Saravana Soundararajan | Consultant Engineer at Emulex May 29, 2013, Saravana was Amar’s client

We were looking for a good investment property and Amar understood our requirements perfectly. He said he would keep that in mind and let us know when he finds the right value property. One fine day, Amar called us on May 4th and told us of the great investment property listed for $630K. We told him that we cannot pay beyond $650K. He came in person to our house on May 5th to let us know that we got the house. We were really surprised because there was no back-and-forth stressful negotiation that usually happens during home buying process. Then Amar gave us the real shock when he told us of the house price. He negotiated the home for $625K even though there were multiple offers up to $650K. I do not know how he did it in this over bidding market. Amar negotiation skills are excellent and very creative. His winning strategy was perfect and it really worked out for us.

Amar was personally involved as if he is buying house for himself. He was personally involved in all the areas including appraisal, loan, property inspections, insurance, escrow and closing. The entire team – real estate agent, loan officer, insurance agent, property inspector, and escrow agent came together and we closed the escrow in record 20 days. That was another shocker in this market. We had heard of months to close the escrow. During escrow process, he saved us another $7,272. In total, Amar saved us around $32K.The entire process was so smooth, efficient and fast. We were the owners of the house in 20 days.

All this happened because of:

1. Excellent deal negotiation skills in today’s hot market

2. His continuous guidance throughout the home buying experience

3. His personal involvement in all aspects of the home buying

4. His valuable contacts and network of people and team

5. Staying on top of every activity in the entire process until the escrow is closed.

We had an excellent experience with Amar as our buying agent. I would highly recommend Amar for home buying and that would save lot of time, money, stress for a prospective home buyer.