PRABUKUMAR BALASUBRAMANIAN, CSM | Business Intelligence Manager February 3, 2019, PRABUKUMAR was a client of Amar

When it comes to customer service, Amar you are the best we have seen so far. Top star rating for you and your team Following are few of the highlights in our Journey – We liked really the way you organized the Home buying process in to multiple stages.

First meeting was very great, where you explained all the steps to me and assured that you will be part of our journey till we get the keys – When you had some commitments, you immediately assigned it to one of your best team member – No questions asked when we asked Alicia to guide us on visiting the homes multiple times. She was available whenever we requested her to accompany us for the home search. Wonderful person to work with.

Your team is extremely knowledgeable in the Home selection process be it recommendations or the details of the houses – Sri was awesome in going through the neighbourhood and the details surrounding the area giving us the PROS and Cons – Highlight is your contacts with respect to home closing. Your team is the best when it comes to making the life of Buyers smooth and easy o Sara and her team Sheila, Ozzie are the best lenders from BOA team. They were backing us at every stage and helped in closing the loan faster. Sara helped us in many ways in terms of applying the closing costs to the loan and also arranging for the best interest rate. She also spoke to the seller agent to give the confidence to the buyer.

Notary even praised the BOA team in putting the documents neatly arranged o Gail and Andrea did their job in making sure all the best warranties are available to us. I did not have to research on this and spend my time. Overall my experience was awesome and anytime I will recommend you and your team for any future home buyers. I can be of reference if you need my inputs for any of your future.