Satish Morampudi | Software Engineering Manager October 8, 2019, Satish was a client of Amar

When we are not completely sure if we are going to purchase a home soon, we had met Amar for an initial conversation. Amar had completely changed our perception and walked us through the entire process.

His attention to details is remarkable. We were convinced to start looking around for the interested homes and visiting open houses. However one day we came across this house in South San Jose, which we really liked it. We had let Amar know about the interest, the first question he had asked us is to go to the house to check the surroundings the next day and also think about the neighborhood thoroughly. Only when we had confirmed that we really liked the neighborhood, that’s when he started the ground work on his end. Within few hours on a Monday morning, he sent us all the documents relating to the house, with thorough summary to make sure there are no surprises.

Amar, Sri and their team worked above and beyond to get all the information to make sure it is eligible to make an offer. Amar is really strategic to make an offer and really worked wonders until it was accepted by the seller! Amar and Sri were communicative for every information they had received during the process, it seemed like the notifications were through an automated bot but it was Amar :). They consider every client as their first client and personally get involved in every step pre, during and post closing of the purchase. They are thoroughly involved and helping for taking the right actions.

Now we have a trusted Realtor® team in the bay area and I’m really confident for my next purchase with Amar, Sri and their team! Thank you!