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Rahul Srivastava | Scientist, Staff II – Systems Design October 27, 2012, Rahul was Amar’s client -- Oct 2012

It gives me great pleasure to write about our home buying experience with Amar. Amar is one of the most hard-working and detail oriented professionals that I have seen. His preparation in listing comparisons and pros and cons of each property was extremely thorough and helpful. This enabled us to make decisions regarding a property in a timely manner with confidence. In addition to hard work, he works very efficiently to close a deal. Amar’s negotiation skills are par excellence and he was able to save us a bunch of money during the property purchase as well as in closing costs. In fact, we have authorised Amar to make an offer at the market value to get our ideal home, Amar was able to close our property deal before the final offer deadline that too 40K below house market value based on the recent sold comparables in that neighbourhood in multiple offers situation. YES. Amar made it possible with his right offer strategy and great interpersonal skills. Amar setup friendly meeting with seller, listing agent, and us to develop relationship/trust and then presented the offer package with right keys and communications. With Amar, you have total peace of mind as he does his job with total thoroughness and integrity. As first time buyers, we were unsure of a lot of things but Amar was able to guide us through the whole process without any hitches or difficulties. Another quality of Amar is that he is very patient and not pushy like some other Realtors®. He never nudged us into purchasing something that we were not sure about. In fact, when we were willing to lower our standards, Amar dissuaded us from considering houses that were not meeting our criteria. In addition to Amar’s considerable professional accomplishments, Amar is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. It is a real delight to interact with him on a personal level. Choosing Amar was our best decision in the house hunting process. In today’s market, when value proposition is everything, Amar is the man to close out deals with great value proposition and quality of the transaction.”

Kunal Sahu | Engineering Manager, Google August 11, 2020, Kunal was a client of Amar -- Aug 2020

Amar & Sri are a great team. They are the best Realtor® if you are serious at the housing market in the competitive bay area. We have worked with them multiple times now, and every single time they beat their performance! Sri is very knowledgeable about the housing neighborhood and always comes up with excellent locations. She has spent several years in the prime market and has a great knack at suggesting areas. Amar is very professional and through with the whole home buying and selling process. He takes the stress and anxiety in this process, especially in such a hot bay area market. His negotiations are unbelievable. He has always got us the deal, and that too at a price favorable to us. Amar & Sri are family to us, and we would keep going to them for any advice and help with our home needs. We strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to find their home and make their dreams come true.

Surendra Chakkirala | Staff Engineer at Qualcomm October 7, 2014, Surendra was Amar’s client -- Oct 2014

Amar and his team did an excellent job in getting us the home we liked. It was a multiple offer situation and Amar negotiated best deal at 5K lower than highest offer.Amar with his contacts and negotiation saved us couple more thousands during closing. Amar has a strong team that worked closely and round the clock. This helped winning the property in hot market. Amar was on top of all processes and guided us through the steps very well and kept us well informed all the time. He co-ordinated with the bank and the title company and ensured loan closing happened seamlessly. I would highly recommend Amar and his team to anyone Home buying/selling.

SRINIVAS GANTASALA | Consultant at Tech-NetInc July 29, 2017, Srinivas was a client of Amar -- Jul 2017

Amar and Sri helped us in getting our first home and made Home buying a memorable experience. Amar asked us to meet him in the office to find out what our preferences are and from then he has guided us, and very responsive in every step of the process from Pricing to Loan to Escrow to Closing. Amar also saved money in home price and closing cost due to Amar’s tremendous knowledge and negotiation. Our first time Home buying would have been nerve- wracking and confusing, if Sri would not have helped us answer all the very small doubts that we had. Sri was always there for us and guided us throughout the whole process and gave us examples how we can make proper decisions on important items. She always responded to our phone calls and answered them with lots of patience and made us understand everything and made our first time home buying experience a really pleasant one. Amar’s knowledge is tremendous in negotiating, with the agent and in writing attractive offer that helped us in getting the house we wanted. we were looking to buy our first home for many years now. We started to loose hope in getting our home. Then we met Amar through one of our friends reference. Amar gave us tremendous confidence, and in less than a month we made an offer and bought our first home. Amar guided us through every step of the way and made our dream come true. I strongly recommend Amar and Sri as they have tremendous knowledge and good negotiating skills. God Bless Amar and Sri.

DIVYA YADAV | Software Development Engineer at Amazon Lab126 December 14, 2018, Divya was a client of Amar -- Dec 2018

We met Amar through our close friends, who had lot to say about his excellent team and meticulous professionalism . Now we totally agree with them, I like to refer Amar and his team as team ‘Magic’. They are definitely the best agents I have worked with. From the very start working with Amar, Sri and Narayan was a breeze. They not only helped us in picking up properties and also went lengths in checking out their financial as well as functional aspects. Once we liked the property, Amar worked his magic. What seemed like a tough negotiation, actually went in our favor and we got the home. I have already recommended Amar to all our friends and would love to work with them again in future.

