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Venkata Duvvuri | Data Science Analytics Machine Learning April 2, 2019, Venkata was a client of Amar -- Apr 2019

We met you the first week of September for your guidance to buy a new property and sell our existing one. Your out of the box suggestions helped us when we first approached you to help us with sale of our property and a subsequent purchase of another one in San Jose. Your suggestions helped us decide to go immediately for a purchase of a San Jose property believing the market was moving towards a buyers’ market and later consider a sale or renting of our older one. Additionally, we did see our current (new) home immediately with you in early September. Your advice on a property in Trestlewood ln. was timely. It helped us avoid pursuing a property despite its apparent appeal. This helped us understand your integrity. Later, your first and subsequent offers over Belington st. property was convincing and correct. You understood our financial limitation as well as capacities. You did not chase the markup of the property in spite of us wanting the property. It helped us avoid a hyper bidding scenario when I believed in a real estate slow down during that timeframe. This convinced us about your negotiating capabilities and patience. Finally, when we were about to make an offer for our current new home, your due diligence in figuring out the logistics in spite of it being a convoluted transaction due to ‘abstract judgement’ convinced that you were the person we would go with for the offer and contractual engagement for our new home.

Hansini Venkatesh | Lead Internal Auditor at Silicon Valley Bank January 11, 2021, Hansini was a client of Amar -- Jan 2021

Amar and Sri are rockstars! This is the TEAM to go to if you aspire to have the best home. Where do I start? Well, let me start from the beginning. This is our second home. We did buy our first home with Amar’s guidance. So we are aware of the home buying process, which can be stressful. Amar did go through the process before starting, and I understood a digital transformation and framework that I did not see during my first home purchase. This impressed me since being the best REALTOR® in the country. Amar continually works on improving the process to make it seamless for his clients. We were not in a rush as we have a home to live in and wanted to find the right next home. This is where my favorite support pillar comes in – Sri. She is just amazing. I can vouch that she is here for your best interest, and she doesn’t care if she loses a deal. Sri always advises on the house based on your family needs – First-time buyer? Do you have kids? Are you looking for an investment or something you want to call home? Do you need a backyard? Will the house appreciate it? She will give her best opinion and looks out for you as if you are her family. That is what stands out. I was surprised when Amar asked about our opinion on a property. Sri replied before saying it is not the ideal property and continuing looking. That moved me. You can pick up your phone and chat with her as you would with your family. All you get is honesty. Now we found our ideal home, and then comes the master negotiator – Amar. He won us the deal when people were willing to pay way more. This sometimes looks unreal but trust me – THIS IS TRUE. He presents your value in both financial and emotional terms – That is what closes deals. You either pay a lot more and buy or pay just the right and complement other intangibles that Amar brings and win. You decide! Now, after we won the deal, Amar, as always, signs up for fast closure. We wanted to close this in 25 days, given Christmas, New year holidays and the ongoing pandemic. Nothing Stops AMAR and his team. He has the best team to get everything in place. We did have few challenges in closing on time – I won’t go into details – but Amar assured me not to worry. He said that this is his family’s deal and he would close it on time. And guess what, he did. I told him I would want to close it on 01/8 as it is an auspicious day. He made sure that we had the notary come in on the day for our signature, and he recorded it the same day and gave us the key. This is unprecedented given the pandemic. I want to reiterate that I will always BUY or SELL only with Amar, and I recommend you all to do the same. I always say that Amar is a sponge – He absorbs all the pressure and makes sure you enjoy the home buying process. I enjoy working with this GREAT team!

