SNEHA VEDULA | Co-Founder @ Tulip Kids Inc. November 11, 2016, Sneha was a client of Amar

My review for Amar & his team comes a little late but never the less straight from the heart.
Considering our scenario/ our expectations/ our confinement of location /our budget, if it was any other Realtor® they would have straight refused to provide their service. But Amar & team took the Challenge. And that’s where we started with our journey with the home buying process.
And I can very well say that they emerged Winners and in the deal getting the perfect abode we dreamt of.

The very first meeting which we had with Amar, he came across as very Straight-Forward & Very Knowledgeable. With his expert insight, he gave us a brief idea of the real picture of the present trends and market information. It helped us to gauge and make realistic choices.
So our home search began. A detailed insight of what we wanted in a home was taken into note irrespective of the several constraints we had.  And I liked the fact that we were not imposed by their choices.
We saw few homes pointed out by the team and we liked most of them. But then came the jackpot. When I saw the home listing which literally met all our criteria, I was excited.

Amar when he realized that we were really interested, he reviewed the home in and out, top to bottom, made sure that the home had every-thing taken care of , discussed the future aspects for the property and then asked us to proceed.

It was time to make an offer. And believe me, we got the offer approved even though we were 40k less than the other offer and on top the seller gave 5k towards the closing costs. I have to add that Amar has great negotiation skills which helped us achieving the house we wanted within our budget.

But wait, the deal did not close yet. We had tough time getting through the loan process and believe me if it was not the Loan officer referred by Amar, we would never get the house we dreamt of.
But with Amar’s patience, determination, diligence & right strategy we got the house.

Overall we are very happy & satisfied with our home buying process with Amar & his team. We will be happy in recommending his services to one and all.

Our family had a dream – But it was Amar who truly put his efforts in helping us realize it for us.