LALEETA GOLLAMUDI | Bio Process Engineer, Becton Dickinson July 7, 2015, Laleeta was a client of Amar

“Just like any couple, home buying process seems like a nightmare in Silicon Valley. Our journey to look for a house started with many apprehensions and qualms. We got introduced to Mr. Amar Amarnath at one of the events in Silicon Andhra.

His utmost humility caught our attention and encouraged us to work with him. Within a duration of 3 months he streamlined several issues required for home buying process, enabling us to move progressively. Despite having the challenges of multiple bids, over bids and time pressure, he went out of the way to help us buy our dream house. He personalized this experience by interacting with residents in the neighborhood to get inputs and involving every member of the family to ensure our happiness. Finally, we landed in our dream home, cherishing every moment with our family.

Our special thanks and gratitude to Mr. Amar and his entire team for making this beautiful dream come true. We would recommend Mr. Amar for his diligence, sincerity and excellent customer service……..making home buying a pleasurable experience.”

Shanti & Laleeta