NARENDRA JANGA | Sr Staff Engineer/Mgr at Qualcomm July 21, 2016, Narendra was a client of Amar

My family and I would like to thank Mr. Amarnath for being such a wonderful Realtor®. He managed to do something many of the other Realtors® could not, he helped us find our dream home. When we first began looking for houses, we were having a very hard time since the housing market was so busy. Most of the Realtors® just seemed to be interested in selling houses as fast as they could manage but Mr. Amarnath took his time to help us find a house with everything we hoped for. With two daughters, one going to the sixth grade and the other going to the ninth grade, we had to pay attention to the schools as well as the home itself. In the end he saved us up to 6k on closing costs and 10K less than the authorized offer price.

Being the first time buyers with lot of things to understand he never let us feel as first time home buyers. Once we liked the house he worked at mercurial speed to make sure we got the house, at same time he made sure that nothing was overlooked. We are really impressed by his knowledge of sellers mindset. we are also really impressed the way he treated us like one of his family members and the in the whole process he acted as though he is buying the house for his own family members.