PRANAV MISTRY | IT Operations – WAN at Hewlett-Packard November 14, 2011, Pranav was Amar’s client

Our Journey with Amar…

We recently bought our first home. Which we never thought we could have btw, if it was not for Amar. Hearing others experiences, it sounded like buying a home can be very nerve wrecking and stressful. However, when we started off with Amar, he provided us with a wealth of information about the location/area that had tremedous potential and value proposition. After meeting and understanding Amar’s thought processes/professionalism, we knew we made the right choice and were in good hands. He was very pleasant to work with and patiently answered all my questions/concerns and even dumb questions :). Nerve wreck and stress thrown out of the window :)…thanks to Amar !!

There are Realtors® who get their clients “good deals” and there are Realtors® like Amar (who understands the clients objectives and goals) whose motive is not only to get their clients a good deal, but get a place that you can call HOME !!..and the constant support through-out the whole process until you get your keys is mind bogling. Realtors® don’t do that, but Amar DOES !! If one understands what trust and faith means, then that is what we had for Amar.

Right from the beginning, Amar’s involvement in the whole process was more then just commendable. . He constantly guides their clients from start to finish. With his great negotiating skills, he got us a home below the asking price (arond $54k less) from the builder. Then came the lender, even with some minor hiccups (new lender), he managed to workout a solution which was in the client’s favor/benefit. He got us additional credits from the lender that we never expected. We not only landed up getting free upgraded appliances, but we hardly paid anything for closing. Then comes to recording/closing, how many people have recorded/closed/get funding before the “closing date”?? We did and Amar managed to get that done.

11.11.11 was a remarkable day/date for us (got our keys), because Amar made sure everything was on track. Everyone has a dream home, but surreal is not the right word for our home, because it’s beyond our dreams. Amar took care of almost all the work. Every little details were taken care. Now that we are closed, we not only have good a house, but I think we have a new family member.. Amar !! Relationship for life..

– Pranav and Deval Mistry