on the job right away. He has a great team and I got pre-approved at lightning speed. Amar & Sri worked with us and counseled us on our house requirements, the factors to consider and the locations we should consider. With that help we identified our target homes that we wanted to place an offer on. Amar put together a very good offer package and we got accepted, though we were not the highest offer. Our first offer was accepted at $20K less than the highest offer. We witnessed entire Amar offer presentation with seller and listing agent. We didn¹t even get a chance to make an 2nd offer out to our second target. Amar was able to negotiate many small components of the house closing that added up to a BIG SUM over $7K. His team was also excellent and the financing portion etc. closed in a record time. His support team is robust to survive any hiccups during the entire process. What continues to impress me about Amar is that he stayed engaged in the whole Home buying process and closed the HOME for us in a RECORD TIME. I higly recommend Amar.

Vishwanatha Bhat | Manager at GoPro October 25, 2013, Vishwanatha was Amar’s client -- Oct 2013

Amar and his team did a great job in my home buying experience. He is trustworthy and very knowledgable in the bay area real estate and has very good team of professionals to help us in all the steps if home buying.

PRABUKUMAR BALASUBRAMANIAN, CSM | Business Intelligence Manager February 3, 2019, PRABUKUMAR was a client of Amar -- Feb 2019

When it comes to customer service, Amar you are the best we have seen so far. Top star rating for you and your team Following are few of the highlights in our Journey – We liked really the way you organized the Home buying process in to multiple stages. First meeting was very great, where you explained all the steps to me and assured that you will be part of our journey till we get the keys – When you had some commitments, you immediately assigned it to one of your best team member – No questions asked when we asked Alicia to guide us on visiting the homes multiple times. She was available whenever we requested her to accompany us for the home search. Wonderful person to work with. Your team is extremely knowledgeable in the Home selection process be it recommendations or the details of the houses – Sri was awesome in going through the neighbourhood and the details surrounding the area giving us the PROS and Cons – Highlight is your contacts with respect to home closing. Your team is the best when it comes to making the life of Buyers smooth and easy o Sara and her team Sheila, Ozzie are the best lenders from BOA team. They were backing us at every stage and helped in closing the loan faster. Sara helped us in many ways in terms of applying the closing costs to the loan and also arranging for the best interest rate. She also spoke to the seller agent to give the confidence to the buyer. Notary even praised the BOA team in putting the documents neatly arranged o Gail and Andrea did their job in making sure all the best warranties are available to us. I did not have to research on this and spend my time. Overall my experience was awesome and anytime I will recommend you and your team for any future home buyers. I can be of reference if you need my inputs for any of your future.

Prasanjeet Das | Lead Application Engineer at Cadence Design Systems April 19, 2019, Prasanjeet was a client of Amar -- Apr 2019

” The young guys are all fascinated with the shining stuff, they forget that it is the land that appreciates and not the house” – Amar. I was always for a single-family home to raise a family and the above words of wisdom from Amar re-enforced the value of a single-family home. Selecting a Realtor® is the foremost important thing in the whole buying experience. It is as critical as the doctor you select for your child birth. Some says the first house is like the first child – exciting and scary at the same time, hence you need a trusted alley to share your worries and joy with. For my first home I started looking into online portals and as well connecting with friends about their experience with Realtors®. One particular review on Zillow caught my eye where the lady mentioned about how Amar and team helped over the “vacation period” of late December and early January to close a house that they liked. Coming from a technical sales consulting background I knew such a heartfelt customer review can only be from someone who has truly felt a superior experience and I decided to drop a mail to Amar. “Yesterday the chance of you getting the house was 0.01%, today it is 5%. We will do our work and if this house is in your fate, you will get it” – Sri while discussing the counter-offer. It all started towards Early March and by March end we have our first ever offer accepted on a five Bedroom house in a prime locality with good schools and view of the hills. To be very frank the house that we eventually now own, we never thought that we can even think of bidding on something like that. Just as a dry run to understand the process, we asked Sri (Amar’s wife) for her opinion. From that day both Sri and my wife Swati were equally excited about the house. Amar did all the heavy lifting, but Sri was the calming yet excited influence that made all the difference. We were looking for a Realtor® but got a Realtor® family instead. Not to mention the super competent team of lender (Sara), insurance (Gail) and so on. The truth and trust in the whole experience is what mattered the most for me. House hunting is curious event, I was even enticed by other Realtors® to switch for extra closing credits. But when you are looking to bid on houses that are even older than yourself, you can’t be penny-wise pound-foolish. You need a wise experienced person and who better than a X high tech executive who now works passionately to make people dreams come true. I am not going to parrot all the qualities – negotiation, execution, collaboration … that one can get in any other review for Amar. Just consider this – “being a PhD myself I revere in reading documents. But since Amar was involved and was providing crisp and concise summaries. I did not read any of the huge reports – inspection, title, appraisal …” If you want a pleasant no fuss home buying experience, then I can say without any prejudice Amar and team is the way to go…

AVINASH RENUKA | Staff II IC Design Engineer at Broadcom October 30, 2017, Avinash was a client of Amar -- Oct 2017

Hi Amar I would like to use this opportunity to thank you and Sri for helping me and my wife to find our dream home. You guided us in each step like a dependable friend and getting us in right direction in the home buying process. We were clueless on the entire home buying process in the beginning, wandering in different directions with different thoughts. You not only helped us understand what we really wanted as our home but also made us realize our potential of buying a property in the bay area.. Your good reputation in the market along with your passion and dedication for work is truly commendable. It’s really extraordinary that the way you executed the perfect plan by following up on every details to close the deal in 18 days without much friction. We appreciate your entire team who works closely and swiftly to win a deal. We are truly humbled to have you as our agent. I specially thank Sri for dedicating lot of time for us and being available all the time to answer our queries and concerns. You guys would be a perfect choice for young couples like us to win a dream house. Thank you once again.