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DIVYA YADAV | Software Development Engineer at Amazon Lab126 December 14, 2018, Divya was a client of Amar -- Dec 2018

We met Amar through our close friends, who had lot to say about his excellent team and meticulous professionalism . Now we totally agree with them, I like to refer Amar and his team as team ‘Magic’. They are definitely the best agents I have worked with. From the very start working with Amar, Sri and Narayan was a breeze. They not only helped us in picking up properties and also went lengths in checking out their financial as well as functional aspects. Once we liked the property, Amar worked his magic. What seemed like a tough negotiation, actually went in our favor and we got the home. I have already recommended Amar to all our friends and would love to work with them again in future.Print this entry

Shivkumar Venkat | Sr. Infrastructure Systems Manager August 2, 2013, Shivkumar was Amar’s client -- Aug 2013

Dealing with Amar was the best deal negotiation by ALL possible means. It was a perfect execution of Great VALUE property and winning property in hot market with right strategy less than 25K( Its magic!!!!). Amar recovered over 5K from the lender/seller towards closing. Amar was personally involved in all areas (Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, and closing) as if it was his own home. Amar did an excellent job in Co-ordination and engagement with Wells Fargo/Escrow to ensure loan closing and entire process guidance throughout Home BUYING PROCESS. Amar has an excellent team of people to provide outstanding service. He stayed on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible. Bottom line, the flawless EXECUTION couldn’t be accomplished without YOUR expertise and network of people. Amar went above and beyond and provided exceptional service, and made home buying experience marvelous. In the whole process, I have earned good hearted person as my friend. I would recommend Amar for all the real estate needs to anyone. In the whole process, I have earned good hearted person as my friend. I would recommend Amar for all the real estate needs. Print this entry

Amit Joshi | Engineer & Entrepreneur February 22, 2015, Amit was Amar’s client -- Feb 2015

Amar came highly recommended and played a pivotal part in getting us our very first home in the highly competitive Los Altos/Palo Alto/Menlo Park area. What’s unique about Amar is that he puts in so much effort, like he’d do for his own home! Amar operates a bit differently – first you share requirements, then you do your own research and look at houses. For the ones you like, he does the same independently. After comparing notes if you decide to move forward then the real machinery kicks in. In this competitive market a number of factors are at work rather than just a number in the offer letter. Amar works behind the scenes paying attention to every detail to figure out what’s important to the seller. Then he works with you, the sellers agent and mortgage brokers to put together an offer as a complete package. Often this package looks competitive with cash offers, guaranteeing peace of mind to seller, and this is the key difference. Once your offer gets accepted (with Amar, there’s a good chance that it will happen sooner than later) then execution till the finish line is as smooth as it can be. I was dreading the closing process and the paperwork, however, it really turned out to be a breeze. In fact, we not only got a pretty decent interest rate we but also managed to get a discount that covered entire mortgage related closing costs and then some. I would strongly recommend Amar to anyone looking for an edge in a competitive housing market. Print this entry

SANDEEP CHOPADE | Principal at E*TRADE March 17, 2018, Sandeep was a client of Amar -- Mar 2018

Amar is the best Realtor® for all the home-buyers. Buying a house is a very tough process especially with this market condition in south bay. But fortunately we had Amar doing everything for us . He is a very genuine person who has excellent knowledge of the market with his excellent Negotiation skills, we are still thinking about how he managed to win the offer for us from multiple offers . Amar, you encouraged us to buy an independent house when we were compromising with a town house. We never thought that we will be able to get this house but with all your inputs and efforts we got it . Amar has lots of experience in real estate business and the properties he has sold makes him stand out. He along with his team are working very hard to get the buyers their dream homes .. Thank you so much Amar for everything, we really appreciate what you have done for us. Print this entry

