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ADITYA RANE | Software Engineer at Apple December 12, 2016, Aditya was a client of Amar -- Dec 2016

Amar and Sri helped us get our very first home and boy that was a great experience! They helped us get past the “first time home buying expectations” of everything being new and shiny to actually looking at the potential and real estate value of a house when we were house hunting. Amar was very patient with us and helped us to fully consider all similar options available. Once we decided to put an offer on this house, Amar and Sri helped us come to a price point which would give us the best chance of acceptance. Amar followed up with the seller agent all along after the offer was submitted. The sellers had some doubts about our financial situation given we had put the best offer possible and had not provided proof of additional funds to cover a situation like a low appraisal. Amar talked the seller’s agent through their doubts and assured them ours was the best and clean offer. Our offer was accepted in the first go! No counter offer, nothing! Amar has quite the negotiation skills! Well, as the sellers had feared, the appraisal from Bank Of America came in lower by about 40K. Additionally over the same weekend the interest rates on housing loans went up, putting us in a tough spot. If we decided to go with another appraisal with another bank, that would mean getting a higher rate of interest. We did decide to go with Wells Fargo. Our agent was Yogesh Rane, who by the way was amazing as well. He got us an appraisal and loan approval within 4 days! The appraisal came in at 5K above the selling price and we were relieved. Amar used this situation to re-negotiate the price with the sellers, all in the background and brought the selling price down by 20K! Bringing the price down in this hot seller’s market in the bay area is a feat only Amar could have pulled off. By the time we closed, we had already made 25K equity on the house! While the mortgage application was being processed, Amar was in constant communication and kept all the parties in the loop. Amar coordinated the whole process of escrow and closing. My wife and I had an amazing buying experience. We would love to work with Amar again if we are back in the market in the future.Print this entry

Mahesh Machineni | Tech Leader at Cisco April 19, 2013, Mahesh was Amar’s client -- Apr 2013

In my opinion, Amar is the best real estate agent in Bay Area. When we started looking to buy a home, Amar was very instrumental in deciding the area. He has good knowledge of the good residential areas around Bay Area. He is very friendly, understands our needs carefully. We are very particular about the direction and vasthu of the home. Amar was always available to see every house and provide his honest opinion about each home. Because of his vast experience and deep interest in real estate, Amar is able to provide the best feedback; he is very patient and gives great attention to buyer’s needs. Amar treats it as buying his own home. Amar documents each home we considered; which greatly helped us in making final decision. When we finally decided to make an offer, Amar presented the offer in a very unique and most effective way (Amar’s patented style of presenting an offer) to win the offer in multiple offer situation (over 20 offers). He not only won the offer even though it was not the highest offer, also saved us very good amount of money in the whole process. Most importantly, there was more competing offer to seller from listing agent’s office. With Amar’s unique approach and proven strategy, we were able to win our offer in virtually impossible situation. I have personally experienced Amar’s spellbinding offer presentation and creativity with sellers and listing agent. In today’s’ market, Amar makes a BIG difference in winning deals with clients interest in heart. Amar followed up with the seller agent very proactively in a professional way. He has best network of Loan Agents and Escrow Agents, hence we were able to close the escrow in record time. The loan Agent Yogesh has always been available, very responsive and got me the best possible rate due to Amar’s relationship and closed the loan in a very short period of time. Amar also has the best network of home improvement contractors, plumbers, pet control contractors. Amar communicates each Key Mile Stones (KMS) in home buying process steps in detail. The entire home buying process from acceptance of the offer to closing of escrow is very pleasant and smooth and exceeded all my expectations. Thank you very much Amar. I highly recommend Amar as a Real Estate agent for right guidance (extremely critical), peace of mind transaction (very important), and value proposition (tangible results). Print this entry

HARI KRISHNA SIRIPURAM | Lead Engineer-IT (DevOPs/SRE) April 30, 2018, Hari Krishna was a client of Amar -- Apr 2018

