MUKESH GUPTA | Senior Director of Product Management September 30, 2017, Mukesh was a client of Amar

We hired Amar to sell our house in Milpitas. The process started with Amar walking through our house and suggesting improvements to the house so it shows up well. He also recommended a contractor who did all the remodeling/fixing and made the house beautiful. Amar also provided reference to a good stager for staging the house.

Once the house was staged, Amar took over completely and we didn’t have to do anything except following his instructions. He marketed the house very heavily with high quality pictures, videos, brochures, virtual reality tours, social media, and by personally distributing flyers to the entire neighborhood. The results of his marketing efforts were astonishing. We ended up receiving 14 offers with one weekend of open house. He worked all day tirelessly with the potential buyers negotiating with them on the day of the offer. We ended up with the offer that was $200K+ (20%) above the list and was the highest $/sqft., not just in the history of the neighborhood but probably in the history of Milpitas.

Once we were in contract, Amar worked with appraisers, loan officers, escrow, and the seller’s agent to bring the transaction to a successful closure without us having to do anything at all other than signing the papers. He is an amazing agent who takes his job very seriously and performs far beyond the call of duty to maximize the value for the seller. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to sell their house.