Narendra Munagala | GE April 11, 2019, Narendra was a client of Amar -- Apr 2019

We never really had any idea about the steps or terms in purchasing a home. I was a bit reluctant to meet a Realtor® initially but my wife wants us to understand the process to better prepare for the buying process. We contacted Amar in Feb 2019, he patiently explained to us the whole process of home buying all the ABC’s. He sent us the action items he will take from his side and what steps we have to take from ours. Amar took his time to explain each and every question we asked. He advised us on area and the kind of home would be better for our young and growing family and what qualities we have to see in a house. He used to send the home details he thinks might best fit us. After we take a tour of the homes and share our experience, he would provide valuable suggestions on how the home will fit our needs in the future and any potential issues with the home after going through the disclosures. In less than a month we zeroed on a couple of homes and his team swung into action to get the required documentation to get the offer ready and going. Even though there is a good amount of competition for the home, he was able to get the seller accept our price. He was able to negotiate a fair price for the home and his team (especially Sri Amar) was in touch with us the whole process. They were on top of each step and prompt to get the required information and documentation. Amar and Sri made the whole home buying process as easy as possible for us. I highly recommend Amar and his team to anyone looking for home in Bay area. We are more confident after meeting him about buying the home. Thanks a bunch Amar, Sri and his team!!! Print this entry

Avinash Gill | Scientific Manager at Genentech October 9, 2014, Avinash was Amar’s client -- Oct 2014

Amar helped us with our home purchase in the Bay area. He is well versed with real estate buying/selling skills, and was helpful with sound advice and good strategies on how to move forward with successfully completing our home purchase. His team helped us to close the deal in a short period of time, and he helped out by taking care of many things in the background. Anyone who uses Amar as a real estate agent will be doing themselves a favor. Print this entry

Chandrasekharan Gopa Kumar | Software Engineer @ Google October 28, 2019, Chandrasekharan Gopa was a client of Amar -- Oct 2019

Amar & Sri represented us as buyer’s agent. We were looking to buy our first home, and we wanted someone with experience and good negotiation skills to represent us in the competitive bay area real estate market. We chose Amar based on the reviews on various forum and it turned out to be the best decision. We had initial consultation with Amar and he suggested neighborhoods based on our needs & budget. Sri educated us various aspects of selecting a property and helped us to prioritize the aspects that matter to us most. Based initial discussion with Amar & Sri we shortlisted few properties. Sri was really helpful in this and helped us understand pros and cons on each of the property. This helped us rule out certain properties. Once we selected the property Amar was instrumental in drafting the offer and getting it accepted. The property we selected was sold by a relocation agency on behalf of seller and Amar’s expertise & previous experience in dealing with relocation agency helped to navigate this un-usual home buying scenario. He negotiated hard for us and was able to get the offer accepted less than the list price. After the offer was accepted, Amar & his team’s work was excellent. We got the regular update regarding the various milestones and all the items were executed on time. Finally, on the auspicious day of Dhanteras we got the keys of our first house. As a first-time buyer we were very nervous but with the help of Amar & team our home buying experience was positive. More than buyer’s agent Amar & Sri were like mentors & friends guiding us through each phase We hope to work with Amar & team again in future. Print this entry

Purva Jain | Team Lead at Accenture December 6, 2014, Purva Jain was Amar’s client -- Dec 2014

We were so lucky to be working with Amar Amarnath. Having worked with other Realtors® in the past, Amar not only guided us through our most recent home purchase but also provided helpful insight and industry know-how. He went above and beyond by accommodating our hectic schedules, responded in a timely manner, and overall was highly professional and attentive. He is very well-connected and has a very professional team and we had such a pleasant and positive overall experience working with Amar. He had many contacts with Insurance officers, Loan Officers who have directly worked with him in the past and are very trust worthy. This helped us in saving a lot of time in shopping around for good deals. While placing offers also, being first time home buyers we were very nervous about few terms in the offers but Amar explained us everything in a very calm and composed way. We use to call him for every small and silly question in the beginning but he handled us in a very professional manner. Amar was on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible .His follow ups during the close of escrow were so quick and accurate to get things done on time. Amar has very good communication and negotiation skills so it was easy for us to communicate with the Sellers and Seller’s Agent in a very amicably manner. We absolutely plan to work with him again and would recommend him for home buyers Print this entry