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Ravi Renduchintala | ThermoFisher Scientific April 22, 2013, Ravi was Amar’s client -- Apr 2013

My Home Buying Experience Since I made contact with Amar Amarnath Hi Amar, It is with gratitude that I say Thank You for your efforts that enabled me to buy a home in this highly competitive market. I want to go over from the days of my first contact with Amar that happened only three months ago in January 2013. Since then our interaction has been nothing but pleasant during our combined efforts in our home buying experience. We toured homes together and in that process Amar explained to us several bits of pros and cons in each property educating us and giving his honest opinion about the homes and whether it is worth to proceed or not. Frankly, we learnt several bits of information of what to look for in a potential home. Amar is always available to clarify and explain various aspects of home buying process and available to tour homes at the first available opportunity. He utilizes his enormous experience in real estate business and transfers that knowledge to help his clients and goes out of way in doing so. I can attest to that with my own experience where Amar helped me get a great deal while negotiating in a very competitive environment with multiple and handsome offers from the competitors. Amar’s reputation in the real estate business, methodical approach and analysis, highest standards of ethics, professional way of handling the negotiations, and ability to convince the seller’s agents are phenomenal. More importantly, the personal touch he brings to negotiating table makes him what I call Amazing Amar. No wonder he is one of the most popular and trustworthy Realtors® around. He also brings in positive surprises along the way. Amar has wonderful team that makes home buying process quite comfortable and importantly also enjoyable, closes the deal in record short times. He takes a very proactive care to ensure the process is moving smoothly by going above and beyond. Amar involves in loan pre-approval process, coordination and engagement with bank and escrow process, appraisal, loan process, and closing process by staying on top of the entire home buying process. Amar is good at heart and puts his efforts as it his own home buying process and that is a very important aspect as far I am concerned where in you build trust. He saved us lot of money in the process. In a nutshell, we have benefitted a great deal by approaching Amar Amarnath for our home purchase. I strongly advise potential home buyers to utilize his professional experience to benefit. Thanks, Ravi Shankar and Shailaja Renduchintala

KETAN KOTAK | Conceiving and Realizing a vision for Software Solutions! April 1, 2016, Ketan was a client of Amar -- Apr 2016

Amar, Thanks for your professionalism. Here is summary of our buying experience.

* Amar is very thorough in all aspects of home buying – making offer, to involving lender, insurance agents, provides contact for utility services and even for us reference to Pujaris for Housewarming Pujan.

* Amar’s lenders work very professionally and extremely collaboratively to make the close of escrow so quick beating market norms. This gives upper edge to buyer’s offer.

* Amar prepared offer for our home on very late Sunday night after we came back from visiting an open house.

* Amar has written unique offer terms with right strategy to WIN our offer at very attractive price before other offer IN.

* Amar adopted negotiation technique that suites our buying situation. His acumen in adapting negotiation skills are commendable.

Sindhu Tatimatla | Manager, Business intelligence at Symantec October 4, 2012, Sindhu was Amar’s client -- Oct 2012

I am sitting down to review our home buying experience with Amar and I am completely at a loss for words. I do not know where to begin. I could just say Amar is THE BEST REALTOR® you will ever find and rest my case there. However, here is my feeble attempt at the review, as I already know that words cannot do justice.

My husband and I started looking for homes with Amar in July 2012, when the real estate market was extremely competitive. The inventory was low and the good homes were going for $30K – $100K over the asking price. It was tough enough to find a home you liked, forget finding the very good school district you were looking for and forget finding a seller who would accept the modest offer you wanted to make. It was in this environment, that too in less than two months that Amar closed on our IDEAL home. He won the property before the offer deadline at $35K below the amount we had authorized him to quote in the offer. In addition, Amar negotiated over $8K towards closing costs from the seller and the lender. He basically hit our deal way out of the park for a HUGE home run!.

“How did he do it?” I have wondered. While I am still figuring out all the specifics of his magic, I believe it was a mix of extreme diligence, highly intelligent strategy, flawless execution, commitment, and the good luck that only smiles on people who are great human beings.

Amar was personally involved in every step of our home purchase process – right from getting our preapproval to visiting all the potential homes with us to engaging with our lender and closing escrow. Amar saved my husband and me from buying homes that would have been an less than optimal investment. He gave every home we “liked” thorough consideration and worked way past midnight for us on many occasions. It was only after thorough research that he advised us one way or another. Amar has stringent standards on the homes he will purchase for his clients as he has their best interest in mind at all times.

My recommendation to all the home buyers out there is that you will be lucky if Amar agrees to represent you. Trust him completely, relax and enjoy the ride that will be a GREAT home buying experience.

