Pramitha Nagaraj | SoC Design Engineer May 10, 2021, Pramitha  was a client of Amar


 “Always an engineer at heart, I appreciate it when expertise and well-defined processes followed in moving forward continuously, towards achieving an end goal. Amar and Sri did exactly that in our goal of hunting down a home. Right from engagement, I knew what the whole process was and the stakeholders for each milestone.

Milestones take much guesswork out of the already frustrating process of buying a home in the bay area. Our only job was to identify a place we like based on our preferences and priories as a buyer. Sri made sure that our home search was well directed by vetting suggestions and identifying potential areas to search.

After the sign-off, Amar works his magic, leveraging his years of experience, all the time maintaining an excellent feedback loop. Long story short, we got our offer accepted rather quickly without too many disappointments before the offer’s due date. It’s a terrific task in the bay area housing market.

I sincerely believe it was Amar & Sri’s experience that contributed to it. I can, without any doubt, recommend Amar & Sri in helping achieve anyone’s homeownership goals.”