Satheesha C.H Gowda | AWS Certified Solutions Architect, November 27, 2020, Satheesha was a client of Amar -- Nov 2020

When I enquired in my network for a Realtor®, whom I can count upon for buying a dream home, few names came up; among all, Amar and Sri stood out on the list. Soon after, I met Amar in person and was amazed by his background as a techie, in-depth knowledge of the local market, genuine care for their clients, willingness to go the extra mile to help first-time buyers like us. Amar and Sri have been very instrumental in looking at the property from various angles (value proposition, neighborhood, school district, and what not) and steering us towards winning our dream home through the right strategy, best negotiation by all possible means, flawless execution, and personally involved in every step of the process(Escrow, Mortgage, Home Insurance/Warranty, Closing, Referrals for remodeling contractors/Re-Keying and the list goes on and on) from scheduling the tour of the property to scheduling the house warming ceremony. It was a one-stop solution for all Real Estate needs, and I am glad I was in the right hands. Honestly, I couldn’t thank Amar and Sri enough for going the extra mile to make this entire process so pleasant and seamless. One of the best decisions I made to work with you. You exceeded all our expectations. I firmly believe this collaboration will last long. We would highly recommend Amar, Sri & his entire team searching for the right home per your need, collaboration in making an informed decision, proper deal negotiation, flawless execution, and seamless experience throughout. Thank you, Amar and Sri! You are the BEST in the valley!

Nithya Shivamani | SOFTWARE ENGINEER APRIL 26, 2020, NITHYA WAS A CLIENT OF AMAR -- Apr 2020

When we decided to purchase the home, we had lots of questions related to the purchase. We met Amar at the Palo Alto office. Amar guided us through the steps of the home buying process and gave us everything we needed to get started with the process. He has an excellent team that works tirelessly throughout the home buying process. As a first time homebuyer, we are always curious about the process and had a lot of questions. This is where Sri Amar comes into the picture. She patiently listened to all our concerns and advised accordingly at each stage of the home buying process. These questions ranged from how zip codes attract a premium, Sri duly answered school districts and bidding process, etc. Amar and Sri Amar would let the clients do the survey of the property independently. They never forced any opinions on the house and very patient until we are functionally like the house. Once we like, they go through all the disclosures and patiently explain everything in detail. On the offer date, Amar worked with the lender and put forward a competitive offer on the table and got the property that we call our home at a great deal. These were the times when “Shelter-in-place” was announced in CA. During “Shelter-in-place”, there were delays associated with appraisals and Amar kept the seller agent and others in the loop. We were in the housing market for less than a month and Amar helped us to get the property we would call it our home. We were more than happy about closing the deal. In the whole process, we had some great interactions with Sri Amar, who would provide valuable insights. We are extremely pleased with our home buying process and our association with Amar & Sri Amar. We would definitely recommend Amar and Sri Amar to our friends and family. Thanks for making this come true so early and we appreciate all the efforts put by this efficient team.

ADITYA RANE | Software Engineer at Apple December 12, 2016, Aditya was a client of Amar -- Dec 2016

Amar and Sri helped us get our very first home and boy that was a great experience! They helped us get past the “first time home buying expectations” of everything being new and shiny to actually looking at the potential and real estate value of a house when we were house hunting. Amar was very patient with us and helped us to fully consider all similar options available. Once we decided to put an offer on this house, Amar and Sri helped us come to a price point which would give us the best chance of acceptance. Amar followed up with the seller agent all along after the offer was submitted. The sellers had some doubts about our financial situation given we had put the best offer possible and had not provided proof of additional funds to cover a situation like a low appraisal. Amar talked the seller’s agent through their doubts and assured them ours was the best and clean offer. Our offer was accepted in the first go! No counter offer, nothing! Amar has quite the negotiation skills! Well, as the sellers had feared, the appraisal from Bank Of America came in lower by about 40K. Additionally over the same weekend the interest rates on housing loans went up, putting us in a tough spot. If we decided to go with another appraisal with another bank, that would mean getting a higher rate of interest. We did decide to go with Wells Fargo. Our agent was Yogesh Rane, who by the way was amazing as well. He got us an appraisal and loan approval within 4 days! The appraisal came in at 5K above the selling price and we were relieved. Amar used this situation to re-negotiate the price with the sellers, all in the background and brought the selling price down by 20K! Bringing the price down in this hot seller’s market in the bay area is a feat only Amar could have pulled off. By the time we closed, we had already made 25K equity on the house! While the mortgage application was being processed, Amar was in constant communication and kept all the parties in the loop. Amar coordinated the whole process of escrow and closing. My wife and I had an amazing buying experience. We would love to work with Amar again if we are back in the market in the future.

