Venkata Duvvuri | Data Science Analytics Machine Learning April 2, 2019, Venkata was a client of Amar

We met you the first week of September for your guidance to buy a new property and sell our existing one. Your out of the box suggestions helped us when we first approached you to help us with sale of our property and a subsequent purchase of another one in San Jose. Your suggestions helped us decide to go immediately for a purchase of a San Jose property believing the market was moving towards a buyers’ market and later consider a sale or renting of our older one.

Additionally, we did see our current (new) home immediately with you in early September. Your advice on a property in Trestlewood ln. was timely. It helped us avoid pursuing a property despite its apparent appeal. This helped us understand your integrity.

Later, your first and subsequent offers over Belington st. property was convincing and correct. You understood our financial limitation as well as capacities. You did not chase the markup of the property in spite of us wanting the property. It helped us avoid a hyper bidding scenario when I believed in a real estate slow down during that timeframe. This convinced us about your negotiating capabilities and patience.

Finally, when we were about to make an offer for our current new home, your due diligence in figuring out the logistics in spite of it being a convoluted transaction due to ‘abstract judgement’ convinced that you were the person we would go with for the offer and contractual engagement for our new home.