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NEHA ANEJA | Pre-Sales Specialist at Quanta Cloud Technology November 1, 2018, Neha was a client of Amar -- Nov 2018

Home buying experience can really be confusing and exhilarating, especially for the first time buyers. Gladly we had Amar and Sri with us so it was an amazing experience for us. We are a proud homeowner of a beautiful house in this foreign land. I still can’t believe that everything happened so fast and I was really able to buy a house in a record time. Amar and Sri played the pivotal role in it and we will always be grateful for that. We had just started looking for the house when I contacted Amar on Zillow. He was prompt in calling back and discussing pros and cons of that house. We went to meet him on September 28th and we got the possession of our house on October 31st. We never ever imagined that everything will be done at such a pace. Amar was there to guide us at every step starting from getting the pre-approval for loan to getting the possession and even after that. He is a very methodological person and that makes the process so smooth. I must acknowledge his speed and negotiation skills. He got us that deal for unbelievable $50K under the list price. The best part was that he and his team was taking care of everything. We thank him from the bottom of our heart for convincing the seller for this deal. Amar and his team gave us assurance at every step and updating us at regularly. They were always tying on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end process is accomplished as smooth as possible. I must say Amar is very focused and dedicated and has immense knowledge about the market. I would highly recommend Amar and his team if you want to have a wonderful experience. He has a great team for everything. You think it, he has it. Wishing him the all the best in helping home buyers like us, buy their dream homes, Thank you once again for everything. You all went above and beyond so that we can get our dream house.Print this entry

Anurag Dikshit | Engineer September 27, 2014, Anurag was Amar’s client -- Sep 2014

We were new home-buyers and expected to purchase in a few months. Process had been pretty swift and we were able to close-out the deal close to two months of time. Amar had been prompt in responding and assisting. The interactive property search website was easy to browse and had better details than other websites in the internet. Request to view property were timely. e-document signing process during bidding & contracts was organized and had been a BIG time-saver. It is better that buyer does some home-work and be prompt in making various decisions. In spite of that we did some self-study, there were times we might have been getting off-track. Amar and his team were prompt to keep us on the right track based on their extensive bay-area real-estate experience and prevailing market-demands. Besides home-buying, escrow signing process, Amar’s team also recommends competitive bank loans, home insurance and home-warranty at the right time.If needed, any recommendation could also be provided for the property-repairs. Overall discussion process has been prompt, clear, direct, friendly and polite. Not only above-state reasons, Amar also offers genuine advice to buyers for building long-term real-estate portfolio. I highly recommend potential buyers to choose Amar’s team for real-estate services. Print this entry

Shashikant Kale | Sr. PE at Intel Corporation March 9, 2012, shashikant was Amar’s client -- Mar 2012

Amar is a best asset to prospective home-buyers. Buying a house is really a complex process for first time buyer, as we are not aware of whole house buying process. But luckily we are having Amar (best in market) in our side and made this “buying a House” experience a very easy task. Amar handled the entire situation in timely manner without stressing us out. His way of working is highly excellent and remarkable. Amar has lots of experience in real estate and he has years of IT experience which made him unique for understanding our requirement and execute the plan to fulfill all the requirements beyond our expectation. Amar has unique quality to foresight all the challenges and try to find out possible work around by making right decision at right time. With his excellent Negotiation skill, He managed to win the bid 4% less than other 3 counter-offers. Amar saved me $32000 in this whole process (Price negotiation, Recovery from Seller towards closing, home inspection, termite inspection, mortgage consultant).He personally handled all areas (Appraisal, Inspections, Loan, Escrow process) and made my buying process an easy task. Amar’s time management, planning and making the right decision at right time is highly commendable. His knowledge/analysis to find pros and cons for any given house and providing true insight about the house makes him a unique Realtor®. Could not believe that it was just 3 weeks back when we started looking for a house and now we are a proud owner of one. The whole credit goes to Amar and his team. Finally, Amar has an excellent network of professionals working with him. He has Top notch loan agents, property inspectors and appraisers and as a great TEAM, they closed the deal successfully in the shortest possible time. (Less than 3 weeks) Amar,truly justify his motto E=MC2, excellence in service and meeting client goal, client for lifetime. I’d recommend Amar to represent you to guide how to save money while searching and finalizing the dream house and turn that into great future asset. Kudos to all his Effort…. Print this entry

Laxmi Patil | VP, Data and Business Analysis August 11, 2020, Laxmi was a client of Amar -- Aug 2020

We started looking to buy a new home last September, and the first step was to search for a good or rather best Realtor® in the bay area. Looking for an excellent, aggressive Realtor® as we did not have a pleasant experience with our prior Realtor® when we bought our previous home. I spoke to Amar, and we instantly connected. Amar has in-depth experience in every aspect of home buying. As soon as I started the conversation, we were able to discuss many things as he would understand buyer’s requirements very quickly. He would make strong recommendations on how we should proceed. Also, Amar was very proactive in suggesting how we should rent our previous home and was very helpful in understanding the rental market. These suggestions are unbiased in any manner. I still remember our first meeting with Amar. We discuss many things which would take several meetings with any other Realtor® ( in my opinion and experience). Once we decided on the budget and location with Amar’s inputs, the formal and professional process started from Amar’s team, which first started with Sri Amar. Sri Amar is immensely down to earth and understands every aspect of home buying, just like Amar. Sri Amar makes sure to filter the homes based on our preference. There were instances where I would ask Sri Amar if a particular home is worth visiting. Sri Amar would make sure to get into the details and see if the house is worth visiting. She said NO to many such homes before we found our home. Sri/ Amar had to make the offer to our current home very aggressively during holiday times (December). We are traveling internationally. Sri/ Amar ensured to work very closely with the sellers and us, negotiate it very aggressively, and get us a good deal. After winning the offer, the next steps executed an optimal way until we got the keys to our new home. I must say Sri and Amar are great at what they do and are very professional with a personal touch to everything they do 🙂 🙂 It was a great pleasure working with Sri and Amar. If anyone wants seamless home buying experience – now you know whom to go to 🙂 Sri and Amar Realtors®. Thank you, Sri and Amar. Print this entry