Saikat Kundu | Senior Technical Lead at Yahoo May 4, 2021, Saikat was a client of Amar -- May 2021

We decided to work with Amar after looking at his great reviews on Zillow. He exceeded all our expectations. We were proud homeowners within a month of our house search. As first-time home buyers, we had a lot of questions about the process, location, and price. Amar and Sri patiently answered all our questions. In the first meeting itself, Amar came up with a clear plan on handling the entire home buying process. He helped us understand that there are many aspects of the house that we need to look at other than appearance. In this market of multiple offers, getting the offer accepted is one of the most challenging things. Sri helped us in getting quick appointments to tour the houses that we were interested in. When we informed Sri that we liked one of the houses, Amar went through all the inspection reports and disclosures to ensure no red flags and massive repair costs after buying the house. They provided their honest opinion on every property that we selected. Now comes the most challenging part of how much to offer for the home. Sri helped us a lot to suggest a price that will improve our chances of getting the offer accepted and ensure that it’s within our budget. With multiple offers on the house, including cash offers, the seller was planning to go for counteroffers which could have raised the price of the house even higher. At one point, we already lost hope. But Amar was able to convince the seller’s agent that our offer was one of the best, and it was accepted. I don’t have words to thank Amar for his hard work and effort. Amar and Sri had been very friendly, responsive, and handheld us throughout the home buying process. We made the right decision to work with Amar and Sri.

VIKHYATH REDDY MARAPADAGA | Engineering February 24, 2016, Vikhyath Reddy was a client of Amar -- Feb 2016

It was a great pleasure working with Amar, Sri and his team on our first home and we would like to THANK YOU for all the work you have done. From giving you a call for the first time to getting keys in hand, 60 days flat which includes a 3 week christmas break. We picked a home that we liked after looking at different properties and you got us the keys to the house in less than 30 days (including pre-approval, negotiation ~ 31 competing offers, appraisal, closing etc.). We knew we picked the right set of folks to work with on our first call itself. Your follow ups with the seller, their Realtor®, banks and escrow in a 31 offer scenario is outstanding. You made that happen with flawless execution with first offer. It is very likely other 31 offers were from more experienced buyers, we being in the market for the first time *without an all cash offer* and winning the contract on a $5K less than our upper bound with seller contributing towards closing costs, speaks volumes about the hard work you and your team put in. Your network of working with banks and other related parties makes the home buying experience much more smoother than one could imagine in the hot bay area real estate market. We look forward to working with you on many more real estate needs to come.

Deenababu Kondubhatla, PMP, ITIL | Lead Application Systems Analyst October 14, 2012, Deena babu was Amar’s client -- Oct 2012

It gives me great pleasure to share my dream home buying experience through Amar Amarnath as my Realtor®. It just took 70 days from the time I decided to buy a home to the close of escrow.Amar helped me in taking the right decisions in each and every step of the home buying process.Amar look at the value proposition of the property before making the recommendation to his clients. The great quality I saw in Amar was in providing unbiased feedback when I had to decide on something. Being the president of a non profit international telugu organization ‘SiliconAndhra’, I have come across many Realtors® in the market but I am very lucky that I have choosen Amar as my Realtor®. His integrity, client-first approach, community expertise, dynamism, in-depth market knowledge and great negotiating skills helped me not only in buying my dream home but also saved more than $31368 dollars overall. His strengths described above helped me to close the deal even before the house was out on the open house for sale besides convincing the seller to accept the offer for $14k less than the list price in high demanding sellers market.