Sony Mohapatra | Senior Test Engineer at LinkedIN April 23, 2013, Sony was Amar’s client

I don’t know if I should say it was destiny or luck to have met Amar who helped us fulfil our dream of buying a house in the bay area in this high market in just 3 weeks time. We had been searching for houses for a long time until we met Amar 3 weeks back. This was the house we could call “home”. If not for Amar we wouldn’t have been able to get this house.

Amar is hands down the best agent around. This was our first bid with him and he got us our “home”. He was more than an agent to us. He understood exactly what we wanted and he gave his 200% to get us this house. He is very professional with a personal touch and that’s what makes him different from other agents. He goes out of his way to get the best deal possible. His continuous involvement in all areas, guidance and personal attention is definitely a huge plus.

Amar saved us a lot of money and was able to recover a large amount from the lender/seller. After the offer was accepted the closing was so smooth. We closed in 11 days which was an aggressive deadline to meet. In spite of which we were completely stress free and did not have to be thinking about loan, appraisal, escrow etc. Amar and his team handled the whole process working long hours getting things done. This is a huge advantage since being first time buyers without proper guidance, we would be stressed all the time. With Amar that stress was far from reach.

Amar is on top of things with perfect execution in multiple offer situations. With Amar you can blindly trust him on the whole process. With his experience and previous track record of winning offers one can easily get what they want. Amar is the most genuine person who gives his frank opinion on the property and appropriate guidance to new home buyers.

I would definitely recommend Amar to any buyer who wants to realise their dream of owning their dream house. Amar will make it happen!