Moninder Jheeta | Director of Engineering at GoDaddy May 31, 2014, Moninder was Amar’s client

From the day I emailed Amar to the day the county registered me as the owner of record took only 7 weeks! We found a home that I liked in one weekend of open houses, and he made sure that our first (and only) offer got accepted. I was in a somewhat desperate situation given the extreme sellers market in SF and a short relocation time frame and so was willing to overpay to get a house, but Amar wouldn’t hear of it. Even though I authorized him to go way above the list price, he negotiated as if it was his own money he was spending, and made an offer that was substantially lower than what I authorized. There were at least 10 offers on the home, and the sellers agent had made counters to 5 buyers. Because of the competition, I asked him numerous times during the offer process if our offer was really going to be high enough. But he explained his offer-counteroffer strategy to me, it paid off, and we ended up getting the house for 50K under my max price. Just trust Amar, he will not pay a dime extra than he needs to in order to get the home.

After the offer was accepted, his experienced, well-oiled closing team took over. Every detail got taken care of. He was involved behind the scenes working with the loan officer as well as escrow smoothing everything over and making sure it was all on schedule. I just kept sending them whatever documents they wanted, and we were ready to sign the closing documents in 3 weeks.

In addition to all this, Amar is responsive on the phone, email, or text, far beyond the call of duty. If there are any questions you might have, as long as he is awake, he is available to talk.

So for anybody who might have questions about Amar, I can tell you this – he is the real deal, and will be super committed to getting the job done for you. Shoot him an email, and then relax, because you will have just made the best decision of your real estate search. There is virtually a near certainty that shortly, you will be the owner of exactly the home you want.