We would like to start with big thank you to Amar & Sri for getting us our dream home.Honestly we are lucky that we met Amar & Sri, so our home buying experience was very smooth and closed in less than 14 business days (was like a all cash closure). We met Amar through our colleague review and also by LinkedIn references. Amar is very detailed oriented person, explained us whole home buying process, market conditions, loan process, home searching process and introduced us to Sri. Sri is an excellent person, who has great dedication, patience and very committed towards clients satisfaction. We liked a property, and forwarded details to Sri, she did thorough research on the property and provided her feedback that about home condition, neighborhood, city developments around that property and also potential hazards around the property. Since it was our first home and very new to bidding process, Sri explained every step very patiently, actually we called many times even late nights..but Sri explained everything very in detailed and never hesitated. Sri introduced us to a bank loan officer, who is a nation No.1 ranking mortgage officer and got us approval over night with an unbeatable APR. Personally we have learned a lot while working with Sri, and definitely felt she is like our family member. In next step Amar got all disclosures, inspection reports and went through everything with us and what need to be looked in those documents and also estimated $$ for any potential repairs as per reports. Next big step is offer submission. Amar has excellent negotiation skills in winning bidding wars. But in our case he went beyond and above to win our offer because there were 4+ higher bids, one of them was almost 6% higher than ours, so we thought we lost our offer, but Amar used his excellent negotiation strategy to compete higher bids with out giving counter offer and able to win ours. I believe he put his soul in winning our offer. Once we win offer, our next challenge was to close escrow in 14 business days including appraisal and loan process. Amar got a great team who works day & night to accomplish their tasks once committed. Amar & Sri got an excellent strategy on how to close escrow process in given timelines. Amar’s KME (Key Milestone Execution) process helped us a lot in closing everything smoothly with in 10 days, 4 days less than committed. I believe none would have heard closing home in 10 business days including appraisal and loan process. But Amar and his team made it possible. On overall it was great experience in working with Amar & Sri, during our home buying process. Amar got best team and references, where nobody was able to beat estimates provided by his references. For example bank loan (APR was unbeatable), Home Insurance, Kitchen & Bath Remodel material store and Contractor. Amar & Sri comes with full home buying package, so clients doesn’t need to-do additional research and will have 200% satisfaction. Once again thank you Sir Print this entry

Vinodkumar Lakshmipathi | Sr. Full Stack Engineer at Netflix August 16, 2020, Vinodkumar was a client of Amar -- Aug 2020

We firstly want to thank Amar, Sri, and Team for providing exceptional support and help in getting our new home. We have been thinking about an upgrade from our current home and had lots of questions and confusion before we started. We got Amar’s contact from some previous conversations when we bought our first home four years ago. When we were looking for an upgrade, Amar came first to mind. Listing current home: We first set up an introductory call with Amar; given the COVID situation, we had a zoom call. Amar clearly explained the whole process of listing and buying a new home. Once we signed the listing contract, Amar sent out a detailed execution list with many steps to happen for the execution. Given it’s a new experience for us, these execution steps were incredibly useful. Amar always emailed us about the progress on each level. After listing the house, we got offers without any contingencies within ten days and above the listing price. Overall it was a smooth process for us as a seller. Amar did most of the heavy lifting negotiating and bringing all involved parties and taking it to the finish line. Buying a new home: Once we had our listing sorted out, Amar introduced us to Sri, to help us find our next home. Sri has so many insights on the bay area and helped us choose the right neighborhood to look for, given our emphasis on schools and safety. Finally, after a very insightful conversion with Sri, we decided on the neighborhoods, and we went on our way to look for homes that we liked around the area. Once we sent out around ten listings that were to our liking, and then Sri went on to research those listings and filtered out the bad apples, which we were not aware of. Sri emphasized the long-term value of the home and took us on the right path to find our perfect home. Once we found the house we liked, then came the offer part. Before we put down the offer, Amar went over the disclosures and other paperwork and cleared out everything was good before proceeding further. The house we saw had multiple offers, and the way Amar and the team worked blew our mind. They are masters in negotiating, out of 5 other strong offers, they negotiated with the other listing agent. They helped us put a very good offer. And at midnight in the night (yes they work hard) after an anxious evening, we got a phone call from Sri and Amar, letting us know the good news that our offer was accepted. They made it look easy, but clearly, they went above and beyond to make sure we are doing the right thing. Amar also helped us with his excellent team to get us the highly exceptional team starting from Financing, Home warranty, insurance, and others. End of the day, we feel great that we went with Amar and the team. Thanks again. Print this entry

