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Maggie Rangan | Senior Program Manager – Personal Systems Strategy May 22, 2017, Maggie was a client of Amar -- May 2017

This is a sincere, heartfelt review of our recent home selling process through Amar & his team. Amar promised us BEST DEAL & TOP Dollar – and boy, did he deliver! Prior to putting the house on the market: Initial strategy session: Before we decided to sell the house, Amar spent time with us to understand our circumstances, financial ability, and our requirements. This was an in-depth session during which it was clear that Amar was an expert in his area and is one of the best in his business. We walked away with clear next steps and referrals to financial experts who could help us decide based on educated facts. Strategy planning & execution – Getting the house on the market : Once we decided to sell the house, Amar was “on the job”. He again personally walked through the house and developed a plan with clear timelines on the right strategy to attract potential buyers. He listed out the pros & cons of the house meticulously and drafted a plan to get max $. He gave us a list of work/upgrades to be done on the house to increase its market value. He also went out of his way to recommend service experts (contractors, inspectors etc). Amar followed up with us diligently every step of the way while we got the house ready to go on market. Because of Amar & his teams’ rigorous planning & coordination, the house was ready to be on the market in 15 days! Again, Amar recommended and engaged the best in business to stage the house & have professional pictures taken to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. Additionally, he ensured that we had all the relevant documentation on upgrades, city permits, etc. on hand to be able to respond quickly when we had an offer. Getting maximum traffic & eyes on the house: What came next was nothing but the best. During our initial session, Amar had mentioned that he would leverage best-in-class, digital age marketing techniques. At that time, we didn’t know what to expect. In addition to listing on MLS, Amar leveraged his IT background to ensure that any & all real estate searches & websites pulled up our house’s ad & listing. Within a few hours of the house being listed on MLS, it moved up to be the “hottest” house on the market on Redfin crossing 500 views in 24 hours and being “favorited” by more than 100 people. Amar used his extensive network of Realtors® to market this house and ensured that there was a lot of traffic both online & in person viewing the house. This generated a lot of interest in the house with potential buyers. Generating the best offer: IN RECORD TIME The extensive marketing and the interest generated in the pool of potential buyers helped us get an offer on the house in record time! Within 36 hours of listing the house, Amar was able to solicit an offer from a potential buyer. What needs to be commended here is Amar’s negotiation skills. Gauging that this was a good potential, Amar ensured that he maximized the offer with minimal contingencies. He is relentless!

Vishwanatha Bhat | Manager at GoPro October 25, 2013, Vishwanatha was Amar’s client -- Oct 2013

Amar and his team did a great job in my home buying experience. He is trustworthy and very knowledgable in the bay area real estate and has very good team of professionals to help us in all the steps if home buying.

Deenababu Kondubhatla, PMP, ITIL | Lead Application Systems Analyst October 14, 2012, Deena babu was Amar’s client -- Oct 2012

It gives me great pleasure to share my dream home buying experience through Amar Amarnath as my Realtor®. It just took 70 days from
the time I decided to buy a home to the close of escrow.Amar helped me in taking the right decisions in each and every step of the home buying process.Amar look at the value proposition of the property before making the recommendation to his clients. The great quality I saw in Amar was in providing unbiased feedback when I had to decide on something. Being the president of a non profit international telugu organization ‘SiliconAndhra’, I have come across many Realtors® in the market but I am very lucky that I have choosen Amar as my Realtor®.

His integrity, client-first approach, community expertise, dynamism, in-depth market knowledge and great negotiating skills helped me not only in buying my dream home but also saved more than $31368 dollars overall. His strengths described above helped me to close the deal even before the house was out on the open house for sale besides convincing the seller to accept the offer for $14k less than the list price in high demanding sellers market.

CHANDRA SEKHAR DURISETY, PH.D | Vice President Manufacturing & Operations July 30, 2016, Chandra Sekhar was a client of Amar -- Jul 2016

Dear Amar and Sri,

It has been a fantastic experience from the day we met you. I would say the key learning during my home buying experience was trust: Trust in your knowledge, providing proper guidance and keeping the promise. At the end, we are just ecstatic with the results. We have been quite skeptical from our past experiences over 8 months with other Realtors®.

Once we understood Amar’s capabilities, and the support from the financial institution, we had tremendous confidence that we will be making our HOME run. We are the proof that we did reach our goal in our 2nd offer within a month. The fact that there was no counter offer, clearly shows the strategy planning and deal negotiation capabilities with Seller’s agent, combined with balancing the expectations of the buyer (my wife and I).

The biggest surprise was the appraisal. In current time (mid-2016), the bids are usually substantially higher. I was pleasantly surprised to know that my appraisal was considerably higher than my bid, which shows the diligent hard-work and excellent deal negotiation capabilities from Amar and his team.

