Yashwanth Bommakanti | Technical Marketing Engineer September 28, 2020, Yashwanth was a client of Amar

First, thanks a ton for helping us own our first home in the US in an extremely competitive bay area. We are incredibly grateful to you. Since the beginning, Amar set up multiple calls even during these COVID times. He had put in special care and effort to understand the hone owning processes and milestones even before we started the process. He was extremely patient and understanding to answer all our questions and concerns and gave us appropriate guidance.
Sri has been of generous support and was extremely helpful throughout the process as well. Especially for us, since it was the first time we were undertaking a big life decision. She took the time to carefully review all the houses we sent and give feedback on why the property works or doesn’t work for our needs and helped us understand home values and factors impacting it. She was available throughout the process at all times. She scheduled visits keeping the COVID situation in mind. She made sure all the necessary precautions were taken at each visit. She was always helpful in guiding us throughout the experience.
Amar is extremely knowledgeable about the technical aspects. Once we finalized the house and wanted to go ahead, he was extremely proactive in offers and negotiations. He made our dream come true even if there was a $35,000 difference in the counter-offer price. The counter offers were quick, and the most efficient part was we didn’t raise the price even in counters offers. Amar helped get us inspection reports and took the time to schedule a call to explain every page of the report patiently. Even after the offer acceptance, he was always on top of all the processes. Amar was updating us at every single step.
We are extremely happy with Amar and Sri and definitely will share our experience with all our friends. We will surely recommend Amar to anyone thinking about a home purchase because they are incredibly efficient and knowledgeable agents. They are excellent people and very passionate about what they do and love to help people from the bottom of their hearts.
Thank you for everything.