We started looking to buy a new home last September, and the first step was to search for a good or rather best Realtor® in the bay area. Looking for an excellent, aggressive Realtor® as we did not have a pleasant experience with our prior Realtor® when we bought our previous home. I spoke to Amar, and we instantly connected. Amar has in-depth experience in every aspect of home buying. As soon as I started the conversation, we were able to discuss many things as he would understand buyer’s requirements very quickly. He would make strong recommendations on how we should proceed.

Also, Amar was very proactive in suggesting how we should rent our previous home and was very helpful in understanding the rental market. These suggestions are unbiased in any manner. I still remember our first meeting with Amar. We discuss many things which would take several meetings with any other Realtor® ( in my opinion and experience). Once we decided on the budget and location with Amar’s inputs, the formal and professional process started from Amar’s team, which first started with Sri Amar. Sri Amar is immensely down to earth and understands every aspect of home buying, just like Amar. Sri Amar makes sure to filter the homes based on our preference.

There were instances where I would ask Sri Amar if a particular home is worth visiting. Sri Amar would make sure to get into the details and see if the house is worth visiting. She said NO to many such homes before we found our home. Sri/ Amar had to make the offer to our current home very aggressively during holiday times (December). We are traveling internationally. Sri/ Amar ensured to work very closely with the sellers and us, negotiate it very aggressively, and get us a good deal.

After winning the offer, the next steps executed an optimal way until we got the keys to our new home. I must say Sri and Amar are great at what they do and are very professional with a personal touch to everything they do 🙂 🙂 It was a great pleasure working with Sri and Amar. If anyone wants seamless home buying experience – now you know whom to go to 🙂 Sri and Amar Realtors®. Thank you, Sri and Amar.