RADHAKRISHNA N | BI Business Analyst & Architect at Cisco August 23, 2016, Radhakrishna was a client of Amar -- Aug 2016

It was a great pleasure working with Amar, Sri and his team, I can’t say enough of how great experience it was! Amar was extremely professional, Buying a single family house in the bay area in a rising economy is not easy.

There is ALL CASH offer at $K and willing to go much HIGHER and 10 days CLOSING. But Our offer is 10K less and loan offer with 10% down. It’s one of the most COMPLEX and CHALLENGED offer for Amar. We lost all our hopes on this home, we don’t know how Amar work with them, it’s very complex situation, how he convinced them. After 3 to 4 days later, he gave us a congratulation email “your offer got accepted”. Still we cannot believe he work out this Home. It’s miracle. Because of Amar we got this home In Bay area. Buying a home in Bay area is our whole family dream. Because of Amar it got fulfilled. Thanks is a SMALL WORD. He spend lot of time on our transaction. we never forget this help. Really Appreciated your time and help.

We really appreciate your help in going extra mile in saving me big $$$$$ in closing costs by negotiating with the lender and the seller agent. His tie-ups and constant checking with mortgage lender helped us keep the loan processing on track with a closing in 30 days!

He was honest to me as to what was going on. Kept me updated on what was happening from beginning to the end of closing. Amar went above and beyond to help us find the right house. We HIGHLY recommend Amar to any buyer/seller. This sale of the property feels like a miracle for our family.

Ashish Kumar | Client Solutions Manager at Fiserv August 9, 2013, Ashish was Amar’s client -- Aug 2013

It was a pleasure working with Amar. Before I met Amar, I worked with 2 other agents and they could not get me a deal. In fact with them I never got the feeling that they have the ability to close a deal.

With Amar, from the first offer we made, I knew that he’s the person who can get me a house in this tough market. Amar got me win-win deal and then taking care of all closing costs was added bonus. Above all, when I saw house pictures in appraisal report and came to know that he got the house cleaned up for appraisal, I was so deeply touched. Starting from finding a home in this tough market to closing was not possible without your help and dedication Amar. I really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into making this transaction successful. All in all, it was a real pleasure working with Amar. I would recommend Amar any day to anyone for real estate needs.

Durgamallesh Sunkara | Principal Data Architect January 30, 2021, Durgamallesh was a client of Amar -- Jan 2021

We got referred to Amar through a friend who had an enjoyable buying experience a couple of years ago. Ours was a complicated scenario as we wanted to sell our current home and then find a new one to buy. So, we needed a rent back and also had to find a home that meets our needs within this time frame.
To say that Amar did a great job with both selling and buying will be an understatement. He helped us sell the home during the holiday/COVID times and got our dream home in the first attempt. I have worked with different Realtors® before, but Amar & Sri handle things differently. Few things that stand out are:
1) Before you start the process, expectations are set on what everybody’s role is. So, there are no surprises.
2) Once you like a home, they will not leave any stone unturned until you get your offer accepted.
3) Amar’s attention to detail – a few minor tweaks made to our offer helped us win the offer during the last minute.
4) Amar has a great team working for you and supporting you through the whole buying and selling process. We are so happy to have worked with Amar and strongly recommend Amar and team for your housing needs.

MANOJ DEVPURA | Sr. Systems Reliability Engineer at Nutanix December 30, 2016, Manoj was a client of Amar -- Dec 2016

We hired Amar as our Agent as buyer after referral from our friend. It was great working with Amar and team. Amar is knowledgeable, understanding, honest and extremely thorough. This was our first time buying a home, and Amar’s expertise and advice was invaluable.

He was very patient and helpful, and maintained great communication throughout the entire process. We were about loose the house because of counter offers and Amar made all his effort and made sure we get this house.

We really appreciate his patience to answer our queries. I am happy to recommend Amar, especially to first-time home buyers in need of some extra hand-holding.

Raghavendran Hanumantharau | Senior Director Software Engineering May 6, 2021, Raghavendran was a client of Amar -- May 2021


Hi Amar:

First of all, we’d like to thank you and Sri for your utmost professionalism and competency that helped us close our home. While we have been working with other realtors, the reason we chose you for our current property is (a) your strong recommendation by word-of-mouth from friends and family (b) your utmost rigor and structured way in executing the deal (c) your timely updates and (d) your expert market awareness.

Your due diligence in sharing the disclosures, painstakingly going through the disclosure documents page-by-page with us, walkthrough of every aspect of the property, representing our interests to the client in a timely manner, following all procedures and generating correct documentation despite the speed of execution etc. all helped us close the deal.

Thanks again for all your professionalism and support!