SOUM CHAKRABORTY | Product Manager at Rockwell Automation August 5, 2016, Soum was a client of Amar

Amar and Sri not only work as a team but also associate themselves with a team of highly experienced professionals from every facet of the real estate business providing a completely seamless home buying experience. This gets reflected in their execution resulting in super-fast closing and and zero last-moment surprises / hitches – something both the buyer (us) and the seller acknowledges as the topmost priority. For that, kudos to Amar and his team.

Our first time home buying experience could have been nerve-racking and confusing if it was not for Sri. Her responsiveness and accessibility at every phase of the process was remarkable. She was there to guide us throughout the whole process and always reminded us of the most important items in the checklist and their timelines. She always responded to my phone calls in a timely manner and had the answers I needed. As a buyer, that was invaluable to me.

Both Amar & Sri are knowledgeable & are ready to share their information readily. Starting from narrowing down the location to possible minor and major home renovation ideas – always eager to put their knowledge on the table and let us make the decision-making. They realized our predicament as first-time home buyers and were proactive but also very patient. Amar was on-top of each bid we put and Sri always went over the final offer and contract with me every time. That made me feel comfortable during the whole process and helped me concentrate on the big picture.

I truly believe that the services provided by the buyer and seller agents in today’s world of hectic schedules, complex laws and competitive real estate markets are of tremendous value and importance. Amar and Sri deserves all the accolades for that and more. I highly recommend them for their competence, professionalism, responsiveness and closing skills. For a job well done, full marks to Amar & Sri.