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Kunal Sahu | Engineering Manager, Google August 11, 2020, Kunal was a client of Amar -- Aug 2020

Amar & Sri are a great team. They are the best Realtor® if you are serious at the housing market in the competitive bay area. We have worked with them multiple times now, and every single time they beat their performance! Sri is very knowledgeable about the housing neighborhood and always comes up with excellent locations. She has spent several years in the prime market and has a great knack at suggesting areas. Amar is very professional and through with the whole home buying and selling process. He takes the stress and anxiety in this process, especially in such a hot bay area market. His negotiations are unbelievable. He has always got us the deal, and that too at a price favorable to us. Amar & Sri are family to us, and we would keep going to them for any advice and help with our home needs. We strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to find their home and make their dreams come true.

Sagar Gunniguntla | Business Development Manager April 22, 2014, Sagar was Amar’s client -- Apr 2014

Our home buy was only possible due to Amar’s diligence, network with banking/Realtors®/related services & keen market sense!! Cupertino is a competitive realty market & kudos to him in making it happen end to end! – from putting together creative offer package with the right price (not just max $, & less than our max budget), negotiating with the listing agents to understand sellers interests (late night on one instance), to helping with bank loan (you personally helped get us $2K credit), closing, home warranty… etc. Speaking for my wife & I – we love working with you & we know we can approach you anytime… To us, you are a great friend, beyond just a Realtor®. Our experience with you has been excellent & we would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat!!!

SUJATHA KASHYAP | 17 years of turning big ideas into reality March 11, 2018, Sujatha was a client of Amar -- Mar 2018

Amar was my seller’s agent for my Mountain View condo. I currently live in Texas, so this was a remote sale. Amar is an incredibly talented and motivated professional – by leagues the best agent I have ever worked with. Thanks to his exceptional marketing, zeal and talent, he sold my condo for the record high price in my neighborhood, 181K over list price during the off-season! From the moment I called him till the successful closing, he took care of every detail with the highest degree of excellence. He was personally involved in every aspect of the sale, from staging to marketing to appraisal to escrow process – everything was executed flawlessly and on-time. Especially as a remote seller, I greatly appreciated how worry-free the whole experience was for me. I know my home sale was in the best hands possible, and Amar exceeded every expectation I could have ever had in selling my home.

Ashish Kumar | Client Solutions Manager at Fiserv August 9, 2013, Ashish was Amar’s client -- Aug 2013

It was a pleasure working with Amar. Before I met Amar, I worked with 2 other agents and they could not get me a deal. In fact with them I never got the feeling that they have the ability to close a deal. With Amar, from the first offer we made, I knew that he’s the person who can get me a house in this tough market. Amar got me win-win deal and then taking care of all closing costs was added bonus. Above all, when I saw house pictures in appraisal report and came to know that he got the house cleaned up for appraisal, I was so deeply touched. Starting from finding a home in this tough market to closing was not possible without your help and dedication Amar. I really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into making this transaction successful. All in all, it was a real pleasure working with Amar. I would recommend Amar any day to anyone for real estate needs.

SRINIVAS GANTASALA | Consultant at Tech-NetInc July 29, 2017, Srinivas was a client of Amar -- Jul 2017

Amar and Sri helped us in getting our first home and made Home buying a memorable experience. Amar asked us to meet him in the office to find out what our preferences are and from then he has guided us, and very responsive in every step of the process from Pricing to Loan to Escrow to Closing. Amar also saved money in home price and closing cost due to Amar’s tremendous knowledge and negotiation. Our first time Home buying would have been nerve- wracking and confusing, if Sri would not have helped us answer all the very small doubts that we had. Sri was always there for us and guided us throughout the whole process and gave us examples how we can make proper decisions on important items. She always responded to our phone calls and answered them with lots of patience and made us understand everything and made our first time home buying experience a really pleasant one. Amar’s knowledge is tremendous in negotiating, with the agent and in writing attractive offer that helped us in getting the house we wanted. we were looking to buy our first home for many years now. We started to loose hope in getting our home. Then we met Amar through one of our friends reference. Amar gave us tremendous confidence, and in less than a month we made an offer and bought our first home. Amar guided us through every step of the way and made our dream come true. I strongly recommend Amar and Sri as they have tremendous knowledge and good negotiating skills. God Bless Amar and Sri.

Balakumar Rajendran | Component Design Engineer at Intel January 27, 2015, Balakumar was Amar’s client -- Jan 2015

Amar truly is an excellent Realtor®, but more than that he is an excellent person to work with. Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to say that we are happy home owners now. Being first time home buyers and especially in a market like bay area, we were quite not sure how and where to get started. It is at that point we met Amar. Amar and his team from the beginning have been with us at each and every step. We began searching for houses and we told what we liked and what we didn’t and he was able to clearly understand our needs and show us the houses to our likes. Once we decided on the house we had to put the offer for it. This is where Amar’s expertise came into the picture. He negotiated so much with the seller agent back and forth in ways that I would have never imagined. His strategy worked brilliantly and win the offer. Amar didn’t just stop there. He went on to talk with the lender during the escrow process and he was able to get us so much credit that really helped us with paying ZERO closing costs. This was a BIG thing and once again without Amar this wouldn’t have been possible. He also talked with the seller agent and managed to get us as much credit as possible. In short, Amar is the BEST REALTOR® in Bay area. I would strongly recommend Amar and his team to anyone who is looking to find their beautiful house. I can guarantee that he and his team will work tirelessly and proactively at each and every step of the process.

Vinod Gomathi Nayagam | Sr Software Engineer February 22, 2021, Vinod was a client of Amar -- Feb 2021

Our home buying experience with Amar and his team was extraordinary, not just once but twice. When we bought our first home six years back, Amar was able to get our first offer accepted in a highly competitive market with 15 other offers for the house. Amar and his team are very experienced, professional and perfect in closing the deals. We moved into our home precisely in 1.5 months after meeting Amar. With the same confidence level, we talked to Amar two months back to search for our new home. As expected, he and his team did fantastic work, and we were able to close the deal on our new house last week before the home being on the market. It’s our first offer second time buying a home. Time and again, Amar proved his Agent networking and master deal making skills. We believe it’s an impossible task for any other Realtor® in the Bay area but not for Amar and the team. Sri was regularly following up on updates and giving us first-hand information on all the properties we were looking for, thus saving us lot of our time and effort Though it’s not new for us, we were surprised by all of their pro-active measures. With Amar and his team’s help, we could get the house of our dream in a highly competitive market without any stress. We highly recommend Amar, Sri, and his team for our friends and others looking to buy their dream home.

Parth S May 18, 2021, Parth was a client of Amar -- May 2021

Amar and Sri make a fantastic home buying team. Amar is an excellent negotiator and closer. Sri gives incredible insights into all things leading up to choosing a home. For first-time homebuyers, especially in a fast-paced market like the Bay Area, it was superb having both on our side. We felt confident in the home searching process. We still remember having thousands of questions that both answered truthfully with accurate data, hand-holding us all the way. Amar was able to negotiate $40k worth of savings and discounts on our new construction home! Both Amar and Sri went above and beyond to get our home which checked all of our requirements. We are extremely grateful to have found them for finding and buying our first home!