Raghavendran Hanumantharau | Senior Director Software Engineering May 6, 2021, Raghavendran was a client of Amar -- May 2021

Hi Amar: First of all, we’d like to thank you and Sri for your utmost professionalism and competency that helped us close our home. While we have been working with other realtors, the reason we chose you for our current property is (a) your strong recommendation by word-of-mouth from friends and family (b) your utmost rigor and structured way in executing the deal (c) your timely updates and (d) your expert market awareness. Your due diligence in sharing the disclosures, painstakingly going through the disclosure documents page-by-page with us, walkthrough of every aspect of the property, representing our interests to the client in a timely manner, following all procedures and generating correct documentation despite the speed of execution etc. all helped us close the deal. Thanks again for all your professionalism and support!   Print this entry

RAJAN PATIL | SSD Firmware Development Engineer October 1, 2016, Rajan was a client of Amar -- Oct 2016

Our HOME Buying experience with Amar and Sri was great! This is our FIRST HOME and needless to say, market in the Bay area is very competitive. With Amar and team, we were confident that we would make the right purchase which would serve our starter HOME needs and also be a good investment in long run. As the Single Family Houses that we were looking for within our budget were small older houses, having Amar and Sri’s vote of confidence and experience really helped us make the right choice. Sri was very helpful in giving her opinion and insight on many houses that we saw which eventually got us a HOME in the neighborhood we wanted. We think Amar contacts and relationships with listing agents also helps the Home Buying and offer process. Sri was very prompt in answering our phone calls during both the offers that we made and keeping us in the loop; we think that was great!. In a fast moving market like Bay area, where time is of essence, the long hours that Amar and team put in to ensures that we can close the deal on time. We would also like to thank you that our contract had few items to be paid by sellers (home warranty, some other fees etc). We were also impressed by Sri and Amar knowledge of Milpitas neighborhoods. We appreciate all the help and would highly recommend you to our friends. – Rajan and Anipra. Print this entry

Deepika Tetali | Java Developer at Winsome IT – Oracle Proj May 7, 2012, Deepika was Amar’s client -- May 2012

We are very happy to know you and to work with you. You were very personable and knowledgeable in answering our questions and helping us to make right decisions in the process of buying our first new home. We appreciate your quick response in setting up the appointments to view the houses, even with a short notice. We were extremely impressive by your level of commitment; you continued to work with us to meet our needs and answered our questions right up to settlement date. As a first time buyer, it would have been really hard to go through process of buying a house. But with your help it went like a walk in the park. We thank you for your hard work. And defiantly recommend you to the other buyers. Sincerely , Deepika and Dheeraj Print this entry

SUBRAMANIAN M P | Manager - Supply Chain Apps at Apple January 3, 2018, Subramanian was a client of Amar -- Jan 2018

Hi Amar, Thank you so much for getting the nice home for us ! You were so amazing in business to make this deal work! Its truly showcases that you are a top notch relator in the area. Being a first time home buyer, working with you was the best decision we made in the house hunt. Within 2 weeks after meeting you, we had our offer won, AND within a month we had the House keys! that looks like a miracle in the competitive Bay Area market! The entire process right from the day I met you to the deal closure went extremely smooth. your guidance through the process helped us make critical decision. And more importantly our peace of mind! You and your team had definitely gone above and beyond in making this deal work and to summarize as follows: · The Best Deal Negotiation by all possible means · Perfect Execution of the process · Winning the Home with right strategy · You guys were personally involved in all areas (Escrow process, Loan, and closing) · Co-ordination with Escrow to ensure closing · Collaboration in informed decision making · Entire Process guidance throughout Home Buying Process · Staying on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible. I strongly recommend Amar ,Sri & Team for buying home and definitely the buyers will have peace of mind. I am sure we will look forward to work with Amar and team in the future. Thanks a lot once again! Subramanian Print this entry