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Giribabu Bikki | Staff Engineer at VMware July 2, 2019, Giribabu was a client of Amar -- Jul 2019

Amar is like a power house with great negotiation skills whileunderstanding the needs and sentiments of home buyers. If youare seriously shopping for house, I would highly recommendedAmar as your Realtor®. He helped us to get our house on our veryfirst offer..


We came to know of Amar from a few references and online reviews. We first had a 1:1 session with Amar when he explained the whole home buying process. Sri was very much involved with the initial shortlisting and gave us reasons for choosing a property vs not choosing it. She gave several insights which we otherwise would have struggled to get. This included critical viewpoints of some houses which we shortlisted. After identifying our dream home within the first month, Amar and Sri put an offer on our behalf. The seller had many offers and wasn’t entertaining anyone until they met the price they wanted. However, Amar was able to get information from the seller on what they wanted. It’s critical information to make informed decision. The seller were a bit adamant on the price they wanted but Amar was able to negotiate to a level which was a win-win for both sides. After our offer was accepted, Amar and his team helped to close the deal within the stipulated time we had put in the contract. When I had to travel abroad, he worked with my wife to ensure things weren’t left on the wayside and make progress and close the house on time. Overall it was a great experience working with Amar and Sri and we recommend them to aspiring first-time home-buyers.

SHIVNATH BABU | Co-founder/CTO at Unravel Data Systems April 17, 2016, Shivnath was a client of Amar -- Apr 2016

Amar and his team were simply terrific during the entire home buying process. Starting from our very first meeting with Amar, it was clear to us that Amar would help us like a trusted friend while being extremely professional in dealing with the complex process of buying a house in the crazy Bay Area market. We made a bid on a house together. Well, Amar has the midas touch, and we are now proud owners of this home! This house was hotly contested for. It received no less than 22 offers. I have every reason to believe that, despite ours not being the highest bid, Amar and his team’s attention to detail swung the deal in our favour. Amar’s involvement did not stop there. Amar and his team (thanks, Sri, Stacey, and Narayan!) helped us all the way through the loan process and many other things until we had the keys in hand. I cannot emphasize this enough. Having been through the same process in the past, I can say that Amar has put together an amazing team and also established a professional network that is unparalleled. I later found out that Amar is ranked among the top 3 agents in the nation at Keller Williams Realty. Having known him professionally for over two months now, I can see why. I have had many discussions with Amar and honestly feel that Amar’s knowledge of the Bay Area market has few equals. It is hard to find someone who is more passionate about his work. If Amar agrees to help you with the home buying process, then you will have a smooth ride for sure.

Sarabjeet Singh | Director of Engg at Cashedge February 22, 2012, Sarabjeet was Amar’s client -- Feb 2012

Amar is an excellent buyer’s agent who treats the whole process as if he is buying the house for himself. He gives sincere advice and listens to the buyer’s concerns and addresses them. He has great network of professional who he engages in the process at the right time – mortgage agent, inspectors, builder, etc. Amar and his team of professionals work hard to meet the deadlines and to execute to the agreed upon plan. Amar did some amazing work for us in the offer presentation and review process. There were multiple buyers bidding for the house and our offer was the lowest. Seller’s agent was putting lot of pressure on Amar to increase our offer to get a bidding war started. Amar read the seller’s agent’s situation correctly and did not give in to the pressure. We had almost given up hopes but Amar gave us a surprise by announcing that our offer was accepted. This could not have happened without Amar’s honed planning and negotiation skills. Once the offer was accepted, Amar took care of inspections, loan, and all the paperwork. He made it very easy for us. His negotiation skills and standing in the industry saved us lot of money in not just the house price but also in other areas as well. Many agents just disappear after the escrow is closed. Amar has been there to help us in many things even after the escrow closed. His unwavering dedication to buyer’s needs is what sets him apart from other agents. Thanks Amar!!

Ruchir Shah | Sr MTS at eBay September 9, 2020, Ruchir was a client of Amar -- Sep 2020

* First-time buyer * COVID pandemic * Competitive environment * When we first decided to purchase a house, we did not know what it involves to own a home. When we talked to Amar for the first time (for almost more than one hour), he explained the entire process starting from house search to having a key in our hand. He listened to every question and answered thoroughly. That was the first sign of having such a reliable and knowledgeable person as our agent. After that, we started looking for listings we were interested in the house. We always received the first-hand opinion from Sri Amar whether to even look at that property. Given the COVID situation, it was very timely help, and her suggestions helped us narrow down our search. When we decided our house and put an offer, Amar and the team excelled in all possible ways to get our offer accepted (though it was not the highest bid offer). One suggestion from Amar was to write a personal letter to the seller, and that did magic. After our offer got accepted, the entire execution of the plan by Amar and the team was phenomenal. Amar provided contact with a housing loan agent, home insurance agent, home warranty agent who all are dependable. We do not need to step out of our house to look for anything. The entire collaboration and execution were so powerful that we have a key to our house on day 20. Even after closing the deal, Amar and Sri provided valuable suggestions. As per Amar, this is just the beginning of our new relationship. We are impressed with the way Amar and his teamwork and give a personal touch. We will highly recommend him for any real estate requirement.

Yogendra Srungaram | Product Manager Technology and Software June 1, 2015, Yogendra was Amar’s client -- Jun 2015

Amar ji helped us find our dream home which met our exact requirements.Our requirements are pretty tough I know Amar ji for a while. I know him personally. He is a good friend. But when it comes to business he is extremely focused, professional and dedicated.He left no stone un-turned to get us the winning deal. Along with his deep technical knowledge about the housing market, the biggest asset he brings to the table are his unconventional skills. He understands our requirements and also the seller’s requirements and bridges those gaps between both the parties. Winning and closing houses are a norm for him.Wishing him the best in helping lots of home buyers like us buy their dream homes, Thanks you once again and all the best

Rao Tallapragada | President, Infovogi LLC July 8, 2014, Rao was Amar’s client -- Jul 2014

“I have dealt with Amar for my home buying. He is very friendly, and helpful in the transaction. He helped in negotiating and getting us the best price. I would be glad to recommend him to others”.

Sulabh Jain | Staff Software Engineer at FireEye, Inc. July 6, 2015, Sulabh was Amar’s client -- Jul 2015

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts and patience in dealing with us as first time home buyers. I could not imagine us owning the house in this kind of market without your guidance and experience. I appreciate your feedback that you provided us from time to time while giving us space at the same time to decide on what we liked during the search process. I thought the ride was over when we got our counter offer accepted but then started a different set of things to deal with, but that didn’t worry us as you were there with us anytime.