SUNDAR PADMANABHAN | Technology Executive October 16, 2015, Sundar was a client of Amar -- Oct 2015

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Amar and his team for partnering with me on a recent property acquisition initiative. When I brought this proposal to Amar, his initial response was “I am ON it “. He truly lived up to this in terms of providing guidance at all aspects whether it is on price negotiations or dealing with lending partners and ensuring progress at all phases. The exemplary partnership he brought into this engagement , underlined by his attitude of not hesitating to go the extra mile was a key component in the successful outcome of this initiative . He was truly a trusted partner and I am glad I had Amar and his team on my side. Print this entry

KARTHIKEYAN SUBRAMANIAN | Programmer analyst April 6, 2016, Karthikeyan was a client of Amar -- Apr 2016

Being first time home buyers with very little clue about the dynamics of the market and the various steps involved, it was imperative that we work with a knowledgeable real estate professional who could provide an honest and objective view of the market and also guide us in a professional manner through the various stages.We found all this and much more with Amar and his team. Right from day one, he took time to understand what we were looking for and listened patiently to everything we had to say. Once we found a property that we liked, Amar and his team went into overdrive and put together a comprehensive offer within our specified budget. Since it was a very competitive bid with 30+ offers and we were nowhere near the higher offer prices, we normally would have been hesitant to even make the offer. But Amar’s strategy was spelt out so clearly to us that we trusted him completely and his words proved right when our offer was indeed accepted over multiple higher ones. This happened because of Amar’s proactive interaction with sellers as well as involvement of the rest of Amar’s extended team including the lenders. Both Amar and Sri always communicated with us about any updates and kept us in the loop throughout Not only did Amar recover a significant amount from the seller towards closing but he also proactively negotiated a huge price drop post contract! This was without us even asking him to try it.That was the icing on the cake. At the end of the day what worked for us was Amar and Sri’s relentless drive and energy as they moved the process along with minimal stress to us. If it weren’t for that my family would not be relaxing in our new home today. I’d recommend Amar, Sri and team in a jiffy. Nobody knows the bay area market as well as them. Thank you team! Print this entry

Ketaki Haldipurkar | Sr UX Designer October 7, 2020, Ketaki was a client of Amar -- Oct 2020

We were recommended to Amar by a co-worker. My co-worker’s actual words were, “If you are looking for a home, Amar is the guy! He will make sure you will get the best home”. That feedback held true. We brought our first home with the help of Amar and the team. It took us literally one weekend of shows, and two days later, we had won our first bid ever. Amar is extraordinarily detail-oriented. He has a step-by-step process charted out, which he will explain+share with you after the first time you meet. It was beneficial for us as we were first time home buyers. It helped us understand the different milestones in the process we were going to cover. He also helped us finalize our zip code. We had five other towns we were interested in, and they all were in different counties. Amar’s real estate investor experience is precious here. He gave great insights, which led us into nailing down to only two towns. Before meeting Amar, this same elimination process was callous, confusing, and even bad choices, I feel, from an investment perspective. From there, Sri guides with the pan out view of how great these homes you narrowed are, and which ones you should place bets on, also which ones you should let go. Sri is in constant touch during this process. For us, we were lucky. We spoke to Amar Thursday, Friday we sent a list of our top 5 homes. Sat/Sunday, we viewed 3 of our top 5, and Wednesday, we bid and won the bid. If you reside in the Bay Area, you must know how challenging the home buying process is. It’s expensive and very competitive bidding wars. We did not have the most substantial bid. But by Amar’s magic, we won the bid. Amar and Sri are a great team – very aggressive, dedicated, focused, and passionate real estate agents. He gives his best and gets the home you love. You can rely on Sri and Amar. Amar also lines up the Escrow and other technical details like home loan and insurance after winning the bid. They are the best deal you will get. We learned that doing the homework of scouting it for ourselves and realized the best value is what Amar had lined up. Lastly, we brought our home during the lockdown. Sri informed us of all the protocols to follow to make it safe. All in all, it was a smooth home buying sailing process. Print this entry

TWINKLE AMIN | Client Services and Account Manager at Entisys360 December 11, 2017, Twinkle was a client of Amar -- Dec 2017

Hi Twinkle, can you write me a recommendation? As a first time home buyer I am extremely pleased by you and your team for managing the process and getting us into our much awaited new home. Your guidance was unmatched and I cannot thank you and your team enough!!! You have been fantastic and I heartily appreciate all you have done, known and unknown behind the scenes. I am sure there is a LOT you have done that I am still not aware of. I truly feel we have gotten a home with GREAT VALUE that I would not have been able to get without YOU. There are no words to express my gratitude but please know that we are grateful for your service and the commitment we have received! If I were to do it again, you would be my ultimate and ONLY choice J. THANK YOU Amar and Sri!! – Love, Twinkle, Paresh, Eshaan & games Print this entry