SRAVYA TN | Engineering Manager at Apple Inc October 15, 2015, Sravya was a client of Amar

Dear Amar and Sri garu,

As young first-time home buyers our home buying experience in a market as crazy as the Bay Area was nothing short of a fantasy tale! I think it was just good fortune to be referred to you by our very good

friends. We are still in disbelief that you made us land our dream home in the smoothest possible way and in an unbelievable time frame of two weeks.

Your thorough guidance about the areas to choose for a home based on our needs was spot on. We are mind-blown by the negotiating skills of AMAR garu since we had the opportunity to witness the entire negotiation process and the execution of the transaction. Your personal involvement in the Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process and Closing helped us novices gain confidence in the entire buying process.

It is by no means a simple feat to be accepted in a hot market bidding with multiple offers. With the right guidance and best deal negotiation you not only made it a cake walk for us but also helped us stick to our price point! You have been more than just a Realtor® to us. We found a great mentor, advisor and friend always vouching for our best .
We are ever grateful to you and cannot thank you enough for helping us achieve a big milestone in our life! YOU ARE THE BEST.

Thanks and regards,