I understand the true challenge lies after winning the bid, which is co-ordinating all the players (Loan officer, home warranty, insurance, Escrow officer and buyer of course) and bringing them to sync, for a timely and smooth closure. There are a slew of unknown parameters that could go against the smooth flow, but thinking through the process, proper planning could help make this journey as pleasant as it can be for everyone.

I would say it has been an awesome experience from start to finish. For everyone, please note that this is an extremely team effort.

AKSHAY GANDHI | DevOps Production Engineer September 8, 2017, Akshay was a client of Amar -- Sep 2017

Negotiation skills, strategy and excellent support team is what differentiates Amar and team.
Finding home is 50-50% work between buyers and an agent. When you work with Amar, he provides the value in getting the deal done smoothly and effectively. Though Sri and Amar can help and guide about finding the right house, deciding the area, researching the local market etc… it is more of buyers choice.

We liked one house and told Amar and Sri that we were interested. Amar did an excellent job advising us on home condition, value, local housing market, and overall area. Sri and Amar also pointed us in the right direction to find other relative information. Once we finalized that we want to put an offer for the house, he took over the process. Sri kept us in loop through out the process, during this time I witnessed how right strategy, negotiation skills and process works the wonder. Amar was clear and calm during the process and ultimately finalized the house for us. From the time we liked the house and told Amar and Sri about it, it baraly took a day to put an offer and within 2 days offer was accepted.
Amar and team’s support continued to be there even after loan process was over. Whole loan process was smooth and fast. Here is where I saw how much difference it makes to have an excellent support team. When you work with Amar, you actually work with experianced team of professionals, where each member has a specific role and they execute on it without any flaws.

We got the house in very first offer. Ours was not the highest offer. During negotiation phase, at one point, I was willing to increase offer by 20k but Amar advised against it and followed his strategy to win the house for us. It is rare to get house in first offer in current market. Individual experience will be different but I can tell that when you work with Amar, at right time, with right strategy, sooner or later he will get you in the house of your liking. Amar is a sincere, professional and trustworthy Realtor®. He is in this occupation because that is what he likes to do. He takes pride in the deals he makes and does the transactions as his own.

SUJATHA KASHYAP | 17 years of turning big ideas into reality March 11, 2018, Sujatha was a client of Amar -- Mar 2018

Amar was my seller’s agent for my Mountain View condo. I currently live in Texas, so this was a remote sale. Amar is an incredibly talented and motivated professional – by leagues the best agent I have ever worked with. Thanks to his exceptional marketing, zeal and talent, he sold my condo for the record high price in my neighborhood, 181K over list price during the off-season!

From the moment I called him till the successful closing, he took care of every detail with the highest degree of excellence. He was personally involved in every aspect of the sale, from staging to marketing to appraisal to escrow process – everything was executed flawlessly and on-time.

Especially as a remote seller, I greatly appreciated how worry-free the whole experience was for me. I know my home sale was in the best hands possible, and Amar exceeded every expectation I could have ever had in selling my home.

GANESH BHAT | Technical Program Manager May 31, 2016, Ganesh was a client of Amar -- May 2016

We started working with Amar & Sri from March this year, when we started searching for a place to call HOME. Amar patiently listened to all our needs and answered questions we had in mind. He guided us through all process and has gone above and beyond his call-of-duty duty to accomplish my Home Ownership dream a Realty. Most of the questions I have asked were responded with–in hours by Amar and his team throughout the process.

Once we identified the house we liked it, Amar perfectly EXECUTED. Amar worked round the clock to come up with a very clean and enticing offer strategy which resulted in us winning the bid at lesser than listing price in a multiple bid scenario. Amar brilliantly structured the contract in a way that seller pays 5K towards the closing.

Amar also personally involved in each and every step of the process from loan to escrow closing and was providing valuable tips throughout the process. He provided me with the status every week on the progress we are making towards escrow closing. We were able to close escrow ahead of time with him being on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

Amar had a great TEAM in place to help us with documentation, loan, insurance, security. Each one of them is highly capable and thoroughly professional. I am very confident to say that Amar is THE BEST AGENT we could have got for our home search and I am big fan of his end-to-end Execution peacefully.

Manojh Ananthakrishnan | Software Engineer August 15, 2020, Manojh was a client of Amar -- Aug 2020

Amar’s thorough analysis of the real estate market and an in-depth understanding of the buyer’s expectations makes him uniquely positioned to navigate tough real estate markets. He is professional and systematic in laying down his role and his expectations from his clients. We had the first-hand experience of this when we approached him for our single-family home needs.
Once we finalized the home we wanted and the price we wanted to pay, Amar was able to negotiate a highly satisfying deal for us well below the listing price, keeping us informed us at every step during the negotiations. With an able partner in Sri Amar, we highly recommend Amar and the team as a buyer’s agent for your home buying needs.