Purva Jain | Team Lead at Accenture December 6, 2014, Purva Jain was Amar’s client

We were so lucky to be working with Amar Amarnath. Having worked with other Realtors® in the past, Amar not only guided us through our most recent home purchase but also provided helpful insight and industry know-how.

He went above and beyond by accommodating our hectic schedules, responded in a timely manner, and overall was highly professional and attentive.

He is very well-connected and has a very professional team and we had such a pleasant and positive overall experience working with Amar. He had many contacts with Insurance officers, Loan Officers who have directly worked with him in the past and are very trust worthy. This helped us in saving a lot of time in shopping around for good deals.

While placing offers also, being first time home buyers we were very nervous about few terms in the offers but Amar explained us everything in a very calm and composed way. We use to call him for every small and silly question in the beginning but he handled us in a very professional manner.

Amar was on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible .His follow ups during the close of escrow were so quick and accurate to get things done on time.

Amar has very good communication and negotiation skills so it was easy for us to communicate with the Sellers and Seller’s Agent in a very amicably manner.

We absolutely plan to work with him again and would recommend him for home buyers