PREETI KOTHARI | Business Analyst-Oracle(Contract) August 21, 2017, Preeti was a client of Amar

We worked with Amar on selling our Home recently and he exceeded our expectations on pricing front. To to honest, there is this sense of tentativeness amongst many of us working with Realtors® nowadays but I can vouch that there are tangible benefits working with someone like Amar.

Amar brings a sense of orderliness to the process and works out a detailed plan with you. Yes, it’s a joint ownership of the process and he’d drive you hard to make sure you follow through which eventually would be to your benefit. There are many things that he’d take care of in the background which would help process go smoother. In all, his diligence and perseverance are big assets in my opinion.

The Home that Amar sold, fetched the highest price EVER SOLD $/sq.ft in the neighborhood/community and that’s the testimony to his selling strength, negotiating skills and above all extensive online Marketing by working around the clock.

Even in your interactions you could sense his steadfast focus towards goals whether his own or your shared goals with him. This quality of him to optimize for those goals and showing that through his results is what I feel sets him apart.