RAJ BEHERA | Sr. Program Manager – HCM SuccessFactors Suite August 6, 2015, Raj was a client of Amar

Amar is one of very good Realtor® in a sense of the current competitive market in bay area. I start with the word that “I recommend Amar to all my friends, colleagues and also new comers”. Let me write few words about him as what I gained from choosing him as my Agent to buy a home.

Amar has many valued personal traits such as the “Art of Negotiations” and “Flawless Execution”. That impresses me a lot!! The unique quality of negotiations in Amar brings us high level of confidence & integrity in his ability. He is very competent!!

The strength in Amar lies in understanding your requirement in full without neglecting any minor open end questions, Secondly he offers himself throughout the life cycle of home buying exercises such as selection of the right home, selection of the right neighborhood, and selection of other personal criteria such as directions of home and geo central locations.

Amar considers as if he is buying for himself and going to stay in the home, he
is very thorough in his work and puts forward his experiences insight into the
selection procedures. He is always accessible and offers high grade of
professional services, displays a pleasant, cheerful disposition.

Amar possesses the quality of knowing what has to be done, makes practical suggestions, and effectively writes the contract, offering agreement, and openness for sharing views during the home buying process.

Amar has a great network of friends in the Bank, Sellers Agents, Market Analysts, Home improvement service contractors and other affiliated organizations.

We are very impressed with his quality service & execution and I truly trust in his words & deeds.

I encourage all to take the advantage of Amar’s expertise and be a proud Home owner…Good luck!!