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GANESH BHAT | Technical Program Manager May 31, 2016, Ganesh was a client of Amar -- May 2016

We started working with Amar & Sri from March this year, when we started searching for a place to call HOME. Amar patiently listened to all our needs and answered questions we had in mind. He guided us through all process and has gone above and beyond his call-of-duty duty to accomplish my Home Ownership dream a Realty. Most of the questions I have asked were responded with–in hours by Amar and his team throughout the process. Once we identified the house we liked it, Amar perfectly EXECUTED. Amar worked round the clock to come up with a very clean and enticing offer strategy which resulted in us winning the bid at lesser than listing price in a multiple bid scenario. Amar brilliantly structured the contract in a way that seller pays 5K towards the closing. Amar also personally involved in each and every step of the process from loan to escrow closing and was providing valuable tips throughout the process. He provided me with the status every week on the progress we are making towards escrow closing. We were able to close escrow ahead of time with him being on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible. Amar had a great TEAM in place to help us with documentation, loan, insurance, security. Each one of them is highly capable and thoroughly professional. I am very confident to say that Amar is THE BEST AGENT we could have got for our home search and I am big fan of his end-to-end Execution peacefully.

Sheila Mani | Finance Manager July 30, 2014, Sheila was Amar’s client -- Jul 2014

In Feb 2014, through a reference from a Mortgage Banker at Wells Fargo (Gezal Nawabi) walked into our lives Amar Amarnath and his teammate, Alicia Sandoval.After the very first conversation we had with Amar over the phone, we sensed that we had made the right choice. To quote Amar’s first words to us “don’t worry, we will put you in your new home by June”. Time was eventually going to tell us how true his words were! Amar and Alicia came to our home on a Sunday. Their approach to the home buying process was so scientific and methodical. They took the time and patience to understand our requirements and with their vast experience, gave us valuable feedback about what we were doing wrong. Within 2 hours they streamlined our search area in the East Bay, which brought the much needed clarity to our home buying process. After several Open House visits, we finally came across a beautiful home in the Irvington school district. We made a very competitive offer. Amar and Alicia displayed their experience and negotiation skills while presenting our offer. Amar worked quickly to channelize all his resources and influence (to the extent of getting the Managing Director of the Brokerage House to send an email on our behalf to win the bid). It was heartening to watch Amar work so selflessly for us.They truly cared about getting us a home and it was not just a Business for them. We lost the home by a miniscule $$. It hurt all of us very badly. Amar and Alicia, who had now become family to us, would call and email us every day to console and give us hope again proving to us that they were more than just Real Estate Agents.They genuinely care for their clients. Amar and Alicia would always say to us “Good things happen to good people and the right home is just around the corner”. In May 2014, a beautiful home came up in the same Irvington community. Amar and Alicia worked relentlessly with so much passion to get us the advantage on this home. They stayed up till 1:00am in the early hours of the morning presenting our case favorably to the Listing agent and the Sellers. It was touching to watch them work so genuinely hard for us. Finally at 1:00am on June 3rd, 2014, we got a message saying we had won the bid after competing against 17 OFFERS which included an all Cash offer. Amar’s brilliant negotiation skills won us the home without having to overpay in a highly competitive cut throat bid war. Amar and his team continued to amaze us during the closing process when he told us “now just relax and enjoy,we will take care of everything”. His team took care of everything -Escrow, Insurance, Warranty. We closed Escrow in a record 21 days. All other paperwork and documentation was completed to perfection by this wonderful team. We are overwhelmed and filled with gratitude to Amar and his team. To every person out there looking for a home, this is THE ONLY TEAM you should work with. Samanyu, Sheila & Sathya

SATHISH KUMAR | Lead Test Engineer at Aruba July 29, 2015, Satish was a client of Amar -- Jul 2015

This was our First Home Buying Experience. Initially, We are not sure where/How to start. We came to know about Amar through the Zillow and were looking and reading about his reviews on his website and decided go with Amar (This was our First Realtor® too). Later, We mailed him about for enquiring about a property/pre-approval process. He responded back the next day morning and clearly explained about the home buying process. After getting our pre-approval process done, Amar came to our house for explaining/clarifying our doubts/questions/house requirements we had in mind. In the process of searching our houses, Amar and Team had helped us on whenever needed day/night to view the property at our own convenience. Once we liked the property, Amar started the signed procedures as promptly and followed up the Seller’s Realtor® on negotiating the deals and offer. He is very good in following up with the lenders about the Buyer’s Loaning info/other information. After signing the offer, and our offer got selected inspite of other High Bid Offers. Amars Team Followed up daily with the lender in getting the Loan Approval/status of the loan at every step on time without any delays. He was working with the Escrow Officer in getting documents signed to close the purchase agreement on time. Overall it was very Excellent experience for us working with Amar and his Team for their Dedication on Home Buying Experience Completlng the Entire Process Smoothly with the Winning Strategy. Our Home Purchase agreement Process was done completed within a month. Definitely We would recommend Amar’s Team for a Smooth and Dedicated Home Buying experience.

