RAHUL VARGHESE | Senior UX/UI Designer at ServiceNow July 24, 2016, Rahul was a client of Amar

“Wow! Don’t know how else to put it. Sri & Amar just nailed it. Myself & my wife were getting ready for a 1+ year house hunt process but Sri & Amar nailed it in less that a week – Wow. This is my first home and I knew its going to be difficult from day one as you’re not sure which is the right one for us espcecially with the kind of budget that you’ve.

Believe me, Sri & Amar are just great with any type of budget. The best part of it is they become part of your family than just Realtors®. Coz what I’ve heard is most of the Realtors® just work like Realtors® but these guys work along with you as if they’re hunting for a house. Seriously not boasting off here coz my intention was to get a condo with whatever budget I’ve, but Sri & Amar wont just let you settle for that.

Like I told you they consider you as their family and think about our furture as well and make sure WE INVEST PROPERLY. They got me a single family home appraised at 750K got us for 685K with the budget I had. They wanted to make sure that I buy a home than just a condo for which the appreciation is much less. That’s when I realized these guys are not like any other Realtors® out there who are running around to make some extra bucks. I would seriously recommed Sri & Amar to everyone out there.

Here are some of the key highlights which made this a seamless experience for a first time home buyer –

1. THE BEST DEAL by ALL possible means – paid much lesser than the listing price – yup! you read that correctly. I paid much lesser than the listing price as these guys know whats the right price for a particluar home. They wont let you fall into that crazy bidding process.

2. PERFECT EXECUTION of the process


4. PERSONALLY involved in ALL areas ( Escrow process, closing & more)

5. CO-ORDINATION with Escrow to ensure closing

6. COLLABORATION in informed decision making


8. Staying on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

So in less than a month I’m moving into my dream home tomorrow. I still cant believe this is happening.

Once again thanks a lot Sri & Amar

– Jean, Rahul & Ethan.