Radhika Radhakrishnan | Modem Hardware Engineer April 30, 2019, Radhika was a client of Amar -- Apr 2019

We were looking for our house in a very short time frame since we had to move out of our rented house unexpectedly. My sister gave Amar’s contact details and he gave us an appointment immediately. We met at his office at Palo Alto. He was very friendly and explained to us the whole home buying process in Bay Area. He immediately gave us the access to the tool which allows us to filter the listings as per our requirement. He also introduced us to his wife, Sri Amar, who was very diligent in evaluating the value of the property. She also gave us the idea of whether the properties we are looking at is in good neighborhood and of good value. She took out time and came to show us a property which we really liked and put offer. Amar did a fantastic job in finding the best deal by his awesome negotiating skills. The offer price was strategically decided and Amar and his team worked late night in putting together the bid for the property. He introduced us to his loan officer. We had a very short closing time of 21 days and Amar orchestrated with various teams, Escrow officer, Loan officer and helped us in getting it closed within the given time frame. Sri and Amar was personally involved in all areas and stayed on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure that we got the perfect home in time!

GIREESH SUBRAMANYA | Marketing Technology, Strategy and Insights Consultant August 16, 2015, Gireesh was a client of Amar -- Aug 2015

Amar was recommended to us from close family who were thoroughly impressed with his services when they bought their dream home. From day 1 of our home search, Amar and Sri were both very professional. They worked through the clutter of our requests, prioritizing them, and honing in on the few homes that met Criteria. Price, Location, Value were all given importance. Once the home was found, Amar was quick, focused, and importantly got the house for us. We saved time, money and all the hassle, as he took care of every detail from close to finish. I really liked the way he has an extended team and work with the best in business with services for mortgage, title, house inspection and any help you need. Amar practices “meet and go beyond” the needs of his clients. 1. Over 20k savings 2. Personally involved in ALL areas (Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, and closing) 3. Co-ordination and engagement with WFC and Escrow to ensure loan closing 4. Amar and his fantastic team stayed on top of every minute detail, made it a enjoyable process, and more importantly staying on TOP of EVERY activity make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible. In summary, Amar was our friend more than a Realtor® in getting us the house we wanted in this hot market, helping us with informed decision making and guiding us throughout Home BUYING PROCESS. Thanks Amar, Sri and Team. Regards, Gireesh Subramanya and Nanda Vijaydev

Maggie Rangan | Senior Program Manager – Personal Systems Strategy May 22, 2017, Maggie was a client of Amar -- May 2017

This is a sincere, heartfelt review of our recent home selling process through Amar & his team. Amar promised us BEST DEAL & TOP Dollar – and boy, did he deliver! Prior to putting the house on the market: Initial strategy session: Before we decided to sell the house, Amar spent time with us to understand our circumstances, financial ability, and our requirements. This was an in-depth session during which it was clear that Amar was an expert in his area and is one of the best in his business. We walked away with clear next steps and referrals to financial experts who could help us decide based on educated facts. Strategy planning & execution – Getting the house on the market : Once we decided to sell the house, Amar was “on the job”. He again personally walked through the house and developed a plan with clear timelines on the right strategy to attract potential buyers. He listed out the pros & cons of the house meticulously and drafted a plan to get max $. He gave us a list of work/upgrades to be done on the house to increase its market value. He also went out of his way to recommend service experts (contractors, inspectors etc). Amar followed up with us diligently every step of the way while we got the house ready to go on market. Because of Amar & his teams’ rigorous planning & coordination, the house was ready to be on the market in 15 days! Again, Amar recommended and engaged the best in business to stage the house & have professional pictures taken to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. Additionally, he ensured that we had all the relevant documentation on upgrades, city permits, etc. on hand to be able to respond quickly when we had an offer. Getting maximum traffic & eyes on the house: What came next was nothing but the best. During our initial session, Amar had mentioned that he would leverage best-in-class, digital age marketing techniques. At that time, we didn’t know what to expect. In addition to listing on MLS, Amar leveraged his IT background to ensure that any & all real estate searches & websites pulled up our house’s ad & listing. Within a few hours of the house being listed on MLS, it moved up to be the “hottest” house on the market on Redfin crossing 500 views in 24 hours and being “favorited” by more than 100 people. Amar used his extensive network of Realtors® to market this house and ensured that there was a lot of traffic both online & in person viewing the house. This generated a lot of interest in the house with potential buyers. Generating the best offer: IN RECORD TIME The extensive marketing and the interest generated in the pool of potential buyers helped us get an offer on the house in record time! Within 36 hours of listing the house, Amar was able to solicit an offer from a potential buyer. What needs to be commended here is Amar’s negotiation skills. Gauging that this was a good potential, Amar ensured that he maximized the offer with minimal contingencies. He is relentless!