Asok Tiyyagura | Data Center Switching at IBM September 19, 2013, Asok was Amar’s client -- Sep 2013

Amar was excellent at guiding us throughout the process and making our first time home buying process a pleasant experience. He is patient and listened to all our needs. He personally visited the property to evaluate its pros and cons and discussed them with us before making the offer and tried to get us the best deal by all possible means. Amar had the right strategy in winning the property for 15K less than the authorized price under multiple offer scenarios. He also negotiated to extend the escrow by moving the closing date further to save $$$ and recovered about 3K from lender/seller to help cover closing costs. Amar was on top of every activity and was personally engaged during each step including appraisal, loan, escrow and closing. Bottom line, with his flawless execution, I felt confident with Amar on our side during this entire process and sincerely appreciate his close collaboration in helping us get our dream Home.

Carl White | Carl White is the Founder of The Marketing Animals January 16, 2012, Carl was Amar’s client -- Jan 2012

Amar comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to “give first”. You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Amar as I have. Respectfully Submitted, Carl White

LOKESH BALCHA | Software Development Engineer at Yahoo August 22, 2016, Lokesh was a client of Amar -- Aug 2016

First and the foremost, I would like thank Amar from the bottom of my heart for helping us with our Home buying experience. My wife and I moved to the Bay area in California a few years ago. Since then, we have been renting apartments at different places. Quite recently, we realised it would be nice to have a spacious home of our own, that way we can start creating memories. We started to explore for the perfect Realtor® who will suit our requirements. Through my wife’s family, we got introduced to Amar. The first time we met Amar, He outlined the House buying process and understood our requirements well. Amar make our dream come true in less than a week. The very next day following the day we met him, we started receiving emails from Sri (Amar’s wife) and Amar regarding the listings in the neighbourhood we had requested for. My wife and I short listed and with the help of Sri, we checked the first home of our interest. Meanwhile, Amar and Sri suggested we get the pre-approval for our loan from the Bank. We did accordingly. With the pre-approval we were all set to look for our perfect home. As this was our very first home visit, we had yen number of questions. Sri and Amar patiently answered all our queries and cleared our doubts. Amar and Sri gave us lot of valuable suggestions and advised us to proceed with this property and put an offer on the house. Further, Amar also suggested we place an offer for 10k lesser than the listed price. We did accordingly and that was the night of Thursday. Kudos to Amar and Sri’s excellent negotiation skills! They were able to impeccably sense the pulse of the seller and we got our offer accepted on the morning of Saturday with no counter offer. It was a joyous moment for all of us and we couldn’t thank Amar enough. We proceeded with the inspection on the house and it took about a couple of days for that to get done. Amar promptly sent us the inspection reports and set up a conference call with us to explain us each line mentioned in the report with great detail. I don’t know if other Realtors® take so much trouble and go to this extent of sitting down with you and baby you with so much care. Once we discussed the report and the expenses that followed, we came to understand that there were some immediate expenses that needed to be taken care of it. My wife and I were in dilemma if we had enough funds to bear the immediate expenses on the house. He calmly listened to our concerns and believe it or not, the next day we heard the news from Sri that Amar had negotiated with the seller and made them agree to pay for the initial expenses on the house. My wife and I were speechless on hearing this news. Amar never ceases to amaze us! We thanked him profusely for his absolutely selfless and dedicated effort. We are the proud home owners. Thanks to Amar and his team for walking us through our home buying experience in California and making our dreams come true.

Uma Maheswara Rao Gangumalla | Principal Software Engineer at Cloudera April 1, 2021, Uma Maheswara Rao was a client of Amar -- Jun 2021

Dear Amar and Sri Amar, We are incredibly thankful to you both for your extraordinary efforts in winning our house in a very tough competition. We realized that to win an offer needs deep knowledge in the market, connections, the right strategy, negotiation skills, and you are at the top in all of those aspects. Within two months, we could win the house, and that’s just my second offer. We should highlight that Sri Amar helps explain and clarify all our doubts in the process. Right from winning the offer, you executed the plan quickly, and we never felt stressed anywhere in the process. Our strong recommendation to any of our friends is that, if you are serious about buying a house, don’t waste time. Just go to Amar. He will win your dream home for you.

KARTHEEK PASAM | Cisco Systems December 30, 2018, Kartheek was a client of Amar -- Dec 2018

Amar and his team recently helped me buy my first home. We are very satisfied with the whole experience and I strongly recommend Amar to anyone looking to buy a home. Here are some major milestones where his team’s experience and expertise made all the difference. 1. First meeting with Amar: Amar understood my requirements, walked me through his process and introduced his team. All I had to do was to visit open houses. I knew that I can leave other considerations about the neighborhood specifics and disclosures/inspection reports to the experts in his team. This clarity accelerated my home search process. 2. Open Houses review phone calls: His partner Sri listened patiently to my opinions, preferences and shared her detailed feedback about every home on my list. Her inputs helped me to narrow down and rank my preferences. Sri was very proactive in making things happen when we just had hours left before the offer deadline for a particular home that we were interested in. 3. Offer Process: Amar provided a clear and crisp summary of all disclosures and Sri had an elaborate call with me to help me decide on my offer price, terms and conditions. It would have been impossible for me to make a decision in such a short span if not for their expert guidance. They both did a fantastic job by walking me through all steps until the offer was accepted. 4. Execution: I had to travel out of the country during the closing window and I was concerned about being away during the execution process, But Amar, Nicole and rest of the team were on top of the game and provided timely updates to help me gauge on how we were moving forward. The whole team worked like a well-oiled machine in bringing this to closure. Once again, we are really thankful to Amar and team for making this possible with their professional execution. We would rate his team a perfect 10.